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We understood each other better...
When you're just a ‘White Light’
and I was a mere ‘Glass (Slab).’
But the moment you found that ‘Prism,’
you dispersed and showed 7 colors...
That left me confused, to figure out,
which one's true..!
Mark Wanless May 2022
prism of mind
manifestation of universe
you me included
Danielle Jun 2021
I dance with my bare feet, padding across the floor cracks
it was a good day as the winter's done
I was patiently waiting for the sun to rise.
You have been there and left frozen by
the time I came.

They are left haunted and nostalgic
I couldn't even took a direction without seeing the reflection of your gaze
anticipated by the prism of your paradise,
everybody fall in the thought of it is a rabbit hole; I don't want to dream about you anymore.
Kaleidoscope skies
Pour from drifting prisms
Spilling crystal color
Onto a canvas of muddled grey

JKirin Dec 2020
You are real.

My reflection is foreign, it’s haunted –

You are out there (I see you, I want you).

Lover’s caress spills traces of colour,

Making pain in my heart even duller.

Wishing idly (to touch you, to feel you),

I’m stuck here—this moment, my torment.

Help me heal.
Sharing moments,
Sharing sweets,
Sharing laughter,
Sharing tears.

Share your light
And share your Shadows,

Give some resting time to hollows
That are sleepy right away
Giving you recourse to clay,
New illusion for your beliefs
In some cool, pathetic breeze
of the ocean that you freeze
In your mind to rest remarks
Made on peaks, high, of a rock.

Give some sleepy clay remark
On a cliff's recourse to rock
New illusions cool and hollow
Resting times on breeze to follow

Ocean's cool esthetic sleeps,
Frozen image of a breeze.

Share your shadows and your lights,
Share some moments, sweet and fun,
Share those tears in forms of life
On these moons,
Too clear, make shine!

© All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
From: "Prism Tears" by Theodora Oniceanu
Veritia Venandi Aug 2020
There was something unique about her...

For whenever a narrow white beam of happiness or sadness reached her...

She hurled an invisible prism out of thin air, and placed it before her path...

So that the white light split into a spectre of seven colours before reaching her...

She thus knew how to live in with every moment-
Not in bland monotony but with cheerful colours!
If we are able to treat happiness and sadness alike only then are we going to live a life to the fullest! Sending lots of smiles to everyone! Thank you for reading this! ❣
Just Grace Jul 2020
I’ll let you be my prism
I’ll be your muse
Don’t you ever forget
I’ll always love you

I don’t know why they say
“Be careful, they are just words”
What if
Words are all I want from you
Master of mined legends
In this time and place we can no longer be close
I am happy in the company
Of such beautiful words

Vibrantly hazy
soothingly distructive
The inner one
Leaving traces are the best ways
to find your way home
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