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Because the dialogue between us is only a matter of waiting for time.

When we last saw each other
or when it all ended
and never happened forever,
just like that.
Indonesia, 17th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
L Jun 21
"What do you mean, when you say 'angel'?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean why do you call me that. What does that word mean to you?"

"You know what it means."

"Sometimes I think I do."

"It means dark thing. Because there's a violence to it. Because it's hard to see. Like looking at the body in the distance- the thing standing between the trees, with only the faint glow of the moon illuminating its face."

"You think angels are dark?"

"I think angels are mysterious. You know they're there, but that's it. You think you know what they are, what they look like, but you're incapable of grasping their image."

"So, what does that look like?"

"It looks like everything. And nothing. Total darkness, blinding light."

"Sounds.. overwhelmingly incomprehensible."

"That's why it looks like different things to different people. A woman, a man, the recurring nightmare from your childhood. Some people think it looks wrong. But to an angel, there is no wrong way to have a body."

"Now why does that sound familiar?"

"I think an angel looks like a sword. Like the terrifying indifference of nature, and the undying, righteous rage of a person with a good heart. All and none, never wrong in their being."

"And this is what you call me?"

"Yes. This is what I call you.
My darling mystery. My dark thing.
My angel."
Robert Watson Apr 13
Alight from your throne,
reeking of superiority.
Cast the first stone!
It no longer bothers me.

Spewing impotent venom,
your willfully caged mind,
conditioned, doped, benumbed,
cradled ideology; you're blind.

Let us meet as equals.
A dialogue must be fanned,
or the cycle of upheaval
will regress the promised land.
The ashes of civilization may be all that remains unless individuals are able to humble themselves to commence in dialogue.
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
When we dialogue
you pose questions
which interest my mind
and evoke in my mind
useful answers
that I can use
to achieve my joy and happiness
and the joy and happiness of all people.

I appreciate you
and our dialogues,
Skye Jan 28
"Can you hear it?"                                                             ­                             
                                                                ­                                            "Sorry?"

"Shhh, quiet. You might ruin it."                                                             ­     
                                                    "Hear­ what? There's nothing to hear..."

"You can't see laughter.                                                        ­                         
                    You can't touch sadness.                                          
                                         Yet they're still there," She said.

"There's always something there,                                                           ­     
                                    you just got to search a bit harder,                         
                                ­                                  that's all."
because sometimes
the most beautiful things
are hidden

flitz Nov 2020
What is the colour of your love?
Rainbow. What's yours?

Quiet. Silence filled in the space.
My heart heaved.
I breathe in the intoxicating smoke before I finally answered.

It's golden.
Thick like honey.

It's golden,
Shines like amber.

It's golden.
Burns like lava.

It's golden.
It's perilous.
Hannah Jones Nov 2020
Our minds write
in two
differet genres
but darling,
let's make a
Opposites attract.
Kai Oct 2020
kind of? it just fills me with so much-- so much desperation when I think about how many people want to die.

and i spent, like, almost three hours or something yesterday trying to talk people out of it online. because i was thinking about it. but most of them didn't change their minds, or anything.

did i fail them? i could have been their last chance. i could have been so many people's last chance. i could have saved them if i'd known the right words to say.

Woah, hey, hey, I gotta stop you there. You can't blame yourself for it if... if they don't change their minds.You're not the reason they want to die, so it's... it's not your fault if they do. And you're not making them any more likely that they will, either.

no, no, i'm not. i know it's not my fault. but... i just care so much! i can't believe they want to die. i wish i could tell them that i'm here for them and i want to give them all the things they wanted and couldn't get because life couldn't give it to them. i wish i could show them how beautiful it all can be.

But you can't.
You can't even help yourself. Put on your own oxygen mask first, you know?

you and i both know that anything going on with me isn't nearly that serious

It should be.

what's that supposed to mean? are you trying to say that i should be worse? i should want... want to die?

No, no! Jeez. I mean you should take it seriously- as seriously as you've been taking random strangers' problems on the internet. If you don't take care of yourself, then maybe one day the tables'll turn and there'll be someone trying to talk you out of it. You matter too, you know. You're just human.


...Are you okay?

yeah. sorry. i'm just not used to this

Used to what?

you being nice?
Be kind to yourself. Not everything in the world is your fault. Not every evil is because of your personal failure.

Not sure what to tag.
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