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They've been sending me sympathy cards in the mail
Stopping me in the streets to say how sorry they are
You left me so suddenly not so long ago
They ask me how I'm doing
My entire being isn't a shrine to your memory
Photo on the post office wall is simply my face in a crowd
I'm afraid for what comes next
I miss you
I miss you
Merna Ketana Apr 29
I'll speak freely to your liveliness

Till all threads of life are torn

Cause we're dying, we've been dying

Since the day that we were born
Bansi Adroja Apr 17
Sometimes I talk in my sleep
more than I do in reality

in a haze of make believe
some particular deceit

woven in amongst fears
and doubts  

stories of better days
daydreams noted down
Sleep deprivation
When the tiredness came
sad eyes regarded it as nothing new
in hindsight she’d always made space for it,
an unconscious pet bed

the lack of shock
as it crept to her was almost nice
fingers on imagined fur
she felt her edges numb
retract from the screech of daily headlines
and dumb fingered scrolling
that sparked electrocutions

pacing in slow circles
around the blue pulse of her core
it settled unrequested
and pretended a defence
while forever she reached for rest
Isaac Apr 2
walking on air in my bedroom
so far from the pain and residue
scrubbed and rubbed myself down to the bone
retired; regrouped and ascent the throne
rose glasses on with a visionary mind
pearly whites to hide the pain inside
solid front for a processing machine underneath my skin
estimated time of recovery in two months
just gotta embrace the mourning until the morning
wipe the tears and conquer my fears
rest and repeat, don't forget to eat, rest and repeat
So hot I burnt out
Lunar Mar 24
don't settle for less.
don't be subtle to want more.
I deserve those annual leaves and they deserve not to be wasted any longer.

Leah Carr Mar 23
Can the brave

Can the strong

Can the bold


But will anybody
let them?
white petals are drifting
between clouds
Peace Moses Mar 19
Believe me when I say
I don't want to die
I just want to sleep
A very deep sleep.
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