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Poetic Eagle Nov 25
When I'm tired
You are all the rest l need
Find your favourite people, rest will carry a different meaning
Zywa Nov 24
When I can't handle

it anymore, I am saved --

by hours of boredom.
Novel "Munya" (name: "Wish/Desire/ What is longed for permanently even though it is very difficult to get", 2008, Abdelkader Benali), chapter Morocco

Collection "VacantVoid"
Phia Oct 17
Dear fierce,
and little warrior.
The battle you are fighting
will not be won overnight
and your sword is so heavy.
You deserve to put it down;
you deserve to rest.
I wrote this for my friend, but really it's for everyone. It's to people who are fighting their own battles. Who are way harder on themselves than they should be. It's for the people who need to know that it's okay to take some time, it's okay to rest.
and when all the noises die down,
silence will come serenading,
resonating you to rest,

let it
your soul.

heal through the night.
and live fearlessly
again, through the day.
lua Sep 1
summer passed
quietly in the night
said his final words
in a mumbled phrase
drunk off of a morning haze
stuck in a dazed state

it didnt phase me
at first
nor did i notice
when his body turned limp in my bed

summer passed
and he did so in silence
because he wanted me
to sleep
and to rest.
My Dear Poet Aug 24
We walked together
till together walked away
We stopped the walking
and sat down to lay
wondering how
life is heavy this way
not to carry
together’s slack
and whether we could carry
together another day
if together
were to ever come back
to stay
Can’t live with or without them
tumbledry Aug 20
Dress myself with falsest sense of peace
Wrap myself in this beautiful melancholy
Lay to rest on this box of emptiness
A smile on my tear-stained face
As the moonlight takes me away.
Ackerrman Aug 18
Do not let the silence fool you,
The screams are stifled, through and through.

The gentle glint is in their eyes,
Soft smiles grin in wild surprise,
Though the man pretends to sleep,
He hears the words and faintly weeps.

When you walk in the empty hall,
There's no jubilant footfall,
Of yesteryears' purple vigour,
Just vibrant souls that you ignore.

Do not let the silence fool you,
The screams are stifled through.
Do not let the silence pacify,
There is no rest, waiting to die.
My experience visiting a family member for the last time in her care home.
I S A A C Jul 29
confusion is my resting place
my curiosity never ends
i pick apart things to put them together again
i like change and cycles
i think change is vital
but my emotions muddled the puddle
my hope is lost in the rumble
trembling to stay still, fumbling to keep real
tumbledry Jul 27
Someone take pity on my soul
They say people die when it is their time
Someone put this aching soul to rest
Why is no one listening?
She's fought all the fights she can
Please Please
I am begging once again
That is not enough to convince me to live.
All the hardships you face you can handle
I call upon all the murderers the grim reaper the gods
Shoulders weary future grim
Please Please
Let me have this one whim.
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