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My Dear Poet May 29
a little piece please
just a little piece

for the hole in my soul
to fill the whole of my soul

just a little piece of peace
for me
Zywa May 19
The dense cloud cover

hangs still, lowering itself --

and taking a rest.
Composition "Modes of Being", part "Rest" (2024, Elizabete Beate Rudzinska), performed in the Organpark on May 17th, 2024 by Elizabete Beate Rudzinska (*****) and Luka Schuurman (performance)

Collection "org ANP ark" #188
I took a walk with my mom today
It was an old park where I used to play
We sat on the swings for what felt like hours
On our way out we stopped and picked flowers

Before heading home, I went into a shop
It was an antique looking place I used to stop
Everything looked the same, in its unique spot
Who could have guessed I would have missed this a lot

I saw an old friend walking on the street
He looked a little busy for the two of us to meet
When leaving I spotted a penny on the ground
I reached down and flipped it around

Later on, my dad and I went on a drive in my truck
All the gears were shifting fine, so we were in good luck
We stopped at a place we’d visit when I was young
All those times I would sit there and bite my tongue

Yet there was still some sunshine left at the end of the day
So, I went to the lake to pray
When I was done, a bluebird came to visit
But he was gone in mere minutes

Goodbyes have never been easy
But life’s not always lemon squeezy
Yet there’s peace in this serenity
Knowing that I still have all of eternity
Jeremy Betts May 6
My first mistake;
Going to Icarus to learn how to fly
In essence shrinking the distance to a wrap of pine
Resting eternal, days fly by
But never again will a day go by
Where I'll see another dark cloud looming in my sky
Where I'm headed there is no sky

Francie Lynch Apr 22
Distant trains still sound alarms,
Blinds are drawn, people yawn,
It's time to call the day.

The sun's turned off,
The moon's turned on,
The stars like pinholes
Blink till dawn.
The animals are bedded
On the farm;
Beneath this counterpane we're warm.

Today our work is done;
Tomorrow worries not begun.
But tonight I'll sleep
Like the seventh son.
Don Bouchard Apr 2
I am smiling at your thought that the Apple Picker
has nearly died from standing on that ladder,
From hearing rumbling apples falling into the bins...

I have worked that hard as well, and I didn't die.

When a person works all day, standing on a ladder,
Or holding a paint brush, or swinging a hammer,
Or driving a tractor or truck, or shoveling manure....

You get the picture....

Yes, we grow blisters. Yes, we are exhausted.
Yes, we would rather be lounging on a beach
Almost anywhere else in the world...,

But the truth is this: After a long day's hard work,
Food fills most excellently,
The shower? The shower is the best shower ever,
And the sleep? The sleep is the sleep of the dead,
Dreamless, full of rest....
else Mar 24
saturday noon, we sit on solitary metal plates,
i see tomorrow’s windows through your wise old eyes
overlooking grey skies, the monotonicity of life,
“everyone wakes up, works, and sleeps at the same time..."

your voice trails off as the train taking our rest arrives.

Magsisimula akong muli —
Dalhin mo ang aking pangamba’t
Waksian maging mga pag-aalinlangan.

Sa’yo ko ihahain ang lahat-lahat
Kaya hindi na ako magdududa pa
Kung sakaling mag-iba ang aking landas.

Patas ang Iyong paghusga
Kung sakaling ako ang nasa kadiliman.
At Ikaw rin mismo, ang magsisilbing Ilaw.

Ikaw ang aking Daan —
Ako’y akayin Mo hanggang dulo
At ‘wag na ‘wag na bibitawan.

Aking buhay, Iyong pagharian
At wala na akong ibang nanaisin pa
Kundi Ikaw ang aking Kanlungan.

During Your creation,
You rest not because You’re tired —
You rest but the details were hidden to us,
You do things because You are God.

Most of the times, I do not understand You
And yet You have never failed me —
You have never left nor forsaken me.

My life is short, Lord…
Let no one ****** me from You.
Remove those that isn’t for me —
My great desire is more of You and less of me.

The battles I face, I drop them down
I won’t carry any sword but I’l run to You.
I’ll run to my Father’s arms and tell You,
“Lord, I am so tired…”

I know You can see me —
You even listen to conversations
You keep away from my own ears
And it’s how You protect me.

You have never abandoned me
But You gave so much meaning in my life
And even if the world shows me who I was,
You unveil the truth and set me on fire.

The heavy curtains and the puffy clouds,
You remove them from my vision.
You form new things more than I ever imagined.
And You mold me with Your willing hands again.

I cry to You, my God
I cry for help coz I don’t need somebody else.
I am desperate when I call You —
I am willing to live for You,
So bury me in Your arms,
In Your loving arms.

Itikom aking bibig
Nang Sayo’y mamahinga.
Isip ko’y Iyong pagharian
At muling awitan ng Iyong pagsinta.

Ilang dekada na’y
Nanatili Kang tapat —
Ni hindi ka nagkulang,
Ikaw ay naging sapat.

Paano nga ba ako hihinto?
Kung Ikaw ang aking Kalakasan.
Bakit nga ba ako mapapagod?
Kung Ikaw rin ang aking uuwian.

Tatahan ang aking mga mata,
Pagkat Ikaw ang aking Tahanan.
Ikaw ang Simulang
Walang katapusan.

At balang araw,
Sa isang kurap
At sa isang iglap lamang —
Ang lahat ay alaala na lamang.
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