Connor 1h

loving an addict is a war
loving an addict is days and nights
loving an addict is weekdays and weekends
loving an addict is dropped cups
loving an addict is tears behind closed doors
loving an addict is finding your money missing
loving an addict is broken promises
loving an addict is still finding a way to smile
loving an addict is loving them regardless

loving an addict is seeing the text message

"ethan didn't wake up" and watching every color disappear from your eyes

i will love you forever.

find my face
in the concave of your chest,
i'd share your breathing
if you'd share my rest.

It's been a long day, my dear friend
But it at last has seen its end
Lay your head down, and let if fade away
You can only hold on til you have to let go
So let it go, because you know,
Tomorrow's another day

You've come a long, long way
and you're far from where you planned
And how you ended up here
You may never understand
And the days and years slip from grip
Like tiny grains of sand
You can't count the squandered moments
That fell right from your hands

You've had a long day, my dear friend
And to say it is over, I can't pretend
For now, close your eyes, and let it fade away.
You've done all that's in your power
You've earned repose at this late hour
And tomorrow's another day.

I'll sit here, and watch the night for you
Protect you while you sleep.
I'll keep the whole world quiet for you
It won't make a peep.
And if I could carry your load for you
I'd take it off your hands
But all I can do is hope for you
I hope you understand.

It's been a life-long trip, dear friend
And this is just another bend
A rest stop along the road you have to take
Tomorrow's another day, it's true
And you'll do whatever you must do
Your way through hell and high water to make.

But for now, lay down your head
Close your eyes, and fade away
No burden can't be laid down
And picked up the next day.

Marcos Sisneros Apr 19

Eyes closed.


The pattern of
Her chest.

Lady Ace Apr 19

A trumpet blares
Throughout the night
Its sound, a nature call
Its tone is bright and vibrant
And it calls to one and all
It speaks not of the death and loss
We all must one day face
But of the life and joy we feel
When in our rightful place
Yes, sounds may laugh
And sounds may cry
And trumpets do their best
To play a melancholy tune
When one is laid to rest

Wyatt R Apr 18

Drive a stake through the ground. Rest your weary head upon it and tell the countryside a story. Once you get the devil out of you when you said all you could say, make sure that land truly knew you were there by any means.

Sean Scribbles Apr 14

Goodnight father
Goodnight sun
Goodnight detestability of day and enjoyment of all things costly and fun
Goodnight to you
And goodnight to me
Goodnight dear bed frame and thank you for this, your stability
Goodnight my pillow
Goodnight my bed
Goodnight and would you carry me, over the moon and back again?
Goodnight to you, to these honest things, which I may or may not mind first thing in the morning
Goodnight my distant memories
And goodnight to my favorite mystery, to your quiet and kind consistencies
For it’s a good night I offer, honestly
A good night from another
A goodnight from me
Goodnight my father
Goodnight to your son
Goodnight moonlit stars and spinning earth
Though the turning therein has just begun
Goodnight my Lord, goodnight and please, watch over those in need of sleep
Goodnight my God, a good night to you
Good night you have been, good to me

I close my eyes and pretend she's here
Wrapped up in my anxious arms
As the future which I hold most dear
Awaits elsewhere

And I am left alone to speak
And practice reciting the many things
Which one day she
Will want to know and about me

Quietly and patiently
I remind myself of all that's been
Of all I've tasted in this life
The bitter and the sweet

And slowly as I edge towards sleep
I am reminded with closing eyes
That in this moment were not meant to be
Together until she's next to me

Jim Davis Mar 26

Lean in
To work
To love
To life
But once
Every while
Lean back
Even God
Took rest
Although never
From love

©  2017 Jim Davis.

A cornflower
lavish these
hearts of
gold in
fields will
enchant harvest
with sunshine
in a
row and
foothills dash
plains with
nervy glares
where whitewater
raft in
these rapids
that hallow
river bridge.

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