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At your peril my pen is ready, writer,

may we not fret ab out

od word odd needs a d ab
stract ob

we tangle our minds with our words but

the flow
pleasant or perilous it is all

in your mind
as it were

when pluperfects and the like ruled the roost,

nowadays, spellchicks are free, e-specials every day

po'man fine grammargrainstrain through

fishnets that never broke down and lied to prosper.

There was mental distress, but

nothing like LA traffica

with an alienated mind retaining alrights

privilege to access the global brain as being unem,
among 'em.

The whole world votes. Okeh.

Peace takes its chance,

at whose peril?
what price glory, warrior? who must you slay?
An eddy in the flow of mythicly fine day. God is good, if good is good, right.
mythic, I have seven grand children and the oldest greeted me with,
Grandpa, do you know what a simile is, then I told him what meta phors are for. A mythic day.
I take no comfort
In anything apart from
My rest in Your arms
Beyond bread and wine


one year later, I step into this in awe of

The quest mark
symbol of the snake facing west or east
standing on the point that sets the plain

so much meaning, so little time.

that's mortality, not life.

quest marked.
a point made
whose horizon meets mine
vanishing point of no return

death may be that idea.
beyond that

which lie will you allow?
which lie called lie is illegal? Be lief being
thy will being done by you
on earth whether
or not.

Will you let the liears lie? Lying ears?

was re a son in this mad man's stutter static

tune to tomorrow nonono live for today nonono

die, or don't --do or die

some old guy just looked you in the eye

winked. "zero beat, and wait for the signal."

[a cameo by Radioman of Judging Angels and
Unmazing Grace game fame, after the silence]
Going with the flow, it seems sensible, a syl lable at at time. Sillables have somethimg to to with lips, if you twist the babble legend and bake it in a PIE.
You know if you're on the right path or going in the right direction by the way its feel.

If something feels off, then pause.

You don't need to experience everything all at once, enjoy the moment and take your time.

Feeling confused about something or someone is a sign, pay attention to it and observe some more before making a decision.

Something that is truly meant for you to experience will not give you rest until you do.

Letting go doesn't mean giving up.

There is a difference between anticipation and expectation.

He put his head in his mother's lap,
closed his eyes, and was lost.

He felt a velvety, comforting
restfulness, beginning to spread
behind his eyelids, and over his body.

He evaporated, and was in the ****,
once again. In that musical ****,
where he was, before the duality of identity.

His mother's hand caressing his hair,
felt to him, like something he had experienced
when the ocean breeze touched him, but more intimate.

He lost his name then, and was lost to everyone.
Only his mother knew, where he was in those moments...

© Manan sheel.
I know who I am
My moral's
Things that cannot shake me
But I'm drowning in my sorrow's
All of the things that continue to break me
I have let the bad things shape me
Mold me into a form I do not recognize
I know who I am
She is very hard to find
Under the debris and
The dark night's I can still see
My moral's
the things that cannot shake me
But I let the bad things break me
I dig and I dig through the mess
I’m depressed
My moral's may be something
I silently put to rest
Wolf Jan 12
Close your eyes
Take a step

Into the soft grass

Velvet blades in rows
Start tickling your feet

Look to the heavens

The sky a deep navy
Like ocean blue

Stars flicker and giggle

For along the horizon
Lie tips of sleeping dawn

Your feet begin to wander

The wind whispers a breeze
Poking cooly at your cheeks

Fireflies flutter peacefully around you

A heavy veil of fog
Descends upon your figure

Rest soundly until morn
you've come so far
from battling
tender titans
shifting serpents
now rest
among the stars
to repent
to remember
how far you've come

- katrina ******
i'm glad 2018 is finally over.

instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Ken Pepiton Jan 10
The doitnow voice

{one in a series of solos while considering multiple personality
mixed chorus tryouts for a spoken opera, ere this a Socratic voice spoke, then
a dialogue of anomalies took shape]
******* has the brackets.
This is a realised simulated happy ever, end prologicspiel
This is the way.
{remember Socrates said his voice said don't and sometimes only once.}
test the air you breathe out, that is not what defiles you.

speak light, draw attention, then
Do it now, as best you can
and keep doing best
every time
{ggood vibrain-tion tense in tegrity
best I think I can
buckyballs bouncing through the new age
mirrored 'alls of missed aitches}

(Ah, Casteneda, ya'coulda seen it> as the croW flew)

All things work together, every thing breaks,
everything is working
when any thing is re
al ized
Murfeesboro law, if nothin' can go wrong,
it cain't, whether it wonts or wants to, or not.

everything is working at reasonable good
when any thing is re
al ized
unique, like you. Anomalous you, as yet

a daptible augmented alienated mind,
do you mind?
your integrity has been questioned,

do you now or did you ever
imagine you knew what
Castaneda said he saw and learned to see.

if you can fake sincerity,
it once was thought to mean

without wax
in the fractures,

standing still for as long as I may recall
at this point

the magi seem to miss the connection to true

some seem always to know,
this good out weighs,
any bad.

our best good to gather all our

dance around the fire
listen to the lyrics lick the liar

snakey-lick, microdose

two snakes, how shall we organize our structure,

is there a high command in
the organizms living
in my belly

for example

intolerable, wobble able skepticism
to imbalance the spin within
the wheels wheeling into forever

as far as mortals may care,
my dear.

re-verse engineer those lost religions

if you can't fit one in a word, you know you did not fold it up right.
or it never was the word. The one
Magi and Rabbi both said ineffable in an effable

utterance, singularity of
sense data, mundane and ordinary,
miraculous, as their inexplicable existences evince,

in my reality I find
quantum truth is peace ful to a peace maker,

in my experience,
a new voice seldom knows good from evil
if it calls

guilt and innocence

Like Mars and Sophia,
who could ever imagine that

The boy knows not the difference,

he was war trained,

too subtle to see from his ration-al

bogus science, theo dose us.

Good is good in every good boy who does fine like minded

A new voice, 30ish stuck near a next gate left swinging in the wind.
whoa, spiritual right used

who are we hearing?
(watch a comma mean everything)

, teaching 30 something and below
a true Richard Dawkins Disciple
to the novice-nots he preaches, true rest in knowing
I believe there is no god, we, you and me, he says, we know

there is no God,
but we can't stop thinking about him.
{he said that was one of the all things that are possible}
--- you can hear me now? cool, who's the preacher?

An atheist sounds 30, teaching 30 something and below
a true Richard Dawkins Discipline master spiel
to the novice-nots

come on encourage me
and I'll encourage you and
we'll be what ever we agree we are

as far as that can go. Que sera et cetera

idle words redeemed we mean what we mean
every *&^%$#@ and ,.';:"+_-=
as well.
We own Seri and Cortana. We got root!.

we stand to topple every imagination that imagines itself
beyond in every or any
vector from whence truth has been filtered by

{stop their minds are on auto. tongues and interpretation
situation evincing the confirmed's bias

to, exact now}

man's measure of time.

Spirit of truth. If that is, it is because you thought so.
It never goes away.
It can drive you into a wilderness.
Stark-raving-mad thinking there is no reason

in your rational being.

That's nuts, if you really believe there is a reason,
what is it?

I make mere points where a story may
emerge to guide you past
some cultural events
you don't need
to know,

ripe cheese, you may  never know the unspeakable variety of truth there is
in the factual ripe ness of a lactis bacillis cousin community formed in the surplus
lactation left to rot by some human who once learned

some how, to milk a cow.
How'd yew figger that?

Would yew b'lieve a lit'le birdie tol' me?
That would be a lie, but a variety of the truth
by reason of thae tactile way a hand must learn

No clumsy boy learned that alone,
we dreams of certain carnal
joys unbeknownst, we
came with the knowing how, some how, good felt good,

who beguiled whom, the m is so im portentious in such
situations as we

find ourselves in, yin
yanging in eine klein bottle

oh, my, google klein bottle.

I may have poured the last thread to

into a klein bottle with a quark in it.
Youtubes from Pinker in the background, musing around tith conceptual pantheonic integrity, then I learned Carlos Casteneda never really saw my silver crow.
Sumus System Jan 9
I’m floating now
I’m drifting off
No need somehow
To have blastoff
There is some pain
But nothing bad
I still feel sane
But just a tad
I close my eyes
And ease my breath
No more disguise
A silent death
I shouldn’t go
They’d all be stressed
I wake to woe
Prolong my rest
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