My blood rushes around,

to keep me alive.

But isn’t everyone one step away

from being a lifeless body

on a pyre,

in a coffin

had their blood decided that it had had enough

and to stop, to rest

and be destroyed in the peace it granted itself

for a whole life of fatigue,

for a whole life of burden of disappointments.

On Thursday evening
I pray near a Grave in Kashmir
Incense sticks
And candles
Lit in bundles
Aroma makes me feel
As I kneel

This is land of my forefathers
Where they rest
I too look for a place nearest
I belong to these graves
Here my soul craves
To sleep till eternity
In the Eden of divinity
What else Should I ask
That has more dignity
Mirza Sharafat

Mirza Sharafat visits an ancestral graveyard  at Zadibal in Srinagar. On every Thursday evening Shiitte Muslims light candles and incense sticks on graves. This aura relieves poet and he feels his belongingness to graves where his forefathers rest. He looks for a place nearest where his soul craves to sleep for eternity.
Alivia Evans Jan 10

/The flowers pushed through the earth, Hallelujah
/The peaches evermore sweet
/A breath of the sun, kissing your neck
/breathable air

/Droplets tickle the edge of the grass
/Colorful organisms settle on the waterside
/A bird’s loose feather sunders the running stream
/Divinity rested on one’s bones
/Rested and peaceful

Heaven is not too far, where you can’t glimpse it

I hope this can offer someone a little peace
Umi Jan 9

The way of the tears are the way to comfort
Sigh my friend and come to rest,
Relieve yourself and let it all out,
Mama is here, cry it out loud,
You will feel better, don't worry my children
To feel sad is natural, it is a blessing even!
Our darkest moments are a gift from above
How else should we be able to determine times of ease and love ?
I will be here with you, do not worry
You are not alone, you are not a bother,
This is why there's no need to say sorry
Just spend time here with mother
I will try my best so that you put on a smile again
Don't feel crushed, it will be better...
Rest your head on my lap, let me sing you to sleep
Until the next day arrives
And the sun arises before our very eyes
bringing light
Sleep tight, my child

~ Umi

g Dec 2017

you made me laugh,
you made me smile,
while you were hurting inside
all this while.

i just wish i knew more
when you were still breathing
now all that's left
are our grieving

wherever you are now,
i hope you're happier,
i hope you achieve optimum
i hope your smile is brighter

it will always hurt,
knowing you chose this path
and knowing i couldn't help
nor could anyone do 'nough

kim jong-hyun,
there will not be a day
the world doesn't mourn
there will not be a day
your sacrifice go unseen
there will not be a day
i won't miss you.

rest in peace,
my dear childhood idol,
you did well,
you did well.

i'm looking at blue skies, and i know you're looking back down at me. my heart is in pain, but i know, i just know, you're free now, and as selfish as i am, free is what i wish you to be. thank you for so many years of hard work. rest in peace, i love you.
Sally A Bayan Dec 2017

(Christmas haikus)

I'm sitting across
an old .eucalyptus tree
leaves are not  moving quiet
the hummingbirds are nowhere
curtain lights are still

has time stopped? no way!
Christmas bells rang, lights sparkled
...just two days ago

poinsettias are hushed
Christmas lull seeps into me glad....clock still ticks...


Copyright December 27, 2017

(not too cold at the,write)
Dovey Dec 2017

I’m sorry, sir, for speaking to you
With my tongue only ever in my cheek
But I love you, oh I do

And I’m sorry, ma’am, for speaking to you
With my tongue grasped in my teeth
I spoke my blood, but oh! you were loved

(I wonder if they'll forgive those sins?)

Im sorry, I am, how could I ever apologize?
You trusted me, but I let that die
And I know an apology can’t suffice
I’m sorry, I guess a lot of things die

(No matter what, I love you)

And when I finally go to sleep
What will happen to my soul?
I wonder, will I drown in a river of gold?

Will there be rest in my sleep?
I wonder if it’s like I’ve been told
Oh, I’m holding out for a river of gold

(My eyes are looking away, I’m sorry!)
(Remember me, please? My eyes are closed)

So many things to say, not enough time to stand for everything. Oh dear, my tongue is drying. Help me, please, don't let me fade away. I love you, I love you.
Mahinhin Dec 2017

I lay silently yet I am interrupted so abruptly
I act passively but I am tossed around aggressively
I go on haphazardly though I am shaken carelessly
I think lately... would it have been better if I were lonely?

This goes out to those who just need space and rest just for a little while.

I was just trying to sleep from a long day; interaction from friends is fun and all but things go differently once the line is crossed.
Isabel Nov 2017

When can I sleep?
When the sun comes up.
When can I rest?
When the stars fade out.
When can I relax?
When the world starts again.

I stayed up too late again
Seanathon Nov 2017

Don’t frown
When death is all around my friends
Smile instead
Because all who are going have already gone
And all which held meaning
Was not necessarily meant for long
So smile in time spent within the song
Because you are part of the Ilúvatar
The grandest crescendo of creative sound
To which any one of us beings could've ever belonged or been found
Now harmonize by the light within
For you are the essence of those once gone
Stand still and sing your hearts first song

We are of Eru, we are all Eru.
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