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Shofi Ahmed Aug 16
The face of Earth is for no one
King Solomon or the great
Alexander the believers.
Nor for disbeliever

Hell or Paradise neither
is on the face of Earth.
What lives is in the heart!
Abdul Kalam's
"Burnt Roti Story"
On social media
Keeps doing rounds
Great man's great father
Ate burnt roti
Mother tired of long
Hard day work
Roti was burnt
His father had great wisdom and realisation
"No one is perfect
Burnt roti doesn't hurt
Hurt comes from harsh words"
So much so is true
Howsoever she was tired
She was duty bound
To prepare roti
All the wisdom his father carried
The mother could only feel sorry
Everybody admires his father's wisdom
Nobody questions
When his wife was tired
Why couldn't
He himself make
Atleast burnt roti
If not perfect one
Such values we do carry
Men marry and be merry!
The light shines bright
The colors are deep than l could imagine
Side to side l see your goodness with your favour that awaits in the future
I put my faith and trust in you lord because you have been so good to me  My God
Babble, babble
They excelled
In their careers
Heavy weights
Of degrees, fellowships
Chairmen, directors
Prestigious institutions, organisations
Received Govt. recognition
Bestowed with
High civilian awards
Propagate pseudoscience
In an endeavour
To be smart
I don't pity them
Pity their degrees, awards
When the nation
In crisis
Corona menacingly advancing
Heavy death tolls already
Oxygen, hospital beds scarcity
They condemn vaccination
Discouraging people
To avoid it
These men of
Creating fear
Singing sinister song
As if whole medical science is wrong
Men are mortal
One day everyone dies
From experience we generalise
Is it logically possible
One day one may prove
Here's a man who will
Never die
Bizzare are these great men's beliefs
They don't realise public's grief
They condemn and criticize vaccination drive
Themselves NO SOLUTION they could arrive
They simply condemn and criticize
For they're smart
In possession of great degrees and awards!
Prompted by a recent video of a great man who is a professional and has received a second highest civilian award.
old willow May 4
Here is quiet, breezy cold air,
life is one dazzling snare.
Where snow orchid blossom,
I find cool summer, warm winter;
but greatness never come sooner...
My back disobey, the wind is too cold.
My ear speaks, the peak alone.
I wanted to be great, to be dazzling,
must my heart make a killing?
Being Magnificently made and
Having alot to offer
~you are great~
Am told this but I hear no sound
I ask, who said that?
Maybe am in fantasy!
~see the background~
I take a look and I notice
~it's the current moment~
There is so much to see in the mirror
But most importantly
~the focus image~
That's you
~that's the future~
You're Great
Let the mirror tell you so
Martin Boško Apr 26
I am done with this life
I am done with this sorrow
Ending the strife
For a better tomorrow
It’s a new day, the one I longed
And as if by a wave of a magic wand
The sorrow is in the past
But I still wonder, how long will it last?
The hurdle was conquered, once and for all
And I can once again be standing tall
Rose glasses are on my eyes
I don’t seem to remember these awful lies
I have whispered to myself at night
For now, I have won the fight
But will I win the war?
I don’t know, let’s see what the future has in store
Written the day I passed my finals and got my degree
Dr Zik Apr 6
Flowers smile with You!
It's a Zinet, a great gratitude.
One year from now, where will you be?
Will you choose? Or just wait and see?

Choose to act - create some changes
From small steps, life rearranges

One year from now, will life be great?
Will you take actions that elevate?

Read new books and learn handy skills?
Or just cruise along to pay the bills?

One year from now, you’ll be the same
Unless you act to increase your game

Think new ideas - meet some new friends
Better thoughts lead to better ends
This is Prosperity Poem ** at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

I often share with people the general idea, "One year from now, you'll be much the same as you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet."  

Sometimes I use "Five Years", but the idea is the same.  And it's true!  You can choose to make changes.  Get those new ideas!  Read those best books and listen to life changing audios. Meet new people.
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