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Kay-Rosa Sep 26
Supposedly, there is some great plan
Was the plan to hurt me, to drag my through the dirt
your grip on my feelings and iron clasp
Was the plan to cut me deep, to hit me where it hurts
the knife you pressed into my heart
Was the plan to isolate me, by pushing them away
caging me with bars of silver and gold
Was the plan to let them, to let them **** me
to let them destroy me and tear me limb from limb?
Tell me, what was the plan,
because I never agreed to the burning you placed in my heart.
Am I gullible or not?
Why listen to you, or what?
Your opinion does not rate!
Totally futile, great!
What would an Einstein say?
Why listen to BS anyway?
You don't have to like me,
I don't have to believe thee,
Not everyone likes everyone else,
I get to please myself!
Bit of rant, feedback welcome.
Nova Sep 3
I love it when the words
Just click into place.
Just like that!
Isn’t it great?
Alex Gifford Aug 29
"It's okay, you're forgiven."
I wipe her tears while she cries,

And smile, feelings hidden.
I struggle to look in her eyes.

I took as much of her pain as I could.
Then balled up in the shower alone
to tremble and sob and groan.
I won't explain the event this poem is based off of, but would like to point out that forgiveness often involves you removing someone's guilt by taking some of the pain onto yourself.

During this difficult time I was motivated by believing that I was forgiven by Christ who did this exact thing to me in his death.
Panashe Aug 28
Let it be known
Let be heard when they scream my name before the masses
Causing the ground beneath me to shake
My voice will echo the sound of greatness
All my past transgression Will be long forgotten
And l will become the the definition of the word itself
I will be renowned
For l am
I have always been
But l've only just become
So let it be known.
Let the words echo to the end of the earth
Let it be known that my presence is felt by the numbest of people
Let their eyes be open as the shock runs down their bottomless spins
For l say let it be known
Not just because I was
But because l am
An enclave ingests his crimes now stout with berry that envy sarcastic remarks as he starts the day in Washington with just a kiss of chocolate as his petticoat tweets out the holes of her oboe that made him stubborn 'bout hash another day inside this break where he's played this game of luxury but a catalyst theme that still remain in between the day or night with the glorious goods and world now
a song about egtions
Johnny walker Aug 21
Done my share of pretending
at school so I would put on my mask and  became the the great pretender In order to avoid any
Became the classroom clown
quick witty just fooling around almost like an actor taking lots of different challenging
I was a great pretender and became very good at It so much so It would wind up the bullies to point of
But nothing they could do to hurt me for I had my on fan club to whom I made laugh so they protected
as time passed I grew strong learned how to get along able to talk my way out of any heated confrontations for I was truly the great
Was the pretty one
The one with long hair

But I
Didn't see Ana
At first I just saw Mo

Moments unique to the
Flow of time

She felt
Like magic making me
Believe in fun

If nothing
Else you knew you were
Safe with her

Her calm
Had weathered storms
Enough to see

Hidden pearls
My eyes are only starting
To notice

I lost her to
The sea of time and
Travel yet

I know our
Compasses will cross
One another

Again cause
I see the star shining
Over again
Lingo but
Like less
If I was lucky and had a  choice to leave the UK
I go tomorrow for this country hold no hope
or future for the
Swamped by the rich of this country who get
richer by the day on the sweat and tears of the families who are paid
They punish people out of work when they no In truth there are too few jobs to go around kids going hungry while they live lives of luxury
They've labelled the poor disabled vulnerable as scroungers like a which hunt when It's they who fiddle expensive
rip people
And they want my vote to
forget about It this used to be a great country but this present government has turned It back to Victorian
days kid begging on the street
I have to ask myself have do they have no shame evidently not no feelings do they have this country Is finished all but for the
rich I have
and would rather be poor than to live the life of these pompous spoiled brates who call themselves government most of
whom where
with a silver spoons In there mouths all I say Is God help us all the poor disabled
the vulnerable and most of all our poor starving children of our once great
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