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Madison 2d
I'm sorry that you like me.
But if you met me you would regret it.
I can't do this to you.
If you get to know me I'm not that great.
Getting close to me isn't safe.
A warning isn't enough.
I have make sure you don't come back,
No matter how much it hurts either of us
Remem­ber when we ran away,
Remember when saying I love u was all I could say,
Remember when we would run into each other's passionate caress,
Now we are in this **** mess,
But with all these good times in our mind,
It allows us to hide behind,
Foot long smiles,
That we can wear for miles,
Thank you for the good days,
That keep me going when things go the wrong ways.
Still makes me smile when I look back

what can i be able to say?
where should i be stable
and lay
and describe this bae?
my mind is ready
so let me rhyme about this lady

her black elegant eyes
can only make her see
the world as a beautiful place

her brownish black natural skin
cannot make her mind spin
it only makes her voice sound
like vibrant violin
and always make her win.

her natural beauty
with very brilliant face
makes her get ready to embrace
her grace
and know how to reach her
desired place.

behind her smile
there is a kindness style

and when her mind dissapears
her heart make it re-appears

she's not dorinda
or a daughter of chlorinda
her beautiful name is belinda.
Caitlin Feb 8
We're a world and generation set on depersonalization
Where everything is on social media but everyone is scared to socialize.
We all promise we "just need to vent" but is it venting or is it depression?
"He loves me, he's just tired. Its not abuse, she's just tired. I'm not okay, I'm really tired."
We all need to stop and chill without the help of benadryl.
But we need the drugs to feel normal.
A normal that they tell us to be
on the covers of our magazine
When we are all medicated to achieve the status quo
We can't learn from our mistakes if we can't remember them.
Instead of dealing with the guilt,
we soak in a bath as if the lavender suds will rinse away our ****** personality
We do it nightly and call it self care.
And the self care we really need is lunch that isn't Oreos and to join therapy.
We fill the empty hole inside of us with cigarettes and ***** and food
And we don't even know we're empty because our parents are empty too
And the only ones who can recognize the absense
Are the same ones telling us to work harder to buy our first house and car before the age of 25
When really, we haven't even settled on what we want to be when we grow up
Our grandparents and parents beg us to have babies because "I'm not getting any younger."
But I'm quickly getting older Dad, so shut up and let me drink until I pass out without worrying about how much my child will have to heal from, just like I'm healing now with Bacardi 151.
Its a cycle and there's no handle bars
Celebrities writing songs and movies, a fill-in-the-blank series that mimics a horoscope
To drag in the masses with feelings of unity when really we have no idea what our brother went through when we were laying on our uncle's bed at midnight at 5 years old.
They want us to be the same except for when its not convenient, and suddenly the children of rich people are to be scorned but they hate the black people who hate the black rich people
And its another cycle, the chain popped off and the brakes are our feet
Just like when we were kids except now we have no shoes on and we are rolling down a hill that stops at a lake
And our empty parents forgot to teach us how to swim.
Its 2019 now, when will  America be great in the first place?
Peter Balkus Feb 5
Reality is like a high-security prison -
so hard to escape from.
Even if I sometimes do,
not long my freedom lasts -
the guards follow me
and chase me down.
They put me back to my cell and say:

You want to break free? No chance.
Stop dreaming, you fool.
Dreams don't come true.
Forget about it. Okay?

I say: Okay...

But I don't give up,
I secretly try to find the way.
I know one day, sooner or later,
alive or dead,
I'll make the great escape.
If ever anybody asked me how am I doing I always
lie and say Im OK but deep Inside I know I'm
Always the pretender hide
all my feelings try not show my emotions for If I opened
up showed my true feelings allow emotions to flow than others would be hurt by seeing my
I'm just a pretender and been so all my life too late to try and change for this old dog Its to late to learn  new tricks
Great pretender always say Im all right even though I'm not
Nathalie Feb 1
I bow in gratitude
to the day that is
ahead of me
I am filled with
joy and excitement
what wondrous surprises
lay in waiting
I imagine all
the great
people I will
connect and
interact with
I am aware
of the grace
that is given
I receive lovingly

I love
                  the way
your words
                  are short.
But a
                            great meaning
   stands behind
                       every word.
Pallavi Jan 25
"It is a great feeling,
to be in touch with you.....
Without you."
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