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JA Perkins Jun 19
Somebody, please
come quick before I falter..

before the deep swallows
me up forever..

before the cat catches
my tongue..

before the pieces of my
fragile mind disintegrate -
leaving no rhyme or remedy
or any relevant expression of
the inner melting *** of
triumph and tragedy..

Please come quick.  

Somebody, breakthrough
the barriers of my apathy.

Teach me love and patience..

In my defense, it was fear that
led me astray, not malice..
but there's no excuse.  

Somebody, help me.
Painfully pitiful
Scared to open these tattered wings of mine
In fear that they'll fall off
Putting on this dim halo
For all to see
Feeling nothing at all
But an icy darkness
Instead of my usual warmth
Whatever happened to
The holy angel I used to be

You took everything away from me
From my lock and key memories
That you sharpened
And continuously used against me
Down to the pure white cloak
That I use to wear so sacredly
Who knew that
I would encounter the devil himself
This poem is about a very dark time that I went through. For those of you who can relate please know this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
A beautiful dazzle of sunlight wakes me up,
Slowly opening my eyes feeling numb.
Slowly remembering the taste of my own cup.
Karma, that ****** ****.

Splattering blood in the parking lot.
Severely beaten,
All of the memories and regrets are brought;
Left me bleeding.

A silly smile on my face.
Waiting for that fatal coup de grace.
A bludgeoned arm, a fractured leg, a broken nose...
Peacefuly falling in the arms of Azrael, to forever repose.
Hit not once but twice
Expecting me not to rise
Face bloodied and bruised
Heartbroken and confused
Words of hate won’t suffice

This has taken all my might
All alone in the middle of night
Thoughts of leaving creep
It’s time now to take that leap

Never again will that happen
This is my vessel; I’m the captain
Time has passed, I am no longer mad
I have flourished and refused to be sad

No regrets from the past
Although my choices did not last
I am stronger showing no shame
I pass no judgment nor hold any blame

The damage done was a cracked cheekbone
Still till this day is there and shown
I forgive that crazed juncture
My heart is still whole it didn’t rupture
Thorns Mar 19
Ones who were friends torn away
Off against you
No longer caring or accepting you
You're on your own
Everyone for themselves
On the battlefield, you've fought your hardest
To be beaten and rendered hopeless  
Right when you break down
When you're on the ground, just not caring anymore
You pray to be shot
You pray to be killed
For you don't even have the strength to end yourself
The worst has already happened
What worse could happen
Please, tell me
Then suddenly, finally, you're hit
Sliced through with a bullet
As you slowly go, flashbacks of the happy faces come to mind
And go as quickly as your life
As you're left there
At War
You lost the battle
But not you're self
My thoughts when there are people around and i just feel ****** and alone, but i don't cry. Not not now, not here. I just write for now...
Johnny walker Mar 19
When I was at school got bullied a lot so I turned
It back In my favour I became a classroom
Everybody loved my classroom jokes all but one
kid who got very angry at the attention I was
So he said to me when I
get you outside I'm going to beat the** out you, well In
head lock and thumping
me hard In the face
when he let go with blood streaming
from the cut on my face, I stood up tall looked him In the eye and said Is that the best you can
this put the fear God In him for he knew couldn't
hurt me and he never
laid hand on me ever
The moral of the story
you don't always have to retaliate to violence with violence sometime just a look and a word will
A message to anyone being bullied you don't always have to resort to violence to beat sometimes words and a look will do but the most Important to remember don't suffer In silence they are cowards that hide the fact they are cowards by becoming  bullies stay strong all you that are victims
After all of these years that's passed me by but there's so much anger
In me for the
that I took from the hands of mother and still asking
why was I treated so badly beaten by my mother sexually abused by my brother
how did this come to be and what did I do to cause them to treat me that way and the scars that they left me will never ever go away
Abuse leaves scars for life one never forgets just have to learn to live It but not easy
Rafael Melendez Dec 2018
Life's a neverending game,
and god is a child that's waiting to be humored.
Humor him with that broken up smile.
Daniel Long Dec 2018
Summer’s funeral has surely come!
For sure it is bedtime for the warmth
and the awakening of the chill.

Trees have been ***** of their leaves.
All that stands are their naked bodies;
opened to the abuse of winter.

How beaten we are, how abused by each other.
Shall hell’s fury or heaven’s grace rule?
Our moon cuts a wink for us in the night sky,

shall we ever be mocked further?
From spring’s birth to summer’s life,
fall’s ill to winter’s death.
A poem about ****** assault awareness.
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