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Northern Poet Sep 17
When I looked
Into your eyes
I saw the truth
Behind your lies
And I won't play
All your games
'Cause you think
We're all the same

How could you be this heartless?
How could you be
This heartless?

Have come to pass
And this
Was never meant to last
Thrown away
Into the sea
Is this the death
Of you and me?

How could you be this heartless?
How could you be
This heartless?
Jack Jenkins Aug 7
i'm just a small boy staring at a dead tree in the rain
looking up
wondering why love won't grow
//on love and her//
Nina Jul 26
Hate me
Hate me
I beg you to hate me
I just want you to hate me
Why , you ask.
So that when i die,
It wouldn't hurt you
Since you hated me from the start
mjad Jul 17
he got the
Gucci flops
Supreme top
Balenciaga bag
Hermes chain
Chanel sunglasses
Louis Vuitton jacket
Rolex on his wrist
he looks A-list

but does he have a heart?
Butterfly Jul 12
A promise is a wish that won't come true
I'm in pain
She Writes Jul 12
I thrive in the darkness
I'm better off being heartless
Paras Bajaj Jun 29
you've been trying too hard to fall in love,
but when love comes to you in pieces;
you walk away thinking it isn't enough.

you've been trying to find someone mature,
but when stability comes in your life;
you find it boring in the first place.

you've been trying to fill your voids,
but when warmth tries to touch you;
you refuse it because you are cold.

you've been trying to find perfection,
but no one is perfect and no one will be
yet you don't care who is there cause'
what's available to you isn't worthy.
Life just turned lifeless
Breath just became breathless
Heart just ended up heartless
Mind just shattered into mindless
Blood just seemed bloodless
Soul just changed soulless
Scarlett Apr 29
I'm not heartless
I'm just listening to my heart less
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