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Mitch Prax Nov 7
You are a heartless
creature and I will always
be afraid of you

6:59 PM
Haueru Oct 22
The honeymoon phase was so innocent and yet so vibrant
Once the foundation cracked
It turned ugly
The fights was always savage
Love turned in need and comfort
Once the storms settled
You was the only one left standing
I was in my puddle heartless
Seeing you walk away from this war
Put me in a frenzy in my heart you took
I wanted nothing more but
you to crash and burn
A love so intense that if it wasn't me
I would destroy your entire being .....
Simply I can't bring myself to..
I just want back what you stolen
My heart so I can throw it away..
I was stuck in a rut,
Not in a place I knew.
I had my heart shut,
Through and through.
If you are someone who often gets stuck in places beyond their comprehension, you just might relate to this. Places where your heart stops working and you don't know what is real and fantasy. I've heard people facing a war against addiction often experience this and also in some cases it can be a medical condition, often beyond their control. But in the end, I think the human spirit is stronger than these places and it is what will survive. We just have to believe and have faith in ourselves, often the most difficult part but well worth it.

PS: The title is inspired by a song of the same name by 'The War On Drugs'. One of my personal favourites and highly recommended :)
Toby Raines Oct 1
Run far away
From this wrecked home
And see a better throne
Run away
So you don’t have to see me
Become who you hate
Run away
Before I take your love
And burn it to nothing
Run away
Before my hell freezes over
You need to take cover
Run away
Before you realize just how bad I am for you.
Am I crazy for wanting Love?
It's all I think about when I am without you. You’ve made me think about all the changes in my life. If I had to choose between you and my world, I wouldn't have to pick, because you are my world.
Without your heart, I would be heartless.
I would be 808's and the worst heartbreak. I would be Frank, no Ocean. I used to be solo dolo, the soundtrack to my life would be a trail of tears.
What I’m trying to tell you is that without you my heart beats slower and I lose my rhythm. Without you I just never feel complete. Without you my world seems darker.
Every day and night I would talk to you, now I'm in a place where I cannot strive. The only way for me to pursue my happiness, would be to shoot for the moon, and never fall to the clouds.
The only thing I believe in is Love, and I would be a martyr for it with ease. A world where Love can easily be found, would be a world that lives forever. Nothing could stand in our way, a Love built on trust, is one that could never end.
What is the end? Nobody knows.
But we would face it hand in hand, no fear, only Love.
Nothing can truly stop Love that is pure and strong.
It will triumph above all.
And all will Love.
Bongani G-kay Sep 21
No mercy...
Mercy is for the weak...

No love
Love always give people opportunity to hurt you..

I hate every moment...
I wish i can disappear for while...

No second chances...
Cause no one deserves any...

Trust is like cadles...
You blow it mine gone for good...
You can say am angry...
Cause i got moods..

I change like weather....
To mess up your day...

I feel nothing...
But hate...
Cause am hurt....
They stole my heart...
Those i trusted
Now am heartless...

xavier thomas Sep 20
Am I that much of a burden?
Am I that easy & useless to you that you feel the need to steal my identity?

That time, you asked me to have a relationship with you, I thought that we were bonding through time & space.

Was that a lie?

I know I didn’t ask for much.
But we’re family... aren’t we?

Parent & children?

I just wanted you to have a little faith in me!

Sorry, I need to step away. Im going to cool off.
d Aug 2018
People used to call me heartless, you know? I never really understood why.
When I punched that girl across her face for trying to pick a fight with me, what was I? Heartless?
When I broke up with my boyfriend at the time because I fell out of love with him, what was I? Heartless?
When I kissed the guy I knew my best friend liked because she stole my first love, what was I? Heartless?
I was so confused.
I myself started to doubt whether I had a heart or not, because of how often I'd hear people call me names like those.
Although, when I saw the two of you together, I knew for sure that I had a heart.
Because I could feel it breaking.
I’m a Heartless Romantic,
I used to be a Hopeless Romantic,
but my heart has been ripped out so many times I forgot to put it back in. I mean what’s the point when each time you Love it feels like you’re having an endless sugar rush. You’re high for so long that the crash throttles you so far down that you’re in an endless abyss. And once you stabilize you realize how deep into the abyss you went. As high as you went up is as low as you go down. You stay there for a while, trying to figure out what to do. You forget what light looks like and you walk further into the darkness. Dumbfounded by not knowing which way is up and where you’ll find light, you are lost. You are lost and in pain, a perpetual pain that never healed, because you didn’t let it. You realize this and you put your heart back in, and you heal yourself. Through this healing you find your ground, and you feel more comfortable. You finally found some light even though you’re still stuck in darkness, but you slowly get out of it.
You recovered!
just to do it all again...
But I’ll forever be a Heartless Romantic,
No a Hopeless Romantic.
Maybe just A Romantic
Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 28
i don't have my heart anymore
in the darkness of night...................................
he came like a moon and hid the moonlight
he was a moon not,a moonlight thief............................
the moonlight was so naive giving the moon its heart
just in single meeting................................
moonlight no longer has a heart
but, waiting for the moon is still pending..............................
the moon was lost in the sky
thus the moonlight was forgotten and forgotten............................
maybe the moon wants to be hide on the sky
but the moonlight is still waiting for the moon................

Heartless moonlight still waited for the moon
this poetry is based on true story!
thanks for reading.
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