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it seems
the blue lights
drift ghostly
past the windows
more often
these days
each occasion
bringing with it
a momentary
fleeting interest
in where
the drama is
currently residing
at who's pillow
might be
through the night
at who's door
fear and anxiety
are being permitted
to step inside
at who's house
has become
a closed film set
waiting to be
stripped of content
until only
walls doors windows
and memories
as commercials end
attention returns
once more
to a stronger
more constant
source of
blue light
and all present
are thankful that
at least
the banshees
that wailing of sirens
has been silenced
in time
Parts of his existence:

A vessel; is a magic that flows through its veins— the color of my cheeks and the color of his madness

A certainty; all flesh and bone, sutured and bruised; we can be made of cracks, somehow.

and my heart, he had it all as black holes grew in my chest (as if the vacancies could be filled by his existence)

for me, he is insatiable
as I was always heartless.
Kahou Eru Jan 25
I see you don't like me
My cordial mild mannered disposition failed
I didn't mean to stand out
It's not that I'm different
Just highly antisocial....  
Yet your giving me a hard time anyway  
How it must feel to have me in a bind
Well it's nothing new  
Another Cross to bear
Anyway soon we might part ways
No it's not you ,
it's  me I guess...
Kahou Eru Jan 24
It been awhile
I took some hits
Had some falls
A blunder really
I come to Terms I might be a failure
  Or it might be a rut
No I'm not sad can't say I'm happy either
For now I will take this first step
For I know myself  
And with all the money you have you can't save you from yourself  
That to me is my Wake up call  
That I live with myself  
As long as I
Axion Prelude Jan 22
nothing is colder
than a broken heart
on winter's heels
maria Jun 2021
Hurt me?

Oh please,
I'm not a fool
no feelings
Written on April 20, 2021
Kiritodragneel Apr 2021
"She's the perfect girl" he screamed,
Describing her as the funniest to be seen,
But does he know what the heart hides?
Does he know the art of disguise?
Each day the sun sets,
she's the same broken girl
Who goes home to rest,
"The day surely has been a tough test" she moans imprisoned in painful thoughts,
She has the loudest voice in school,
Alas, at nights she screams and cries without a single sound,
Hugging her tear- Stained teddy bear,
She picks her best friends call without a care,
Voice as happy as ever,
she makes a joke,
Behold, she's alone again, imprisoned in her own hell again,
She remembers each night how the world ripped her soul,
Now her heart isn't a whole, even after several years
She's the same broken girl who cries silent tears
Jason Apr 2021
She ripped my heart from my chest, dashed it upon the ground,

and asked, "How can you be so heartless?"
© 03/01/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Àŧùl Mar 2021
Unread. I am a poem,
Read me. I deserve your time,
Heartless. Drop-in your heart for me.

Thirsty. Rain your love,
Feed me. I love your reviews,
Artless. All my words are so truthful.

Story. I am an unforgettable saga,
Narrate me. Retell me to your family,
Fearless. I become proud forevermore.
My HP Poem #1918
©Atul Kaushal
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