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Everything we create
Will eventually be destroyed
Everyone we love
Will eventually die

And yet we cling to all things that fade
Holding onto something intangible
We've got nothing in the end
But wasted moments, and wasted chances

We want our lives to mean something
To be something
But when our spirit and mind leave us
Nothing remains but dead dreams

Works are all that matter to people
We worship a statue, and not the truth
The actions of logic and love
Hold onto those, forever true

We will always wish to look back
But we will never be able to go back
Time moves forward, and that is our fear
The inevitable ending, for everything we hold dear

April 29 2019
nobody loves destruction, do they
-Tomplexthis- King of time.
Legendary Tomplexthis, the unknown nobody that is somebody
who has faded into time, before he was even known by anybody
besides himself, demons, devils, and God.

Love who you are, before someone else destroys your heart
And hold onto you, that you love, not you, that you hate
Scarlett Apr 29
I'm not heartless
I'm just listening to my heart less
Sarah Apr 27
I scream
But a world of deaf can not hear
A wail so loud piercing the night
Agony so bad making the mightiest beast cry
But a world of deaf can not hear
I bleed
But a world of blinds can not see
Crimson red, staining the bedsheets
Blood spattered across the streets
But a world of blinds can not see
I suffer
I’m battered and withered
But they choose not to see
They choose not to hear
My bleeding agony and silent screams
My bruised body and burning tears
I’m hurting
But a heartless world can not feel.
It’s for all those who are suffering, and the world choose to ignore them.
You were my world
I revolved around you like crazy.  Bringing you waves and a beautiful thing in your sky.  
But you didn't like my waves
Or the way I looked in your sky
So I drifted away.  I didn't have to revolve around you.  I chose you.  
And I can take it away.
Believing this love
is pool of eternal bliss.
Cold heartless teacher.
Lost love Mar 26
Dear future husband,

I am damaged beyond repair
And since hearts don't come in pairs
This means I am now heartless  

I won't be able
To give you the love you deserve.
Am sorry

Yours truly
Your wife who's incapable of loving.
Ashita Mar 20
Behind the rude girl,
   There is a girl,
       With a soft heart,
            Who trusted,
Once upon a time.......
Just don't judge people without knowing them or their history.
Because may time the people who are hurt so bad o er and over tend to become rude and cold
Their true self might be so beautiful that u may fall in love
They have been through so much in life that  they are so closed and reserved.
Just give them a chance
They are sitting in there , in a dark room facing the walls and crying,  that they have forgotten what light is.
All they need is a hand to hold , an ear which listens and a person who guides them back to light, to life....
Sania Meherin Mar 18
i walked through your ribcage
looking for it, craving for your heart
never mind me, it was never there
you were just a heartless non living art.

i fell for your garden of roses
touched the thorns that made me bleed
i skipped your love, leaving the gates
looking for yet another heartless breed.
Carmen Jane Mar 13
Soundless crush,
Was your falling
Into darkness.
You came home
To steal souls,
Armless chair,
Catches fall
Of feeble soul.
Tears on floor,
Little hands,
Cover ears,
Better days.
Seeds away
Days to come,
Screaming hard
From all the guts
On whispering edge
Of darkness.
This poem is a little dark, sorry...
Sparrow Mar 3
I'm not heartless
Just choose when to
use my heart less
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