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we're doing this again
I tried to push you away move away
but without you I'm heartless
I learned to use my heart less
with you my heart comes alive
and I can't help to think about how good we look to gather in time
Fuck ...I came so far to just fall for you again
I try to fall for other men but your the only person...
the only person I love...fuck
reminiscing about all the time spent with you
only fear is that may you still love her
that I won't be good enough
hope this love is good enough
Man is not grass nor tree
Who among can be heartless
The jerk with a heart of gold
The monster with a soft touch
The beast with his beauty
Sentiment is like a weed
It can never be rooted out
Staved off maybe
Eliminated for a time
But in the edge of the garden
It grows once again
duang fu Aug 20
the mightiest conqueror -
do you hear your battle cries
ring clear in your ears?
as the ends of your weathered
cloak tickle the ground,
these vapid plains seem
to awaken -

she told you this Kingdom
was not yours to lead,
and looked down on you as you
picked up the broken pieces
of the cup she sent
flying across the room -

the words that he spat
were as sharp as the sword
he held to your throat.
speak not of royalty, he said.
for you will have none of it -

you falter and you fall
and you whisper to yourself,
they're right. this kingdom
isn't rightfully mine.

but if I fight for it and win,
it damn well is.

but that's just your song;
but that's not entirely wrong.

(so do you blame others for
making you a bad person?)

(or do you blame your motivations
for making you a bad person?)
Written 2nd August 2016, inspired by Regina & Snow White from the American TV show Once Upon A Time.
rob kistner Aug 16

they rise gargantuan
icons of the clever human

they vibrate
with the rush and chaos
of synapse and sinew

they hum
with networked urgency
data outdistancing comprehension

‘we can’
beyond the reach of ‘should we’

bedecked in stainless
and such
a halogen blaze of neon fire

they surge
with the impulse of power
and greed
temples of avarice

embellished here and there
by art
and true creative touch
though sadly
through empty act of pretense

they are erected
englassened and festooned
in varying shape
and differing size

they flank in concrete corridors
that criss and cross
and ring

they buzz

and stink

they regiment
the like-minded that submit
huddled within

college’d clones
and inspected in their daily dealings

haughty monoliths
that intimidate and amaze
with cold

but they are ego’s folly

for they do not
touch the soul

nor offer solace
to the human core
that seeks the folded petal’s mystery

that marvels
at the smallness of a changing frond
at the might of gnarled bark
the magic of budding branch

they do not touch the spirit
soothed by wind and water
thrilled by song of birds
or swoop of hawks
by the yelp or bark or bleat of beasts

they cannot reach the soul
that needs to know and see
a salmon’s trek
the dolphin’s arc
an open sky
the roll of unobstructed clouds
or fall of stars

they have nothing for the soul
that needs to hear the crack of thunder
resound for miles across the plain
then off the mountain’s face

they fail the human core
that needs the fresh embrace of rain
the crisp and quiet drift of snow
the hues and sway of living fields

they leave the spirit cold
that needs to watch the orchard’s blossoms
bloom to fruit
see forests thick beyond horizons
or feel the lift of cresting surf


there are no human constructs
that satisfy this need
to know evolving natural wonders
that inspire
that resonate the heart
that liberate the soul
to leave one truly filled

with awe


rob kistner © 2008
(revision © 2018)
A contemplation on the modern city.
Chris Neilson Aug 15
A poet's muse can amuse
like a child in adult's shoes
when leaving no clues
as to where they perused
with nothing to lose
after your heart bruised
from their short fuse
and many unpaid dues
to become yesterday's news
not enough honest views
just soaking in booze
then a new path to choose
strewn with colourful hues
and the nuts, bolts and screws
to muse about the blues
standing in life's queues
for a round the world cruise
but never ever would I excuse
your evasion from love's glues
Never fall in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with
Eve Aug 15
For being a brave, courageous soul,
In society’s eyes, your worth becomes devalued,
By the players that act like they know me,
Pretend and put on a show for everyone to see,
That he or she “cares”, “treats”, and “loves” me.
How could you be so careless with your decision-making,
Tell me why I told you a couple days ago,
We aren’t supposed to be on speaking terms at the moment,
Yet, that won’t stop my finger from sliding left and accepting your phone call request,
Very specific, detailed and to the point,
I’m going to remain frank and show you the truth.
I know you’re used to meddling with good people’s hearts,
But, that won’t stop you from proceeding,
Eventually, you’ll quit pursuing the person who’s distant.
Why is the question you may ask,
But the real inquiry here is why must you persist, to commit , to think for even a second that person gives?
Meanwhile, they’re taking you for granted and pushing you to the curb,
Always distant, cold like the winter breeze,
Remaining too friendly with the people they claim to be the “homies”,
We both know what’s real,
Fate tells we weren’t meant to be,
Instead of living in the moment,
We pictured it.
Never did the things we’d always say we would,
Never achieved what was dreamed of with you and me.
Not to be seen as a negative, narccistic person,
But wanting to be understand to the fullest extent,
Even when we’re faced with the greatest doubts,
We’ll stay oblivious to the obvious things.
I sit down to write
Create beautiful prose
It’s been so long
Yet my mind goes blank
Where is my heart?
Where is my brain?
Where are my words?
There’s no passionate emotion to draw from
No inspiration
I wish my tears could fuel pieces of art
But I don’t even cry
I wish my pain could catalyze my creativity
But that pain is so repressed
This lack of feeling suits me well most times
My personality is made of jokes
My heart is bulletproof
But in poetry
There’s no inspiration
I haven’t felt like writing lately and I realized it’s because I don’t have feelings!! that’s lit
Now to be honest
I shall fill your mind with lies  
I'll tell you things
So I can get in between your thighs  
I'll lead you on and take your heart  
But I won't tell you is
How I'll take it apart  

Indeed I have nice eyes
A charming smile and soft lips

I'll even win you over with
my flirtatious charm

You won't see it coming
You are blind to love

I'll hold your heart in the palm of my hand  

You won't  be able to make a

When a real man comes along and tries to win your love  

He won't be able to
I'm in control,like the big man above  

You're not the 1st girl I've done this too, your one of many  

But I fooled you into thinking you were special, what a pity  

When I’m done with you, I’ll toss you aside  

Give you your heart back, but a little is still mine  

I took something special from you, that only special men should get  

But I fooled you into thinking I was special, special I'm not, far from it  

I made you miss opportunities with real love, and I'm not sorry  

I got what I needed from you, now onto the next girl I meet at a party  

You thought you meant something to me? Wow, but I'm not sorry

My buddies will get a laugh out of this one, You were just my night stand 

Something for me to take home
But now your outdated  

I got new girls to screw over, but trust me you weren't out played yet  

Because once I had your heart
I had a taste for your genes
I used to love till it was taken, now it's there game I'm playing
Lying half naked in bed
thinking about all the lovers I haven't had
and sometimes it makes me mad
that they probably aren't even sad
cause there's always someone else they could have met

Filling myself up with solitary sensuality
I keep asking how much of this can be reality
when we were never one but lovers in singularity
and only in late-night-born words there was sexuality
merely a disturbance of tranquility

And as I lay there in the warmth of my solitude
Hot waters find an opening in unfulfilled gratitude
they leave my eyes, then run down my spine in some strange interlude
and I'm getting scared of an emtpy platitude
of feeling like a virgin prostitute

Because my spine is not endless
and neither is the beating of a heart kept loveless
I'm tired of phrases, of having to confess
to love that seems only to know how to obsess
that tries hard to be profound but then is still just heartless

I try to see some good in the fact
that my spine is therefor still somewhat intact
and beyond this tiring and ongoing act
I calm myself, 'There's still time to find', I'm committing to the pact
Harry Roberts Jul 12
You Can Murder & Rob People All Fucking Day, Its Okay They're Called Politicians.
Keep Chugging Shit, You Won't See  & Its Good 'Cause You Can't Afford An Optician.
When You Get Low We'll Kick You In The Bones, I'm Sorry We Deported Your Physician.
They Hope You Get Sick & They'll Hit You With A Brick,
But They Call That Universal Credit.
-When Their Caught Out Trust The BBC To (.) Off With Their Heads & Dead It. We Have Ears & Memory Too We Really Know You Said It, Snakes Caught In Skins You Belong In The Bin, No More Mice Cause I Already Fed It.
Harry Roberts - Politicians © 20/06/18
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