Dehydrated by the tears, and constricted by the fears.
Thinking of the years that disappeared out of your eyes and your ears. In almost an instant.  
The vows,
       The commitment,

Shattered like glass on stone, watching you linger your eyes to another
While I’m home alone trying to not smother you
                 The hope,

I have left Is a single strand, even after the pictures of you and him make my legs unable to stand
With furrowed eyebrows, I browse to find the heart you took from me.
For the first time,
I thought I had found
Solace in you!
But you were no better than,
The devil reincarnated
The one who finally turned my life,
Into wretched tormented living hell hole

When sit to think
I regret the first day
I saw you
Spoke to you
And even collected your number and know your name
I knew I shouldn’t have listened to the voice inside my head
And shouldn’t have been deceive by your beauty
But should have just left you alone

That moment my hearth began to love again
It turns out
There is no heart again to love
Only a stone that pumps blood
And I need no donor
This who I am
Because of you I am,
Worse than a leprous beggar on the street

Saw your place
And I came for you to relieve me of this curse
And torment you placed on me
But it turns out that mother nature have taken her course on you
So I am learning how to face the reality
And live with this curse and torment
My reward for loving you
Tony Cortez May 21
I feel like I'm not needed today
Feels like my heart is being stretched
Knowing that something like this could lead to something worse

I keep my mouth shut and bottle my feelings
I'm hurt, but it's not about me
As long as I attempted to make her world feel like paradise that's fine for me
Even If my heart feels pain I'll take it with a smile

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a heart spare me the pain of knowing I'm useless in moments and well heartache

Let's just hope the feeling stops I would rather feel empty then this
Heart ache
Eddyn May 12
I am the girl who dreams of disappearing
I am the one who loves without being loved in return
I’m the girl with eyes as dark as coffee
I’m the one who’s lips are sweet and heart so torn
Let me hold you and tell you that everything will be ok,
for if love truely exists,
tell me you’ll never leave my side,
tell me I mean something to you
tell me I’m going to have forever with you
If not
Let me disappear,
Forget any trace of me from your mind
Forget the feel of my skin against yours,
the taste that our kisses so softly gave
My voice... my existence
for if I’m am not yours,
I am no ones
when I disappear
Promise you’ll forget me.
Moumita Mitra May 11
I was your best friend, 

But, one fine evening,

You surprised me by the words you said.
You, had proposed me that day,

And our relationship status got changed by words that day. 

I was quite happy because I knew, you will never take any wrong step. 
And will never break my heart,
And will never hurt me hard.

Best friends now had become boy friend and girl friend.

It was cute and different.

But that was not love, I thought. 

That was friendship from heart. 

You said, "it's love, true and pure love dear, you will also feel the same, spend some time other than being best friends."

Finally, one fine day some miracle might have had happened, 

I fell in love with you. 

It was truly a love relationship for me, by words and heart. 

From then some feelings really changed.

A few days later, you said, you want to confess something, 

I thought, you now might want to marry me. 

I was so happy, I can't share in words. 

I was waiting for your arrival.

Sayed, this was true and pure love- friendship, then lovers and then married couples.
I was awesome happy from core of my heart.

You came, but accompanied with a unknown girl,

And said, "let's be best friends again, because she is the girl for whom I have fallen in love forever."

"What about us?", I enquired.

"We! We were not made for love affair. Friendship is only ok for us."

I was shocked, surprised and shattered.

You have by then broken my heart.

It took long two years since then, 

To rise up and live again.

I, finally promised myself,

Not to fall in love again.

Then again we met on a cloudy day.

You said, you are single again.

Your words, your behaviour, your attitude,

All were strange that day.

I felt, I was talking to some stranger,
Who is not my best friend.

That night you came at my place again.

And said, "let's fall for each other again."

I was very sure with myself,
And rejected your proposal face to face.

You requested me to think over and over again.

"I am sure, I don't want to fall for you again."

Hearing my words, you left the place.

No talk, no promises, no connection since then.

And, now, after a decade, you have come again and saying,

"Tell me something so hurtful that I don't miss you forever."

Why such downmarket things you are speaking?

What I said that day, are still my words, today.

If this is not hurtful, then put yourself in my shoes,

And imagine how much hurt I have got,

Which had made the heartful girl so very heartless.

Nyx May 10

R u n
Avoid him at all costs
Pretend that nothing happened
That in that moment you didnt get lost
H i d e
His Feelings have changed
He left his heart in your hands
This boy must be deranged
S t o p
Halt, Don't panic
Why are you freaking out?
His motives aren't satanic
W h y
He's in love with you
You played along
Didnt you want this too?
How can you pretend nothing wrong
H e a r t l e s s
You lead them on
Fill them with delight
Crush them the next day
Make them dread that wonderful night
F r i g h t e n e d
Acting like a monster
A Cold. Cruel. Bitch.
But in reality your just afraid
Afraid, to be the one left in a ditch
D e c i d e
Don't do it unless your certain
If you don't love him, don't try
Your not ready for commitment
There is no need to lie
L o v e
Don't pick at the faults
All the what ifs, the possibilities
Take things slow, fall for him
Accept the responsibility
T r u s t
In him and yourself
He won't hurt you
He won't expose or leave you for dead
Just be ready, together you'll face what's ahead

I'm bad at commitment and relationships
I always get so afraid and panicked
I simply want to escape
Clarity Apr 28
You manipulated me,
You used me,
Just to feel better about yourself.
You were a heartless bastard.
You didn't give a shit,
About me,
My feelings,
Or my heart.
Benji James Apr 16
I'm sorry that I was born ugly
I'm sorry I was even born at all
Just to grow up and be an idiot
I'm sorry that I fake my feelings
I know everyone thought I was doing fine
Truth is in my head I'm lying dead on the pavement
And in my heart, there is nothing there at all
All my ambitions went flooding out the door
Now it's just me and these four walls

©2018 Written By Benji James
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