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Jules 2d
Buttoned-and-pressed eyes
Crystallized rationality glistens
(or so it seems!)
in their quest for whoisit.
Policemen occasionally search our underground train system when we're downtown and stop all the trains. My hometown is known for the huge quantities of police.
In this quietude, this respect,
a place for the sparrows' songs,
where the marble garden
is gleaming white in afternoon sun
and luminous in the comfort,
the sleepiness of moonbeams,
where you rest.

Young women, you wore the blue,
the color, the banner of your bravery,
when your blood ran,
souls released, joyous, to the
infinity of the heavens,
where you rest.

In loving memory of Natalie Corona,
Chateri Payne, and all other fallen
police officers.
Earth's loss,  Heaven's gain.
Belmin Jan 24
The day was great in the state,
Hurry to your job, dont be late

The Sun was shining
The roses were red
Walls of happiness

Do this, not that, stand up, lie flat
The orders were clear, for every guy
Everything was fine, then one asked why?

Piercing sound, thumping sound

And the Sun was shining, on hopeless faces
The roses were red, from blood
Walls of happiness, segregating classes and races

The state is your new God

And on the corpses of others, that asked why
There he lies, that’s the guy
No need to cry, no need to mourn

His bones build the foundations-
of a New Society Reborn
may your memory live on forever
as the angry youth of athens
mourns and,
remembers your tragic death.

our beautiful city,
goes up in flames,
screams and bleeds,
by remembering your name.
he was 15. it's the 10 year anniversary. **** all ****'s, may you rot in ****.
Enzo Dec 2018
Pump me full of iron and lead
Shoot me in the head
Wait! I'm already dead
Police brutality it is
Irony is my fatality

Died from a figure of speech
From exercising my freedom of speech
Well life's certainly a *****
When your body rots in a ditch

Maggot ridden I am
While blue collar ****-for-brains
Parades for justice and truth
Order and peace? Well ******* sis
I am still alive though
Sara Kellie Nov 2018
Please accept this receipt
as my proof of purchase.
I'm returning the Police
'cause they're not fit for purpose.
My bike it was stolen
I'd said who and where.
The Police didn't bother
It's like they don't care.
Well they've sent me a summons
because of non payment.
Now it's four times the cost
and a bike that I've lost.

I'll glue on a moustache
and wear a **** hat.
Eat sprinkled donuts,
do **** all
and get fat.

and that's how I became a pig.

(ner ner, ner ner)
True story, that!
The Lioness Nov 2018
Oh no!
Here she comes again.
Mom please!
I don't want to fight.
Please stop yelling.
I didn't take your food.
I swear.

I'm not listening to this.
I walk away.
What are you doing?
Why did you put my head through the wall.

I punch, I kick.
I fight back.
Why are you choking me?
I bite her arm.

My aunt calls the police.
Four officers break up the fight.
Why am i being cuffed.
Why isnt she going too?
I didn't do anything wrong.

The detective questions me.
I spend three days in county jail.
The district attorney finally drops the charges.
Now I have to go back to her.

Please Lord let me live.
I promise to do good.
I'll change I promise.
Please don't let me die.
This actually did happen to me when I was 15 years old. My mother was/still is emotionally,  verbally,  and physically abusive to me. Though the physical abuse has mostly stopped since I am trained in the use of firearms, baton, pepper spray, jujitsu, and defense and arrest tactics.
EP Robles Nov 2018
Tiny Tim with droopy eye went out
with corpse-woman (she’d heard
he’d died)

Had a cigarette between two finger’d
bones called life and when living
ladies heard he’d died the world
began its wailing from the other side.

LAPD roped off the scene but the
ribbons were too low for ghosts and
all his demons.  Detective Mister
found his ****** revolver and no cell
block too secured assured for dead
men so police officer said, “Tiny Tim
was too beautiful but he died today;
the judge had verdict match the
coroner;  misadventure in love case
closed casket so move along move
along my fiends.

:: 03212016 ::
Copyright © Ernest Robles
lucav Nov 2018
crashing my car into your window
screaming when you cry
laughing when my head hits the glass
cracking my head open
splitting my sides and bruising my brain
losing my mind and going insane
i dont want to run around headless
screaming into the dark
your smile falls on him
im okay with this i cry in the back of the cop car
painting my nails red filling my body with dread
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