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Brie Williams Sep 26
On a street
somewhere in nowhere
is where you were killed
when a no one kills someone in nowhere
it burns
when no ones are people with badges and guns
oh how I wish they would have used the guns
but no one is humane in nowhere
only tazers and kicks will do
then the heart stops and the blood pours
and then they decide they're  through
but someone is already brain dead and swollen and blue
and I can't stop crying at even the thought of you
and now you're underground and I can't see through
and now you're underground and there's nothing anyone can do
Mark Sep 26
Tried my luck, under the roof of the New York Dodgers dome
Didn’t make roster, hopped on Route 66, went to another city
Ended up at the front gates of Walter Disney’s home
Which has been re-zoned to downtown LA, oh what a pity
Walked the streets, buzzing to pollinate all the beehives
Saw some Fred Astaire dudes, showing off their colorful jives
Wandered down a blackened, one way street
And who the ****, do you think I would meet?
The one and only knife wielding ghetto ****, Huggy Bear
Who said, I wasn’t now, looking all that smug, oh dear
Then along came his crew, Bonnie and Clyde
Now I wanted somewhere to ******* well hide
All of a sudden, a striped tomato pulled up and out jumped Starsky n Hutch
Yelling out to the ****, Huggy Bear, who spoke double-dutch
Leave the boy alone, and go on and get back on home
Thank god you showed up, for I was ‘bout to write my last poem.
Pedro Vialle Sep 23
for your life
not knowing what way
danger comes from
red and blue lights
shots fired
stray bullets
easy targets
never the bad guy
but always the black no one
tell me, when?
when this will stop?
when all this spilled blood
will finally be enough?
**** all those uniformed *******, those hateful pigs! They're killing CHILDREN over here...
Mark Sep 10
You can call us all, including our dog, your hero men  
So when you need help quickly call 9/11  
Rescue we try and save you we hope, from Gods sun filled heaven    
but sometimes we lose out to the devil in this ash scattered hell    
Climbing the steps and spraying the fire, that nobody's skin should've felt    
Bringing you out, one by one, just hold on tight to my safety belt.
We are there to protect you, not to distress you    
Dressed in blue, pistol and taser at side, all in full view    
We arrest the speedsters, traffickers and all the gangsters    
Let the judges decide if the sentence should incur extra time for visitors    
Your lawyers, barristers and familiar jailbird friends    
Will testify, use false alibi to get you off and to make amends.
We're racing to the scene with the medicine in the back    
Inside bed, needles and portable CPR machine, just in case of a heart attack    
We will revive the dead, patch up a sore head and even help mother with newborn    
So let us through with ease and don't for a second put your hand on the horn    
For one day, it might be you or your family or even a long lost friend    
That is waiting for the moving medical miracle machine in the end.
We dress in disguise, mainly in tree green and dirt black    
On the back of tanks, falling from the sky and we won't take any flak    
We're here with orders from the guy at the top    
So don't get upset at us, when we come back with a hop    
We fight to protect the freedom of all mankind    
Just doing our job and hoping not to leave, anybody behind.
Dear Detective,
The one holding this phone

This is Casey,
The individual you have been
Assigned to investigate
Due to photos taken
At Butler Park

(Evangeline is my
poetic alter)

I just wanted to let you
Know that I wrote down my
Version of events
On Saturday

While my memory was
Still fresh

Please let me know if
There is anything
I can do

Dominique Sep 1
Well, they mock the cops on a tuesday night
The start of the week and there's joints to light
It's the siren that shrieks like your thousand pound phone
Hello, it's your mother, you gonna come home?

My daughter's been missing for two **** nights
The searchlights that grab her find hate in her eyes
It's the acid, you know, and it's made her feel right
Come home, come home, come home

Now, a cold thursday with blood on their paws
There's windows been smashed 'cause they're drunk and they're bored
"Oh man, it's the pigs and it sounds like they're feeding"
They speed away laughing and all of them bleeding

They're picking out shards for the rest of the night
Quietly praying their veins would shut tight
Just the hustle, you know, and the jack tastes all right
Be fine, be fine, be fine

Then friday has crashed and the weekend is here
Toasting the drug deals with tablets and beer
Parks in the dark and a drunk girl's the charm
Lighting up **** with fresh burns on his arm

Calls up the mates he assaulted last night
Humourless laughs and they're high as a kite
*** is a drug babe, you know how this works

And the cops aren't around and she hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts.
youth culture amirite?
my cousin told me "the met ain't ****" yesterday and I just had to put that sentiment into a poem :)
Sydney Jul 16
I’m afraid
I’m afraid to breathe the air for fear of what’s in it
I’m afraid of protection because protection can also mean death
I’m afraid to hear, hear cries of children missing their parents
I’m afraid to see, see bad things happen to good people
I’m afraid of the sky, because it browns
I’m afraid of the ground because nothing grows
I’m afraid of the water because I can drink it while others can’t
I’m afraid to eat because of the poison I’ve already eaten
I’m afraid of the broken, for fear it can’t be fixed
I’m afraid
There’s a lot to be said here but it’s how I truly feel, afraid. I don’t think it’s right that people are in fear of police who are “meant” to protect and serve. Or the fact that we don’t always know what’s going on , and the state of of planet is deteriorating because some people just don’t care anymore. So that’s it. I hope you enjoy this poem and all that it means and stands for. EVERYONE MATTERS!
Anastasia Jun 26
Watch a night
With memories like stones in my stomach
Flashing lights
Of a police car as I leave
Stars dimmed
By ink-soaked clouds
You're different
Than before
Sinking into my brain
Is it you?
Or someone
Infinite impossibilities
Stretch across my head
Drips across my lips
From biting too hard
Miles to go
Before I get home
wrote this last night. why do you keep coming back in my life when you don't even want to
Peter B Jun 22
The policeman probably thought:
'What this guy is doing here?
He definitely isn't up for anything good.
He seems to be nervous,
no, it's not a tourist,
they have cameras, they take a photo and leave.
Must be yet another activist.
This guy, he's annoying,
scruffy dude,
****** at least."

But I was there
for no bad reason,
but simply to pay respect
to the queen of feminism.
Kaiden A Ward Jun 21
is like being stuck
in an endless game of tag
where you are always "it."
At least, that's what it seems like to me.
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