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Yemaya May 14
eyes a steely blue
skin a bone white
the lights red and blue
the air taut and tight
my fathers skin is brown
mine is fair and white

the white man calls the fuzz
the neighbors are a buzz
the man reported kidnap
feels just like a slap
we've been caught
in the white man's trap
Robert Ronnow Jan 18
A walk around the block in my parents’ neighborhood at dawn
wearing mom’s sweater and pop's sneakers with a clown hole cut out for  
      toe infection
I was stopped by a cop in a cruiser
this was during the Vietnam War long hair ago
he was angry at everyone I was offended by everything
he said which way are you going I said which way are you going
so he socked me in the mouth and handcuffed me
I was arraigned on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
my good parents came down and stood beside me before the judge
I wrote to the police department internal affairs
not for retribution but to start a paper trail
in case this cop someday bopped one of my brothers
a few months later I’m back at work in NYC
two detectives come into the city to question me
one good cop one bad cop we park in the park me in the back seat
they wanna know was I mouthy to the cop who punched me in the mouth
long story short
they leave me on a bench to eat my lunch and the charges are dropped
Laiba Jul 2021
Don't ever take my silence for granted
It's got more power then words could ever have.
Listen closely and you will hear
That I no longer trust a soul
Being let down doesn't always feel great.
My ptsd takes things more then I would as person. But once I loose trust its very hard to bring back.
Erin Suurkoivu May 2021
Cut the limbs
off a boundary

of trees,
and the police come running.

He was more supported--
there was evidence--

twisted branches
on the ground--

video of it
in action.

It took three days
to go from comfort

to sorrow--
she who freed me

also made me
a ghost.

My i

blood on all
my four walls.

I'm still
the only one

who sees red.
His wife doesn't seem to care.

She can always deny

and stick her head
in another book.
nicaila May 2021
Cricket sounds echoed
My saliva I just swallowed
Rumors of the devil coming out
Let me tell you what its all about

Deafening noise at 3 AM
Must be Sir Pol again
Parting my ragged curtain
Scarlet drops pattering down the drain

Shutting the windows tight
For Sir Pol just met my sight
Moonlight hungs down, I'm creepified
Meeting eye to eye gave me a fright

Sir Pol looks so dignified
But under the streetlights
I caught a glimpse of a badge
Filled with resentments and grudge

Again... screams rang
Surely, It's Sir Pol doing his routine
Of acting like Gods, sentencing mortals into guillotine

Hey, Mister Pol Ice
Hear me, Mister Pol Ice!
The next dawn
Let me lay on my pillow at ease
And the town be in peace
Because police brutality is still rampant and in all sides of the world are voices never heard, buried into the deepest waters pleading for justice. Bullets imbedded into skulls of the innocents.
Jay Lewis Mar 2021
They walk in and stand,
with their numbers in hand,
facing directly towards you.

The people align,
by order of time,
or how much they meant to you.

You fall against the glass
And your stuck in the past.

Each one at a time,
speaks the line
“These memories are here to haunt you”.
Simon Piesse Mar 2021
The ***-bellied Mercedes squealed
As Meursault withdrew and
Marvelled at the flames
The air
Like marigolds on Ritilin.
'Raymond would have no reason not to admire this act.'
He stopped by a shimmering sea of Ubers.
The scrape and drawl of siren made no impression on him.
Leaking smoke reminded him of
Snow White’s Cottage
Where he had taken Marie when Lucie was born:
The place where he would go out at dawn to chop wood.
He liked the way her roses played
With the restlessness of children.
Then he thought: 'if only mother could see me now.'
Inspired by Camus' searing sense of injustice in The Stranger, which I'm studying with my class at the moment and by the riots in Bristol, UK
Warren C Feb 2021
(Dedicated to all Law Enforcement)

People Rarely see you protect us from the gangs
the killers of the innocent
People Rarely see you protect us from the drugs
the dealers or the pusher ****

People Rarely talk of the accidents and carnage
People Rarely talk of your heroic rescues or deeds
Not to mention the small child or mother you saved

People love to talk about the ******, the mayhem,
the loss of innocence
People love this talk but rarely but you in a good light
or a positive way

People love to talk and whisper about a television made
World of police and law and order
People love to talk but forget what you really mean,
For you are the true Knight of the modern day.
Dedicated to the memory of a RCMP Officer .
Lil Moon Moon Feb 2021
A 9 mm handgun
In the hands of Mr. Policeman

Click click BANG BANG

Now the ground has a metallic tang
You greedy little  men in blue
Its always you who don't hold true

Click click BANG BANG
The innocent blood in your hands hang

How did it feel Mr. Policeman?
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