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May 13 · 261
Viseract May 13
Mist-minded, clouded thoughts
Can't seem to focus, or keep rapport
Importance is relevant, irrelevant I dwell
In this cartography, well-drawn Hell

Zipped up lips, verbiage tripped
The spoken, delivery, edge unclipped
Harsh and cold, worn limestone
Regardless of polish, I'm overgrown

What feels real is this heart of steel
All else surrounds, of fabric, of gown
Dressed up nice to masquerade
False-tipped smiles, dead parade.

The forge burns true, just underneath
My love, my Sun, I shall bequeath
Hardened and cold, aftermath of the craft
Add a little heat and reveal my heart.
Reality can feel like the worst illusion, but when it fades, my heart awaits
Jan 25 · 402
Viseract Jan 25
Falling silent when I speak
Clamour loudly as I weep
Stitched up mouth, who am I now?
Grunts of pain, the only sound

Ignored back then and still today
Excluded always, as I fade
Then they ask me why I'm quiet
I don't choose to sit in silence

Are you ok? I'm just fine
My reply, a dotted line
That which i ask is what I fear
Query turned, and so I steer

I speak of games, I speak of songs
I ignore the list of wrongs
All the shadows' whispered words
They cause my skull to hurt

I am calm, I am the storm
In the dark I'll be reborn
In my lust I drive away
They do not need to stay

Woe is me, I'm all alone
Typing poems on my phone
Isolated by personality
Dissociated from reality
Sep 2020 · 527
Trapped by Thorns
Viseract Sep 2020
Mesmerized by what lies inside
Dwells in my skull, lives in my mind
Showing me, these corrupted dreams
Behind my eyes, more than it seems

Wilted roses, pouring rain
Not a word but the roaring pain
Scratching and tearing, flesh left raw
Growling and biting and sharpening claws

Shining eyes belie rage denied
Moonlit skies, moonstruck cries
Enraged and entrapped by thorns, kept safe
Let us loose, witness our showcase

"Your life isn't hard, it has no stress
I am kindred, so I know best"
Without, surveillance, how could you know
I'm all wound up and I'm ready to go!

Don't tell me what I have not felt
Don't tell me about the cards I've been dealt
You suffer too, we both suffocate
Can't ease our symptoms unless we medicate!

Angry you've been, angry I am!
You've walked in these shoes so you should understand!
Crimson is our bloodline, destroy what we hate!
I hate myself so it's only my fate!

Yet tell me I'm joking, call me a mimic
It ****** me off so I don't want to hear it!
How can you act like you knew all along
I don't ******* get it, YOU'RE SO ******* WRONG!

Authorities called, was a couple of years
Seeing you talking, confirmed all my fears
You haven't a clue, you don't understand,
I have no filters, I say what I am!

When I cry out for help and you tell them I'm fine
I can't confess these desires for crime!
You say there's no worry, you say I'm okay

You think you know me, you know nothing at all!

So keep on talking, it amuses me so
This pain and this anguish, denied by your hope
Deluded you are, remember this thought:
No such roses, grow such thorns!
Shout out to my mate Calem, who's metal band is no longer called No Such Roses but is now called Signals
Jul 2020 · 577
Viseract Jul 2020
Sunken eyes, wretched mind
This void I feel is my demise
The depths to which can't be described
Reality, the biggest lie

I wander roads that can't go wrong
So will you miss me when I'm gone?
I'm right here yet so far away
Will you be the one who stays?
The subtlety of disassociation
May 2020 · 279
Viseract May 2020
"I care for you!"
******* prove it.

There's never any greetings, only goodbyes
Never true happiness, only darkest nights
Whenever you fall quiet I'm the first to ask what's wrong
But when it comes to me, the silence stays strong!

Who is there for me? Do I really mean so little?
I go mad screaming at mirrors, slathered in my spittle!
I act out what I want to say, because of all the times
You told me, to tell myself I'm worth more than I realise!

Something of value isn't easily discarded
Something that matters isn't so quickly parted
I trusted in your words, they were my final hope
Now it's time for the hangman's trick to go and get the rope
Don't you ******* lie to me
May 2020 · 238
Viseract May 2020
"How much do you really care?"
"How much do you really wanna know?"

lights cigarette " Well...let me tell you"

You, could, have the worst day and I'd laugh in your face
Tell you I told you that joy was erased
Look to the sky and be blinded by light...
-ning as it crashes down, cuts through the night!

Hell's gates could open, and in you would fall
And with all your screams, I'd still feel **** all!
You could walk off the flat earth and into the void
I'd carry on normal, and not paranoid!

Turned into ashes, blasted to bits
Drowned in a lake, in my face your neck splits
Spray me with blood, I won't feel a thing,
I'd lap at the crimson, thanks for the feed!

Death welcomes all, where life may not want to
The curtains will fall, and then you'll see the truth
The truth of it is, I only care enough to tell you
To yell or to whisper, I won't mourn when they bury you!
Conform that face to my fist, please
Mar 2020 · 539
Extreme Loyalist
Viseract Mar 2020
Forgive me Father, for I must sin
So I can suppress this demon within!


Urges that surge, crawl on my skin
Lifting the corners and forcing a grin
All that you've done, and all of this pain
Now is the time, take it away!


Eyes grow wider as the nights grow colder
Vengeance my master, I am it's soldier
Forcing this karma, I'm coming for you
Karma I am, and I will pursue!


I said when we met that you best be prepared
Loyal to me have no need to be scared
But cross that line, one last time,
And up comes the beast with this rage in my eyes!

So demonic
You've been blind, to all that I've asked
Shuddering breath, you'll draw your last!

No Such Roses, Phoenix...use this wisely
Mar 2020 · 323
The Grim Grinner
Viseract Mar 2020
It lurks below my consciousness, the beast beneath the bed
Tortured by imagination, vivid in my head
Strikes without notice, the world is dark and blind
To all the ****** massacres that play behind my eyes

Victimhood held hostage, convinced manipulation
Sickly soul so serpentine, saboteur salvation
Left within the grimaced grin, of tormented left demented
Suffer so, these chains and ropes, you'll never be accepted

Amusement starts to linger, maybe mould, or rot
Decaying internally, for he feels the hope is lost
So smile, smile, smile, and learn to love the sinner
For all that will remain is this twisted, Grim Grinner
Nov 2019 · 313
Viseract Nov 2019
I wear the Reaper's desires, hide myself away
He cursed me with his shroud, I've become a Wraith
I scream ****** ******, his jaw forever grins
Everybody dies, and nobody ever wins

Short lived is our hope, and so we turn to faith
Making up our deities to fill the empty space
God can you hear me, howling winds respond
I grip a neck of glass, so the numbness is prolonged

I hate all I see, and I see myself in all
So I watch me **** everyone, in agony they sprawl
Nothing left but bloodied grin and scarlet dripping blade
The clouds cry my anguish, and pelt the muddy *****

Pretty roses splash and stain, madness left to claim the reins
All is shades of darker grey, maroon petals left to fade
Desperate fingers claw my flesh, this nightmare will never rest
For the shadows, they have spoken...and beast, asleep, has woken...
Long time, no uploads...
Nov 2019 · 320
Mirror of Old
Viseract Nov 2019
Mirror mirror, on the wall
Tell me how the fallen, fall?

Well now, come now, let me show
All the pain I've ever known...

Mark my words, I marked my skin
Thin red lines of crimson sin

Seeping through their open wounds
The more I made, like blossom, blooms...

So I was hollow, devoid of all
I am how the fallen, fall

Mirror, mirror, just a mask
All they'll see is shattered glass...
Here's your proof, Kayla
Apr 2019 · 773
Slurry Days
Viseract Apr 2019
Wake up, clothes thrown with a smile on my face
Test my looks out in the mirror as I skip the page
Shoes tied, looking nice and I'm out the door
Time to push it to the limits and give my all

Here I come, fame, notice my success
Tell the doubtful to get lost but give them my best
There I go, comfort, I'm going on a trip
And I'm sorry but where I'll be, you can't come with

Like a bushfire raging, and moving uncaged
Imma put them in the dirt and rub the dirt off my stained slate
You can't stop this! Why try to stand to me?
I bag and tag from rich to rag it's all way too easy

I'm laughing in the face of your disgrace because I know
Your back is to a cul-de-sac and you're straining the ropes
To hold the gate and trust the chains, but you know I'm busting through
So why try to slow me down when I know how to move

I'll show you speed beyond belief, make you know the real deal
Not the drugs to which you're numb, but as smooth as a worn wheel
More grip than I spit, like Velcro I'm ripped
Old bandaids on bullet wounds, festering filth

The sight of this regression is dis-gus-ting
Fling that **** away from me, like a discus: sling!
Moving on and growing strong you should be dis-cuss-ing
Instead don't use your head just be braindead stay cussing, ah!

**** ****, ****, **** and chicken wings
Not making any cents, your job is imaginary
Up in your minds eye, making flows and energy
To the same beat, whack **** that really isn't lyrically

Challenging, like using word play to slay with words
Instead you play with trap because you're snared by actual work
So you rap one flow, spit that **** real slow
Work that auto tune, to work more comfortable

Sounding like T-Pane on a bad day, like Machine Gun, more pray than spray
When you face the mass and have the nerve to  say your work is "okay"

When you admit the sins of your mistakes
But take to the net and say differently
No indicator but you turn to see
Even the mirror cracks up when you speak!

Achoo! Sniffle, snort, blow my, nose
Take the, mic and, ahem clear my throat
And roll, on down, this slippery, *****
Here I go, the PR has made the close!

Mumble rap, just mumble crap
Clothes and *******, this and that
Money, money, flex and gloat
Man your life is just a show

Sitcom, sit down, slow poke
Honk nose, clown knows, no hope
So he goes, and buys rope, a gold chain, the same though
And hangs himself

Agh! If only they would
Just make something good
No fake gangsters and hoods

Just messages and representatives to give a lesson which
Would teach the world perspective and not create this diss
Of which all of us lyricists have been reaching through the television
And telepathy to maybe bring something intellectually substantial, elephants

In the room to be tranquilised
Put to bed for good so before I say goodnight just listen one last time... A hole has been made
Six foot deep, so mumble rap please lay down in this earthy bed and sleep!

Oh and please!
Don't even make a Peep!
Mumble rap is hardly rap now is it?
Apr 2019 · 326
Viseract Apr 2019
There were times in my life
Where I was satisfied with the world
Now it’s different
Because all it seems to give me is hurt

A void in my chest,
Filled with nothing but emptiness
The same sensation I feel when I’m asleep
Or when I try to rest

It’s hard feeling positive when this life’s against you
It seems all it wants to do is grind you up, best you, bless you,
You’re probably far better off
Got the dreams and inspiration that keep you going and you can’t stop

So don’t
Don’t ever lose your faith
Because when you do you start to question
Your position in the human race

What am I good for,
Am I just for entertainment?
If that’s so, then why the
Element of overwhelming sadness?

I’m not scared, in fact,
Far from it
But it’s just sometimes I struggle
To cope with this ****

I deal with it alone
Gunslinging my way through
Drawing pistols, shots firing
Not enough bullets and I’m *******

I tried pistol-whipping my problems
But I couldn’t
If you’re down on your defenses then
You probably shouldn’t

Call for backup and extra munition
Do it quick and do it soon
Because I left it far too late
And sometimes I feel like I’m doomed

I hate feeling so down
But it’s all I have, a shroud around
Someone who questionably doesn’t deserve
To feel a pain so hard, to be quite so hurt

To feel this **** mad, or to be this **** sad
Is the one consistent thing in life that I’ve ever had
It makes me stop at times, and question my existence
But if this happens to you, shrug it off, be strong in your persistence

Talking helps to solve things
It helps to make me feel pure
It makes me feel good then
Doesn’t last long, it’s no cure

I do try to make it work,
But negativity puts in twice the effort
I was never positive to begin with
So I get twice the hurt

Sadness I can deal with
Because I can make it fade
All I need is a good song
On a cloudy, rainy day

I sing along to sad tunes
And let myself cry it all out
Afterwards I feel a bit better
And my eyes are in drought

So I go outside and smack my bag
The punching bag I have
I like to picture hated faces
When I’m feeling mad

I frame them for my anger
Because they made me go deeply through
And I hate being mad, I’d rather be sad
Is it the same for you?

I called out for help, took half a year to get
But better late than never whenever I feel really upset
I just write a little rhyme, a crazy song a bit like this
It helps at times when I look back and strongly reminisce

Other times it makes it worse, some things you should forget
And when I look back on them I drown in my regret
Some things I should’ve said, others maybe not
But at least I’m not like my other friends who blaze it away with ***

****, where’d that come from?
A well deep down that holds all the **** in this world that I know is wrong?
Sometimes I think that maybe I’m floating at the top
But my psychologist doesn’t agree, whenever I say that she makes me stop

It’s only a voice called Nightmare, my persistent inner critic
Who criticizes my every move, likes to make me feel like ****
He feeds off it, an inner demon set to self-destruct
Telling me everything I do is wrong, that it’s not just the world that’s ******

And I listen, but why should I?
When he asks me to Google tying nooses so I can just ******* die
And it’s only because, sometimes I feel I want to
But don’t listen to these voices, don’t want this to happen to you

I wanna write a goodbye letter sometime, just to have it there
Because if there’s something that makes me scared it’s seeing a loved one’s tear
So if I’m not there, perhaps it’ll make me feel better
I get told I can’t die, but never say never

Humanity has mortality and a lack of morality
Perhaps we all crazy too, insufficient in sanity
But just know, no matter what happens to us all it’s still reality
And you should always see the best in whatever is happening

I know I can’t, or at least I can’t yet
Those things I mentioned before, that drown me in regret?
That’s a part of my world, a part of my experience
**** it, what I’m saying is this **** is our existence

I hate feeling so down
But it’s all I have, a shroud around
Someone who questionably doesn’t deserve
To feel a pain so hard, to be quite so hurt

To feel this **** mad, or to be this **** sad
Is the one consistent thing in life that I’ve ever had
It makes me stop at times, and question my existence
But if this happens to you, shrug it off, be strong in your persistence

I hate my Dad sometimes, he makes me really ******
He has PTSD, takes it out on me and gets away with it
I mean, my step mum moved out, she saw it happen clearly
Did anybody stop and take time to perhaps think of me?

No? Just another waste of time?
A bad investment, a depression that took form and left its basement?
**** it all, I never helped anyone
That’s Nightmare for you, I listen to him when I write songs

He gives me inspiration in a way I guess I feed off him
But it can be difficult sometimes, to let him loose because he slips
Up and takes me down, ironically it’s why I’m writing now
To show you all that if you hear him, don’t listen to the sound

Of a desperate voice in desperate times, let him just die
Don’t even try to talk to him, give up let him cry
Don’t feel bad afterwards, it isn’t ******
It’s survival of the fittest and he’ll eventually wanna hurt her

You got a special someone don’t you? He wants their soul
He will play any card to get a chance to devour them whole
So don’t stop, keep your dreams
And let those pesky Nightmares slip by unseen

I hate feeling so down
But it’s all I have, a shroud around
Someone who questionably doesn’t deserve
To feel a pain so hard, to be quite so hurt

To feel this **** mad, or to be this **** sad
Is the one consistent thing in life that I’ve ever had
It makes me stop at times, and question my existence
But if this happens to you, shrug it off, be strong in your persistence

It may make you stop at times, and question your existence
But if this should happen to you, move along, be strong in your persistence

Where I can't
wrote this back in high school, for an album I wanted to make called Unlucky 8
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Organic Robots
Viseract Apr 2019
I'm a flesh addict, sporadic, adrenaline, I love being alive
Feel my muscles pumping blood as I run reckless- overdrive
And I cannot wait for the day, I get to say, I had the strength to survive
Like alliteration of insanity, inside of me, I to I!

But my eyes would be deceived if I said I see life like it's perfect
Like a roller-coaster, going through the motions, twists and turns a better way to word it
Take a seat, and sit with me, maybe then we'll be, like minded
Instead of you, like a lost moose, in the headlights: blind sided

I hate pretending, so, here's my raw aggression
I would take a second, to ******* bash your head in
But I don't wanna get physical, with someone so pitiful
Let's just keep it minimal, and indulge the lyrical

On sighting you I feel ******
Pity, anger, and anguish
Bullied by this *****
A year my senior, having kids

I feel hollow like a steel pipe, hurting like a rough night
I pull my smile too tight, to the point I'm  showing pearly whites
My mindset like, dynamite, my rhymes like, to takes lives,
Like a steak knife I'll carve you up
Eat these bullets, desperate lunch!

Now make no mistake
I sharpen dull blades
And I get carried away
******, serial, and maim

Just crunching numbers okay?
Nothing has changed
You're still the same old, same old
Here we go, another bomb falls!

Just an organic robot, blowing off steam
Of flesh and metal, robotic zombie
I see the cogs and the gears but I don't see a spirit
All I see is sheeple living lives like corporate business

Where's the fun in this? Leech the Government
Have a couple kids, and some funding with
A faded side *****, drugs kicking in
Go party hard with all your fake friends

You are not a parent, just a pa for rent
She is not a mother, just another chick
Using all that money to hit another fix
Coz you ain't cool if you ain't staying lit!

And that's just how it is, juvy and pregnant kids
People telling other people that their life's ****
Graffiti tags and spit, violence just a bit
Lost dreams and broken bottles, vanished innocence...
Lazy take advantage of a system meant for real struggles that can't be avoided...
Apr 2019 · 282
Weak Link
Viseract Apr 2019
I'm sitting, on my bed, I just woke up
Have to turn off my alarm, already stressed enough
I take it, feel the horrid taste in my mouth
As I make it drown, with the water that last night I left out

Flushed down, it should hold any second
I take a breath and
Ask myself the burning question...
Why the **** am I depressed then?

Flashbacks to times I couldn't sleep
Crying to myself, why the **** is it I feel weak?
Why the **** is it me? Why do I feel empty?
Hollow hearted, where has it departed, I feel so lonely!

Gaps in my memory and gaps in its effectiveness
I still wear a smile just to feel like I'm rejecting it
Placebo effect and pretend that I'm still proud of me
But see this shrouding me? You're **** right you should've doubted me!

Fifteen minutes of reminding myself I'm nobody special
It feels like ten years on Death Row
Berating myself, why aren't I better, why can't you hold hope?
A vicious cycle on a motorcycle, kick the chair and let go!

I still have thoughts of suicide
In the short time it takes for me to find my lifeline
Here it comes, thanks for the pickup
The only time I can say I'm thankful that I took drugs
Jan 2019 · 1.7k
Viseract Jan 2019

Let me pick up my Rifle and go to war
Let bullet cases flood the floor
I cant take the hit

Left to roam in No Man's Land
Stranded here, once again
Sharp blades and dulled wits

Let's go to war,
Let's go to war,
Jump back in and settle the score!

I'm left to bleed

Let love receed

I'll drop my gun
Surrender or should I just run?

Fire, fire, caught in crossfire
Taking shots but who's the liar?
I don't care anymore

Take a side, take my side
Together we can make this right
I'm done if I wasn't before!

Let's go to war
Let's go to war
Pull the pin and hear the roar!

Just keep me out

I'm trapped in doubt

You see my scars
Havent you had enough?

Get your hands off me

Blood paints the scene

With voices raised
And desperate hands gripping the cage

Warzone, you hold me close
Making anger known, in lonely echoes
A rush of rage I can't contain
I hate the way you look at my face!

Warzone.... Warzone... Warzone!

Battlefields, of long lost fights
And bunkers, that hide the light
Machine guns, that spit out spite
And planes with bombs off in the night

It's all a Warzone! Up in my head
Point of contact to strike me dead
A warzone, I try to leave
But my demons force me down to my knees...
Jan 2019 · 303
People of the Broken
Viseract Jan 2019
We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
We threw it all away

The rain came racing from the storm
On divided lands, reborn
I saw the Sun again
She smiled and showed her face
Then grew shy and turned away

The clouds above let fall the sharps
The hail fell and killed the lark
I saw a puff of smoke
Then felt the death of hope
And knew something was, gone

I see it all the time
Every scar and every line
Every claw and every fight

And everybody knew
But no-one was to move
And overcast the night took bloom

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
And that was a mistake

I felt a shadow on my shoulder
And felt the night grow colder
I could see clear as day
The resolution in her face
She couldn't stand the pain

A hand of anger gripped my soul
And I knew, for it was old
I'd felt this way before
Every time I left that door
My old friend Rage, I bring you forth!

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
So we dig under our skin

A shallow smile upon my flesh
Red and tan, nice and fresh
Because it hurts to be glad
When all elements make you mad
And you're left to pick the trash

It burns to feel the cold.
Netted by it we've been, sold
Just another failed escape
Another rearing snake
Another goose to chase

I know how old this all becomes
For years now, I've grown numb
Opened traps and screaming pipes
This garden of delight
Easy kindling, set alight

The past comes up to go down
Painted clowns to hide the frown
I'm sick of this circus
Totally ******* worthless
Clueless to my hurting

And oh the beating heart of hate
Fuels the lungs of twisted fate
And now I'm finally free
Rid my mind from toxicity
I am human, watch me, bleed

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
I can't seem to give a ****
And now I've finally hit "**** it"!

I am a member of the broken
My battle scars prove that I'm hopeless
I wish all my pain today
Could finally be erased
Without me digging my own grave

I wish all my pain today
Could be left in yesterday
So I can finally get my way
Oct 2018 · 5.6k
Viseract Oct 2018
People say I'm intense and aggressive
Not camping, just scampering, rampant
I'm too quick to take care and I'm helping
The message is hell bent on answering
All of your questions so let up the pressure!

Chat, chat, chat and you think you're all that
Talk some smack just so you can get back
Launch an attack on the boy in black
That boy so sad he makes me mad
That boy is trash have you seen his raps?
He's so **** suss I really wanna clap
Left right, goodnight, put him in the spotlight
And scrutinise like I have that right

Aye, I bet you think you know me
When all you've seen is nothing really
Yeah, bet it turns you green
To know that I'm better than what you carelessly,
Push away, in rage, that's cute, so sweet
When you stay, enraged, by your own heartbeat.
When you fake til you make and that's why you grin
Guess you don't know that to lie is to sin

Yeah I was the kid who got left out and yes I was the kid who'd always doubt
I was the kid who had no friends and I was the kid who'd get left til the end
Chosen for games as the last called name,
If I couldnt be avoided like I carried black plague,
But look at me now, I stand so proud, and if you try to take this from me I will knock you down!

I bring the rain and you brought pain
So I gave it back like, keep the change
Hate it when you take it
Hypocritically making
Bad choices lately, despise me for saying

So you sneak like a snake and talk behind my back
But it never really cut me so I wouldn't say backstabbed
You never really mattered so I'll be fine
You can drown in your ball pit of lies

While I raise the storm and I right the wrong
While I pave the way and still remain calm
The black dog follows and hounds at my feet
But I am electric you can't bite me!


You could call me Zeus I'm lightning when I move


I'm a Godlike youth that you dream to pursue

Bolt from the clouds comes crashing down
Charging the air like a love affair
Handle with care? I was kicked down the stairs
They called me Zaps so be aware!

That's spaz backwards! Ha! So funny
Now that I'm electric I guess it means something
Now that I write hectic I guess it means cunning
Yeah I'm spastic with my bars but I'm shocking and I'm stunning

You wish you had the talent to grasp words with magnets
And have the power to change the charge like its only magic
And link negative to its own, and vice versa
Take a slasher of a song and make verbal ******

Call out the curses, fill them with hurt and close all your curtains, the sunlight is burning

Go outside and raise your head to the sky
Dark clouds race to claim it all as mine!


Was the reject now I'm relevant

Yeah, Stormbringer

It's no dead ringer I was always a winner

Call me a sinner, I eat y'all for dinner
Those who call me a quitter, make claims that I never
Will get any better, when I'm rising forever
When I'm using my head and I'm light as a feather

I told you my name, don't use it in vain,
I gave you my hand, you can't do the same
So trust is reversed and storms start to churn
When I raise my voice it's a third degree burn!

I gave it non-stop what more could you want
When voices persist I'm getting *******
Continual fights and TV highlights
It took me a while but now I realise

Now I realise,
Now I realise!

I'm the Stormbringer....

Stormbringer, your head's like a spinner
Gasping for air, I crushed your throat from a distance, so killer, killer, killer...

Killer, killer, killer...

I shout out and you twirl around
Rotating one-eighty like you're an owl
You look at me foul like a fowl out of bounds so
This is just something for which you're renowned
Back in the day when you used to clown
Now that I'm clowning you're the one running around
What have I done? This isn't fun!
Come at me strong, or come at me none

Back in your cage, the one that you made when you went insane and told me to stay,
Never have I ever followed in your ways
Never would I ever listen to you persuade

You'd need some skill, and not fumble your speech
I've seen examples, week after week
Calling me out saying that I'm a creep
When I used to feel to get by I must sneak

Now the tides turned, I'm friends with Poseidon
I'm a demigod and you're just a pirate
Plundering the ***** of your best mates
What? You don't like the **** I say?


But I am no fraud
I am my own mob
I'm raising my head,
To inflict what I got!
Aug 2018 · 413
Another Round
Viseract Aug 2018
How should I begin this, declaring my regret?
Cursing all the times that I had wished we never met?
Or maybe I should just proclaim my anguish and my sorrow
That I had not forseen, that we would not quite make tomorrow

And I'm sorry for the fact that I decided I could show
The parts of me I stowed away, the seeds I've allowed to grow
The parts of me unknown to most because it claims to hold
The part of my subconscious which would like to be known

I hate it how I used you, when I didn't ******* mean to
And I hate the way I got excited to even slightly sense you
I hate the path we walk, and I hate the way we talk,
And most of all I hate myself for letting that go

I loathe the way I claim to be so happily open minded
But can't accept when I've truly ****** it
Can't accept when I've finally lost it

Hate the memories that you conjure over my face
Like the way that I act, is the bitterness that you taste

And the part that gets me most, is how I thought you could trust
But how can one bestow a faith to a monster, so ******
Im divided by the sight of my own face in the ******* mirror
I open my mouth and silently scream like I'm scared to ******* hear it

Scared of myself, so why the **** do I care?
That when I say I'm demonic, that you'd be ******* scared?
One plus one is two for you and two for me as well
So I guess I'm asking for a second chance, to be the better Hell

Everybody has potential, so don't connect the dots
I am not the one you knew before in all his tempest, lost
I am not someone you know, despite the weight I tow
The recognition of my pain, and I know you think you know

But you don't, because here I am not so long after
Proclaiming all was over like a town shred by disaster
Destruction may be caused, and distrust where I never was,
But even nature overgrows the bombs we throw, we fly, we let go

Even friendship overthrows the venom I caused...

I'm sorry... just let me try my hand
You don't need to trust me, coz I already understand
You got skeletons in a closet, and I'm a high pressure faucet,
And I'll be waiting right here because I know I can't force it...
I suppose there's not much more to say, other than I miss you and I wish that I had stayed, but it's up to you I guess... Am I solid or will I fade? I regret the **** I said, I didn't listen to what you said...
Aug 2018 · 1.8k
Pity Kiss
Viseract Aug 2018
Toxic paradise, the land of the plastic,
Where beauty is painted and smiles are elastic
A planet that's built on staying youthful,
While we lie and we stab, and we're far from truthful

How can we tell the next generation this?
We're all outcasts yet we cast out the misfits
It's a bit suspicious, a name on a bad list,
Naughty or nice, doesnt work, won't exist...

There's just a blank canvas, hanging on the mantle
Above a dusty fireplace, with the light of a candle
Hope is kindling, so spark our dying fire
And watch us all get high on the smoke of hope's pyre

I didn't ask for this,
I didn't want to turn to you
But I guess the time has come,
Step to the looking glass and see the truth

Oh, such bitterness...
Stemming from an old abyss
With withered lips,
I'll curse you with a pity kiss...

***** winds, along the shore,
Here marks dead, the lonely crows caw
I cannot seem to sleep,
With the messenger of Him, waiting to reap

I see, what you won't,
And I feel, what you don't.
You came here, searching for more,
But all you found was a chemical

Up it goes, so lonely now,
Everything is warped and you're slow to sound
Curse afflicted, curse is addictive,
And when the bad days come you know you're protected, oh...

I didn't ask for this,
I didn't want to turn to you
But I guess the time has come,
Step to the looking glass and see the truth

Oh, such bitterness...
Stemming from an old abyss
With withered lips,
I'll curse you with a pity kiss...

Rot is plenty, not yours to perceive
Falling victim to your greed
Painful, true, but it's not to you,
Just the cause of a fallen few

She comes swift now heed her gift,
Bottoms up when she gave you this
Whiskey on the rocks and you're gone again,
Slumped on the table like you lost a friend.

In a way, suppose you have
Now the whiskey is down and it's all so sad
Poor me, pour me one more
And I'll go stumbling out this door

I didn't ask for this,
I didn't want to turn to you
But I guess the time has come,
Step to the looking glass and see the truth

Oh, such bitterness...
Stemming from an old abyss
With withered lips,
I'll curse you with a pity kiss...

Curse me, hurt me,
Doesn't matter what you do
Curse me, hurt me
In a toxic world with a beauty feud
Artificial relief from the witches cauldron we boil in
Aug 2018 · 372
Viseract Aug 2018
It's like you see beyond the glimmer in my eyes
It's like you're able to look right through my faulty smile
It's like you see right past the parts of a different time
It's like you gaze into the depths and see two of a kind

It's like I seem to be to you as clear as the sky
Whenever you can't see a ******* cloud on the horizon, why?
You see the good intentions and you see the wicked ways
The water on the surface and the Devils own blaze!

I'm the master of my fate, I am not the beast in me!
I will not succumb, not be numb, to your ******* greed!
I will stay afloat, in the tides of misery!
I will make my way, and you will not **** me!

The jester we are one, the good and bad combined!
We live to entertain, but it's myself that I provide!
Laughing in despair, head lowered in pride
A contradictory conflict, and you see it in my eyes...

It's like you see beyond, the glimmer in my eyes
It's like you're able to look right through my faulty smile
It's like you see right past the mask behind which we will hide
It's like you gaze into the depths and see our dead divide...
Aug 2018 · 2.6k
Viseract Aug 2018
If I'd a dime for every rhyme
That popped inside my head
Wishing plague and misery
To **** what is already dead

Then perhaps some day, should I have my way
I'd bring silence to the lambs
**** it's bleating, end it's breathing
And let me rest amongst the ******

We cursed few do mock the blessed
We dance on your very grave
If only you saw perspective
You'd know there's none to save!

Time, time and time again
You promised to make change
And now my mind won't SHUT UP
It knows that I'm to blame!

I did this, I did that
I know what wicked ends
Have forged the stage of sorrows
That gave you all there was left

With piggy eyes and snuffling pride
Your wretched filth, and life
Have tempted fate, as of late
Now scream, pig, and die...
Jul 2018 · 472
Hounding Love
Viseract Jul 2018
A lover's kiss, such tender lips,
Run chills along my spine
So warmhearted, never be parted,
My soul, far from divine

She loves me so, I look to her
The tigress with purr content
This battle scarred, jaw marked
Wolf returns what's sent

Jul 2018 · 387
Viseract Jul 2018
Your lips against mine
Our bodies entwined
The bed in which we lie
The warmth we provide

All of which described
Are amongst my favourite kind
Jul 2018 · 347
Walk to Tranquility
Viseract Jul 2018
If you could take a walk in my shoes, you'd be weak at the knees
The weight that I've been pulling, I make it seem so free
There is nothing easy about what it seems to be
Deception is invisible in the wake that I leave

I could walk across the ocean and have you thinking I'm Jesus
But I'm just moving past the obstacles, I'm no defeatist
I have tried to heal the hurt but I can't cure the cancer
The one that follows the questions that I'm leaving unanswered

I'm not a saviour to some, I'm the hand on the gun
A threat to contest with just because I'm not dumb
I'm a hero to few, they see what I've done
And know that I'm not the type to just, hit up and run

I didn't need a teacher in my ear, to have me learning that life
Is like a vegetable on chopping boards, facing the knife
I could stand here, and tell you that my wife
Is the girl in my arms who I'll be texting tonight

But you don't wanna see the  happiness, it's not entertainment
You would rather crave the drama coz it speaks in your language
This generation generates the rope tied, and left hanging
With the tweets of aggression filling the broken, with anguish

Peace is just another word, a part of an old puzzle
The dictionary of today only knows trouble
We wield the words as weapons like its just the common puddle
We hate what it reflects so we project it, really not subtle

I would hate to see the fall end, with a set of broken legs
I prefer the cheering, not the fights after kegs
When we used to get along, make difference our friend
And laugh about the good times, the bad we protect

Each and every encounter is a lesson to take
Knowing that our ignorance is a choice, not fate
Learn to live, to love each other, see past the build
Its only personality to which we should fill

Experience the wonders, don't forget the close calls
Memorise all the times spent in free fall
Lay the net down before you make the leap
And keep in mind that tomorrow is just hide-and-go-seek

Find a future in a bottle full of broken dreams
Find peace in a religion that you choose to believe
Stitch the folds of fabric and follow the seams
And open up the path to the purity that keeps you clean
Jul 2018 · 359
Prophecy: The Shade
Viseract Jul 2018
She offered much, so humbly gave
With which we forged our futile ways
Utility wielded by a sightless maid
Servant to her, claimed by the Shade


More than just a state of mind
Shared like a plague to cross divides
Not just fate, this snake it hides
Our bliss is cover, shield your eyes

Listen, persist this sixth sense
Ignore what's causing all this mess
Solemn sorrows, bowed heads
Don't you know it'll strike you next?

Don't trust shadow, don't trust stars
They light your gaze like a flare from afar
Reflections, yes it's on it's guard
Maze of mirrors, exits barred

She's been disturbed, our Nature's gift
We took with greed and narrowed slits
Hunger tamed makes beings game
Yet edge is lost when support goes lame

Took from once, stolen twice
Beat her down then bid goodbye
Now she's risen, strong again
But against the man she called her friend

First comes trouble, then comes anarchy
The rumbling grounds, still they'll never be
Then with orbs you'll consume such energy
Punished by plague, blessed be deadly
With such recklessness, Fate is nearly sealed. Mother Nature will only tolerate so much of the dog that bites the Mistress's hand
Jun 2018 · 632
Confess the 455th
Viseract Jun 2018

I hold myself as I am, not to any religion
My belief lies with what I see but here's some admittance
I've got a lot on my mind, so to clear it I confess
That you may not like what I'm about to say next

If deviance in sexuality is considered a sin,
I guess Hell is my home and when I die I'm going back again
And that's so hard to say, but should it be?
I've been hiding in a closet for years but, now you see

Here goes, in year 9 I liked guys
Yet at the same moment I liked girls I was like,
What does it mean? I searched it in Google
Bisexuality, yeah that feels truthful

I hid it from the world, even hated myself
Got hyper defensive whenever anybody else
Suggested as a joke or otherwise
That perhaps I was gay, and had a thing for guys

I just hope that you can accept
What I have become, the secrets that I kept
Denied for a while, under the rug it was swept
But so hard to ignore when that rug was where I slept

I know old ways tend to die hard
But religion is not a reason to deny my heart
It's not a disease, nor is it an illness
There's nothing wrong with me electricity won't fix this

This is not a problem, so please don't make it one
I wanna feel accepted with my face to the Sun
The face of the earth is changing once more
You should just let love in, don't hide behind closed doors

Yeah, for love has an agenda
To make you feel welcomed, not be the pretender
It's knows no limits but your imagination
It's what takes it places, it's your heart that races

When I say love knows no boundaries
I mean gender, not for the predators surrounding
It's not okay to touch kids because you scar em for life
And that's not alright so you should do life as time

But less of the dark side and more of the light
Hopefully, you can catch this positive vibe
Love is individual, love who you are
And don't become the roadkill where judgement is a car

So judge me, or learn to love me
It's hard to live this lie when the world is asleep
And you can't stay trapped inside such a dream
So you gotta wake em up and let yourself be seen

I'm doing this my way, the only way I know how
Even as I write this, I'm having my doubts
Condemnation for a heart that I couldn't control
Suppressed by a phobias icy hold

So I guess this is me, coming out
It's been four years and I've been hiding in doubt
My friends and my family, when you read this
Know how much strength it took to even conceive it
Don't try to tell me I'm wrong, or persuade me that this isn't me. I've thought of this for almost four years
Jun 2018 · 299
Two to Tango
Viseract Jun 2018
Two sides of the same card
Ones an ace, the other is a 3 o' hearts
And maybe they aren't off to a great start
But you know if it'll help you then imma take part

Yeah, see this the price of life
It'll put you through the light to see the dark of night
And it'll mix you so much there won't be pain in the fight
But it's the pain alright, you can feel it when you stand by

And do nothing, so you're moved to do something
Step into the ring, gear up for the punching
Knuckle up coz it's time to set right
All the times passed by when you shoulda said goodbye

Yeah, you can feel the truth
They don't know an old soul all they see is youth
Blinded by bliss for it comes from ignorance
They may not commit the crime but they're far from innocent

So now it's back to you
Pick a side or take flight, whatcha gunna do?
You can't stand still dude you gotta move
On repeat in my head, there's a dream to pursue

You may think it delusional but we think it's right
The possibility of being better, up in the sky
We may not make it, that's a risk we wanna take
Two sides of the same card, following the same fate

Maybe two ideas with one mistake
Maybe two ideas will know too late
But they told me to find my passion
And if it's music with me then we will make it happen

Yeah, it may be ill-advised
But once we gain our feet it'll be alright
Don't feel so hopeless, look at the time and it's mine
My hour has arrived and it's time to climb

Here's our plan:
Financial stability with my girl in my hands
Settle in right and cross our fingers
We'll be making music while the dream still lingers

Feel the beat of the drum like the beat in my chest
A rhythm so pure like scent from an incense
It'll clear my mind and my eyes
May be half closed against the visions so bright

But I'm feeling okay, like today we could make it
Where once there wasn't faith, I'm no longer the faithless
The future is ours and what it takes to shape this
Two to tango, yeah this world, we will change it

****** if we don't, done if they won't
**** what they say, when they pray it's not hope
Bless us with curses, pursed lips at verses
Rehearse for the hearse bearing a coffin full of closed curtains

Yeah, now can you see what we see?
Don't need a church, we can preach for free
Perspective is subjective, the truth is on our checklist
And we won't let this, objective, lose attention

Yeah, it's all about your heart
Follow it for love and where you wanna start
Love ain't cheap, and it's not about the mind
It's about who's in your sight y'know love ain't blind

So live and let love
Be the guidance like the weather for the dove
Yeah, and pursue your dreams
Or you'll leave it too late and end up like me

Find the one that's right for you
It's not limited and that's the truth
This world is a lot, and there's much to ask
It takes two to tango, and life is a dance
Love doesn't know boundaries. Who are you to suppress what another feels?
Jun 2018 · 876
Viseract Jun 2018
I don't know if you can see,
What I have become
For so long and so far,
Has been the distance that I run

Yet no matter how hard I try
To stand against the cold
It freezes me straight to the core
And so I stand alone

I found you, I fell for you
I guess it's meant to be
The strength of my true self
And the other turned its cheek

Surrounded by the bitterness
I fought for what I love
But now this Hell bares witness
To see it's not enough...

Oh how I love to love you so,
To touch your pretty face
The moment I laid eyes on you
My anguish was erased

But when you're far from my reach
My arms are filled with lead
A poison spreading through my mind
A fate to strike me dead

I saw you as my everything,
Isolation was my foe
So hard it seemed at times to me
To let that poison go

I knew it wasn't possible
I said it so myself
But you have always loved me like
Nobody else

The mirror shows the sticks and stones
That broke my very heart
It's held together by my faith
A faith that hates to last

So I push it further and further still
I want to stay by you
But the voices whisper in my ear

Oh how I love to love you so,
To touch your pretty face
The moment I laid eyes on you
My anguish was erased

But when you're far from my reach
My arms are filled with lead
A poison spreading through my mind
A fate to strike me dead

It's hard to live with myself
Knowing only I care
The second one never begun
He hates the way I stare

You're so god-**** beautiful
It really makes me think
Some stories are repeats
Here's Beauty, here's the Beast!

No matter what he says to me
I'll always love you, you know
That's why I'll never say goodbye
I'll hold out for hope

Oh how I love to love you so,
To touch your pretty face
The moment I laid eyes on you
My anguish was erased

But when you're far from my reach
My arms are filled with lead
A poison spreading through my mind
A fate to strike me dead

This poison taking over me,
I figured out its name...
The poison is Obsession
And it will take me to the grave...

The poison is Obsession
And won't miss my dying day...
May 2018 · 404
Warmth of the Devil's Hand
Viseract May 2018
The warmth, of the devil's hand,
It turns cold, in the dead of night
And my soul, may never rest
We may breathe, but we're not alive

Yeah, she came to me, we met peacefully
Under trees by the river with those summer leaves
With my way with words, and hers with capturing
We would talk a fair bit, while the wind would sing

Yeah, but a storm was coming
Foreshadowing events that hadn't even started running
The funny part was I basked in it
While many cowered in fear, it was my element, yeah

I thought it so tragic
That something like that would happen
That one day would be passing
And at the end I wasnt laughing

It's not normal for me,
This ain't usually,
The way it all would end

My problem is,
I stick around to fix,
What was born of the devil's hand

The warmth, of the devil's hand,
It turns cold, in the dead of night
And my soul, may never rest
We may breathe, but we're not alive

I guess it's one example in a field of many
My mind may be broke but this pain grows plenty
In plains of flowers, their weight is so heavy
You let one affect you and everything is unsteady, yeah

The situation ain't contained
Don't let it break you let it make you
I wish I could start again,
But your wishes are dead to the devil yeah

And that's just fact, you shouldn't pray
You should do your part to try and make it change
To show your true value, take it in your hands
And show the world that you can out-maneuver such plans

You should always be in control of what you do,
Don't let the situations capture you
If you get put in one, just think it through
And out from the chaos you'll be born anew

The warmth, of the devil's hand,
It turns cold, in the dead of night
And my soul, may never rest
We may breathe, but we're not alive

And I, may never sleep,
Til peace is mine, til what's sown I reap

And you, can make it through
Just stay focused, nothing is hopeless...
May 2018 · 418
First Crossed Off
Viseract May 2018
We all have our regrets, and some things we can't forget,
But we throw the dice and pay the price of whatever happens next
Kinda like my first date, it was okay, to start with
I only wanted company, not "til death do us part" and it

Started slow, no real flow, until about a month
We would hang around each other and our hearts began to pump
Things were finally going somewhere, my hopes were looking up
To the point where every second missed would become too much

So yes I learned to love, and it burned a fire strong
We both called it "experiment" so we knew it all along
What started off slow and steady, would gain momentum
And at merely nine months in, would finally crash and burn

For a first shot, it went as smooth as it could get
But it would not be a sob story if I didn't have regrets
I never clarified with you the truth I only stuttered
Something about a burden, how it hurt, and I was flustered

So here's the nail in the coffin of what we became
I was there for you, to support you through, from start until the end
But at a five month milestone, I noticed your depression
It took a toll on you, but I was no exception

I've always been a loner with my problems in the corner
So when you stacked yours on top of mine, I thought "this is getting awkward"
"I got a lot of mine, and I tell her that I'm fine,
But now she wants to try some drugs, I think that's across the line"

At only aged fifteen, you told me your desire
To smoke away the night and day and drink fuel for the fire
I was really kinda stressed, always up late at night
I didn't wanna leave you but it seemed it was my pride

Telling me I could fix you, saying that I'm okay
But no man is an island, I could not find a way to stay
Never been religious, but to this very day
You cross my mind from time to time and I pray that you are safe

You see sometimes when I remember you I hate what we were
Because all I can reflect on is the pain and the hurt
Most of that came from afterwards, I set my anger on you
Because I felt I had been played, used and abused by

The rumours going round the school of myself and a "friend"
With benefits and that's the truth, apparently we had ***
Not the case, it's not okay, only two people knew
The reason I was so ****** was because I was convinced it was you

But I gotta say, well played, you got your boyfriend to call me
Moving on in just a few weeks, got him to confirm your story
Why could you not just say it? It made you seem so guilty
And all it ever did, was raise the hatred in me

Funny enough, after all that, you were the best ex
The other two, between me and you? Were really ill-met
The second would accuse me of pictures I never had
I even checked my galleries to be sure, ain't that sad?

She was insecure to a T and really couldn't trust me
I was being honest, she pursued it and then it hit me
"If this is the way it goes, then this never had hope"
She told me of her interest but after two months, she choked

Saying I never "got her" now that's not quite right
I merely had a higher understanding, and a sight
You see she was blind, could not leave her worries behind
And brought them to a relationship that was only doomed to die

And the third? Aha, I got with that friend
For all of eight days, what a shame, it was already dead
I never had that feeling for her, and when she came around,
My sister barely saw her, but hated the way she sounds

Its not that she's just bad, she's poorly directed
Quick to anger, gullible, your flaws made you defective
I remember back in year eight, you trusted your enemy
Over me, he said I called you fat, I never did, DONT QUESTION ME

I was loyal always, and that is how it started
Pretty much as soon as it began it had slanted
You said I never considered your feelings, and I suppose that's true
After all, I never thought to myself, "I'm in love with you"

You obsessed over me for FIVE YEARS, you see what turned me off?
Always wanting to hug me, when I just wanted you to get lost?
You can't respect my privacy, if I tell you something I tell YOU
Not for everyone around to hear about my TRUTHS

Lets not forget the fact that you're really quite petty
Remember our last texts, just last year, that you sent me?
I was in class, on my brothers anniversary
Ten years to that day, I wanted to mourn in peace

But I had maths to attend, I sat up the front
Then you texted me, asking if it was my best friend I'd ******
Still following a joke I made three months prior
I told you to let it go but you would not be quiet

So I let you in, on the joke, you would not believe
So I was telling you about how you should just leave me be
You went on to throw shade, calling me an *******
***** please, you know what this day MEANS TO ME, SO WHO'S THE *******?

That's what made me laugh, you thought you left me
Despite me making first moves, and so regretfully
I announce to my first ex, my failures thereafter
But now I've finally found peace, after all this disaster...

So I hope you're okay, and doing good in life
Hope you got the help you needed, to put down that knife
I hope you're healing up just fine, with eyes on the prize
Chase success, do your best, and for now I say goodbye...
Usually I hate the my ex girlfriends fully, but my first? It bothered me for so long, I never clarified anything, so here's my therapy. I'm finally letting go

This is the beat I will be rapping it over:
Apr 2018 · 409
Nobody Gets Me
Viseract Apr 2018
I know nobody cares, but here I go again
Its hard to talk to strangers about how I lost my friends
I can't even list them by name, I always have a counter for it...
Well I guess here's the story

I'm crazy, obsessed and **** socially
It's a little bit funny how it works mentally
In a normal conversation, I can't really hold one
Irrelevant, but online I have all the words to complain some

They all left, we had nothing in common
I guess it's hard to relate to someone so different, or something
If they didn't leave, I just pushed them away
What ***** more is I don't know how to reconnect so I stay this way

And hating the silence that creeps up my bedroom walls
Hating this house for not being home
Hating myself for hating myself more,

Confused yet? Want an encore?
This is less convenient then the so called stores
If pain was prostitution well then I'm a *****
What the **** am I saying, I don't know anymore

How about I just straighten it out
It's a recycled emotion that will never get out
It lead from experience and fuelled my doubt

It's all pain, no gain, always
Goes on for days and days
To the point where my mind is shrouded with haze
And I can't seem to get a grip, have I gone insane?

All I can see is a reject with  
A hatred in my chest, expelled with every breath
In the silence hides the violence and all I know is that it won't ever rest
Has no bounds, more peak then Everest

Stand in it's way, and you get what you get
Do I need to spill it, figured it out yet?
I've held it all so long that I'm drowning in it
Been sinning so long they be crowning me for it

You would think, this would mean I get help
But my lungs are flooded so I couldn't ever tell
I spew bubbles in this **** when I try to yell
I try playing Go Fish with only one card dealt

And you call that a hand?
I said nobody gets me, you don't understand
I know I'm going from boy to a man
But my mentality stays rooted, refusing to move and,

Saw a psych for two years
Helped me cope with a few of my fears
Even back then I could hold back the tears
More backstreet then the boys back in early years

I just sit on the side of my bed,
Head in my hands,
Screaming words that you won't hear

Feeling like the only truth I hear nowadays,
Is how I feel,
And that's made crystal clear

If there's one thing I know, and know all too well,
It's being caught in my own thoughts
Lost to all the pain that I fought
Descended from the heavens just to fall into Hell

And that's that
Nobody can get me so mad on a track
I feel like a wolf taking head of the pack
Nobody is the reason why I decided to rap

Coz that's all that I have
That's where it all comes back
That's where I launch my attack
Y'all talk of happiness, and I'm like
What's that?

I feel a little spark of it sometimes
Its unusual feeling, to smile
It makes my mouth twinge at a good time
Because I do it too much when I never did it enough

But nobody gets me
Nobody protects me
There's only one who lets me
Be me, and therefore set me free but

I still have my flaws
My words and my mind laid out on a floor
So take that stage if you really want more
Try to get it when I say nobody gets me at all
Apr 2018 · 321
That's Not Who I Am
Viseract Apr 2018
I try, so hard, sometimes
To **** it off but they just multiply
Drilling right through me, my heart, a divide
Pumping black blood, oil fuelling my rage and I

Can't seem to get over it
I hold grudges like they worth more than spit
Nobody ever told me to quit
But the implications speak of decisions split

Some days I wake up and I'm just fine
Breathe in the air don't want to die
The very next day I don't wanna try
He tells me it's true but that ****'s a lie!

I know what I hold
And he just refuses to let go
He opens his mouth and I shut up again
I'll listen but that's just not who I am

That's not who I am
That's not who I am
That man in the mirror,  man in the mirror?
That's not who I am

Sometimes, I look up at the sky
See the clouds roll so free, so high
While I pay fees just to not lose my mind
Just to stay alive, sanity is the price

I feel like this world could just eat me alive
I feel like this world is too slick and sly
I feel like I could punch right through it all
Fake as ****, reality is just a wall!

A barricade, thrown up in haste
That's okay, well **** well played
I remember the voices just asking to stay
Like ******* Jigsaw "Let's play a game!"

How long til he gets mad
How long til he gets sad
How long can he stay quitely violent trying not to cause a riot lose himself so mindless!

That's why I have her
She helps heal my hurt, brush off the dirt
Raise me up and say it's all okay
A brand new day, let's clean that slate

And I know, if I hold her close
The world might just be a bit less cold
Gray and colourless, just brain dead
Zombified in the eyes just blank like the rest

My mood switches, I need stitches
Coz this is, a split lip, for the *******
This what you get for selling my soul
Without consent, now ******* all!

The pain that I fought, the courage I bought,
All to be told that I'm out of gold
What remained unknown was just who was at fault
I asked for forgiveness but I slammed the door


But that's life
I ask for the path it turns off the light
Knife on my lips and a silent hiss
"Here take this now add your wrist!"

That's not who I am
That's not who I am
That man in the mirror, man in the mirror?
That's not who I am

It forces my hand I stay poker faced
Wore hoodies in the summer just to have my tracks erased
Never said ****, never mentioned it,
Til I got spotted and I just had to slit!

A rose red drop of shimmering liquid
From a lake to a stream, so of course I was addicted
It is so beautiful, something so vital
Is the deciding factor between live or die uh!

And that's that
You might hear my words and think "he's mad"
"That's so sad, so sick and twisted
How the **** is the pain addictive!"

Masochism, I know right? *****
A bit too dark now you you question "who is he?"
Like the ******* ever knew, that's cute
More than just a branch, I'm a tree and its roots!

I've hid so much, so far down
Oftentimes attempted being class clown
A painted smile above my frown
Yet when you turn your head in this world I drown!

Yet worse still is when I feel nothing
So I have to cut just so I can feel something
I grit my teeth, jaw locked and crunching
I'm lunch for the pain CANT YOU HEAR IT MUNCHING?

That's not who I am
That's not who I am
That man in the mirror, man in the mirror, man in the mirror that man in the mirror
Man in the mirror that man in the mirror
******* I hate that man in the mirror
Guess who hates you and does not rate you?
I hate you,
Because that's not who I am!
Apr 2018 · 326
You Are Lovely (Lubbly)
Viseract Apr 2018
I don't wanna sleep here, feeling cold
Somewhere beneath my skin where I still hold
The frozen depths prevents, our burning souls
From lying here, in our arms, in a place we call our home

I wanna dream, and keep you so
Listen to you breathe, hold you close
When knuckles turn white but I won't let go
She's my heart, my star, my life, my one true hope...

Let me, keep you near
When bad dreams come, well then my dear,
I'll be the one to, **** that fear
Stroke your hair and, wipe your tears

When the sun climbs high, in bed we lay
See the sunshine fall upon your face
With sleepy smile, you'll see mine too,
And I'll be, happy and content....

To wake up next to, you...
Yes you are
Apr 2018 · 425
Viseract Apr 2018
The saying goes, of sticks and stones
Only words could never hurt
Yet hungrily, infested me,
Rooted deep within my earth

Lies the pain of loss, not gain
But only discovered power
That found within a demonic grin
Would surely, destroy, devour

Consumed within the origin
Of bounds beheld by greed
At abyssal depths of consciousness
Sprouts insanity from seed

To view the bliss of ignorance
Another soul be claimed
In fire and burning brimstone
Begs the question of "what is sane?"

Perspective held and all is lost
For who knows right from wrong?
You never see, such sprouted seed,
Until you've found where it belongs
Apr 2018 · 612
Viseract Apr 2018
I got another problem, another chance to solve em
But I'd rather lay under the sky and let my mind dissolve and
Sink into the ground, feel the breath leave my chest
In puffy dragon smoke that trails off into the sunset...

Yeah its a little cold, so what
I can run away into my mind and happily be lost
The spiralling air, that greys out with the frost
Can keep me fixated, dilated pupils gloss

With the wind in my hair as I lay without a care
See the clouds in the skies, only go where eagles dare
But I see myself riding one, a cotton ball so light
I'm feeling so relaxed that if I imagine it  just might

Happen and I'm feeling good, feeling pretty fly
I could drift across the air without even having to try
My clothes become the parachute to stop my every fall
Pick myself up, dust off, answer the call

Life picks me up like a wave deep into space
Drifting with the asteroids, spinning like a dinner plate
Caught inside, warm and cosy like a microwave
Open up the door, and I'm as baked as a cake

Grab a slice, I know I'm nice, don't bite me hard be gentle
Tasty just erase me sliding down, I'm feeling mental
Dancing to the sound, the humming through the ground
That makes me see my ears hum, drumming feeling loud

Yet quiet as a butterfly, a fragile autumn leaf
Falling on a windy May, from the branch its been set free
Peaceful like "what's evil", is it live re-arranged?
Watching every play from the back row, but standing centre stage

Every film and every cut where the recording isn't right,
But they keep on anyway to a deadline without a time
Set, and so upset and so depressed i see the fall
Before they get the chance to bow, it's become a curtain call

It's a shame to see such pain when the peace is but a leaf
Independence like the ones that fall, floating down a creek
In the eye of the beholder is the beauty first viewed
Tell me; for good or worse, that's all up to you

Everything that you pursue, do it for the better
And when you are successful be sure to capture every letter
And never let go, always hold the memory close
As though it is the cure to pain you could never do before
also on youtube, done over a song called The Journey. no I didn't steal it, credit was given
Apr 2018 · 419
Viseract Apr 2018
My girlfriend, she's getting back into boarding.
And out of boredom, i wanna restart smoking
Cigarettes on my mind,
All the time,
whenever i feel like giving up, my friends asking if im fine and im like...

rhymes aha

Because to her, its seen a crime,
Despite the fact that its what got her hooked on my line....
Projecting a bad boy image, kinda funny innit,
How i sit here spilling words and she off on her wheels like.                                                                                                                                                      

****, i wish i did some **** just like that,
Instead i do boxing; beat myself up bad            

Sitting alone, thinking to myself "where's home?"
Because if i was there, surely I'd feel a little welcome but no...

I dont feel hope...just cold
Instead of being positive i want my brain to choke

Huh, pretty funny isnt it?
Seeing a psych for two years and here I am, like it didnt do ****

You would think that it might, think I'd be alright but                                                                                
I sit here killing myself while y'all say my bars are tight but

Life aint great, never has nor will be.....
When you going up you get cut down, you feel me?

It may be hard to see, through all this fog,
But its made from cigarettes yknow the urge aint quite gone huh

I'm still bringing that back...
Thought i was gunna say something wise, but hell, cut me some slack

Its hard to just speak like, straight from the brain,
When half of you is already smoking, the other goin insane

The circuitry that is me, its not been wired right,
So when you might see just shadows, my day is seen as night

Its probably the rising stress, the anger and the pain
But I'd quite like to smoke a bit, and see those embers again
Been a while but I'm fighting it
Apr 2018 · 692
Sell my Soul
Viseract Apr 2018
I love you, immensely,
Intensely, you set free,
The best of luck, to lust and ****,
Nobody tries contesting

Everything that you see, I don't, can't believe
Let me see the best of me
Perhaps then I won't seem

Im loyal, and trusting
Guidance is everything
For you I'd give anything
My heart my soul for a diamond ring!

For you are worth more than the stars
That twinkle in the broken glass
The shadows the voices the blood and the pain
I'd suffer it all for you to smile again...
To my dearest, with love...**
Mar 2018 · 391
Viseract Mar 2018
Death befalls those ****** to wither
And as we are all flowers lacking that life inducing water
****** to death are we all
Mar 2018 · 406
Viseract Mar 2018
They said I couldn't make it, said I was worthless
Said I'd be nothing, and left me hurting
But as I rise up to the call
I know who I am, and I won't fall

I'm a glacier, in the middle of winter
I'm a saviour, or so it's been hinted
And though I am cursed and covered in dirt
I rise, unbreakable, with passion that burns
Feb 2018 · 262
Living a Lie
Viseract Feb 2018
They don't know me and they say they care,
How can you care when there's nothing there?
You may like me that's not enough,
You throw it to me but I don't trust

You say you support me, then why don't I feel it?
Face it man, the truth has you reeling
Say that you're there and then turn your back
When I bare the brunt while you cut your slack!

******* hell, there's one example
In this laboratory, here's the samples
Little bit of hate and a quarter of misery
Mix that **** and put it against greed

I'm not yours so you try and take me
Divide and conquer, not so you see
I'd face the world if all you wanted was death
You can pin that **** up on my chest

I'll die on my terms, **** your game
If you wanna die then just stay the same
You ***** and you moan how nothing will change

Call me depressed and call me ******
You're only checking two off of that list?
Try psychotic, try neurotic,
For ***** and gigs maybe tick ******

They're zooming around like planes in my head
Every time you speak everything drops dead
You set up a lie just to live it through
You start on drugs for something to do

I can't help, try helping yourself
Because you're not dead, just killing everything else
I had such hope and where'd it go?
Maybe up in smoke, maybe up your nose?

You're not stupid stop acting
You ain't no robot you've got feeling
I'm walking dead but I'm still bleeding
Walking dead and my heart's still beating

If I'm going down, I'll do it alone
Not when in surrounded by love that's grown
I'm falling down but she's still catching me
Just to pick me up and dust my knees

Maybe I'll get better I don't know
Everything in my head makes life seem low
Our difference is I know how I'll die
And it won't be because I let **** lie!
I thought we were pals, Kaleb. You don't even try anymore, after all I did for you.
Feb 2018 · 490
Viseract Feb 2018
I see these demons with my eyes,
Hear the demons in my mind
And I'm left wondering if true comfort
Could ever leave the skies

The only angels I ever knew,
Existed in my world
Fated to dance with a devils hand,
Tumble, twist, spin and twirl

There is one that's rescued me,
From my path she set me free
And it would be a crime to commit
The acceptance of defeat

The chains of her love,
Fit around me like a hug
When she hasn't seen me in a while,
I'm the crow and she's the dove

Two opposites who seem the same
Species at least with neither tamed
Unless we're in each others arms
Such memories are pictures framed

Her love is strong where I am not,
I'm beaten down, blind and lost
The only light that guides me fair
Hell or heaven, fire or frost

It hurts to know that I'm infected
Malicious mind, I keep rejected
While virus-like it spreads in me
She's safe right here, she's now protected

Heart may stumble, words may fumble
The world could crash and burn and crumble
But as long as my love lives by my failing heart
For her, I'd forever tumble
I love you Beth. It's a pity I can never love myself the way you love me....
Feb 2018 · 470
A Beautiful Post-Valentine
Viseract Feb 2018
It's as though a lightning bolt has struck me in the heart
The electricity I feel with you might just tear me apart
And it's like a poison headed straight for my mind
Because all I see is beauty, when I stare with love-struck eyes

It's been just over five months now, but it feels like it's been longer
I can feel it when I'm with you, you're what makes me stronger
The passion in my soul, it won't ever go away
So here's to an "I love you", and Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Post Valentine's Day, beautiful girl x
Feb 2018 · 418
Fury Fever
Viseract Feb 2018
A sickness is inside of me, a plague of crows
That caw on humid winds and I know they don't
Want what's best, so they take it all away
Leaving me a husk, this man I am today

It burns in my chest, it scorches my thoughts
Eats my sanity up, and you bet I fought
Maybe I'm not buried but I'm happily dead
Just seeing another dawn, fills me with dread

One slight move, and I've grown cold
The warmth you feel is it's feverish hold
Things may be going well, but I'm not one
I stare into the mirror and hate what I've become

I look alright, but that's a disguise
I know the monster hidden inside
Give me the means and I will show you the end
You like what you see, but it's all pretend...
I'm no more man then a wolf...
Feb 2018 · 493
Cracked Masks
Viseract Feb 2018
Here I stand, this broken man
Love the strength for a weakened hand
I can't quite pick where this began
But I was chased and so I ran

To retrace my steps and try to protect
Will certify that I am next
I think too much and can't forget
It haunts me so, such old regret

Looking young unlike the wars I've been through
All was done to corrode my youth
I never went out, nor lived a life
I look alive but its been years since I died

So if you asked me straight, I'd say I'm fine
Look beyond my mask to observe that lie....
Feb 2018 · 318
Duality Defined
Viseract Feb 2018
Its hard to shake the shroud that surrounds
When the hackles are raised and all I hear are the hounds
They lie with teeth bared, killers amongst the fray
At this rate I couldn't make another day

A glimmer of hope, that catches my throat
Untying the knot and removing the rope
Tied instead by the waist, forever bound to her soul
No matter where I go, I could never let go

Duality defined, the fight of heart and mind
To stay and to love or to commit suicide
To continue on this life with a lust for the knife
Or to give in to the darkness and just bid goodbye

So she pitches me a concept, one I'd never met
For me to step off into the gutter she'd be swept
The thought makes me cry as I gaze into those eyes
How I'd kiss her goodnight and bid my soul to the skies

I know I'd never make it, but that's okay
Heaven, Hell, it's really all the same
A collective ranked as either sane or insane
Either way, when I'm dead I'm just a property reclaimed

So let's play a game, a life of risk
To pick your poison, and then lick your lips
Embrace the toxin and watch it all rot
Because once I'm dead, I will be forgot...
Feb 2018 · 462
Killing Crows
Viseract Feb 2018
There are the whispers that call the crows and these crows are numbered three. They are named Gullibility, Doubt and Misery

If ever a time you lose your strength or become lost amongst the pain, then these three crows will ensure you never find your way

Gullibility you see, with eyes as black as mud, has razor claws always red for he always draws first blood

Doubt is quite plain but with ruffled feathers greyed. Not so much the specialist, but is best amongst the plague

And finally swoops Misery, bloodied beak on black. The final move in a worn out soul, Death's merciful attack
probably my best work. ever.
Feb 2018 · 376
Unholy Cross
Viseract Feb 2018
an acid, a poison, corroding my thoughts
crossroads that run four different corridors
at the end of each, a padlocked door
not much to see but here, have a tour

one leads to Guilt, it opens a lot
and from deep inside lies a scent of rot
imagine sunken eyes, decay-riddled flesh
crusted tears caught in the folds of saddened death

the second leads to Rage, hear the beast in the cage
a vicious monster kept, a lion untamed
the red claw marks along the walls and the blood that dried
I've lost myself so many times you could say that I died

to your six opens Doubt, a hollow void indeed
you can feel the pulsing dark, lustful or greed
its desire is destroy, to run down into the ground
and claim my soul its only goal, gone without a sound

the fourth is most vicious, a chasm called Depression
all your thoughts and feelings, kept under suppression
for to voice all the voices telling you that you should die
is the means to take away the chance that you may try...

and in the centre stands me, isolated by this pain
the likes of which to share would be of zero gain
a problem told is a problem halved but this one can't be cut
I know things that can, but the unsolved is worth much

and I keep what's mine....
Feb 2018 · 694
Curiosity and Pain
Viseract Feb 2018
Time to start talking about all the dirt
Yknow, the kind of words that can rack up the hurt
The fading heartbeats and the anxious hands as well huh
I'm half the reason y'all be goin' to Hell

You left me out, let me down, and kicked me right in the ribs
Tellin' everybody that it's all just for gigs
Havin' a laugh while i suffer, and so i suffered so
All the light in my eyes gone, showing no hope

Til i met this one girl, as i was parting my ways
Her beauty and her caring kinda left me amazed
Here was a girl that I love and will always hold onto
A keeper, no cheater, I'll love her coz i want to

Can't help but think about her night and day
She's the reason why I'm always up so late
And if anybody dare to try and take her away
You won't see the Sun again, no matter how you pray

But although she's a happy light in my life
She's not the reason all you ***** got me thinking suicide
Not because I'm scared, nor because I'm weak
But because you're all ****** and I'm not allowed to be me

So you see, I'm quite caught up in all the drama
Can't trust my father, can't tell my mama
Speaking to my family is worse than my friends
And some of you friends have a blade in your hands

Ready to stab me in the back if i talk
So while I'm saying these words, I'm also walking the walk
Only three know, and those i keep close
The rest of you would **** me if you ever got to know

And its this pain and this struggle, this secret that i keep
It's like my stomach is a demon and this acid likes to eat
Working at my guts, my heart and my mind
Making me convinced that this world should just die

Let the ground be the kindling and let me be the lighter
An evasive arsonist who is kept from reaching higher
So the only thing going up is everyone in smoke
Hope you're ******* happy now, stand up and ******* gloat

Another one down with some metal for a crown
A headcase for a waste of space always locked into a frown
So I'll keep sitting here and telling you that everything is ****
If you don't like the truth well you can ******* deal with it
swearing, swearing, cuss-words are fun. stuff the censorship, these notes are dumb
Dec 2017 · 419
Ditch It
Viseract Dec 2017
Ahhhh, *******! Just can't leave me be
I decided to leave, you decided not peacefully
Can't you see? I do not want you in my life
The very fact you're trying is inspiration to write

And I'm sick of sticking fists up for another one-sided fight
I'm sick of biting my tongue to prevent my darker side
The amount of times I've wanted to shred you in more than just rhymes
Is roughly the amount of times I've wanted to push you from the skies!

Seriously, if you haven't before, now listen to me
Try as you might, **** that you start, providing pleas
It's typical feminine drama and I'm sick of this crap
My mind is in overdrive trying not to laugh

It's pathetic, you're pathetic, it's all done
**** me once, you ****** me twice it's done
Now I'm sorry, gotta go, gotta run
Call me what you want, you are what you eat, its fun
Ditch it woman, I don't need your **** strife
Nov 2017 · 262
Viseract Nov 2017
If life is a ***** then death is my lover
I kiss one hello and farewell the other

Embrace the darker spaces that lie within my heart
And reject the obligations that are bound to never last

Why can't you just leave me in peace, just leave me be
I'll exit one nightmare and enter a dream through sleep
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