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Maaz Jan 30
Upon the tree of eternity a man laid his gaze,
A sight that caused his thoughts to haze.
The words of the devil he could not trust,
yet gazing at this tree his heart filled with ****.
He stepped forward and took from the damnable tree,
A mistake, he soon realised, to doom him eternally.

Alas, the forbidden fruit had been consumed,
the dissolute nature of man finally exhumed.
As the consequences began to loom overhead,
"Oh, forgive me for my sin", he said,
"I have taken a bite from the forbidden fruit,
yet still I wish to confute,
The idea that I am inherently bad,
For I cannot bear to lose all that I've had"

To go from a world so green and lush
to one where the ground was covered with dust,
was the price this credulous man had to pay,
banished to earth,
to live out the rest of his days.
Our story of origin
October Dec 2018
I had a different name
It was "Undiscovered"
Now this name, no longer my cover
There's a darker truth as to why it's updated to "October"
Tears of joy, tears of sadness
They all share this amber month of blackness
A deep history of sight
The pain and origin of why I write

Her name was Erin
She was beautiful
She was young
Erin, was special
and Rhett's, without doubt, the devil
The disease rendered her without brain function
Resulted in physical mutation
Erin, had an expiration
The day came
In the same month born
She would, from this life, be torn
I love you Erin
Talis Ren Dec 2018
I am from the broken, pretty things,
the glue in the cracks
and the paint-over coat.
I am from the fixer-uppers
and the “she’s not quite right”s.
(Oh honey, puh-leeze
I know I’m a Nobody,
but Nobody’s perfect,
so let’s leave it at that.)

I am from hot and spicy foods,
that too-much-pepper burn.
I am from butter and cream,
whole milk, never skim,
from hard-to-pronounce chemicals
on the back of cardboard boxes.
(We’re all dying anyway,
so hand over the bacon.)

I am from poorly timed jokes,
bad puns and sarcasm.
I am from too many EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!
and question marks????
From Bold and Italics and Underline text,
and weird fonts
for the book manuscript.

I am from warm purple bruises
underneath my shin guards,
shadow-boxing in mirrors,
sore knuckles and tired bones.
I am from the ****** lip
after a lucky punch,
the laughing dares,
and the pat on the back
trailing after.

I am not from sugar and spice,
or anything nice.
I am from cacti and spiny roots,
from hot sand and spite.
The snap before the spark
and the ash after the light.
I learned to breathe easy,
by knowing how to survive.
CGW Nov 2018
Since the existence of time the universe has strived to purify into light.

Long has the dark existed but in spectrum of time the dark is only a blink in the eye of light.
Beyond this world is a world of holy conscieness.

The great ohm of the universe floods through space and time persevering the very idea of existence itself.

Though time is restrained to the conformations of the third dimension, with the constant existence of infinite dimensions time becomes an illusion.

Our bodys conformed of star dust rest peacefully waiting for something.
We wait for something to come a long to save us from our imperfections.
We are all just one star waiting to become a supar nova.

In another dimension we've already reached the edge of the universe.
Pablo Saborío Nov 2018
In the beginning everything was still.
Then there was an itch or ache and totality stirred.
A dance was born.
Wave after wave of color emerged.
Rains of sound were released from the center.
The original impulse became two, trees, fire.
Its unity was broken, reflected from a trillion eyes.
Rhythm appeared as an essential trait.
Pulses emanated, at times violent, at times sad.
Wonder and angst ******* inside the skull’s crater.
A mad civilization rose, structure after structure.
A sea of ideas now saturates the air.
Here we are in this vast corner surrounded by a cosmos.
We are the same as IT.
These images are throbs of that primordial energy.
I have created nothing new.
Nab Karbela Oct 2018
I've been awaken by an October wind, that a person born and called by an unique name
Lead to the titles of a supreme Lady for the whole age
It's a phrase means totality of purity
Of a human-goddess, a manifest of pious and dignity
A timeless borderless definition of worship and humanity

So here I am, start what to say by her name
I wish world never blur you that common ain't mean the same
Somehow what had been hoped is what people placed
No except name, and the reason why they chose it and gave

By the flame of the biggest fight inside every soul
Understanding heart, mind and their role
On the lifetime war, the way to reach the life-goal
I hope you always you, a person I adore

Because, what we'll get at the finish line is what we feel right where we in
Our soul, we must keep its origin
Unless you gotta loose your chance and never win

I refuse to say that we were
No more than two teenager
met and grumbled the world in same anger
and criticized people at love-garden's corner
In dozens conversations after prayer
Oh, do you remember?

I wish we aren't just become older then be the things we always curse and grumble
I wish we are history in order
I wish there's a thing to do to make world better

Cause twenties is a gate of matureness
The age when you friend with reality, also calmness
It's a state after bursting hormone of interest in teens
It's a spring flowers of mind and of the way you see things
You might go wrong but you need to go on
Figure out every wasted-second and  words before it'll be spoken

I know you will keep the origin, stay remarkable
As an unique connection of ours,
sparks, flashes, yet stay forever
Then if koi and whale's destiny is unity
This poetry never bring any jealousy
Just a remark of twenty second of October
A pity birthday-ish words written after summer
At a spot distances by thousands kilometers
To wish you to be a more patient girl,
greater and stronger

live wisely ever after.

Happy Batul-day. Wuatb. :)

Oct, 20th '18. Qom, Iran.
A lil birthday wishes
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
God ensures everyone a shore
floating on the sea of the soul!
No stone is as solid
lying in any temple.

Lit up the flame lay it on
the passage to the truthful
selfless human conscience.
Unleash from the unseen
the one true enduring origin!

The more one understands
the universe's more meaningful!
Hails from the one yet to expose
the utmost intelligent of all!
Jack Ritter Aug 2018
A baby shuts his eyes and sees
bull continents drift,
collide, startle, spin around.

Old World bucks suddenly accuse-
(Did YOU just back into ME?)
They jam head-to-head,
gouge, reconcile, then confer.

This he likes!

They get down to business.
They iron out earth's future
with special bellows.

Above this caucus
of nodding, naying heads,
their clacking antlers mesh
into a bourgeoning thicket.

He calls for more!

The thicket shudders,
sprouts into a dagger forest.

It shoots up recklessly,
like a baby's legs,
to jab the sky
with young ideas:

New species, struggles, lies.
Whole societies in the air,
too busy to explain
the bellowing below.

    The weight of so much life is too much.

There is a final SNAP
of Old World backs.

Not a grain remains on which to carve
the memory of all the things
that passed before this baby's eyes.
A friend called it a Darwinian myth. Highest hurdle was anthropomorphizing continents.
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
These emotions run wild.
I feel them all to a numb.
They come to exist.
Then they break away to an unknown place.

I don't really know.
It's a confusing world of response.
Jumbled partly in my inner soul.

But i don't really know what the soul is.
Or its true intentions.
Its origin is even more of an enigma.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Not once upon a time but now
among most innocent ones,
an Arabian voice is buried
in the thick wall of bricks
furnished with glory,
floating in the oasis of money.

Yet, when it switches to it's origin
then maybe is a poor Arab speaking.
Still the rest of the world
                                 can forget the oil
                           it's no sad story anymore
the sand beneath his feet shines
                                 brighter than the gold!
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