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Everyone's writing of innocent love,
Hushed whispers and hearts oh so pure;
Their darlings are all made of exquisite gold
Of heavenly bliss and allure.
Wherever I look there's another love poem
Writing pain that is sacred and sweet;
But my "innocent love" spiralled down to the gutters
And my "heart" has been long turned to sleet.
and we've lost all direction, we're dumb, cruel and vile;
and we laugh our souls out with bile.
if I drag you by hair just another ten miles
to our den, to our safehouse,
to keep us both sane,
will you spare me one last sickly smile?
– or you'll throw me against window pane?
(and through)
Oh, I'll never get tired of this game!
( ** u )
is it an "f" or "love" as the last word? i don't know. both?
there are good souls in this world
shrouded in weathered skin
dry and cracked
with scowls hung upon their face
balancing on the scars of their brow
just as there are bad souls in this world
hiding under plush skin
their faces adorned with kind eyes and
cherry red lips made for kissing
or spitting with rage

picture a gorgeous brunette
with fair skin, bold eyebrows
and her hair in a subtle
yet nineteen-thirties style updo
wearing a red chiffon summer dress
the sun beats down on her
as she glistens with light perspiration
espresso in-hand cigarette in the other
her pale soft skin no match for
the thirty degree heat outside
of this café she nonchalantly finds herself
she is the epitome of carefree beauty

she kicked her lovers dog outside this morning
exiling him to a six hour long toilet break
after she "forgot" she had let him out
before leaving to go shopping
whilst her feller finished his shift
because the dog is old and smelly
and gets almost as much attention as her
she even saw his pensioner neighbour
struggling to take the bins out
as she walked to her car
and laughed rather than help
because she always
thought Mary was a no good Jew
she even called her Mrs. Goldstein
"Have a nice day Mrs. Goldstein."
but Mary's surname is Cohen

picture this beautiful girl a siren
leading good men astray
she can get any man she wants
and plucks only the finest
most succulent
I mean successful
and well put together men
from gardens of bachelors
maturing in the hardships of city life
she has plenty choice but she's fickle
you see, her man has to be almost perfect
for it to be as enjoyable as possible
to watch his life unravel and unfold
into everything he wanted it not to be

achievable only through toxic beauty
her joy is venom soaked insides
of lovers caught in a sultry web
of lies, ambition and ***
she loves a scandal
or a text sent to the wrong person
and she has everything to hide
but does nothing to do so
she gets by just fine
being beautiful and sickening  
and sickeningly beautiful
you know the sort
she is a bad, bad girl
Man Jan 30
without heartache
how would i ever know love?
and if not for misery
could i be happy?
it is the duality
that makes the one
and the other
they each contrast one another
for without contrast
our painting would be colored canvas
blank, totally devoid of any deeper meaning
bizarre Jan 28
so bright the light is in the sky
it leaves those prints in empty eyes
it gives a hope to help in life
while all the roads are tough and dark.

When I observe
The darkness of the people
To light them up

I find myself
Like them

Earlier I wasn't
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Energy healing
Frank F Dec 2020
Your skin is the walls and
Your voice builds halls
That never end.

You remember the days when there were ways
Around. People around.
You remember the things, those important things,
All piled on top of each other.

You can’t smell the garden you planted.
You can’t read the book you’re writing.
You can’t hear your laughter, after.

The dust fell like a blanket
And you were too scared to move.
One crack, and you’ll never go
Back. Never leave as you watch the
Leaves dancing.
As you watch them all running.

Your room is the garbage can
Of your life.
But at least it’s not empty.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Sometimes one needs to
Dim the light to be in
The abyss world

No, no brighter sun over there
Just because
That world is grey
And greyness is
What they are used to
What they prefer
In their sense

Offering light
Even a trace
May leads to blindness
And yes
You don't want to
Blind them

Yet that light
Is love
Genre: Observational
Theme: Thus dim you own light
Millie Oct 2020
The blue in her eyes
Complimented the blood on her lips
Her galaxy of freckles
Were magnified by tears
The further she rose in the world
The lower she sank on her floor
A perfect mess
But she was mine
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
My mother said
Every person
Who knows
The contrast between
The water and the tear

They know love
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project
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