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soft as snow—
she kissed me,
with a heat to melt
the world twice over.
Idk again haha
Saint Audrey May 12
Sunlight washing over me
The end of senseless tragedy
Letting go of pain

Dry spells and misery
Inflaming all my past regrets
For a while, lived sight unseen
Another mile, on a vacant road

Never thought It'd feel this real
Like I could a life in memory
It's been a while since we parted ways
But all those days still seem clear to me
I know the future is fixed in place
But it never felt that way to me
Ever longing for simplicity
Never feeling real

Secluded out here, In the passing trees
Wreathed in light of gaias halo
Through shadows washing over me
In the calm, quiet calamity

Another fantasy I can't fulfill
Or live up to, as evidenced
Imagination of the heartless soul
I never can forget
Nursing wounds that could never close
Something crawling up my throat
To watch the rain fall inside my head
From my bedroom floor

Don't wait
Why would I lie to you?
As ash peels from the coals
That bittersweet hanging rope
Don't you want to let it go?
Cause it's never getting better than this
There's no going anywhere next
Think of something you love
All things you held close

Sunlight washing over me
The end of senseless tragedy
Letting go of pain
the answer is a simple
as a thought
it's hard to realise how i cannot
give an explanation
i ought have known
how could be the culmination
of the lifelong
i don’t wanna take it on my own
but i'll used to it
as i did two years ago
and now i just sit in line
and wait
till the glow of mine
become paled
Deathless, she roars
"Undo this fire"
And so shall it be undone
Quenched, like thirst
For the rich
And for the bold
A wave's crest falling
Unfolding natural contrasts

Deathless, she was
Until deathless she was not
love, hate, recover
how fragile we are
gun, door, letting lover
go far
by twenty three mile
now you are agile and more
than ever,
but alone,
so what is better? whether
being fine china
or forbidden chinese wall,
being restless caroline
or a pretty porcelain doll
this one is about contrast between being alone and being with somebody you think you love. at least i tried  to show it.  thank you
Kelci Mar 31
I know the way that love tastes
Honeyed fingertips
Pressed tightly to sealed lips

I know the way that love feels
The fluttering of butterflies
And hearts in cages

I know the way that love sounds
Laughter caught in throats
Full of unspoken words

I know the way that love looks
A gleam in the eyes
Casting shadows in the mind
Between the lines~
Without agony
What is pleasure
Without despair
Hope has no measure

Where enlightened
Was void
And frightened
Became joy
No loss can be felt
If no love has been dealt
You may doubt...

Think back to a time
To a happier scene
Your pinnacle shadows
What could be serene

Scaling from experience
Encourages ignorance
With agony, comes pleasure
With despair, hope is measured
With balance you will find
A healthy state of mind
Take your time...
Food for thought
Xallan Feb 6
Add that:
in all of my pointless comparisons,
I am self conscious of all
the ways I am similar to everyone else,
unoriginal and ununique.
To summarize: I am lame.
For who cares whether or not
others notice these things?
They are figments,
merely. But- I am aware
of my primary, incessant concern- myself.
I notice, naturally, with no sense.
It is totally normal
for me to engage in this self conscious nonsense,
without end.
I desire to be a robot, lifeless,
but what good would awareness do then?
Self conscious about a few loose bolts,  
the whole circuit would short,
and that'd be the end of me.
It is the schism.
It is the juxtaposition
between caring about myself and about others,
of everything and nothing,
and I cannot find the balance.
I am a teetering pile of flesh pancakes.
**** lame.
Black and white
Striped in patterns over my life
Never grey
Never green
Never red
But always new

Black and white
These words that make me tired
Experienced in vivid contrast
In forests
In concrete
In health and wellness

Iron and treasure
Painted by the rain
To rust
To nothing
To be buried under words and houses

Black and white over again
shamori Jan 17
They say cleanliness is next to god, but those who prosper follow the tracks left in mud.

Born pristine, on a parallel wavelength, all is one. Told to go wrong, to fit in, to reach the next level.

Arms stretching, reaching for glory. Stepping on heads, hating those below me.

Laughing, ridicule, destruction of value. Man made standards, paper idols. Please give me value.

If Jesus is leader and Satan a demon, then who do I look to if my masters are evil?

And when my meaning is compromised and shoved in the dirt, why must I sin to replace my hurt?

Inverted letters. Darkened faces. The contrast of what’s pushed forward.
Although this can’t be it, I still lack a logic to morals.
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