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I S A A C Apr 13
it is hard for the truth to come out of my sealed lips
played the victim and I take my role seriously
we were just on the same water, passing ships
the sun and the moon meeting in an eclipse
only for a moment but the moment was potent
wishing for more moments like this
rips and rips until I finish my zip
hours and hours until I finish my shift
you are the one thing my mind cannot slip
the one man that drives me to drink
so I don't think, just a couple of sips
now I am covered in my sadness as the sunlight peeks through
such a naive little boy, never knowing what to do
what to do
Ave Maria Mar 31
This is an issue which isn’t spoken of enough. Awful, manipulative people roam this earth and poison the minds of many. Humanity often does not want to hear the other side of a story, and choose to instead blindly believe the slanderer. This brings no justice to the truth that was twisted, or to the victim who bears the damage. In many cases, the victim is forced to part with money and other things that are highly important to them. Why must slanderers feel so secure within their own lies, and why must the world deprive the victim of a voice?
I S A A C Mar 3
loosely based on events that never took off
I refuse to let it die out, I can save some
of the memories, wash away the dirt on my name
play with the energies as if you were here all the same
as if I can hear you calling out my name, or whispering
my heart is whimpering looking for hot hands
to cradle my cranium and explore my wetlands
you were just my type of man, my perfect poison
I was just your type of victim, the perfect person
for you to disrespect, neglect, and gaslight
for you to pretend we were friends until that night
where you stripped me of more than my rainbow light
George Krokos Jan 31
Dogma and doctrine only hide the Truth
that is our birthright since the time of youth.
We have all been led to believe the lies
which the authorities show to our eyes.
The passage of time often does the rest
and makes sure curiosity fails the test
to uncover the truth that's been hidden
by all this dogma and doctrine ridden.

Ignorance is a strong, powerful force
that stalls investigations in due coarse
when people begin to suspect the wrong
they have been subjected to all along.
Authorities try to keep their power
with the dogma and doctrine they shower
onto the people who look up to them
quelling the light of truth that they condemn.

Nowhere else does this happen as often
but in religious faith which can soften
the hearts and minds of people to believe
that something else is just there to deceive.
A sad case of the blind leading the blind
which is one of the follies of mankind
who are led to believe what they're given
is the truth being like victims driven.

This doesn't mean that something else is true
unless it has been proven so by you;
through personal experience that stays
in your heart or mind and the doubt allays.
Take for example those few converts who
formed the body of the early church new;
what kind of experience each one had
making them join up and feel very glad.
Written in April, 2021
CIN Jan 25
Somebody said your name today
And i couldn't help but think of you
It's not a good thing
Not even a little
I'm trying to keep
From remembering the things you did
And i remember the terrible poetry
I wrote when i was fourteen and scared
When i would spend nights
Waking up from the nightmares
Shaking with fear
Those things you made me do
Do they not haunt you?
ptsd and all the things that come with it
Cara Anne Dec 2021
Please, just leave my head

Instead, of convincing me

I'm better off dead
WickedHope Aug 2021
            ­    In
A Aug 2021
All I needed was some inspiration
Didn't think that I'd become the villain
Locked up in this mental prison
Really used to have a vision
I was on a fucken mission
Made a couple bad decisions ...
...Didn't think it'd make a difference
Now I'll never be forgiven
Really wish I would've listened
Learned to live with this condition
Guess I'm just another victim
Of the devil and his sickness
It's a cycle and it's vicious
Didn't mean to be the villain...
Lookin back on all my pages
And how I still get the cravings
All the itches and temptations
I'm an addict I'm so manic
Gotta face it it's my fate
It's just my life it's how I made it
Started out with inspiration
Didn't wanna be a hero...
Instead became the villain
Ana Aug 2021
I’ll always remember tonight,
Dressed in your old white t shirt,
I’ll remember the shape of your fingers
Running along my skin,
I’ll remember your lips
Upon my braw,
I’ll remember telling you to stop
Even tho you never did.

I’ll remember still loving you,
Despite what you did to me
I’ll remember that you said you loved me too,
And what you did to me, is what you had to do
to prove it to me
tw: s*xual assault…
Throughout the day,
He sleeps in the coffin,
But as the evening arrives,
He wakes up,
With his cunning bright eyes,
And with a spooky smile...
He gets ready in a black dress,
To hunt his prey in the midnight,
As the night gets darker,
He goes out to show his horrible might...

After finding his prey,
He smiles in a killer way,
Raising his hands above in a mystery,
As it's a sign of his victory,
Capturing his prey within him,
One who's lying below is his victim,
For him, victim's blood is as sweet as meringue,
That's why, he's ******* , ******* by his long canine fangs...
Meringue means a creamy mixture of sugar and egg white
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