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sushii 1d
Turn off the music.
It is pathetic,
Victim music.
I don't know how I feel towards you anymore. I almost feel like I can hate you like you hate me, but something scratches at me, a million people tearing at my insides.
The naive highschooler, the little "man", the lustful *******, the vengeful ******* in me now, and the one that wishes you could just be okay.

I can't ******* figure out which one is me, was me. What I want for you, from you, or why it even matters..

I want to be sorry, I am sorry, but the vengeful ******* still screams ****** ****** in my head.
"It was all *******, she wants to believe she's any better when she used you. She wants to judge and not be judged. Blame you for everything she hates in herself."

I try to drown him out with noise, music, love.
But I can't stop the nagging that you were selfish, and even more so, you were entitled.
You've always been everything you hate in me, and now more.
A victim that always denies herself love.
I still wish you the best. And I still believe I made mistakes, and used you. But can't you admit that you used me too?

**** unfinished business keeps on.

Excuse that this may just be a vent.
She said "I can practically taste the malice that fills your heart and the hatred in your soul. You would like nothing more than to see this world burn wouldn't you? I can see it in your eyes, that's the real you." She just might be right. The darkness within hums like a gentle rhythm I was but a victim of my humanity, those are memories I don't treasure but it's a measure of how far I've come. I'll take you by storm.... An uncontrollable maelstrom. No friend, no foes and anything goes in this game of mine, regardless of the time, my comeback remains certain.
mars Jan 31
If they don’t believe you
they don’t deserve to
be apart of your story.

You shouldn’t have to explain
Dustin Dean Jan 27
There was no struggle
Just rounds of true death
Inside a jungle
With mutual breath

Killers in armor
Had come to take us
To **** Mi Amor

And thus and thus

Our families were told
With the rest of the world
Another killer had siphoned
Ill and infamy
From an ideal
Lasting an entire day
That we will never
Get to see
Jacque Sold Jan 26
Gripping to the handkerchief
Hands helplessly clamped together by rope
With no hope that they could part the position of prayer
Or that prayer could spare the inevitable future

Direct into the eye
Seeing that he didn’t seek the elegant nickel pierced through my ear
Nor the liquid memory dripping from my eye

Only the weakness
Knowing that a simple chunk of lead is enough to disprove a life
That his mortal hand had the power to turn both of mine cold
nightdew Jan 25
behind the castle walls,
behold a girl who's been hurt,
a girl who's been taunted,
a girl who's been broken into pieces,
a girl who's been tossed aside like nothing,
a girl who's been torn down.

behind the castle walls,
lays a ******* her mattress,
eyes trimmed with water,
as her gaze is fixated on her ceiling.

behind the castle walls,
is a girl who doesn't understand love,
because she's numb to the feeling,
something that stings but no longer pains.

behind the castle walls,
is a girl who's tired,
both emotionally and physically.

behind the castle walls,
is a girl who doesn't want to breathe any longer.
because even the shallowest breath,
burns like flames.
the walls aren't high enough

Let’s talk about my intuition
Talk about a brain that swells
I saw it coming to fruition
Easily for you I fell

Suspicions were a friend to you
Made me your toy; I would not tell
My nightmares and my dreams came true
Sequestered in your prison cell

Do all the ***** things you do
You’re Heaven and my private ****
Just say one thing when I come to
And no more hear the ringing bells

Those words, please tell me, “I love you”
With earnestness, to me you sell
I don’t care if it isn’t true
You are my fix and I’m not well

So “dose” me up; I need to sooth
And fill this lost and empty shell
Drunk on your love; You are my *****
The cost of this I do not dwell

A choice I made yet did not choose
You instantly had cast your spell
Too blind; I did not see the ruse
An easy ‘mark’, no need to sell

Tried for a stew but made a soup
The drifted parts will never gel
No question, for sure I’ve been duped
I clearly hear the banging knell

Forever stuck within this loop
A never-ending carousel
You took my soul with one fell swoop
I said ‘hello’, you said ‘farewell’
Written: January 7, 2019 (started) / January 24, 2019 (finished)

All rights reserved.
[Iambic tetrameter format]
Sofiluvu Jan 12
I want to be your victim
I want to be your prey
Please put all the tension
Pull up all your strength
I want to be your victim
I need to be your prey
I won’t runaway
I won’t resist or hesitate
You take me and you **** me
I always wanted this
I want to be your victim
I want to be your prey...
Inspire by the story of #chriswatts movies #dexter and #gonegirl
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