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Poetic T Feb 27
The bruises where torn petals,
           that fell with every word.

The thorns cutting it to my mind.

And when I was adorned with the
                  blossom of your actions.

I would never rise to another sunrise.
If energy was a temporary resource
I would walk to your house,
Collapse onto your front doorstep
And know that I lived a good life
Yuki Feb 13
Give the gates
of your heart
permission to
be wide open
but make sure
not to let winter
settle in your
feeble bones.
Sarah Ouhida Jan 26
in a holy room
she weeps
it is a Blue Sunday,
—don’t you hear her, Jim?

roses weeping
she dances
in the dark
it is pouring
and she is empty
— oh Axl, don’t you see her ?

she hopes she can touch heaven
she feels like gold
her blood is full of it !
she’s become numb
—Don’t you feel her, Roger?

she tries to find her way to heaven
a new life
but her wings are scarred
— can you get her there, Eric?
Julischka Jan 13
Rain is pouring down my skin
And I’m not moving.
I’m standing here notionless
And let the drops wash away my pain.
Dilute the poison.
Cleanse the pores.
Just that my soul could slowly creep back
Through the open doors.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 2018
slam the doors and open new ones
shut the old days and throw
once and for all their long attic

and no more crying about it
and never again suffer
need to finish with this once and for all

polka Nov 2018
your voice usually only has to walk through one door
to get its message across
the door being your teeth, of course

but my voice walks through an infinite amount of doors

and some of them lead nowhere?

some of them lead everywhere.

i'm not sure what the door situation is in my body, but

i know that my voice is tired by the time it reaches my teeth.
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
A king of reptiles,
a broken man,
your pain created such beauty.
Look at what you've made.
You, yourself, are a master of creation.
The cage that hinders me never held your heart.
Your cage was an empty needle.
Held within, the years we lost with you.
Life and death hold the same meaning.
Can you feel the torment fade
and your blood begin to thicken?
Ride that snake on home, Jim.
Ride that snake on home.
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