chimewa 7d

Come to me and knock on my door
I'll open it without hesitation
Love me truly, I will not ask for more
I promise you'll never be an option.

rachel huberty Dec 2017

if god doesn't let you through
his doors then maybe you'll
make your own little heaven
- find me there

A Dec 2017

Their is no sort of hell for the trip we took
I bloodied my knuckles and stabbed myself
You cried your eyes to your knees  
You've erupted into a flowing river of hate
I stand by your door and hopelessly wait
For you to realize i STILL love you.
My cold being is in transition
The icy crater I create in fear of monsters
Yet you erupt and I slide back down my hole
Escaping your roar and claws
Reaching for the only thing I have left
I hold myself and calmly say "this is a nightmare".
I do not sleep in peace
I assume your position hovers above me
I assume you can weaken my defenses
Unlock my door with a glance
I fall asleep in fear that the monsters will release themselves,
That angry beast summons itself and destroys us both.

Zoie Marie Nov 2017

The drive was peaceful
The night was beautiful
Your presence was blissful
The love was undeniable

Ollie Nov 2017

I say the way to unlock it is to open it
and I am not wrong, as if it was merely a trick question as to how you get said door open
and no one knew until they opened it to see if I was okay

Please don’t ask me what this means because I don’t know
Celeste Briefs Oct 2017

full eyes of pure quicksilver moonlight
dance across the star-struck sky
doors open and close in the house of my heart
empty rooms so full of fading light

crumbling, faded autumn leaves
blow in through open windows in my mind
night whispers songs into my fractured heart
as I leave the light behind

translucent veil over my eyes
falls softly down around my head
church bells ring like hollow lullabies
as I pass over the bridge of death

some things can never be complete
I guess I've always known
that through my mind has lost its way
my heart has not yet flown

Celeste Briefs Sep 2017

you shut down
you lock all your doors,
turn off all your lights,
cut all your phone cables,
maybe even
burn everything
that reminds you of them
except for that one picture
that one piece of clothing
they gave you for your birthday,
that one thing
you just can't bring yourself
to feed to the flames,
to throw away

you open back up,
unlock your doors,
start turning on the lights,
stop sleeping on the couch
or in the closet every night,
you stop lighting fires
on everything that hurts,
think twice
about emptying that bottle
of stone-cold moonshine,
and one day,
you see someone passing by
and they'll say, "Hello"
and just like that,
they save your life

Vyscern Sep 2017

It's all just cause and effect,
Protect and reject
Detect and defect,
Discard and collect

Trust in the trash,
Liars mix and match
Selling you the shady shit
That destroys every pact

Getting luck from a draw
The Irish in me is called
As my number is pulled
Adrenaline is pulled forth

But here is my call,
The Misfortunate fall
Around me stands doors
And all lead to closed corridors....

opportunity hits dead ends sometimes. so does luck, and so too do my relationships
Julie C Smith Aug 2017

The trees grow fruits
The doors, they open
And if they don't, you'll find the key
Right at your feet
And all the unlived truths
Will like a thread, many times woven
Unwind again and set you free

Written on a good day.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2017

If a door doesn't open
for you, it's not
meant for

You'll find your way...
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