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toleomato Oct 18
Hesitantly at first,
It stutters before
Being forced open
By an impatient passenger;
The doors of a train.
PM Oct 19
Once again you tell me nothing is wrong
but I have known you for too long to see it.
And with that little lie, things start to break.
So once again I try to see what is wrong,
but you are still a closed door in my face
and with everything that is going wrong
I can not take one more thing on my plate.
This being the last drop to overflow my life.
Now I find myself deep in a bottle of wine.
Just trying to drink my problems away
but it won't help since I'm stuck in place.
Unable to move.
Matt Oct 14
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
My baby passed away
And now I'm feeling blue
I thought she'd be my baby, but she has
Other plans

She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She hopped aboard a train
And now she's riding West
She said don't do it
Don't buy a ticket

My love's gone forever
Buried six feet deep
My love's gone forever
Six feet underneath
Oh, how she's the death of me
Way she says never
The ugliness of the world
Slips through the cracks,
And hides behind doors,
And the dark veil of the night
That provides protection
For the unkind and the lonely.
Nylee Aug 17
Be ready to be locked outside
I am scared of all things that are happening
I keep all the doors and windows closed
I'd rather be alone inside
please do not knock
who is there?
Lulu Aug 11
Quickly now! Your doors are closing!
Three, two, one. Bang, bang, bang.
I told you, the doors are closing.
So run to one and make a choice.
One step two step three step four.
Push mind to the other side already.
Quickly now! Your doors are closing!
Em Glass Jun 1
I’m collecting keys,
weighed with opportunities
that stretch my pocket
a poem a day, but the opening is ramping up
uv May 25
The places we cherish
The moments in those
The people we share it
Who's doors are never close.

The horizon is what we choose
It could be a mile it could be a pool
Bringing light into darkness
Can be one's greatest tool

Sailing has never been easy
The wind takes its share
Being steady in all weathers
Is a drift so fair and rare.
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