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LoveIsReal Feb 25
Where do I start?
At birth?
At teenage life?
Or maybe just where I am now.

They say “When one door closes, another one opens.”
But I say there’s an infinite number of doors all wide open, and we’re just running right through them, over and over and over. Continuous running with no destination.

Where am I now?
Who am I?
What am I doing?
Or maybe I'm still figuring it all out.

It’s like once you learn how to crawl, you’re already learning how to walk, and then learning how to run. Then you keep running, never stopping, going through life, Door After Door. There’s no end in sight and if you look back, it’s like a chain reaction of doors closing one after another, until the one right behind you closes, almost slamming right near your face, forcing you to turn back around and keep running, right through the infinite amount of doors in front of you.

Do I continue?
Do I stop?
What's the point?
Or maybe there’s a bigger picture.

They say “Think outside the box.”
But if you take a minute in my mind, there’s no box at all, just an infinite amount of thinking, always changing, always different. No one answer, no same questions, just endless possibilities, endless stories, endless suffering. Though I always think that during my continuous running, there’s gonna be others who will hold out their hands and run with me. Maybe not forever, but long enough that I leave an impact on their life and where they might be running to. But I know that one day their hand will slip from mine, cause each journey leads to different paths, each door connecting to different doors, and maybe when I go through the door, I’ll be alone again, running by myself, wondering again ‘Where Am I Going?’ While I continue running through life, Door After Door.
Behind doors I cannot open with keys that never was, i feed letters through slots hoping they would reach him.

I dreamt that he would consume them and one day emerge, whole.

But the chrysalis never broke, and what couldve been never was.
Hi guys hope everyone is well, my favourite time of the year approaches, pancake day!!
MuseumofMax Sep 2023
I read a book that reminded me of you

It reminded me of the days I wished to find a way out
To go through a door that would lead me somewhere else
somewhere better

I never found that door

And you never got better

I wish you had
Demonatachick Jul 2023
My dad once built a shed out of old doors

Each odd colours he'd collect along his travels, when one grew tired and porous another would take its place

Even the floor was doors

I dreamt of opening them to secret places and posted letters through the slots hoping it would reach them

But they never opened, and all that remained was my father grey and aged in his shed made of doors.
Inspired by the father of  a friend
SophiaAtlas Dec 2021
I just can't handle automatic doors.
GaryFairy Nov 2021
I hope you get knocked on


I hope you come back as a door

I hope you get beat on
get shoes left by you

I hope you never cross the threshold
unless you come off the hinges

swing *******, swing

they are coming to tap on you
to twist your ****
to hang you

leave you hanging

to open and then close you
shut you...
leave you open

slam you

I hope you get kicked in
I hope you get knocked down
Karijinbba Jul 2021
Hello poetry has talent
Countless poets write share and allow repost
Three were faithful followers to mine art through time
Only one broke my wall
one danced me on the floor of his art he loves my craft.

I call that brave poet dancing with his two Z's
My Kizombo Bachata
He's the one with elastic passionate moves.
Our innercore for love is
like rubber bands, we bend flex and break if love
pulls on us too hard.

We found the perfect theme songs we share two now
With poets who know our ink
our craft is similar to theirs, called love.
By Karijinbbba.
Nidhi May 2021
Everyone says there are three doors
Each one worst than the other
But what if there are more than three doors?
Like 5?
Hell, maybe there are infinity doors.
I'm not sure which one should I pick?
Maybe I should pick that one
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just take a moment and appreciate the long journey that you've survived-it's the glory of a lifetime you can't sell nor buy;>

look how far have you gone

childish plays and dolls now all defined a woman grown

stars you wished upon did not shoot the shot you scored

yet gave you a lot than wisdom of twinkles and more

even better for a future of a strong self and bold

all those lonely nights in the lousy storms

turned out to be embraced by your daemons to a joyous old soul

one of a kind with struggles that no one knows to cherish to hold

ought for you to breathe and live and carry and mold

on your own blossomed and snowed

through summer bosoms and winters and highs and lows

through hells and heavens and sweet merciless hollows

anticipate in you a tomorrow of fruitful stores

things to save up for the upcoming open doors

                                                         ­                               --------ravenfeels
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