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Di Verce Sep 27
They are legion

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Quick and easy is the way of the dark side.

Angels ascend, demons bow.
Emily Miranda Sep 24
like the sun into the night you where gone
like a bird taking flight you where gone
like the moon in the light you where gone
only because I didn't open the doors for you
because I refused to give you the key
because I was scared
scared you'd do this to me.
samara lael Jul 10
he sings:
all he wants is nothing more
than to hear her knocking at his door.

& all i want is nothing more
than to be the one opening up my own.

she walks through streets of calmed anxiety,
a technique she has nailed into closed doors.

tranced, coffee sipping, malamente listening;
she lives in her mind for the hours she has to rest.

the summer soars; the light winds are for
whisking away the days til she returns.

though today she practices for the worser days,
she can’t help but realise these are more than okay.
xtine Jul 8
i locked myself inside
so i can feel a sense of freedom

ironic isn’t it?

my room,
my space,
my thoughts,
my own little world

just a small room away from the stigma of this household that lies beyond that bedroom door

just a little something that isn’t yours to take along with the others you’ve already taken away
my personal freedom
Windy torrents of water and thunders echo
against a silent brown house,
It's large grey doors open, shrill voices sing,
chandeliers burn...
more sounds are heard outside, like a wailing.
chandeliers burning the ceiling...
statue wax ivory figures melt, burning in their
passion, melting turned violet red they have become
hopeful, promises of painless joys, power over
wars, famine, disease and all things of darkness
are whispered in hushed "sincerity and truth"
but still vague and opaque.
Even now a banging of hail, leaves upon a pane
all the doors blow open now
and with a shriek all of wind in the drops are
scattered drenching, so even the mid morning rain
can still drip earth upon the clear white figures
revealing their true origin
rendered **** by what once made them.
Joanna May 11
Walking along a quiet beach... I saw sailboats and seagulls reach, unknown heights and secret dreams.

Unlike people or so it would seem.

I watched them both until I could no longer see; the birds above and the boats below.  

Moving on, I saw eagles taking flight as the day slipped into night.

Leaving me standing at the shore, I saw me standing at an open door.
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Maria Etre Jun 11
I stumbled on a rusted key
pushed by curiosity
I tried it,
fiercely breaking
no luck
of unlock
ing none
one day,
and       felt
my             chest
open up
Move your head further, the key is in front of you.
the love comes
knocking all doors
all doors were opened

they saw the sun shinning
from you forehead, that is bright
the love orders

the hearts agree
they had to do
as they accept without any argue

the love is free
touching hearts at his way
making them shivered with fear

as they may be touched with cold there
the lips are closed
the minds waited
the eyes cried
even tier beloved was near
the love has his orders ands his ability to attract every one who dreams to live in happy life
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