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They've been sending me sympathy cards in the mail
Stopping me in the streets to say how sorry they are
You left me so suddenly not so long ago
They ask me how I'm doing
My entire being isn't a shrine to your memory
Photo on the post office wall is simply my face in a crowd
I'm afraid for what comes next
I miss you
I miss you
White peaks of the mountain
I see darkness in the centre
Will o the wisp on the foot
Babbling sound of the stream
I walk home along a tough trail
Darkness of the night
Frightening even a little sound
A marauder from the bushes might pounce
I walk and walk
There no one to talk
I often look at the mountain
White peaks at the top
I see darkness in the centre
Will o the wisp on the foot
Little tired, little frightened
I reach metalled road
A youngman with head hanging down
Uncontrollably sobs and cries
I ask why it's why
He tells me the story
A girl he is in love rejected him
He feels bad
He feels sad
He's dejected
So what, be at ease
I tell him
One who doesn't love you
Can never be your loss
So when you lost nothing
Why cry?
See me, I lost one who loved me
Even so, I have stopped crying
I just covered a tough trail
Easy path now I go
Life is like "Will o the Wisp"!
Be at ease
God knows how long
You will be at the crease!
In  dark night, you may see snow clad peaks of a mountain and moving blinking lights at the bottom. In between it's darkness. Life is a tough trail and behaves as if " Will o the Wisp". It's difficult to catch hold of it and control.
Ylzm Apr 11
there are questions I can't ask
for I speak a strange tongue
and walk in a land desolate

but they will be answered
as I walk, as they were behind me
in surprising places and unseen light

the burden's easy, the walk's a delight
gladly I bear the gift, precious and life itself
You know what's fascinating about the older generation?
They want us to have it easy
Yet they constantly complain about how easy we have it
It can be quite confusing, I must admit
I don't understand them and they don't understand us
So what's all the fuss?
Let us be free
Who we want to be
It's kinda easy
My dad complains a lot about how easy we have it now, well dad I'm sorry for being born when I was.
Natalie Mar 11
"What's it all for?"

The answer's up my sleeve
If I could just reach a little further
Wisdom whispered to me
Or at least I thought that I had heard her

No, I read it in some books
Perhaps something in the writings of Aristotle?
I can't recall the words now
But they were easy, absolute truth in a bottle

If my words carry weight
They'll sputter to the ground
Everything deflates
But as for your query:
For oh for not found
Really rough draft that I'll probably never get around to polishing, but felt like posting it anyway. Sue me. (But not really because I don't have any money)
Zack Ripley Mar 8
As you wander down this road
That we call life,
Nothing will come easy
Except the bad times

Even though rock cracks. And the heart of ordinary man easily cut, but an extraordinary man's mind hardly perverse. My heart is fixed

Alice Mar 2
I will write poems about you
memorize your Starbucks order
(even if it's different each season)
ill hold your hand
play with your hair as you rest in my lap

I just want our love to be soft
something safe and warm
we can both crawl into
like hot cocoa after a snowstorm
im tired of violent delights
I just want to feel safe
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