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c 5d
When you almost die
It makes it easier
To learn to live
I would like to clarify- there are so many things that are not easy after moments like these, but today I was given a second chance at life, and I hope this time I can make sure to live it well and without regrets.
I can be crazy
I can be mean
I can be clingy
And caught in between
But I am there
For you
I swear
I'll try to be better everyday
But please don't get up run away
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You're worth my while
My other half
I hope you feel the same about me
I hope loving me is easy
Trying again. Hope we can both be better this time...
Jann Flach Dec 4
its hard to see
when the streetlights are out
its hard to breathe
when your not here

i found a long lost feeling
deep inside of my inner me
as i am sitting on the roof top
in the middle of the night
watching the lonely souls flying free

a beautiful night
full of stars and souls
trying to connect to each other
but thats never easy, you know that

i am thankful for you
Latifah Nov 26
I had every reason to stay,
and every reason to leave,
but I can never say,
it's easier this way.
They say time is the great healer, but do we really completely heal? or do some scars never fade?
One of the easiest ways out
To quickly for me
Not enough time to feel
I don't like it easy
I want to feel something before I feel nothing at all
Poison can't get the job done
Poison won't work for me...
V liv Nov 18
Want and need expire
Then all that's left is two choices
To love or To quit
Its clear which one you made
Or maybe it was never a choice
Or maybe you made it a long time ago
Maybe I was blind
Simple honesty,
Consistent transparency,
That is what you give me.
Everything happening so organically.
Are black clouds swirling above my head?
Are birds and butterflies?
Can you tell when I'm angry?
Does smoke spew from my ears?
Wouldn't that be easier?
If we were animations
Alive and fictitious
Right there
Before your eyes
I reflate after every defeat
Arrive safe and clean and unbroken
Back in my bed the next morning
Nothing happened
Wouldn't that be easier?
write everyday or brilliant thoughts will fly from your head.
it'll be an airport, everything passing through never stopping for a quiet conversation about love
What we have become is
'easier than'

Easier than fighting,
easier than being alone,
easier than starting fresh with someone new.

What if the only reason we're seeing this through
is some twisted form of convenience?
Some roundabout portrayal of what's easier than
staying home alone in our rooms.
Months and Years of preparation, dashed in an instant
through a letter, one Form or another.

We keep trying to pick up the pieces
because it's easier than looking into each others' eyes
and admitting we just don't work anymore,
if we ever worked in the first place.
The longer I stay in this dark place
the less likely the latter seems, if I'm honest.
I want this to happen.
It'd be easier than being without you.
Would it?
Would it really?
Or would it just be easier than starting over?
If I was the kind of girl who kept her thoughts to herself,
If I could bite my tongue and bat my eyes without thinking so far ahead,
If I knew how to dip my toes in the water without drowning in affection,
If I were made to be subtle and delicate,
maybe it would be easier to find someone to lay beside on Sunday morning.
But why would I want a boy who only loves the watered-down version of me?
I'd rather spend my life in solitude
than beside someone who only wants me on the shallow end.
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