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leeaaun Dec 2022
not just only tell me
to stop hating my body
teach me
how to do it
saying is easy than doing
if you can't help then shut your mouth
Zack Ripley Oct 2022
When you were a kid, you were given 2 choices: "you can make this easy,
or you can make it hard."
Only to come out realizing no matter which one you chose, you'd wind up covered in scars.
But it's OK. You couldn't have known.
And I'll tell you a secret. Everyone has scars. They're proof we've grown.
These scars don't have to scar you though. Just call them by their name, and let them go. The names you won't soon forget,
these scars are named mistake and regret.
Carlyy Sep 2022
I’m on this ship,
A ship for one,
Out at sea,
It’s beautiful yet nerve wracking,
I search and I see where I’m going to be
Optimism is key,
“No. Bad. Thoughts.”
I tell myself, almost constantly,
But it’s just out of my reach...

This anchor is attached to my heart
There it lived.
Then, ripped from my chest,
Leaving my body, weak, pained, dragged,
Into the dark gradient ocean
It lowers, as I twist, wind, and fight,
above sea.

Though, I find myself tired,
At times.
It wins.
It keeps me still.
Can I stay here?
It’s nice in theory...

Sometimes I’m triumphant.
Sometimes I win.
I am above the darkness,
There’s the veil,
I am no longer down there,
I see and hear signs of

Up, I must bring my heart.
Sew up my chest,
Wipe my tears,
More than once,
This cycle is done.
Look ahead,
Go. Forward.
And don’t look back.
But never forget.
i wrote this a long time ago and am just now publishing because i want to let yall know im still alive lol
Eve Jul 2022
Living was easier when we thought that pain was only given to us by criminals, vile humans & enemies.

lillia Jun 2022
listless, tongue twist
the litany of love, call and response till death do us
standing on a street corner in his head,
'c'mon baby', rubbing legs like a cricket,
recalling playful jabs as he carefully tears them apart-

again and again and again.
the clip- clop of a police horse is the soundtrack to a rapture
hand slips against the condensation,
the thrill of fire and ice, cold burns
the moon reflects in his eyes, lunar purity
in a puddle of stale water.
little lion Mar 2022
nowadays, I cannot tell which is worse:
the pain I felt knowing that one day I would lose you,
or the pain I feel now that you're gone.
pain is the only thing you've left me with,
but I am scared to let it go...
it's the only part of me that you will never get to know.
I wish I had never loved you
M Solav Mar 2022
Day number seven:
Still looking for
Easy gratifications;
These words came to mind
I wrote them down.
Am I to elaborate
On what I am yet to know?
Written on January 23th, 2022.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Just take it easy.
Love your life now.
Be better.
Do better.
Grow better.
Indonesia, 31st December 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Life is so easy!

You can do whatever you want! And what you do today, will bring fruits and consequences tomorrow. Sometimes that tomorrow might be the next year, but it is still wonderful.

We only **** and find life hard when we start talking to ourselves about ourselves, and call it "other people's opinion". What a dumb concept. You don't believe in mind reading yet you believe that this voice in your head really mirrors what other people are saying! Like you don't recognize that voice? It always has the same tonality, comes up with the same arguments and bold ridiculous logic, yet you still believe it belongs to everybody but you! This is the stupidest thing people do, and we are so many doing it, we think it's sane. That right here is the proof that we are living in a "political" world. This means, as long as the majority accepts or denies something, it is bound to be true, and the few ones that don't adhere are considered marginal and will be treated as threats.
Don't you believe me?
Try it.
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