Loving yourself
    Is not
                    An option

Because it’s easy
To hide behind someone’s shadow.
To blame yourself
And blend in.

Was despair so heavy it broke your legs?
Is hope a faulty crutch?
Just like the “friends”
That are a thin plastic net?

Did the hurt make you lose your voice?
In the silence
Did they take your strength
Because it was easy?

So stand up with your broken leg
And limp out of their shadow.
Let your screams be the voice
That separates you from the crowd

Because you are strong ,
Worth loving
                                 your NOT leaving.
Because Life is worth living
So keep breathing

Even when it’s not easy

When you hate yourself, blame yourself or lose yourself to dispair , you fall into silence. People can take your opinions and strengths and crush them when you don’t speak.
Amanda Mar 13
I'm easy to love.
Yet I am hard to be with.
My heart is so big and so full,
But my soul so empty and dark.
When I am happy my smile lights up the sky
When I am sad, I am devastated, my tears crash around me as the unstoppable thunderstorms in my eyes rage on.
I give myself wholly to you, everything I have and all that I am, completely.
The problem is when I do that there is nothing left to give myself, and I am left hollow and dim.
I will tell you how much I love you every day and show you I care with little acts of kindness.
An hour later I will find myself lashing out violently with angry hands and shouted words.
I promise I will never leave you,
I can't promise you will never want me to.
I am easy to fall for,
But I am hard to stay with.
I don't usually write freeverse but here is what I am feeling right now.
RP Duncan Mar 5
A window is open
Wind travels free
landscape beyond what
The eye can see.

Barren and left
For nature’s destruction,
There’s nothing around
To cause an obstruction

No ocean’s commotion
Not a tree to be seen
The land was just plain
Nothing was green

No love in the air
No life on the ground
No sound anywhere
There was nothing around

The window still open
As the eye peers through
Wondering what,
it has stumbled on to

Strangely this land
Reminded the eye
Of itself in a way
That it could not describe

It encompassed its feelings
as it could now tell so
it set up its home
in its homegrown hell

There's comfort in
What, we find familiar so
We choose to stick by
Things that are similar.

The eye went on living
As all beings do
Never fully seeing
What it could amount to.


A window is closed
No wind blows at all
There's nothing to see
But one standing wall

The silence now eery
As all stands still
A note lay upon the wall’s

“I realize now as I draw my final breath
That the life I have lead,
Is similar to death”
My first poem, written in a Dr. Seuss like fashion.
Danial John Feb 25
It's time
I'm ready to die
I've figured it all out
I'm ready to end it now
I don't want your pity
sindy Feb 14
You can't stab and apologie,
You can't say bad words and take them back,
You can't make me say something and then say you are sorry to force me,
You can't make me believe you are perfect and then take it all back,
You can't say you are sorry when it's too late.
You can't, that's it.
When a woman get hurt by her husband, she often says that she knew the relation was bad since the beginning and she did not get out early enough. Don't make the same mistake
CA Smith Feb 7
Just passing through,
simply to absorb the wonderful view.

What a pleasure it can be,
strolling through a forest on a Sunday afternoon.
Airned Jan 29
The ultimate emotion
One that is over complicated by the populous
"It's the hardest thing you'll ever do"
"You're never sure if you do somedays"
"It hurts"
Neither of those are true
Love is not the hardest thing
Its as easy as breathing
When you feel it, its finite and you don't question it
Even if emotions can be a mystery to you
Love is always a constant
Love is not painful
Its the most beautiful thing
It does not harm
Harmful things are sometimes claimed to be done in the name love
But if they hurt, then its not love.
Love is unquestionable
If you feel it, you won't question it.
You'll know in your gut its true.
If someone says "Loving you is hard sometimes"
Then odds are they don't love you as much as they claim
If the love you feel only garners nothing but pain
Then it may not be love after all
If you are unsure you love a person, if you say "I think I do"
Then you don't.
Because loving someone is as easy as can be.
Pretending to is hard.
Don't sell yourself short with love. It isn't as hard as you are led to believe. You always deserve the best, not subpar, with love.

For the individual looking for mood, or just a new song to rock out to: "Open Your Eyes" - The Raconteurs
The measure of worth
depends on the man
Doing his best
and all that he can
Gauges and weights
aligned in the mind
Self worth defined
in a manner unkind
Gold weights you down
as exactly would lead
Knowing the difference
never easily done
but, so easily said
Talk is cheap, and actions, speak louder :D
Brought forward, from the past.
Florivee Dec 2017
Maybe, people only loved the easy parts of me;
the shallows;
the circumstance where they don't struggle.

But it's okay,

I always forbid entry every time someone tries to come near the deep borders of my soul, anyway.
Lin Dec 2017
Get up.
Get dressed.
Go to school.
Come home.
Go to Sleep.
Easy as pie!

A schedule right in front of you!
Easy to do!
Follow the steps and you’ll be fine!
Easy as pie!

But you are human.
You think,
And feelings overtake.
Easy as pie?

I don’t think.
Still playing around with my style.
Life isn’t easy. We just have to fight through it, even when we feel like giving up. Right?
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