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Denise Uy Sep 9
easy to tap the letters
easy to insert a laugh
easy to type i love you
easy to lie
easy to fake apologies
but it's hard to be real
how cowardly i get in real life. legit easy because online
Mya Sep 1
Seeing you again was amazing
But seeing you talk to every one
Except me
Was not easy
It was hard
To not just hide in a stall
And just cry
Nivine Nahli Aug 29
I need you to hear me.
Save me, protect me.
I need you to watch over me.
No one else will.

Grandma, heal me.

I love you Grandma.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 19
One can never be friends with the devil.
Just as he smiles easily, he can toss
you in the oven.
The wise words of my mother loool!
Lyn xxx
Alicia Major Aug 7
I look for you in his blanket stares
easily glancing past his flesh hungry fangs
tonight I'm not food
I can't be

it is mid July but I am shivering from December's past
holding onto subtle soft gazes
as if they weren't just accidents
as if they weren't the moment before a blink
when you're really not forming an emotion
I hold on to those as if after the blink your eyes are not ravenous
to me those are December eyes
to me those are not his eyes
I beg for them to be your eyes
soft even when they're wide open

but it is warm and his eyes are sharp
and I am the effortless hunt
I wandered, wounded to his doorstep
and although he was still full from dinner
I became a routine late night snack

haven't even thought about writing in months but this poem literally just leaped out of my heart cavity
anna Aug 6
you knew i liked you
but we had become so close as friends
that when you asked me out i hesitated
i didn’t want to ruin everything.
not again.

we went out anyways.
i kept my distance,
but ended up regretting it -
i was into you and
that was that.

i fought my nerves and
confronted you about my feelings.
you didn’t want a relationship,
you were leaving soon and
couldn’t commit

but you liked me too
and didn’t want to do nothing about it.
friends with benefits
you suggested.
that didn’t seem like me
but maybe it was exactly what i needed
i agreed
under the conditions that
nothing hurt our friendship

we went out again.
you didn’t know if we should,
you thought it didn’t seem like me
i agreed
i’m sentimental
why do i have to be so sentimental

later you said you wanted to kiss me
and i really wanted to kiss you too
so we did.
it felt passionate and intimate
i felt closer to you.
a couple weeks went by
no talk about it.

i confronted you again.
i couldn’t give myself
to someone i’m not dating
you wanted more than kissing
or you wanted nothing at all
you didn’t want me to regret anything
that i did with you
i wasn’t sure what i wanted.

i said we should
test the waters
so i said you could touch me
i felt i needed to experience new levels of
physical intimacy
with someone i trusted.
that someone was you.

until you grew impatient of
my virginity
you cut off our deal
insisting it had nothing to do with me
that’s my problem
you said.
i said it’s fine, our friendship is most important.
it is most important.
i could never risk losing you that way

something still twisted inside my gut
at what you said
i thought you wanted to be intimate with me
because you liked me for me
you just wanted somebody -
some body-
to give you that easy lay.

but i wouldn’t give myself up that easily
you couldn’t handle it
you were done with me
i felt like i was less than a person to you
a person i had trusted with
everything i am.
Sachiko Jul 29
You are the loneliest person that I’ve ever met.
You looked at my eyes being brave,
But I only saw you were afraid.
You talked too much about things that I’ve never asked.
Did you mean to tell me?
Or you were scared if I asked you cannot hide?
You seemed to be strong, but the truth is you are fragile than anyone else.
Are you ready to reveal who you are?
I am afraid to trust a person like you.
Someone like you like playing games.
It’s much easier, right?
Rather than being quite true to yourself.
Once, you’ve told me I was afraid to be judged,
Honestly, we all are. I am and you too.
We are all scared in this world who easily criticize little details.
However, you are coward.
You just simply get away.
And suddenly you stopped running away.
When you saw the shadow you became calm,
For you, It was a light of hope.
A sudden relief to reveal yourself without worry.
Should I feel happy? Or it was only another scheme.
I wrote this for the person who came into my life for a short while. He don't trust easily to anyone, but he started to act different to me. And then I was looking at him and I know I felt right away that he was just lonely and broken.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 23
slight fright in the wind
flashed past my eyes
easy fear and anxiety
a desert in the soul and heart

faint light of the dark
the cold is felt fleetingly
slight fear
but only one moment of happiness

Amanda Jul 23
Lay beside me, wasting my time,
You've done this the last four years,
Showing a sliver of the lovely creature you were,
You have become the epitome of my greatest fears.

What I'm saying is you are only half-there,
Your partial absence drives me insane,
My tender heart too attatched to you,
You make a mess of my brain.

You only think about yourself,
Lacking the strength to look beyond your veil of smoke,
A planet of people exists who are scared to lose you,
Their fear does not bother you, so concern you provoke.

When you are feeling like nobody cares,
Having a bad day, bad week,
When you do not want to take another breath,
Remember life is valuable, though for now you are weak.

Tell me there isn't a point anymore,
Just don't know how to make you see,
You are loved, should be aware of your beauty,
I feel your hesitation, insecurity.

I sense that I am no longer helping growth,
Maybe we need a reality check,
This is not a proper way to live,
Transforming into an emotional wreck.

I think about you, I come unglued,
Still remember who you used to be,
How your skin tasted before the holes,
When your laughter was more than a remote memory.

Outside our cell a world is waiting,
Reality becoming distressingly clear,
Someone who is unwilling will not change,
I know this yet an invisible chain holds me here.

Dangerous game we play for two,
Do you miss leading me astray with lies?
I followed you everywhere, wish I had known,
Your sight was as blind as my blindfolded eyes.

Profound power possessed in your palm,
You hold my puppet strings,
Anchored by dreams and twisted promises,
Delicately, my strength swings.

Ambitions hardly holding on,
Changing into a shape you choose,
Break me into your "perfect" girl,
You ran my well dry til there was nothing left to use.

Is it me you desire, or what I have to give?
Do you love my body or soul?
The only reason you have tolerated my mind so long,
Is because I made it easy for you control.
I feel so stupid now for trusting you.
Scarlett Jul 16
I pretend i'm fine,
but i'm not.
It's as easy and as hard as that.
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