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i love how you just easily choose to do things that make me happy, like wearing that shirt i like or saying i'm beautiful all the time.
Don't ask why are people acting like that.
Everyone have own reason.
Just accept this fact, everyone is different.
And your life get easy.
why can't things be easier by now?
I can't be a fighter forever
for once
I want someone
who will fight for me.
Lace Sep 22
Love used to
Love used to
be hard.
Love used to
scare me.
Love used to
make me cry.
Loving you
doesn't hurt.
Loving you
isn't hard.
Loving you
doesn't scare me.
Loving you
doesn't make me cry.
Loving you
is easy.
Love isn't
what it used to be.
Love is no longer
Why was it so easy.?
To fall in love with you
To give myself up to you
To give you everything
I gave you almost it all
The little I had
What I’ve had to offer
To others... it may not be much
But, to me, I gave you my world
My insight in life
My belief
And my heart
Now,  since it was so easy
How easily will you take care of me ?
Handle me with care
It was so easy for me to love you
Although you are not weary at all
Easy is the way my heart can be carried
A burden
But not too much to handle
Is it because I am still nothing?
I am nothing compared to you.
But as easy as it was,
I will do all in my will...
To be easy to love.
Just by you.
To you I belong. To the love of my life. ~H
Aurora Camet Sep 11
Life isn't simple.

Nothing is ever easy.

When was it easy?
Who ever said anything was easy?
Don't worry yours will come to you.
No yours will left.
It's easy.
Yeah, You're really easy to write about. Some people are hard to capture. Not because they aren't 'deep,' but because they just don't have that thing. That thing that makes you turn your head around again becuase you just want to have another look at those eyes. Maybe this will help explain. You have people, and some of those people are really good at writing. And some aren't. Now imagine if you take a really good writer, and someone who struggles with it, to write a poem that captures the beauty and feeling of, for example, a broken window. Someone who's good at writing, good at seing the beauty and the broken in things, can write it down with so much ease. On the contrary, someone who doesn't see it, it's way harder to write everything just about right down. I feel like I'm one of those people who can turn everything into poetry. And you said, you never expected someone to write about you. But I know, and I'm sure of it, that if you ever met another poet, they'd write about you too. Because every poet I know, would turn their head around too.
I sound stupid af but this dumb **** needed to get out.
Nova Sep 3
I love it when the words
Just click into place.
Just like that!
Isn’t it great?
Oskar Erikson Aug 20
kiss me so the vines in my veins can snake out to hold you
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