Our love is easy...
          Like kisses over scars.
Ruby 4d
People seem to think that poetry is easy. Just a few lines of a certain topic and you're done. But poetry is more than that.

It's the feelings of a writer
The truth in a lie
A subtle hint

It's the painting of a story
A mix of color and life
The perspective of a man

It's the melody of the heart
The sound of life
That constant beat

It's the thoughts of the quiet
From fanciful to fact
The deepest notion
Improptu hahahah
Jo Barber Jun 3
Tastes good, doesn't it?
The fire burns your throat
as you chug a shot down.
The taste ain't sweet,
but the feeling sure is.
The drunker you get,
the higher you float.

"Can life always feel this good?"
The answer's no,
but you refuse to accept it.
Jo Barber Jun 2
I wish I could show you.

Sun bounces off leaves,
hopping from branch to branch,
reflecting across the whole world.
Flowers bloom - red, blue, and green,
sending succulent scents to you and to me.

This soft breeze,
floating from the bay,
blows all my troubles away.

Book in lap,
Coffee in hand,
Please understand -

if I always felt this way,
life would walk with a much sweeter sway.
Amanda May 28
If only dreams could continue forever
Endlessly glide through night
How merciless it is to be awakened
At morning's glowing light

In dreams there is never sorrow
Confusion, guilt, or heartache
Dreams are a subconscious movie
Our minds decide to make

Every twist and fork you encounter
On roads that lead to nowhere
Are just choices your mind invents
And are metaphors for somewhere

Dreams are flush with easy rhymes
You always find a friend
It's saddening that every dream
Eventually has to come to an end
Except nightnares, those I think we can all agree are better when ended.
The boy is done
He had his fun
But now it’s time
To go to bed

And when the sun
Comes up again
Day’s begun
He’ll have more fun
Lyn-Purcell May 19
How easy it is to remember someone
only to be slapped with the reality
that they are no longer
A sad truth....
Amanda May 18
Life is a difficult journey
A roaming isolated trail
Sometimes you triumphantly succeed
Sometimes you are gonna fail.

There is no way around it
There are curves and twisty bends
It is a roller-coaster ride
Until the day the madness ends.

Sorrows come along with smiles
Tears may arrive with laughter
There are a few lies in every single
"Happily ever after."

You might trip or stumble
Sometimes you have to fall
There are moments when you hate it
Times you will not care at all.

This path is one worth taking
Wounds will slowly heal
It will take you to a place
Happiness is easy to feel.
I'm still travelling i suppose
sara May 14
I didn't want to see the signs so
I turned off all the light and smiled,
with rose-tinted shards stuck in my eyes,
I did anything for an easy life.
It is what it is and it was what it was
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