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Viseract Jan 31

Let me pick up my Rifle and go to war
Let bullet cases flood the floor
I cant take the hit

Left to roam in No Man's Land
Stranded here, once again
Sharp blades and dulled wits

Let's go to war,
Let's go to war,
Jump back in and settle the score!

I'm left to bleed

Let love receed

I'll drop my gun
Surrender or should I just run?

Fire, fire, caught in crossfire
Taking shots but who's the liar?
I don't care anymore

Take a side, take my side
Together we can make this right
I'm done if I wasn't before!

Let's go to war
Let's go to war
Pull the pin and hear the roar!

Just keep me out

I'm trapped in doubt

You see my scars
Havent you had enough?

Get your hands off me

Blood paints the scene

With voices raised
And desperate hands gripping the cage

Warzone, you hold me close
Making anger known, in lonely echoes
A rush of rage I can't contain
I hate the way you look at my face!

Warzone.... Warzone... Warzone!

Battlefields, of long lost fights
And bunkers, that hide the light
Machine guns, that spit out spite
And planes with bombs off in the night

It's all a Warzone! Up in my head
Point of contact to strike me dead
A warzone, I try to leave
But my demons force me down to my knees...
Viseract Jan 31
We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
We threw it all away

The rain came racing from the storm
On divided lands, reborn
I saw the Sun again
She smiled and showed her face
Then grew shy and turned away

The clouds above let fall the sharps
The hail fell and killed the lark
I saw a puff of smoke
Then felt the death of hope
And knew something was, gone

I see it all the time
Every scar and every line
Every claw and every fight

And everybody knew
But no-one was to move
And overcast the night took bloom

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
And that was a mistake

I felt a shadow on my shoulder
And felt the night grow colder
I could see clear as day
The resolution in her face
She couldn't stand the pain

A hand of anger gripped my soul
And I knew, for it was old
I'd felt this way before
Every time I left that door
My old friend Rage, I bring you forth!

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
So we dig under our skin

A shallow smile upon my flesh
Red and tan, nice and fresh
Because it hurts to be glad
When all elements make you mad
And you're left to pick the trash

It burns to feel the cold.
Netted by it we've been, sold
Just another failed escape
Another rearing snake
Another goose to chase

I know how old this all becomes
For years now, I've grown numb
Opened traps and screaming pipes
This garden of delight
Easy kindling, set alight

The past comes up to go down
Painted clowns to hide the frown
I'm sick of this circus
Totally ******* worthless
Clueless to my hurting

And oh the beating heart of hate
Fuels the lungs of twisted fate
And now I'm finally free
Rid my mind from toxicity
I am human, watch me, bleed

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
I can't seem to give a ****
And now I've finally hit "**** it"!

I am a member of the broken
My battle scars prove that I'm hopeless
I wish all my pain today
Could finally be erased
Without me digging my own grave

I wish all my pain today
Could be left in yesterday
So I can finally get my way
Viseract Oct 2018
People say I'm intense and aggressive
Not camping, just scampering, rampant
I'm too quick to take care and I'm helping
The message is **** bent on answering
All of your questions so let up the pressure!

Chat, chat, chat and you think you're all that
Talk some smack just so you can get back
Launch an attack on the boy in black
That boy so sad he makes me mad
That boy is trash have you seen his raps?
He's so **** suss I really wanna clap
Left right, goodnight, put him in the spotlight
And scrutinise like I have that right

Aye, I bet you think you know me
When all you've seen is nothing really
Yeah, bet it turns you green
To know that I'm better than what you carelessly,
Push away, in rage, that's cute, so sweet
When you stay, enraged, by your own heartbeat.
When you fake til you make and that's why you grin
Guess you don't know that to lie is to sin

Yeah I was the kid who got left out and yes I was the kid who'd always doubt
I was the kid who had no friends and I was the kid who'd get left til the end
Chosen for games as the last called name,
If I couldnt be avoided like I carried black plague,
But look at me now, I stand so proud, and if you try to take this from me I will knock you down!

I bring the rain and you brought pain
So I gave it back like, keep the change
Hate it when you take it
Hypocritically making
Bad choices lately, despise me for saying

So you sneak like a snake and talk behind my back
But it never really cut me so I wouldn't say backstabbed
You never really mattered so I'll be fine
You can drown in your ball pit of lies

While I raise the storm and I right the wrong
While I pave the way and still remain calm
The black dog follows and hounds at my feet
But I am electric you can't bite me!


You could call me Zeus I'm lightning when I move


I'm a Godlike youth that you dream to pursue

Bolt from the clouds comes crashing down
Charging the air like a love affair
Handle with care? I was kicked down the stairs
They called me Zaps so be aware!

That's spaz backwards! Ha! So funny
Now that I'm electric I guess it means something
Now that I write hectic I guess it means cunning
Yeah I'm spastic with my bars but I'm shocking and I'm stunning

You wish you had the talent to grasp words with magnets
And have the power to change the charge like its only magic
And link negative to its own, and vice versa
Take a slasher of a song and make verbal ******

Call out the curses, fill them with hurt and close all your curtains, the sunlight is burning

Go outside and raise your head to the sky
Dark clouds race to claim it all as mine!


Was the reject now I'm relevant

Yeah, Stormbringer

It's no dead ringer I was always a winner

Call me a sinner, I eat y'all for dinner
Those who call me a quitter, make claims that I never
Will get any better, when I'm rising forever
When I'm using my head and I'm light as a feather

I told you my name, don't use it in vain,
I gave you my hand, you can't do the same
So trust is reversed and storms start to churn
When I raise my voice it's a third degree burn!

I gave it non-stop what more could you want
When voices persist I'm getting *******
Continual fights and TV highlights
It took me a while but now I realise

Now I realise,
Now I realise!

I'm the Stormbringer....

Stormbringer, your head's like a spinner
Gasping for air, I crushed your throat from a distance, so killer, killer, killer...

Killer, killer, killer...

I shout out and you twirl around
Rotating one-eighty like you're an owl
You look at me foul like a fowl out of bounds so
This is just something for which you're renowned
Back in the day when you used to clown
Now that I'm clowning you're the one running around
What have I done? This isn't fun!
Come at me strong, or come at me none

Back in your cage, the one that you made when you went insane and told me to stay,
Never have I ever followed in your ways
Never would I ever listen to you persuade

You'd need some skill, and not fumble your speech
I've seen examples, week after week
Calling me out saying that I'm a creep
When I used to feel to get by I must sneak

Now the tides turned, I'm friends with Poseidon
I'm a demigod and you're just a pirate
Plundering the ***** of your best mates
What? You don't like the **** I say?


But I am no fraud
I am my own mob
I'm raising my head,
To inflict what I got!
Viseract Aug 2018
How should I begin this, declaring my regret?
Cursing all the times that I had wished we never met?
Or maybe I should just proclaim my anguish and my sorrow
That I had not forseen, that we would not quite make tomorrow

And I'm sorry for the fact that I decided I could show
The parts of me I stowed away, the seeds I've allowed to grow
The parts of me unknown to most because it claims to hold
The part of my subconscious which would like to be known

I hate it how I used you, when I didn't ******* mean to
And I hate the way I got excited to even slightly sense you
I hate the path we walk, and I hate the way we talk,
And most of all I hate myself for letting that go

I loathe the way I claim to be so happily open minded
But can't accept when I've truly ****** it
Can't accept when I've finally lost it

Hate the memories that you conjure over my face
Like the way that I act, is the bitterness that you taste

And the part that gets me most, is how I thought you could trust
But how can one bestow a faith to a monster, so ******
Im divided by the sight of my own face in the ******* mirror
I open my mouth and silently scream like I'm scared to ******* hear it

Scared of myself, so why the **** do I care?
That when I say I'm demonic, that you'd be ******* scared?
One plus one is two for you and two for me as well
So I guess I'm asking for a second chance, to be the better ****

Everybody has potential, so don't connect the dots
I am not the one you knew before in all his tempest, lost
I am not someone you know, despite the weight I tow
The recognition of my pain, and I know you think you know

But you don't, because here I am not so long after
Proclaiming all was over like a town shred by disaster
Destruction may be caused, and distrust where I never was,
But even nature overgrows the bombs we throw, we fly, we let go

Even friendship overthrows the venom I caused...

I'm sorry... just let me try my hand
You don't need to trust me, coz I already understand
You got skeletons in a closet, and I'm a high pressure faucet,
And I'll be waiting right here because I know I can't force it...
I suppose there's not much more to say, other than I miss you and I wish that I had stayed, but it's up to you I guess... Am I solid or will I fade? I regret the **** I said, I didn't listen to what you said...
Viseract Aug 2018
Toxic paradise, the land of the plastic,
Where beauty is painted and smiles are elastic
A planet that's built on staying youthful,
While we lie and we stab, and we're far from truthful

How can we tell the next generation this?
We're all outcasts yet we cast out the misfits
It's a bit suspicious, a name on a bad list,
Naughty or nice, doesnt work, won't exist...

There's just a blank canvas, hanging on the mantle
Above a dusty fireplace, with the light of a candle
Hope is kindling, so spark our dying fire
And watch us all get high on the smoke of hope's pyre

I didn't ask for this,
I didn't want to turn to you
But I guess the time has come,
Step to the looking glass and see the truth

Oh, such bitterness...
Stemming from an old abyss
With withered lips,
I'll curse you with a pity kiss...

***** winds, along the shore,
Here marks dead, the lonely crows caw
I cannot seem to sleep,
With the messenger of Him, waiting to reap

I see, what you won't,
And I feel, what you don't.
You came here, searching for more,
But all you found was a chemical

Up it goes, so lonely now,
Everything is warped and you're slow to sound
Curse afflicted, curse is addictive,
And when the bad days come you know you're protected, oh...

I didn't ask for this,
I didn't want to turn to you
But I guess the time has come,
Step to the looking glass and see the truth

Oh, such bitterness...
Stemming from an old abyss
With withered lips,
I'll curse you with a pity kiss...

Rot is plenty, not yours to perceive
Falling victim to your greed
Painful, true, but it's not to you,
Just the cause of a fallen few

She comes swift now heed her gift,
Bottoms up when she gave you this
Whiskey on the rocks and you're gone again,
Slumped on the table like you lost a friend.

In a way, suppose you have
Now the whiskey is down and it's all so sad
Poor me, pour me one more
And I'll go stumbling out this door

I didn't ask for this,
I didn't want to turn to you
But I guess the time has come,
Step to the looking glass and see the truth

Oh, such bitterness...
Stemming from an old abyss
With withered lips,
I'll curse you with a pity kiss...

Curse me, hurt me,
Doesn't matter what you do
Curse me, hurt me
In a toxic world with a beauty feud
Artificial relief from the witches cauldron we boil in
Viseract Aug 2018
It's like you see beyond the glimmer in my eyes
It's like you're able to look right through my faulty smile
It's like you see right past the parts of a different time
It's like you gaze into the depths and see two of a kind

It's like I seem to be to you as clear as the sky
Whenever you can't see a ******* cloud on the horizon, why?
You see the good intentions and you see the wicked ways
The water on the surface and the Devils own blaze!

I'm the master of my fate, I am not the beast in me!
I will not succumb, not be numb, to your ******* greed!
I will stay afloat, in the tides of misery!
I will make my way, and you will not **** me!

The jester we are one, the good and bad combined!
We live to entertain, but it's myself that I provide!
Laughing in despair, head lowered in pride
A contradictory conflict, and you see it in my eyes...

It's like you see beyond, the glimmer in my eyes
It's like you're able to look right through my faulty smile
It's like you see right past the mask behind which we will hide
It's like you gaze into the depths and see our dead divide...
Viseract Aug 2018
If I'd a dime for every rhyme
That popped inside my head
Wishing plague and misery
To **** what is already dead

Then perhaps some day, should I have my way
I'd bring silence to the lambs
**** it's bleating, end it's breathing
And let me rest amongst the ******

We cursed few do mock the blessed
We dance on your very grave
If only you saw perspective
You'd know there's none to save!

Time, time and time again
You promised to make change
And now my mind won't SHUT UP
It knows that I'm to blame!

I did this, I did that
I know what wicked ends
Have forged the stage of sorrows
That gave you all there was left

With piggy eyes and snuffling pride
Your wretched filth, and life
Have tempted fate, as of late
Now scream, pig, and die...
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