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Saudia R Aug 1
We sit in this room
across from one another
in silence

I try to look at everything
but you

I feel your eyes on me

I feel them roaming
as if your hands are on my body

how is that even possible

it's as if you're right beside me
grazing your fingers where they please

Your lips following their trail

lingering here and there
exploring every dip and hollow

The room feels so tight
this tension is something I can't explain
this silence so deep

I feel so restless
I want to burn something
break something

I chance a glance
and our eyes collide


what is this feeling
how can something feel so hot

I try to look away
but I'm frozen

I wait
But your eyes are still on mine

A silent challenge

You get up and leave the room

And I follow
Wyatt Jul 20
I see the classist
who fuels the masses.
Community, dreams
buried under taxes.
Who decides what passes
and what won't go?
You cling to morals,
yet you strike so low.
Distant pipe dreams,
we reach for the jaw
that binds us, blinds us
under authoritarian law.

Cocaine under our noses,
but they're still raised.
Scoffed, but scuffed.
Wrought, but tough.
Why do we wallow
in the dirt
yet we still look above?
"Pick a side,
you can't wait in the middle.
Can't overlook,
you're apart of the visual."
We're panicked in the wake of this.
"You're either the talk of the show
or the mistake that makes the art ugly."
In hate the people unite,
separated as we ignite.
It's unforgivable.
Classism will be the death of us all, it's unforgivable.
Tsunami Jul 4
Sometimes when I miss someone
I feel it catch in my throat
Something between a whimper
More of a cough and a choke
Fireflies flutter in my pulmonary cavities
My ribs are the lantern
Caging my fatalities
As they burn from their expansions.
Igniting even the darkest of nights
They flicker off
One by one
i choke
Greg Jones Jun 13
Let’s get lost, but first we gonna dress up.
But first, love, here’s a heads up.
If you leave here with that sexy black dress
I might have to put your legs up.
Let’s get lost, don’t even tie your hair up.
No make-up, keep it bare love.
You got the kind of look they only write about in books,
Were you even aware love?
Let’s get…

Oooh, it’s the way you glow,
The city’s gonna ignite.
You burnin’ up this moonlight.
Oooh, you just have to know
We headin’ to a hyper night.
You know this feels right.

Power Plant Live, up in Mosaic taking shots of patron
You whispered to me “I think I’m alive again.”
Another round from the bar let’s get revived again.
Seduction all in your eyes and I just can’t defend.
Moving from your waist down to your thighs.
You pressed up against me in reply.
You said “You wanna see me dance on the bar?”
Now I’m taking pics of you dancing on the bar.
The room’s full but it’s just me and you.
You throwin’ signals I can’t misconstrue.
I’ve seen that smile before, I think it’s deja vu.
The time of your life, you were overdue.
We came to get lost but found another view.
You shaking those hips giving me a preview.
Electric lips encourage me to pursue.
We gotta bid adieu so I can give you the….

Oooh, it’s the way you glow
That makes the room ignite.
We gotta exit stage right.
Oooh, it’s the way you glow
You got me in a hyper night.
We gonna be up all night.

Let’s get lost
In hyper night.
Rose May 28
Who am I?
To You?
Do you only see silky skin,
    with hair that wraps around you,
        with slow curves,
             little freckles,
                 and warm eyes
      or do you see my soul,
          do you see how it ignites?
Do you feel the beat
        of my heart,
ready to leap,
craving life and it’s glow.
Do you feel my ache?
the burn of marks
        left by careless lovers.
Do you care?
Or am I just another token
        in your jar?
this is for the man that i can feel that i'm flying with, but in every moment i wonder if all i am is just a pretty face.
Rose May 28
Nature is, what you are not.
It’s fires swallow up forests;
so new life can bloom again,
while the ocean will take back beaches;
when land grows too greedy.
River waters rush and churn,
so only the strong can grow
with the power of evolution.
You burn so soft,
as not to wake the dark, but,
your fire will wither out,
for faint flames-
stand no chance against the wind.
You won’t move forward,
yet you won’t move back,
for fear of rocking the boat.
I say,
let the waters rise,
burn through the weak,
and I will rock this damn ship.
I say,
let's take a swim,
and let the water flip and carry us away;
for you won’t get far on the shore.
I sit and let the storms rage on,
for I’m a tornado of my own.
I just hope you’ll learn that peace,
doesn’t always get the job done.
Take a risk,
rock this damn canoe
and you’ll finally find how to breath.

Sincerely yours,
Raging Fire
Inspired by so many around me that can't seem to let loose and understand that at some point you have to take a stand.
fika May 12
ignite a love that breaks open my heart
to new heights.
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