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Jeremy Betts May 23
Something doesn't feel right, could be that my head isn't ******* on tight
Could be that, try as I might, the absence of light shrouds the line between wrong and right
Hiding in plane sight but fright often forces the eyes closed, a blind plight
Never found the passion to ignite
Didn't think it possible to gaslight ones self outta spite
Never shined bright enough to conquer or at the very least scatter this proverbial night
Narrow vision and bad eyesight was my faley alright
Hit and fell through my rock bottom with the force of a meteorite
Bobbed instead of weaved and lost the fight, but not contrite
Many issues I'd like to extradite back to their day of origin, with new insight I'd like a full rewrite

Nienke Sep 2023
you can do it
ignite the rain
wash it all away
Man Jul 2023
Memoirs of dead men;
I wonder of future generations,
Like those I have met.
As to my own destiny,
Why let the question phase me?
This labor of love, that
Life, I wish to live selfless-
And be great, anonymous.
Shadow the dark, and shine light
Radiate through the night
That, of your conscience.
Wakeup, & look around;
This is war, not merely fight-
For all that is just and right,
Stand-up, don't just die.
The fuse is sparked, the fire ignite:
Spread your wing and take flight.
Strying Jul 2022
my eyes still burn
from the last time we locked them
you and I are like
everyone and everything around us
trying to extinguish us
but our eyes
they meet and make a forest fire
they meet and planets explode
it's like there's nothing else
keeping me from moving on
except for the way our eyes
used to ignite at a mere glance.
a forced broken love story
inspiration was my life but also "I burn for you" from Bridgerton
i was about to give up and stop
stop looking for someone and accept the fact
the fact that i would be alone for a while
a while without the warmth of another soul
another soul like yours igniting a spark
a spark in the deepest part of my heart
Danica Jan 2022
A deep conversation with heaven
Unspoken words and sorrows
Emanate from my fountain pen
Igniting my creative flows

-talking to the moon about you
Jme Love Oct 2021
Their lips touch
Creating a spark
Igniting the flame
Burning deep within
The ultimate sin
Fires burn
Losing control
Flesh on flesh
Lighting the soul
Flames dance
In rhythm
Fueling the fire
Little ***** of gasoline
Exploding at the perfect time
Opening hells gates
The fire escapes
Flames light the midnight sky
Lighting a cigarette
The fire slowly dies
Until next time
LC Oct 2021
we begin our reunion
with soft, sultry, glowing eyes.
then my fingers ignite his skin
until hungry, crackling fire
consumes our passionate souls.
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