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Let's ignite together ...

let's fall my love ...
in love ...
let me be free ...
my love ...
from poetry and speech ...
and walk on your body ...
with it's all parts ...
with my sweet  fingertips ...
until the morning ..
crazily diving ...
with no counting for time ...
just sensing ...
feelings ...
while we do ...
yes darling ...
let me ...
be your night ...
until morning ...
sharing you with me ...
with no talks ...
only our bodies talk ..
as it needs ...
let's get free together ...
sweetheart ...
in this night ...
to make our bodies ..
get the most wonderful groans ...
while we do ...
a sweet love ...

let's ignite together ...
this night ..
our night ...
and all nights ...

hazem al ..
Payton Feb 24
Sometimes, I am afraid of falling so totally and completely in love with you.
I know you wouldn't hurt a hair on my head and you wouldn't dare tear apart my feelings.
But I am afraid of loosing you and that fear, alone is far stronger than any magic you can do to ignite this flame inside of me.
This poem was written in 2016.
Kama Feb 20
No more poems
No more poems

About love unrequited
This spark between us finally ignited

Two actors holding hands
Unaware of where we stand

It was worth the wait
It was worth the wait
Iska Sep 2020
All things grow. I want to be the catalyst to so many things. To be the spark that breaths the fire back into your lungs. I want to entice others to chase their biggest dreams. I want to be the spark that ignites your soul. To cause you to fall in love with life it’s self.
Burn so bright you can't remember what the dark felt like
Laokos Sep 2020
you've never been
more beautiful
than when i
don't know you

all that
hidden skin
raw furnace

every drop
of light that
kisses your
is an invitation
to rise
like the
sun and shower
you in

every orbit
of your
celestial body
my flames
to lick and
as we spin
through each


so close

threaten my
with eruption
as you
pass by

tipped *******
twelve o'clock
on top
of orchid
petaled hips
perfuming my
garden of

i want to
do to you
what the
bee does
to the lily
Cyril May 2020
I have met love behind a blaze of fire
A pretty face bathed in warm light;
glowing like beacon
in the stillness of the night
Then came her gaze
like a peaceful lightning strike

Veiled in modesty
as she appears in plain sight
She, a velvety sculpture
yet rigid to touch
A shallow man is nothing
but a fool to her desires
I have met love
and her heart burns with mine
Inspired from the movie "Portrait of a Lady on Fire"
Aaron Gubang Apr 2020
Once her sadness forgets the pain of every miserable day, her smile starts to bloom again into its ethereal form like a paradise that had just been found.

Seeing your genuine happiness makes me feel alive. Your warm touch keeps my soul ignited. It's as if my soul wants to flow and rekindle your lost flame.
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