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Bloop poems Sep 23
the doctor said i should take one in the morning and id feel better
enjoy the thing i used to

so here i sit looking through the drafts and the things i left unsaid
things in them sound like me but reading them now im not sure how i even thought up the words that got placed in the spots they did

he said id have the energy to want to get better

its nice not to hurt but the numb is hard to write bout
how do you write about something that is empty
and foggy like an early winter day
the cold that you feel inside your bones

my therapist says its normal to miss something you loved
is it wrong to miss the hurt i once had

the hurt that felt like a bit of cold old fries
or a worm laying on the hot sidewalk
even the though hurt was excruciating and lonely

it lest i had something to write about
something someone else has felt but didn't have the words for
Mackenzy Sep 15
Outside I’m a bright,
golden ray of happiness,
living a life sweeter than a sʻmore.
Cheerful family of four,
laughter roaring through the house,
life filled with dreams coming true.

Yet I can hardly bear to face another day.
My only desire is nothing,
complete silence.

I wouldn’t have to pretend to feel loved,
I wouldn’t have to pretend to be happy,
I wouldn’t have to pretend to have hope,
I wouldn’t have to pretend anymore.

I wouldn’t have to feel cold, wet
tears dripping down my face
in the middle of the night,
As I gasp for air,
In my sinking pit of despair.

Complete silence is what I ask.
Void of sound,
Drifting through the starlit skies,
Finally being able to go home
To Father.

Why do I stay?
Why do I live?
Why don’t I give up?
Why don’t I die?

Reasons to stay outweigh
Reasons to go,
But one day that’s not going
To be enough.

The stench of lies,
Of smoke,
Rushes to my head.
Silver becomes red.

Attempts to feel,
Something, anything.
Futile in the end.

Only way for happiness is
A bottle of complete silence
Which comes with
the price of one’s life.
Mackenzy Sep 10
Being content and happy is the rule
Break it once, become a fool
Break it twice, now you're on your way to school
With a bottle of dreams and a sonnet full of goodbyes,
I wish you well my friend,
Your goodbye was with a silent choice
and the beautiful lies you sang with your voice.
Goodbye my friend
It was my victory in the end,
I followed the rule, but became a fool,
So I took some dreams to school
With my sonnet of rainbows and smiles,
I finally got my wings.
Goodbye my friend,
This is the end.
eli Sep 10
Everything hurts
the only thing keeping me going most of the time
is the pills prescribed to me

I don't want to do this anymore

im tired
Jasmine Reid Sep 4
i swallowed a pill today.
a happy pill, the others said.

i felt no joy, only my pain.
so i took two the next day.

still no change,  they said
it could take a few days.

so i took another pill today.
and i feel like it's stuck in my throat
Claudius Sep 1
"I am tired"
Yet I light the cigar again
"I am tired"
Yet I am five shots in again
"I am tired"
Yet I take another happy little pill too soon
I am starting to wonder what kind of tired I am
Struggling with addictions yet again
Ticking time bomb friends

Will lay themselves dead

Before you can understand

What's going through their head.

Death filled minds

With death dripping hands

Might include you

In their end of life plans.

You'll see the knife wounds

Cross hatching chests

You'll see the pills

That one day will put them to rest.

Death filled minds

With death dripping hands

Might include you

In their end of life plans.

They'll show you razors,

Knives and blood.

You'll never ask why

They'll never mention it again.

You'll excuse the rope you find

Filling up corners

You'll ignore sturdy beams

With chairs underneath them.

You won't think twice

When they ask for one bullet.

Maybe you'll be the one to put it

In ticking time bomb hands.

Death ridden minds

With death dripping hands

Might include you

In their end of life plans.

It's not your fault.

How could you have known?

You've made an art out of ignoring.

You assume the blood and gore meant


It was just a bad night.

It's not your fault.

How could you have known?

It's not like you've lost

Every other one you've known.

It's okay.

It's really not your fault.

You can never stop

Death ridden minds

With death dripping hands.

You can never help

Your ticking time bomb

Falling down the rabbit hole
Endless darkness engulfs me
Is this my eternity?

A back slams ******* the ground
It must be mine
My body vibrates from the impact
Have I finally fallen back into reality?
H E L P?
Eating pills like candy
Sweet and tangy
as they glide down my throat
Sunbathing on a mushroom
Taller than a skyscraper
Blisters cover my skin
Smoking hookah
With  the butterfly's from my stomach
The Pansies dwarf me
as the tulips gawk
Their shrill laughter coating my soul

With a heart that's much too small
I  bask in white roses colored with my own  blood
joining the others in outcast
the format got mad ****** up bc this site kinda ***** but its ok
Tori Schall Aug 10
I've had enough stupid games,
enough of your ******* lullabies
to sing me to sleep
when you know I lay awake staring
at my ceiling wondering
whether or not I should say '**** it'
and throw my life away,
or to say 'oh well' and suffer through
another miserable ******* day
where I have to see your face and know
that behind that smile
is a mother who
cares more for her cigarettes
than her daughters.

So no-
I'm not lending you another cent for your satisfaction.
I'm not going to nod my head along to your half-baked opinions.
I'm not going to let you walk through my life,
ruining every precious thing I have left.

because the secondhand smoke has already destroyed my body,
your words have already destroyed my mind.
I won't let the shattered pieces be picked up and swallowed like the pills that you love shoving down your ashen throat.
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