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This person has a headache,
Another’s got the flu,
Someone has a broken heart,
The other’s got a bruise.

She’s got a paper cut,
He has many scars,
Their *** is really boring,
Some dude stole the car.

One guy’s got an ache,
One girl's got a pain,
“Doctor, please prescribe us something,
strong enough to fry our brains!”

Everyone has a problem,
In our mind or on our skin.
When did life become the game
that only pills can win?
Jay May 11
ten ten ten
of a drug
is not good.
Not enough
to get high
but enough
to die from.
Hundreds of
little pills
fill my mouth
as I drift
Off to sleep.
I could use
these green pills
shelby Apr 29
my shorts stuck to the back of my thighs as I walked up the brick steps. I hear the brakes of the bus sigh as they are released.
I grab the rusted door handle and look through the spider-webbed window.
I step in and the cold air stings my face and seeks into my nostrils and travels down the back of my throat.
I see you passed out face first on the couch.
I envy the feeling you have, the sweat being dried against the cool black leather. What relief that must be
Like a cold bath after a fever breaks.
I know your fever is rising but you won't say it.

but your silence and opened pill bottles tell me everything while you're asleep.
KyleB Apr 11
I hear it
Again and again
I do not “function“
Like the rest

Every day
Is a battle
Will I hurt?
Will I move?
Nonetheless, I have to function

Even when I can‘t

I eat pills
For breakfast
Like greed personified
I swallow them - I do not chew.

I eat pills like candy but how can I help it?

My body is aching
My muscles are trembling
Is this addiction
Or is this dependence

How am I different
From someone who cant
Live without drugs
Because it causes them pain
When I eat my candies
To dull my agony

I eat pills like candy
I must be a sweet tooth
Yet I don‘t enjoy it
But others believe that I have to
my back aches
to the sound
climbing up our stairs.
run to hide all contraband
for fear of losing everything.
swallow loose pills
you remember you told me you hate me?
oh ****
its just my sister
Nicole Mar 31
Pills are a funny concept,
“Eat these and you’ll be socially inept!”
Yet as a dive into the night sky,
My imagination began to intensify.
They were my hope,  my resolution,
Inside my empty pit of corruption.

So 1, 2, 3, they were gone
A tear rolled down my cheek as I realised what I embarked on.
I began to shiver and shake the pain away,
My mother walked in as I lay, grey
“Wake up, Wake up” she whispers,
Her words were like feverish blisters,
And as she looked down me,
Head to waist,

She screeched “please don’t take my baby away”
Ronin Mar 19
you only learn to
appreciate your life
when you’re in a hospital bed
vomiting your guts out
praying to god
(you’re not even religious)
to please let you live,
just one more chance.
i’ll take care of myself from now on.

                    in silence

                                        is the world's

                                                        ­          most addictive

                                                               ­                                  substance.

        pills, drinks, syringes, lines... are just the Tools of Suffering
                for people whose prime preoccupation has become
                                   self-imposed silent suffering.

but Yoouu

                     are NOT on
                                                 that crap!

        ­                                            Sis!
      ­                                              Suffering!
I message from myself to myself. I've never been an addict but I have sat in bad situations, too hopeless to Heroine myself out. Self, let's NOT do that again!
Maha Jan 18
there is a box of pills under my bed
each one labeled something unpronounceable
and yet
amongst all these bottles
I haven't yet been prescribed reassurance.
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