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Matthew 2d
You've spent so much time on this Earth
Impulsive words that mean nothing
I'm sorry
An apology to everybody
The truth is that nobody is owed an apology for anything. Apologies are lovely when they happen. But they change nothing. They do not reverse actions or correct damage. They are merely nice to hear.
M. Karrington
Delaney Jan 31
you didn’t do anything wrong.
my heart was broken
and instead of sewing it back up,
I was trying to fix it by shoving
puzzle pieces into places they didn’t
my pain was not on you.
I wish I could go back and love you better.

-an apology
Pyrrha Jan 25
I forget many things
But I have never forgotten
The intensity of your gaze

I am wiser now, more mature
Enough to realize
That you were never to blame

I am the one
Who twisted things

I am the one
Who called you names

I am the one
Who ruined everything

I forget many things
But I will never forget
How I have wronged you

I made you the demon of my past
The starting point of all my anxiety
But really, it all started with me

This is my apology
English Jam Jan 6
Happiness staggers into a bar for the rest of the night 
Leaving us all to our own devices 
You say 
I ****
And someday I'm gonna run out of luck 
Well that's okay
And anyway
I'd be lying if I said this is heartbreak 

The pages of all your notebooks are stained with tears
Or so I've heard
But I'm not sure
You drew a little circle of black to surround you
Or so I've heard
But I'm not sure 
I'm just sorry that I ever let you through my door

Weird how we crumble apologies we never made
Sharpening words with the edge of a blade
You cut me off
I loved us cause you said you weren't like the rest
Run wild
Make believe 
Let's put that pain in my heart to the test

Lipstick kisses melt and blow away on my cheek
So goes the word
But who's too sure?
The bloodstains come from the rose we used to share
So goes the word
But who's too sure?
At the end of the day who's really sorry anymore

Worlds apart
From the start
Guess we tried to see how long it'd take
So one last time
Don't close your eyes
Just hold tight and watch this moment break
I feel like I just wrote lyrics to an indie rock song.

Oh well
Raj Agrawal Jan 16

A wave of heat rushes through your heart,
Like electricity through a power surge.
It grabs ahold of your body,
Like a demon possessing your being

Heart pounds,
Harder and harder,
Louder and louder,
Faster and faster,

You’re desperate,
Searching for a way to rid yourself of this feeling,
Anything for a way out.

What did you do that was so wrong?
Why are you so forgiving when it is not reciprocated?

The heat begins scorching your heart,
You feel the aching pain and it overpowers you
You grow darker and darker,
The heat is so powerful it leaves permanent burn marks,
It’s too much to handle,
The darkness must be stopped it before it takes full control.

You finally give in:
I’m Sorry
Erick Ramos Jan 16
A little wooden box that keeps your red lips inside,
A flower that survived the snow, and forgotten on the ground.
An apology is what I try, please don't get mad, I'll die.
A kiss that would let me guide, our secrets through the sky.

Easy to act, react but not to try, hard to be and stay alive,
A second pass, the years gone by, age awaits for no one. I,
Helpless with no glass in hand, the water falls to the ground
**** into earth to be brought back and go give birth to creature, plant.

Knock knock, I'm at your door, no one answers I might go blurt.
Desperation rises, it's got no disguises to hide away in single case.
You know I'm there, yet far away, I let you know that it's okay,
You know I came, that was my game I guess it's done just for today.
I hope you liked it, because it was a beautiful wooden box.
Carter Ginter Jan 15
I have these realizations sometimes
And somehow I'm surprised
Did you know I mistreated you
In ways you never said?

You said I didn't take you seriously
No, I didn't treat you like a person
See, even though I was raised as a woman
I was raised in a system that told me that
Women are less than
And I never believed it consciously
But my best friend at the time
Treated women like others
And the system and my surroundings
Wore off on me in ways I'm not proud of

I'm not making excuses anymore
I take responsibility for my actions
I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry
That I never listened to you
That I let him and myself
Speak to you the ways we did

It surprised me that you talked to him again
I can't help but wonder if you're friends now
Before you left you were afraid of him
I just hope you know your worth
I hope you remember you matter
Because you deserve to be respected

It took me some time and some space
To realize my mistakes
Actually it took having someone else
Experience what you put up with
And calling me out for it

But you were raised in the same system
Brought up in these twisted gender roles
I just hope you don't believe in it
Cause life is a lot better
When you don't feel invisible
I'm sorry B. I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner. The reason I'm not friends with him isn't the breakup, it's my realizing that he's problematic in ways that don't align with my values.
Kellin Jan 14
if you do still care, Lord, please keep me safe.
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