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Leah Carr Jul 16
Why can't words put back together what words have broken?
I don't know what else I can do to say sorry...
kayzamo Jun 15
Muah, muah,
I'm so sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry -
Sorry for all the sorrys.
I have to apologize for everything I do,
For who am I if not a self-acknolwedged failure?
Who am I if not a cluster of catastrophes?

My words are empty;
My apologies are emptier than loneliness.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
I said I'm sorry-
I know, but I said I'm sorry.
Please, please I wanna say sorry;
I wanna be sorry.
I know, I know...
But I'm sorry.

How do I unwind my trail of sorrys?
How damp of a marker will I need
To scratch out "sorry" from my thesaurus?
Just what will I do without my precious little word?
My sorry - my keeper, my comfort,
My obsession.
Now say that you forgive me,
Come on.
Say it, please, I'm begging you.
I need it more than life itself.

I'm so sorry.
Critiques welcomed! Thanks!
Alexa Genesis Jun 13
You hurt me
Now the table turn
is to late for apology.
Sachiko May 29
I’m sorry.
The two words that I want to hear.
But I want it to be sincere.
For the longest time,
Silence is how we communicate.
We both know feelings are hard to articulate.
When one starts to converse,
It is inevitable not to argue.
You aren’t found of sweet gestures.
I accepted the fact a long time ago.
I just want you to stay with me.
Your existence is all I need.
I appreciate silence that isn’t empty.
As I am patiently waiting,
The time comes but it’s already ticking.
It stings when I’m sorry isn’t an apology.
When it depicts goodbyes,
And probably the last farewell.
Leah Carr May 25
I don't know what you want me to say
I'm... sorry?
After the hundredth time
Those words lose all meaning
Just a collection of sounds
Just subtle vibrations in the polluted air

"Sorry" doesn't take away the pain I caused you
"Sorry" won't solve our problems
I wish a word had that power
For I don't know how to live with this
Guilt and self-hatred
Rules my every second

How are we going to overcome this?
Rachel Rae May 25
I do not love you.

I am water,
Frigid and alone,
But you are the earth,
The hole, the home
You are the fire that gets up and follows
The eyes that linger and trail
A flower that so stubbornly blooms
Between sidewalk cracks
In seasons of cloud, gloom and hail
You are the smile so easily won
The complaints so willingly swallowed
The feelings that bubbled over
And lightly, through my fingers, fell

I have long understood

I do not love you, but
I wish I could
Excerpt of "I do not love you."

Refusal turned her brokenhearted. She couldn't held
the water
drip from her
eyes. Had
her swim in
pool of her
tears. Wrestle
not with a girl,
stay aloof,
refusal hit
her harder than
any huge
cork could
make her
yell for apology.
However to
husband his
wife ought
tobe a man's
first duty all
day everyday long.
Jaxey Apr 26
you said "I'm sorry"
but were you really?
when I didn't give you
what you wanted to hear
you just left me
with more things
to forgive
"I'm sorry"
"wait, that's illegal"
My Dear Poet Apr 20
I’m sorry
for the little hidden things
I’m sorry
for the secrecy and shame
I’m sorry
for waking up too late
I’m sorry
for not prophesying the pain

I’m sorry
for this apology
I’m not sure how this can heal me
by hurting you with ‘sorry’ again
rivy Apr 11
I wanna run into the night
but I always end up tangled up in your arms
lately everywhere I turn to I bump right into you
I wanna tell you to *******
but it comes out as "I'm sorry"
lately everything I say sounds like an apology
I'm still just a kid, I'm still on my knees
begging you to love me
late night thoughts
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