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Viridian Jan 12
I wish to wipe my hands clean of what I knew
I've learnt what capabilities I have, and I've been traumatized
I don't care if the cycle is starting to repeat once more
I want to do things differently and finally save my own soul
Because the biggest capability I've found within myself
Is the power to wash away what I once known
tainted black Dec 2018
i have always
dreamed about
us meeting at
one same point
of tangency;
so close that
nothing can
pull us apart
Christmas is near and I'm here missing you.
Arke Dec 2018
Once upon a time ago,
A phoenix dared kiss a dove;
Together, wings beat with love,
With ador true, passion slow.

Phoenix of autumnal light,
Hearts collide and lit aglow.
Together, they could both grow,
Through open skies they took flight.

Once they moved in tandem, now
Still as a set sun they lay.
Easy love they did portray;
Though turtle promised no vows.

Here the anthem doth commence:
Love and constancy is dead;
Died it did when Phoenix fled,
Dove still feels a loss, immense.

Phoenix from ash is reborn;
And perfect as they hath seemed
(Like nothing could come between)
The dove from ash remains torn.

Feathers of flame and fury,
Fervor, passion, sparks ignite,
And ashes spread like a blight,
Below, dove burned to bury.

Reciprocity a dream,
With singed wings, dove died on dirt,
What remained; a numbing hurt,
Death of love is now the theme.

For True Love does not exist,
Phoenix burned the whole night through,
From turtledove they withdrew,
Love is only reminisced.

So heed this tale as warning:
Wise the owl who stands alone,
Or eagles heart, cut from stone,
Now the crows stay in mourning.
Subverting Shakespeare's poem. It never made sense that The Phoenix and The Turtle would ever be a staple of perfect love when one would burn and consume the other.
Arke Dec 2018
you aren't gone, I tell myself
just a game put on pause
a phone call on hold
I see the back of your head
a side profile in a crowded train
the faint smell of you
sweat, skin, smoke, soap
I'll join you in the eventual
when my particles disperse to night
into pavement and dirt and sky
connected to the stars
that have always smiled at you
where I long to be
trf Nov 2018
swim up six feet
forget those rings
it's been too long
bubbles make me ill
cross the plain & breathe
break the audible

inhale relief
grasp the edge
toss those rings
i feel neglected
can we still live
somewhere in between

shallow minutes
  i've lost my friend
   i've lost my friend.
six foot deep ends
  i've lost my friend
   i've lost my friend.
livin in between, earth and sky
Logan Oct 2018
My girl.

You are in the midst
of goddesses
upon a pedestal.

Chiseled stone holds
you firm atop
it's foundation.

Yet, we mere mortals
must hold committed
to the hands of time.

We damaged each other.

My guilt, your guilt
keep me slavishly
tied to my goddess.

You are on a pedestal.
Love blossoms and love ends. Sometimes it's not so easy to move on when emotions are strong.
Kapi Laur Oct 2018
Tell me, gracious
of what do you know
the girl who i was
long long ago
whose long, brown hair
danced to and fro
in weather when birds wouldn't sing

Have you heard of her
kind green eyes
an innocent heart
incapable of lies
how everyday she tries and tries
to play with those kids in the street

Did they tell you
how i used to play
before some creepy man
took my innocence away
before i cried on the floor
and prayed and prayed
that someone would come and save me

Do you recall
before i couldn't eat
before one, small apple
was a "special treat"
as the doctor told me to take a seat
and asked when my starving would end

Remember before
my heart was broken
by senior boys
with lovely words spoken
and crushed into pieces
they kept as a token
of how i was defeated

But that girl has not grown
as i have now
cannot say confidently
that she earned her crown
although all the suffering
did wear her down
i built myself back up
Myrrdin Oct 2018
How easy it is to forget that we are needed
And how sad we cannot see those that gather
When it is time to say goodbye
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