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Nylee Oct 9
So far,
I have reached here
The path ahead have dead ends
Let's go off road
Bre Oct 6
Things I miss

Once I looked at you
And you looked back
Made eye contact
Saw me.

Six years has passed
And we’re still

And you don’t see me anymore.
I miss the
Of knowing how
I fit
In your world.

I just watch.
You don’t look.
You don’t see.

But I guess I’m just too much emotionally, huh?
I don’t know how to be visible anymore.
Shadowhollow Oct 5
To fall in love isn’t to run carefree
Yes it may start in erratic tumbles
But it ends in slow dances
Calm movements
The winds hands stroking you’re hair
The calm of the water breaking tide

To fall in love isn’t assured
But it is all the same
Äŧül Aug 1
A beautiful saga of love and longing,
Turns now towards its completion,
Ultimately turning into achievement,
Love gets stronger like black coffee.

A melodious voice says my name,
Not fearing the society or religion,
Demanding only love from me.

Jelling deliciously is this pudding,
Excellent is this sweet romance,
Neither shameful nor shameless,
Indians from two different religions,
Few attempt what we plan for us,
Alive for each other and our families.

Living for the good of all life on Earth,
I love her and she loves me back,
Veil of her face is an elegant blue,
Elegant are her eyes from the slit,
Deriving pleasure from my imagination.

How we must get together,
A married couple is by hard work,
People do get old and die together,
People otherwise die in loneliness,
I am so blessed in this togetherness,
Love me you do in an untouched way,
Yet I feel you by my side in my life.

Evening the odds through honesty,
Victory is definite for both of us,
Even for peace, it will be a union,
Reason will only be love, our love.

Actually, I think that we shall do it,
Fatwas will never work against us,
Threats will be there but relax,
Except the Maulvi, none will bother,
Rest of them, our love will smother.

Truthfulness in your kind young face,
Heavenly is the sight to behold,
Earnestly we must get married,
Irate letters we shall then face,
Rising higher in the heavenly eyes.

Marriage is not just a wonderful word,
Also it is a beautiful permanent bond,
Rings in our fingers will mean more,
Rings and a Mangalsootra as well,
In our dreamland, we are together,
Atypical life we shall celebrate,
Gleefully we shall see our babies,
Eternal gifts by this love story of ours.
A romantic acrostic.
Lived happily ever after their marriage.
My HP Poem #1756
©Atul Kaushal
Millie Jul 16
I bite my lips
And take a step back
Today is the day
I dread to see your face
I push forward anyways
Go on,
Break my heart
Ariel Jul 12
I saw you in a dream the other night
You were beautiful and perfectly alright
You smiled at me and I think my heart broke
For I haven’t seen that in so long, I think it was a cruel joke
You hurt so good, you feel so bad
I want you back, but I know it will never be my path.

I saw you in a dream
You smiled at me
Love radiated from your heart
When I awoke, I nearly fell apart
What a cruel trick to play on me
Not when I’m still grieving?

I saw you in a dream
I know it’s a sign
I have to stop the delay and just say, it’s over, fine
I miss you so, but I hurt so much more
For when I saw you, I wanted to die.

I saw you in a dream,
You were looking at me
With such a soft laugh and a half-lie
Nothing could make me stop this,
No matter how hard I try.
For this could never be enough.

I saw you in a dream
And I felt my heart scream
I wanted to steal you away
Maybe hold you hostage
But this, I know, would not be true
For you are yours, I could never do that to you
Still I felt my soul rend at your sweet face
For in the end, you’re not one I can erase.

I saw you in a dream
I wanted to forget
But still you remain
A taunt, a trick
You haunt my sleep and my wake
You are the demon I cannot shake
I miss you and hate you
To me, it’s all the same.
Saw you in a dream—the Japanese House
Don Bouchard Jul 10
As she emerged from years of abuse,
Became aware of the ******* he'd placed,
She knew it was time to go,
Filed the papers,
Moved in with a friend,
Tried to see another end.

Love does not die easily;
Her heart yearned
Some better way,
But ends must come
When there's nothing left to say.

She left everything to him;
He'd forced his will in choosing every piece:
Furniture, fixings, knife and fork,
Appliances, decor, automobiles....
She wanted none of it anymore.

Love does find a way
To die, though the dying may be slow.

"It's good we didn't have any children,"
His mother said. "We didn't muddy up
Our pure Norwegian blood line."

Love finds a way to die.
Tatiana Jun 18
Perhaps endings are carefully erased.
Will we ever know what truly happened?
Seanathon May 29
When all my battles are won and done
I will not fear the fight that was
So why worry about the swing of the sword
Before the sun of that day is even in my eyes
Why worry indeed
Every Year, Every Battle, Ends
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