Love is giving when you're not comfortable giving
The difficult part is both the explaining and understanding your own discomfort
Any lover can give when things are perfect
But it takes faith and trust to keep giving
And to truly understand the meaning
Behind the gift

Love is love... SON116

Like a can
I desire to open myself up
So that someone may taste
And partake in the difference
But none can see
No none can see
At least I believe
In the difference in me

Can Opener

Lucid lady
come to me
tell me what I must do
to rescue my dreams
before they all
become nightmares.


Wretched time loop
what a good song
I have never heard it
you should hear it
it’s my favorite
who knows what it’s about
man, check out this song
I have never heard it
I think it is familiar
Hey did I ever show you?
Oh boy, what a lovely tune
wish I heard it sooner
have you ever seen it?
You gotta let me show you
Whoa no, I never showed you
Have I ever seen this artist?
What is this about?
It’s good because I like it
it is a little sad
I’ve never heard it
You should show me this song.

Memory loss is a bitch and I've dealt with this for 6 months and some days I can listen to a song on loop for hours and be impressed every time I replay it because I've forgotten the tune. I'm so tired.

Levitated silhouettes
suspended by the throats
you’re surely a goner
when your own shadow croaks.

When you look back at your shadow and it just seems to fade away

Like a paddle lean
Cut the water with yourself
And dig it deep as I have

That way you may not forget yourself
Within this tidal swirl
The wave of life and the currents underneath

You get nowhere without digging deep.

The amount of work this is going to take
Both inside and out, and out again
To build this way
Is significant

And the sad thing is
I'm not even comfortable enough to say:

"When you're working here
Would you lay these bricks a certain way?
That way I will feel like myself
When they're underfoot
In the days to come"

I struggle just to say such things
For fear of the constructed persons way

But hopefully I truly try.

A rhymer named Sam Hain
Once picked his puzzling brain
   For rhymes for Samhain,
   And found McGowan
A good one, though inane.  


CautiousRain Jul 11

Go ahead and kiss me,
Pull me close,
Interlock our fingers,
Become my prose.

Funny how I write this even though I feel otherwise.
redemptioneer Jul 11

I have been standing here along the shoreline,
still as sea rock, arms outstretched and palms skyward,
trying to feel the weight of the moon.
I know not of how light the light can be but instead, how heavy the absence thereof.
In my body, composed of want and water, I have not found moon nor sun.
In my body, where my veins heavy themselves with night sky purple, I find you flowing.
I walk eyes closed into deep blue and squish
my toes into the belly of the ocean floor. Here, I am more salt
than salvation.
Here, I do not know you
anymore. With my eyes closed, I cannot tell dark from day.
The ebb and flow of things carries me
back and forth, towards and away, heavy and light.
Here, I am more human than anything else.

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