Licking the cider off my ice cubes
I'm in love with words
And the sights of you which I've yet to see
they never go away.
they're always here to stay.
they reek havoc on the house.
they can be confused for a mouse.
they invite more to play.
you need to keep them at bay.
your mind is where they prey.
they never go away.
There's a commotion here and it won't calm down.
People are furious, I don’t blame them and I just want out.
I’ve been stranded here for hours and it looks like I’ll be here all night.
Just get me on a plane before I lose my mind.
We got The Stranded Squad: Big Tom and Ne’Ke, Miss K and myself
trying to get to H-Town, but it seems Spirit ain’t taking us anywhere.
I still can’t believe I paid 16 dollars for a BK meal
and how is it that that girl is married to a man who’s got more wrinkles than a wrinkle?
Holy crap, this dude has a dead man under his arms;
Can somebody get him a deodorant ASAP?
This line is never-ending, can anyone tell me what’s going on?
It’s been 10 hours, and no one knows what the heck is going on?
My phone’s about to die and these plugs don’t work.
Is it just me or this day in general just sucks?
I was in Vegas for the weekend, I haven’t slept for two days in a row,
but hey, I saw Mariah from up close, so I can’t complain about that at all.
This is LA, how come I haven’t seen one single celebrity?
Now they’re saying there’s a storm heading this way! Oh, come on, really?
I finally make it to the counter, I got a plane ticket and 3 vouchers,
but I end up paying for a taxi, ‘cause no one wanted the damn vouchers.
Just get me to the hotel, I’m hungry, I want a beer and I need to shower.
Those 3 hours of sleep felt like 3 minutes and now they say the plane will be delayed for an hour.
I don’t care how long it takes, I just wanna get home already.
Until I’m not flying among the clouds, I won’t believe it’s actually happening.
Written on July 21, 2015
Composition number: 518
The days that splay out my heart,
Like knives,
Cut apart.

In the grips,
Of a stronger wave,
In my abstract heart.

I stretch for the quay,
The sweet release,
Yet I watch myself depart.

Choking on love,
Pick me piece from peace,

And smother me.

~Robert van Lingen
the cityscape delineates,

becomes a blur through gilded glass

and as the ice evaporates,

the cityscape delineates,

the florid fusion fascinates,

as metamorphic minutes pass

the cityscape delineates,

becomes a blur through gilded glass,

as metamorphic minutes pass

emotions blend like pastel paint,

coherent thought remains impasse

as metamorphic minutes pass

the vista now is shades, en masse,

amorphous greys with lurid taint,

as metamorphic minutes pass

emotions blend like pastel paint,

amorphous greys with lurid taint,

the view through whiskey-tumbler eyes,

the city's outline faded faint,

amorphous greys with lurid taint,

a bitter loss to self-restraint

when all the worldly ways comprise

amorphous greys with lurid taint,

the view through whiskey-tumbler eyes.
Triple triolet form
Now then,

Let's do the math,

God's wrath,

How many

In the motherfuckin' bloodbath?

Lost on the journey,

Followin' the 'good path'?

Don't fret, class,

We'll leave religion for last,


You can't run

From the revelation,

From education

That Civilization

Has faith

As its ancient foundations,

So let's jump into place on

The human equation

And balance it out

With the complication

Of the Indus nation,

These Indian traders,

Made famous

Avoidin' a war with their neighbours,

No fuckin' invaders,

For two millennial ages,

Now tell me that ain't courageous?!

Now back to the history pages,

'Cos whilst the Indus chill

The war still rages,

With Sargon gone

His kids couldn't carry on,

Poor Rimush,

Lost lands that his father won,

His bro took over but Akkad's run

Of fortune, like thread was being unspun,

Manishtushu, crushed

Handed off to his son,

And the 'living god' did what none of his family had done,

Young Naram-Sin,

The linchpin,

The kingpin,

Took on the Lullibi armies

And chalked up a win,

Bringing Akkadia back from the rim

Of extinction completely,

A Victory Stele

Erected to honour him,

A six-foot sign

Made out of pink lime

Akkadia brought to its prime,

Strongest the empire was at any fuckin' time

The end of the anarchy pantomime,

Naram-Sin stepped in,

Saw his popularity climb

But the worse was to come,

A curse, a decline

And Akkad would succumb

To the Gutian mountain-scum,

But over in Egypt,

The nation was gripped

By the pyramid edict

And built that wondrous crypt

The head of a Giza Sphinx

For the dead fuckin' kings,

Maintainin' their links

To the afterlife,

Boy, did the dynasties thrive

But on the other side

Of the sand,

The land was commanded

By genocide

As the Gutian tribe

Lay waste to what they were denied,

The children of Naram-Sin couldn't hide

And the curse was fulfilled,

Rulers killed

And the heritage died,

Cut down by the pride

Of Erridupizir,

The Lord of Sumeria,

Reigning with pain and fear,

The Gutians, harsh and austere

But only for fifty years

'Till the Uruk rebellion

Put a spanner in the gears

And Sumer sheds no tears

As Utu-Hengal steps up to raucous cheers,

Where we at now,

Two millennia bee-cee or thereabouts

And somethin' is starting to sprout

In the Southeast,

The civilization of the Chinese

Dynasties unleashed

Refine these

Times of unease...

But that's reserved for part three's

No soulmate exists
For a man such as this
No soulful hands grasping to find

For as long as such choice
Has been given unto us
Noone trusts souls enough ere to find
You see? There are many good choices and options in the sea.
Love is our cottonwood.

Further I give chase,
Further it strays.

If only it may fall upon my palms,
May I fleetingly hold and sway,

Until Wind takes us,
Far, Far away.

~Robert van Lingen
Seanathon Jun 10
No rain has left my eyes like this
For many present days

No water puddling beneath
No need for mist

But today...
Today one raindrop fell to my right

And for the life of me
I couldn't wish it away
From the Sleepless Feet collection.

And a true story. Captured in about a minute before being wiped away.
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