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there is only one way to see the past.
it is longing to be seen.
gaze into the skies above
your soul shall then be clean

the stars they sing a sad lament
they’ve risen, now they fall.
but the stars. they have a sacrament
that must be heard by all.

we see them not as they are
but as they were so long ago
and those of us who see the stars
this one pure truth we know:

there is a beauty in old things
and innocence in the new.
any man can be a king.
but only one person can be you.
the stars we see are 250 million years old
AditiKo 1d
Sometimes I take a little stroll
Through the minds and verses
Of others.

Mind strolling through
Vivid colours and memories,
Flowers and fantasies.

I walk across the lines, my feet tapping
To the rhythm and rhyme;
Iambic heart beats with mine

I stop by sometimes, by the meadows
With a ballad, sonnet,
Free verse or couplet.

Just reading through some poems.
Poems bloom as flowers; azure, flushed pink. Watered by the poet's tears.
Deepti S P Jul 2015
Keep your cool and always be happy
Only your smile can hide the deepest sorrows
Laugh a lot,stay strong and focused
Follow your heart and live your passion
Enjoy  life to the fullest
For there is only one life.
There is only one life for all of us. So enjoy your life to the  fullest. Live in the present and do not overthink about any situation that has happened in the past or going to happen in the future. Do not sacrifice your life for others. Live your life and love your life.
I struggle when I have to write
rhyme you see naturally I'm slight
towards the free verse, trying to get
it perfect, just right I start to sweat.

My words syllables are just what ever
comes in to my mind, Im not words clever.
For some this comes naturally, I have to
use sites as my words need to be next in que.

But to some this is a natural progression,
is it for me  worth it which is the question?
We say to learn is to elevate ourselves higher.
Using this metaphor in hope I don't misfire.

I'm poetic blue, I write on cold white warming
it up with words, hopefully there correctly forming.
Me I **** at rhyme, I have to use a site, as for some this is natural as I`m free verse. So i get blue with how long i take to write ones that do but I`m learning and getting better the more i try
Lowkie 7d
I don't perform my own rhymes
Personally I feel I don't have much time
People tell me I'm good at poetry
Man I only do it to unwind
We all need a break sometime
After this then I'll be fine again
Until the voices come knocking on my door again
Roll some **** up and get high again
Pick up my pen and write my train of thoughts again
So much for an escape plan
I talk but no one is really listening
So I write these words down
Hoping you'll hear my voice as you're reading
Hoping you'll get a sense of how I'm feeling
This is just my way of dealing
Calm down, stop worrying
This is my way of healing
My thoughts haunt me at night as I look up to the ceiling
But my heart is at ease
Because I know God is seeing me
My soul is at peace
Because God is still blessing me
Demi 7d
I pull up, golden hour drips through,
glazes your ornaments. Bittersweet.
The white rabbit clock,
five minutes too fast.

I trace my fingers over the curves
of your sofa, green velvet hills
like last summer at the castle in Dover,
when we realised it might be over.

I look at your art for the last time,
shapes and maths, strong and clear.
My abstract dreamscape is
Decaying in a landfill
Deepti S P May 15
A sacred bird and a psychopomp,
Mysterious and ominous,
Known for their sparking intelligence,
Connecting us with the world of spirits.

Flying in pairs and doing rolls and somersaults in the air,
Flying upside down and dropping objects and catching them in mid air,
A magnificent view of the birds,having fun in the sky.

Building their mansion on the trees,
Collecting twigs, bark strips and leaves,
And precisely placing them to make a receptacle.
Awesome to see the loving pairs making a settlement.

Protecting their nests by keeping an eye on potential dangers,
Attacking predators by flying at them and lunging with their large bills.
Feeding their young ones and demonstrating devotion to their families,
Is something worth watching.
It's amazing to observe very fine details of Raven like the noises they make, the sounds they produce,performing wing-tucked dives and their super natural intelligence.
Deepti S P May 14
People with phantasm,
Castigating and nitpicking over tiny details,
Not judging the verity of the status quo,
Are those who don't see the truth.
We have to come across judgmental  and opinionated people in our lives.They actually don't see a situation through our eyes.They easily jump to conclusions without evaluating the truthfulness of the situation.Perception differs for every individual.Real people are least affected by it because they don't have an image to maintain.
Deepti S P Aug 2016
Sixth sense,
a magical phenomena,
a super natural phenomena,
a gift bestowed upon some people,
by the Supreme Lord.

Each and everyone has got sixth sense;
Only those who are spiritually connected to God,
Experience the direct perception of truth.
Only those who believe in God and follow his footsteps,
Are blessed with this conscious reasoning.

I am a person who always believe in my inner conscience.
I can sense it if something worse is going to happen.

My gut feeling ;
helps me to take accurate and integrative decisions,
helps me to judge a person correctly,
What his inner thoughts are and
What he pretends to be outside.
helps me to handle negative and stressful situations.

Intuition is something;
which connects your conscious mind with your sub- conscious mind.
which connects you with a greater knowledge.
which improves physical, mental and emotional health.
Always believe in your intuition . Your gut feeling is signalling you something which you won't be able to understand in the beginning.Do always look for clues given by our God.
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