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Kassan Jahmal Apr 22
Love's ugliness to the roses of sweet,
Claiming you as an only need,
A beast to sweet nothings; it has to feast,
I sprained my ankles; at the too many times love
swept me off my feet.

Violets painted in a colour of violence,
Stealing a heart; by a bandit's right handed

Patience my love; all of your ends are priceless,
Driving myself into you without the licence,
But there's so many types of love like this.

Love's closed fist; is a punch to a pretty face,
An open hand to follow, but with a chase,
An unruly intention, disguised in grace,
Criticism of another, at times under praise,
A good feeling at times, but at times the good
wants to misbehave.


It's of beauty; behind a world's cruelty,
Wishing you all the best. Well usually,
Continually chasing a love to fool me,
A nut of sorts; love would ***** me.

Longing for love; when you've felt unloved,
Longing for feelings; never been touched,
Longing for hands; the last been clutched,
Longing for speed; hoping to get that rush,
Darling I must love you too much.
Close the book
before the end

when the chapters read the same
the illusion of choice
the player’s part of the game
he’s on your screen
no shape
no blue, no green.

close the book
words’ symbols for sounds
it’s closer than you think
breathing on windows
on the brink
it’s closer than you think

the chapters read the same
the illusion of choice
the player’s part of the game
it’s closer than you think
no shape
no blue, no green
Nigdaw Mar 23
your metre blackens the page
beautifully dancing fonts
caress the delicate surface
like skaters tracing their dance
across the ice in blades

an expression of genius perhaps

your gorgeous muse laughs
joyously titillating imagination
positively prostituting herself
to your phallus stylus *******
your fertile imagination
spawning verse birthing phrase

and I don’t understand
a single ******* thing you said
Kassan Jahmal Mar 10
If you jumped out of Heaven, how far would you fall,
to go through this hell for love. How far would you go?
Having all of the questions, but less of the answers.
More of the hard lessons, than you got from classes.

And how you see the world, depends on the shade of your glasses. When everyone is a slave to their mind, the thoughts being their masters.

A pretty dancer, at night, you seem so free when
you are out of sight. Out of the minds of judgement's view,
the only time you can be you. They've haven't known us for as long, to say that it's true. That we all could walk the same mile in the same shoes.

But I have nothing to prove,
but maybe to myself. That I could be anything; not relienent
on wealth. To take care of me, I'll be taking care of my health. And I could do all these things if I said so, but this everyday I live, drives me close to losing my mental.

But I'm open to ideas, like this opening verse.
So if you have advice, on how to keep me away from being
at my worst. I'd appreciate if you could spare a couple caring words. At least open up, to my opening verse.
Kassan Jahmal Feb 28
And shall the taste of forever be spoken
from His lips,
His thoughts are not of my thoughts;
neither are our ways the same.
He surely rests high above both our thoughts
and our ways. But still on Earth;
he let’s the snows and rains of Heaven come
down to us.
All things bud and flourish.

Yielding seeds to the daily bread,
he has provided.
Never to let me go a night hungry;
for I’ve been given provisions of the day.

In joy; I am led to peace.
In love; His glory I seek.
In words; are blessings He speaks.
And in actions, the love of Jesus is seen in me.

He invites us all;
but only the few will accept the invitation.
Kassan Jahmal Feb 28
I see the stars of the night; in the days of your eyes,
The winds behind mountains; in the power of your voice,
The ways to wisdom, in the words you once spoke,
The songs of promise, in the desires you've now fulfilled,
The provisions of daily, in the bread you've provided.

I've longed for love; that this world can't provide,
Tasted of all it’s things; that are sour to my spirit,
And lived in the world; despite being it's visitor.

I'm not of this world; for I know this is true.
I'm not of this world; for I know of YOU.

As of my shepherd; I shall not want,
As of my green pastures; lead beside still waters,
As of my restoration; lead in paths of righteousness.

                                        He is my all, my Jesus Lord.
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