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past in a glaze,
   a veil of haze,
   cannot reminisce,
   lost time with
Inspired from the visual novel of The Arcana.
   To Borrow Time,
   To sign the lines that resign our lives away,

This is our time.
   And Stand Attention.

For We Are,
   The Next In Line.

~Robert van Lingen








Lighthouse, Lighthouse I see you more than ever
Shine for me, shine for me, say you’ll burn out never

I watch you thrive like a rose bush
And with each year that passes I could swear you grow taller
You may hide from the cold but with each new season I promise the thorns grow smaller

Lighthouse, Lighthouse I see you more than ever
Shine for me, shine for me, say you’ll burn out never

I see you in so many things around me
Whether it be the colors of a sunset, and the stars in the night sky too
But I’ve never seen your kind eyes on another person
And no sky has ever been so blue

The one I hold so dear to me
The only thing I pray to never lose
Through the seasons and storms
I hope it’s always me you choose

I cherish the love you’ve taught me,
my sacred, beautiful muse

Lighthouse, Lighthouse I see you more than ever
Shine for me, shine for me, say you’ll burn out never
For You
i saw children collecting seashells
by the seashore last july
and i saw older people
collecting memories
but me, i have discovered that
i have enough material things
they all are nice
but i can't bring them with me when i die
so in a final act of consumerism
i purchased a mason jar,
and i said my self a benediction
and went out into the world
with a pencil and a pad of paper
as my only comfort
i decided to begin collecting words
to write my love for you

because seashells and memories,
and even works of art
are all beautiful but nothing
can come close to your pure heart
is all i need to be complete
so i'm dedicating myself
to documenting our life and times
so that our happiness and love
will never truly die
The melancholy landscape
in hollow anger
in crystal glasses,
the faint stench of sigh.

Cigarette smoke is waiting
dreams off,
and it's doors close
Looks right.

At the scattered desk
platinum sheet,
broken windows
by the familiar winds.

Poisoning in the chest
every breath and pain
gray sold out
for other behavior

But you close your eyes
and the mind is sleeping,
Moon will not moonlight
get out of the way

The light is blown in the dark,
lure opens the charm
hugging thoughts
with lovers

That is the shadow of the times
and one day in this life,
make sad eyes
forget in the morning.
n-khrennikov ©
I tell myself I would forgive people,
Those that have done me wrong.
Forgiveness, will allow me
To let go of my heavy heart.

In reality, the ones that I want to forgive
Are the same exact people who,
Wouldn’t even bother to forgive me.
And we wonder why we can’t let go.

to feel is to
be human

to be human
is to live

and to live
is to go through life
its challenges
the ups and downs

the silhoutte
of a roller coaster
which either
makes you fret or bet

yet i am
i am tired
of it all

feeling aches
in my heart
from memories
of neglect

what a catatonic
person i am
to even still feel
such an outburst

all at once
One in a million of my breakdowns.
I've been neglecting the mirror
Haven't given it a glance
Now it's all dirtied up
And I see nothing
Susie Oct 11
I lay down in bed with you to expect
closeness and Cuddling and the sound
of your soft and soothing voice.

But instead I find a cosmic entity that shines
an aura so bright I can't look at it directly,
and if I do I'll get vaporized by the
Pure Energy radiating from it.

I touch it anyways
because it's so worth it.
Any death by you
is a death worth experiencing.
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