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Bruce Demos Dec 2019
It must've been that odd mushroom:
Its pungent spewed spores have made me
A fungal all-fours beast of gloom.

It couldn't have been my own brain:
So toxic, rotten, and seeping
Out meanness, spreading all the same.

Infected, that's why I'm absolved
From sinful guilty reflections,
It was them, not me, that mushroom.
Cordyceps are small yellow fungi that infect insects and other fungi, turning them into mindless zombies that spread the infection until it eats its host.
Nika J Dec 2018
Love, a beautiful four letter word that fits perfectly cuffed in open palms, mere bitterness erupts once teeth sink into the depths of the heart. A painting in shades set tones of delicate warm colors, blanket deceit and everlasting tears. Written ever so sweetly as cursive blots form from ink in a wave-filled flow. Imagery shattered by tainted beliefs of such disgusting betrayals, the lies.

Hide and go seek, peek a boo... It sees you. Playful games of endless child laughter become haunting plagues of broken radios, seizure enticer. Ice filled cups slip chilled liquid to hide from summers wrath, only to fall at what is temporary. An escape way like drugs pushed into veins filling the body with glee as much as  addiction becomes reality.

A false word banged true, but as you spell love and flip it there is something sinister at poisoned claws. Never love, always judge and keep the demons of humanity away. For even the nicest and most understanding human being will tear you apart someday. Believe you are expendable as garbage was once objects of value. Nothing is worth the very base of sanity dripping from fingertips and boiling with air's touch.

Boisterous callings without no place to lay rest. Once a figure beats in innocents, a glorious whole...

That was til love came and infected the soul...
Love isn't always what it seems. A curse wrapped in the velvet definition we all die looking for....
Lauren Dec 2018
its not the ghost of you,
its more like your zombie. because you eat at my flesh and leave me infected.
And its only in my imagination, so no one else can see it, i just wanted to make that distinction
s Oct 2018
looked in my mirror and saw you in the reflection
battered and ****** and deeply infected

by demons who sought to poison you each night
and the venom i'd spit whenever we'd fight

and you only see me as a ***** secret
but i’m not some drug that you can keep hidden

i won't sit around, alone and awaiting
love that is pure because i am not patient

yet since i left, it only ever rains
and i always stand outside
drenched in my own shame

cause you used to kiss me extra ******* these days
           you used to kiss me extra ******* these days
wake up vomiting
wake up alone
who knew this love
would turn heart to stone
it's much too late
to ever atone
for all that is lost.

i'm already gone.
Viseract Feb 2018
I see these demons with my eyes,
Hear the demons in my mind
And I'm left wondering if true comfort
Could ever leave the skies

The only angels I ever knew,
Existed in my world
Fated to dance with a devils hand,
Tumble, twist, spin and twirl

There is one that's rescued me,
From my path she set me free
And it would be a crime to commit
The acceptance of defeat

The chains of her love,
Fit around me like a hug
When she hasn't seen me in a while,
I'm the crow and she's the dove

Two opposites who seem the same
Species at least with neither tamed
Unless we're in each others arms
Such memories are pictures framed

Her love is strong where I am not,
I'm beaten down, blind and lost
The only light that guides me fair
Hell or heaven, fire or frost

It hurts to know that I'm infected
Malicious mind, I keep rejected
While virus-like it spreads in me
She's safe right here, she's now protected

Heart may stumble, words may fumble
The world could crash and burn and crumble
But as long as my love lives by my failing heart
For her, I'd forever tumble
I love you Beth. It's a pity I can never love myself the way you love me....
Flo Feb 2018
I am caught
By a net of promising words
Lured in by your luminous character
Convinced by your hollow smile

Your affection like venom
Numbing my senses of right and wrong
Unexpected actions
Turned my world upside down

You've done well...
I've been infected...

Now let me cure these feelings
Sometimes certain persons just catch you off guard and feelings emerge, where no feelings are wanted.
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
I woke up sick.
And I feel awful.

But not for the reason you think.

I can assure you that I am fine, I just need some time to lucid dream and wish my worries away. But that might never happen. And honestly, that's okay with me.

I'm wearing the same infected clothes, and wrapping up in the same infected blanket hoping to get better.

I've gotten the rest of my family sick, so good for me.
Because my family is made up of some of the strongest people I know. We never get sick.

And yet, here we are. Bound to our beds and eating soup like it's the elixir of life.

But we will get better. Physically...

As for everything else... we can leave that until tomorrow.

But I'm still in these infected, sick clothes. But I'm too tired to do anything about it. So I'll sleep.

It's the best thing I can do right now.

Don't you think?
I'm dead tired...
Pauline Morris Jun 2016
Welcome to the execution of my mind
Let's open it up and see what we find
Hand me a light it's so very dark inside
The agony seems to be amplified
In here it's so very far from bliss
The demons are starting to hiss
Watch out the blackness is starting to seep out
The sorrow is starting to pour and spout
We must hurry now or we will become infected
Buy what has been inflicted
Killing this poisonous mind we must
To save all of us
AM Apr 2016
what I want is to know
you've been infected
by my blushing cheeks
whenever you call up my phone,
by the heat of my body
whenever you hold my hand,
and by my bubbly feelings
whenever you're around me

"so I've heard love is contagious," she said
*"I know, that is why I love you too," he smiled
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