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Marco Dec 2020
Poem written waiting outside the club
that my brother and I frequent
together -
a hundred mouths breathe clouds
into the biting air,
cold of a Friday night
security at the door, screaming
a sea of voices asking
"can you take me in with you? I'm not old enough"
and the growling of boys half drunk
my brother tall, pushed against me

Poem written at the back of the club
that my brother and I frequent
together -
and scene:
us, scouring the dancefloor together
us, drinking ***** lemon on the sidelines
us, stretching necks to see if we
know anyone in here,
half-poised to
should we need to
(we don't want to see others)

Poem written standing at the bar
that my brother and I
frequent together -
this scene:
spilled on the dark, chipped wood
euro bills
sticky cocktails
nose blood
and my hand, washed
in the mix
of liquids
it is 2 a.m.

Poem written waiting outside the toilets
that my brother and I
apart -
now, scene:
him, nowhere to be found
line, endless
girls, loud and crying, laughing
and my foot tapping
to the bass that makes
the walls vibrate
and shake

Poem written in the parking lot of the club
that my brother and I
just squeezed out of -
last scene:
him, sober, hands on steering wheel
my eyes, unfocused, trained on
the electric blue of his car radio
playing our after-club mix
coming down, silently
no words between us
only deep-bassed beats
and intoxicated breath
our minds as spent
and exhausted
JV Beaupre Nov 2020
Collared for white collar,
To society I'm paying my dues
The Trump appointee Club Fed blues.

The beds are pretty clean and soft,
At Club Fed, they hardly cost

Shootin' shuffleboard, takin' a snooze
Just forgettin' the Club Fed blues

The **** beach aint just ahead
Club Fed just aint the Club Med

At 3-pm, it's tea and cake
Every night supper-- it's Trump steak
The cash register rings, it's all his take.

They're adding on to the Club Fed thing,
A spanking new Congressional wing

Having latte with a Trumper con
He whines,"I'm no Don,
I was just a pawn."

On the ladies side, want to meet
Lori, the College Admission cheat

No black ink pen tattoos
Just plain old Club Fed blues

Bill Barr and Rudy sit at table
Remembering when they were on cable
Just spinning another Ukrainian fable

Missing my 5-pm yardarm *****
A stiff price to pay, the Club Fed blues

When I leave it's to the Caribbean
To a fat numbered account
And I'll finally lose the Club Fed blues.
ramya Sep 2020
Like a mother knows her child,
Like a reader knows his books
I knew you inside out despite all the shields that you put.
I knew what made you laugh,
I knew what made you cry
I knew what you wanted at 3 at night
I knew that your mind was part *******, part church,
the poles hidden behind swanky curtains that were a little out of touch.
I knew what it was like to be with you at noon and night
I knew everything about you, could’ve told you apart
with a blindfold on, in room that was dark.

Behind all the light, it was a little gloomy,
behind all the happiness , there was some fear.
I guess that’s where I felt short in knowing you, my dear.
For all the claims I make about knowing you in every way
I never could’ve predicted the way we fell and frayed.
Now we pass each other in the street and look away
as if we weren’t there for each other at noon and night every day.
Tizzop Sep 2020
when no one sleeps, the crowd dances
shining rubies, decorated with lurid lights
when no one's there for you, death strikes
girlie's heads are spinning and feeling empty

in the times of hunger and destruction
nobody sees it coming, nobody cares
like faith no more, but the other way around
your spirit is trippin' as you are feeling frozen

numb love catches your attention, you're sighing
alarming moments when you are entering the club
techno sounds, jarring like sirens, ultimate daring
your head is spinning and you're feeling golden

glossy-white creatures arise from the underground
lights are cutting the darkness of manhattan's mansion
take some, get some, burn some, baby love me
waterfalls are splashing, the ocean, the dashing
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
Broken flight

They went down somewhere
in the trees

The sky is sad
and full of remorse

But never Calliope

Broadway and 52

God knows
they got to you

She sings songs
of their misfortune

Decidely the muse and
mother of importune
Dear fellow members of the chess club
I know nothing of your life
but please
stop calling my wife.
Created by me on October 28th, 2019
Another one of my funny ones. short and sweet though, gotta love it.
Mark Wanless Feb 2020
you are down's syndrome
everyone else is crazy
join the club
kim Jan 2020
The night was young as you danced along
Color on color, drink on drink
skin on skin

The club’s crowded room faded,
all my eyes saw were yours,
brown and alluring

I took a shot of liquid courage and sped my way


Everyone gathered in my room as you stayed in yours
Garment on garment, brush on brush
ring on ring

The people on the pews faded,
all my eyes saw were yours,
brown and teary

I gulped my shot of liquid courage and strolled my way


The room as empty as you laid down
Tissue on tissue, tear on tear
flower on flower

Nothing faded but still,
all my eyes saw were yours,
brown and closed

I took my last shot of liquid courage and walked my way
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