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Dear fellow members of the chess club
I know nothing of your life
but please
stop calling my wife.
Created by me on October 28th, 2019
Another one of my funny ones. short and sweet though, gotta love it.
Mark Wanless Feb 4
you are down's syndrome
everyone else is crazy
join the club
kim Jan 14
The night was young as you danced along
Color on color, drink on drink
skin on skin

The club’s crowded room faded,
all my eyes saw were yours,
brown and alluring

I took a shot of liquid courage and sped my way


Everyone gathered in my room as you stayed in yours
Garment on garment, brush on brush
ring on ring

The people on the pews faded,
all my eyes saw were yours,
brown and teary

I gulped my shot of liquid courage and strolled my way


The room as empty as you laid down
Tissue on tissue, tear on tear
flower on flower

Nothing faded but still,
all my eyes saw were yours,
brown and closed

I took my last shot of liquid courage and walked my way
We marched into the thick of town, laughing and hollering like
Jovial soldiers of the night. The sky was dark & poetic , as we succumbed to its drunken beauty. Night's like these were meant to be enjoyed, savoured- for what was yet to come, we could not escape.
Staggering around town like a drunken platoon, we ended up at the Ulster Sports Club, a place so decadent and mysterious we had to sell our souls in return for a one way ticket. But, it was worth every penny of it. With low hazy lights that aligned the corridors and a special style of liveliness like that of the 90's- we were on cloud nine.
Electro beats and foggy disco lights gave the place a retro vibe, as people of all ages and shapes boogied and grooved as they became slaves to the music. It was utterly beautiful. Beer was guzzled and shirts came off, as we staged an act of defiance against social conventions- this was our paradise, and rules were meant to be broken. And as the lights came on, a chorus of "One more song!" erupted. We staged a rebellion, for the night was not over yet. Eventually, the time to retreat came upon us, as we threw down our conquering swords to surrender. We grabbed our things, our bags and coats and made off; walking into the dead of night like soldiers returning home from battle.
crybaby Dec 2019
To dance the night away
is my new favorite thing
the flashing lights, the whisky in my breath  
and the man attempting to dance
all excite me
I escape into the night
and I forget the truth
I never want to leave
You will find me at the club, now every single week
Kat Dec 2019
In the evenings when she feels
The world’s energy like an elixir
Slowly filling her with energy
She can’t help but wander to the city
Where the lights are bright and the people
Flock like birds to a wire
And the clubs blast music into the soft cool night
Can’t help but pick the nearest bar
Neon signs buzzing
Blinding behind her eyelids
Offering the promise of pure sweet release
Can’t help but wander through the door
The smell of alcohol flooding her nostrils
A fog of hot air and cigarette smoke hitting her face
Then ordering the fanciest cocktail
And scouring the room for strangers
Can’t help but start up a conversation with a handsome man
With dark hair and dark eyes
Exchanging smirks and smiles
Long into the night
Can’t help but follow him
Down the street at 2am, fingertips brushing in the breeze
Electricity flowing through their bodies
Until they get to a line of mini skirts and polo shirts
Bow ties and flats and smiling faces and eager eyes
Can’t help but enter the club
Pulling him into the hub of bodies
Moving beneath a thousand tiny specks of light
And pressing his lips to hers
Tasting bliss as the energy of a hundred happy souls
Fills her like a cup that can never overflow
And she drinks in the elation
That comes from dancing under
Blaring music and flashing lights,
All strangers but all connected
In this wonderful beautiful hectic place
When they are done dancing
They will drive down the street
Past the lights and the crowds and the noise
Strangers turned friends
Filled with desire
For what the night holds
They will stare out the windows
Smiling as scenery replaces skyscrapers
In love with the city
Where they go to feel truly alive
A more positive view of a city, compared to my poem “The City: Alone”
Matthew Roe Nov 2019
It’s been a year since I typed some lines,
probably cuz it’s stuff like this,
I want to get laid
and i want to get ******
but instead all I feel is sick
Kedgeree thats tumbled dried
from 38 minutes of bad Elvis hips,
while legs pop like rockets
my eyes sink in my sockets
saliva swells in my cheeks
as I drift in disappointment
swimming in icy air to catch my confidence lost at sea
but its too far gone, so i just stare
at a laptops glare
thinking about my spots
my unstyled bramble of hair
my polo, too garish?
too confident in thinking I looked smart?
as i wish for another heart
one thing sticks in my mind
a girl, or was it a boy,
looking like Johnny Rotten,
in Westwood striped dungarees and flames of hair
flashes of the Public Image, King Krule and all that in my headphones.
Words that are all in my head
as my stomach is sick
oh yeah, they played the killers
I like them
now my head is bleak like Mike Skinner
I wish I’d chosen earlier to have my dinner
another music reference lost on you
but stuck in my mind in bed
as I picture a red head
oh my.
Why am I so bad at socialising?
There's magic in the
Wishing well
|     |
|     |
|     |
|     |
A penny down, I came
Up to tell
|     |
|     |
|     |
|     |
Your cheap *** to try a
Nother One
|     |
|     |
|     |
|     |
Show me the green man I
Aint no nun
Inspired by
The movie
ok okay Sep 2019
Its not my scene
But it will be tonight
The vibe is buzzing
And the lights are alive
Yet everybody seems dead
Like zombies in the spotlight
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