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Grace Jan 30
At my church
We have a card
And getting it's
Not very hard

The racist card
You will not lack
If you say one thing
About white or black

And if at any
Culture you poke
You'll get carded for
Your racist joke

The card circles
Like a shark
waiting for
Some snide remark

So if you find
Not being racist is hard
Remember the tale
Of the racist card
I had to write a poem for school about racism. This is what happened. And yes, my youth group has a literal racist card.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Forever ever and always
Helen and I would always
write In every card Birthday,
Christmas, Valentine, we
would write "Love You Now
Forever And Always"every
year without
Now Helen gone I miss so
much just writing Helen's cards
and receiving Her's the last
card I wrote to her was at
Christmas when she was In
Hospital the year Helen passed
I had taken the card In for
her and put it on her bed
side table
It was after Helen died I
found the card unopened
still on her table I admit I
cried she never got my last
card and neither did I get
Helen's for she had been to
ill to write one or read
Helen because she dying never got read my last Christmas card ever
Poetic T Nov 2018
Telling me to pick a card,
    always giving her mine.
                Stealing my heart.

I never was a full deck after that.
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
Friends are our WiFi connection to life,
An ATM card in need,
A key that turns our sorrow into a smile,
A balm for our pain,
A moisturiser for our success,
Guardians of our secrets,
A rocking partner , a soulmate.
The foundation of a good marriage is friendship.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Your world is quiet tonight,
dreams drifted to nightmare
synthesized points leads no reason,
you might caught up by monster
you better watch out,
look at every corner of his eye.

There's a gold glitter on the floor
look closer, underneath it's
a remnant of ruined cards
shifted to play this part,
without a soul,
like a demon.

Love is a villain
that vanquished the queen
dancing in white storm;
you are too beautiful
to wear a monochromic dress.

Don't look under the bed,
you will get what you deserve,
in your curiousness,
in your consciousness.
Wyatt May 2018
Thinking so simply,
believe me I've done it.
A day, a date on a calendar
needed to treat someone different.
I'm flawed in this too,
but that's not the focus.
I just don't get why we can't
cherish every moment.
They say we need a Mother's Day,
They say we need a Father's Day,
we need every single birthday too.
It's all for what? It's all for who?
Recently I was exposed to some truth.
Many people like to boost their ego,
many people turn kindness into a contest
and these people are obvious to me.
They come and corrupt an innocent meaning
under the title of "loving one another".
I get the sentiment, I really do
but don't tell me I have to
run and drop a couple G's
to prove that I love somebody.
Why can't we cherish mankind
every day through the most simple gesture?
Why can't we laugh through the days instead of
writing the same rehearsed compliments on the
latest card we rushed to get for someone
because we didn't wanna be demonized because it
simply slipped out of our mind in this busy life?
I get it, you should do things for one another
but not in this scripted manner,
it's never felt genuine.

The same people that preach
about a "super special day"
are the same ones that will
take away your worth
and exclude you from the pack
all because you won't blindly follow
mindless traditions that aren't really here or there.
Let's be honest.
Most treat this like a chore,
most people will only come to the door
when some convenient day "made for you" arrives
and we get to catching up when it's all a disguise.
We give our money to corporations taking advantage
of our fragile feelings and how much we need these
superficial days, where you can brag
on social media about the latest gadget
you got for your parents.
How do I know?
What makes me trustworthy?
Because these words have all described me
during years and years of tugging at heart strings
because a calendar told me to.
I didn't have the drive to do it myself because
I felt like one way or another I was forced to in the end.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the people by me
but nobody is entitled to things because of a trend.
It was one of these days where I learned
the true intentions hidden underneath.
I didn't get a Mothers Day gift
that was "good enough", wasn't pretty.
Half of my family scorned me, shunned me
when I haven't attacked anybody,
haven't broken any ties.
I just didn't get a card to match
the present I planned in my mind.
"Just another day" becomes the most crucial,
because there's a greediness I've come to find.
Even for me, when my birthday comes to mind
I have to admit my mind jumps to the money,
not the people who are giving it to me.
It's so easy to put together a gift
just in time for that upcoming holiday.
You can even get gifts
from people you've hated,
so I simply don't get this
pedestal we give to these meaningless days.
If you ask me,
these ideas are severely outdated.
I don't need to drop a couple G's to prove I love somebody. I know we can strengthen bonds this way, but you can also get gifts from those you've hated. I understand the sentiment, but please say this with me. These ideas are severely outdated and this topic is very silly.
trinity Apr 2018
the game has ended
all the cards in their places
still, i am alone
ive been playing a lot of solitaire and i love haikus especially if they sound deep so here we are
Is it a warm bed on cold night?
Is it a cup of coffee shared?
Is it eyes glimmering – book ending a candle light?
Is it a kind word or a gentle touch
Or is it simply understanding much?

I think a Valentine must be
Learning - Showing,
Pushing - Pulling,
Holding on for all your worth.
Never doubting - never pouting
Knowing that seeing isn’t believing
It’s more a matter of trust.
Daring to share
Without a care
Of loosing one’s own self.

Becoming one isn’t just fun
It’s knowing someone’s there
Looking for what we call love.
Maybe sometimes it’s just a matter of ****.
But when your heart is breaking
And there’s no place to hide,
If you find my hands upon your face –

I’ll be there by your side.
Love isn’t simply one thing. It’s all things rolled into one. It isn’t candy but it can be. It isn’t a card but it might be. It isn’t flowers but if it were you’d know it by the smell. So Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone on Hello Poetry. I hope each and every one of you have the best day ever. It begins with you!
Grace Spellman Dec 2017
you are a type of magic
that i've never seen before

and i want to learn all your tricks
i was writing my boyfriend his birthday card and one of the lines was "You're a type of magic I've never seen before." and it inspired this. Happy Birthday, e.
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