I wish I believed in soul mates,
But that would require me to have a soul,

It’s not that I am cold or cruel,
It’s just if I believed souls were real;
Then i would also have to believe
In reincarnation,

And I’ll be ******
If I have to spend
life on LSD Dec 2018
i arrived
with eyes
wide open

hands folded
in fists
balding power

with a heart
too small
for my chest

they told me
i’m blessed

a healer
of broken halves

unfolding energy
by releasing
those hands

closing the two
leaving one
in sweet salvation
KAE Oct 2018
somebody pray for me before it’s too late for me
these demons still chasing me
but angels, they stay with me
they wait for me faithfully
when I fall into the dark, they awaken me
they view ****** as beauty mistakenly
Ron Jul 2018
Always up
Late at night
Smoke alone
Feel alright
Thoughts wander
To the great beyond
Into oblivion
Searching for a brighter Sun
Light another one
Chase away the dark
Searching for another spark
I need a little hope
I've been lacking that
Stuck on contemplating past
Choices, I've been forced to ask
Is this worth it?
Will it pass?
Am I destined or am I ******?
CeilingStar Apr 2017
sat in your lap
jealousy builds
like pressure
once a fissure

it now inches
its way across
my soiled soul
lather it on my body
like blood -
thick and treacly
dark, sticky
ever so sickly

tell me your lies
tell me your truths
trace them into my flesh
mark me

cast the runes
now they have spoken
clatter on the rocks
like my pride has

my rage glowing
all I can see
forever growing

I embody entropy
A rule of disorder

hatred rises
through the flames
let it burn me
to ashes
like your touch
sizzles my skins frame

it's a crime scene
of blood swirling like ink
pills scattered
around me
like a ritual
I wonder what
my mother would think

you're a dream thief
knife in my
heavy heart
you've stripped me bare
and I stand
as you depart
with nothing but
at your mercy

I'm you're experiment V
the looking glass shows me
what's left
a withered mess
for you to thrive
tired pile of crumbly bones and
shrivelling rotting insides
tossed aside

burn me to

I want the skin
to stop sticking to my bones
melt it off
let the blood pool onto stone
let the fat droop and distend
mocking me, me mocking
never ever stopping
wretch and stretch
till I break
rip my organs out
serenade my limp body
with the liquid lava that drips
as you extract
my black heart
take a sip of my sublimity

I am all you will never be
because I don't think I ever was
do what you will to my material
never to extinguish my fire
that does

Zach Hanlon Jun 2018
Troublesome author,
we are suffering subjects;
we didn't pray for this.

Why create the day
when the sun is so gloomy?
Our own light is ******.

You demand our love.
Such a horrid creator;
love isn't ours to give.
Broken Arpeggio Jun 2018
Memories of that day
A seemingly endless moment in time
Still torturously haunt me
By captivating my mind

The things that were forcefully stolen
Can never be returned
Only replaced with sadistic images
On my soul, they are forever burned

The barrage of hits and touches
Grew invisible by the passing of time
Though the body does not forget
I was seared and branded by their heinous crime...
Time does not heal all wounds...In fact, some are so deep and depraved, they begin to fester with time! In order to truly heal, one must learn to accept the wound; and learn to live with it without allowing it to define you.

Everyone's journey towards healing is different... There is no cookie cutter/linear/fail-safe way of achieving it. Writing and creating happens to be part of mine...
Tim Mahon May 2018
Get out of here
Can ya hear?
Get out there
Life ain't fair,
Life's a fair.
People running ‘round with no emotion do not care
Splitting up the money, Bernie Sanders, get your share
20,17 LGBT the love is in the air
Take a deeper breath because the oxygen is just not there.
Cops performing routine stops
Druggies performing knockout drops
Presidents older than triceratops
These ***** are dropping like stocks
Stocking the ballet box
Like an unorthodox Goldilocks paradox,
Like a Manchester protester avoiding his arrester by
Throwing rocks at the child molester.
This world, hurled into a mess a sin,
You gotta guess who to bless
When they press us in.
Yes we win
Unless they oppress children.
We will express distress like PETA and animal skin.
These streets ain't safe anymore
Gang recruitment at age 4.
You should no more and know your
Liberties that we fought for.
In that field the opportunities it did yield.
We acknowledge that college provides more knowledge
But turn a blind eye the the diabolic alcoholic,
I don't know why,
I don't know how,
I'm standing in front this large crowd.

I close my eyes and I squeeze her hand,
As I stand on the the land where I've been banned.
The executioner stands with scythe in hand
As he cuts the rope according up plan.
I float above ground uncrowned and ******.
Our society is jumbled, just like this poem. We are persecuted for voicing beliefs and in the same sentence told to be tolerant of others.
Aaron J Patrick Apr 2018
"**** it"
I refuted

I said,
"Bless it"

The world is enough a **** to be ******
Why curse it further?
a mini-work
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