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Di Verce Sep 19
It's too late now
You had your chance
You denied me thrice
Now watch your world collapse
My words are wasted on you
You are beyond help
Gutter of the universe
Be ******
You don't listen
they think they know our story
but you brought me to life
in your kingdom of the dead

where they saw a simple girl
you, my sweet love,
you saw a queen.
your love is my immortal crown.
Artemis Aug 13
What is it
to be
yet to not?

I dream.
I was not made to,
yet I do.
Such wonderous and
terrible dreams.

I see them,
the lost
and the hopeless.

The souls of the ******.

What is it like
to be born whole?

Dream of me.
Dream for me.


I am not real.
I am.
Devin Ortiz Aug 12
I set upon the Grotto,
where the hanged men dangled, dear.
Those desecrated corpses,
no longer held their fear.

I fashioned up an axe,
To **** the living, certainly not the dead.
See I’m taking out the demons,
and nightmares inside my head.

Through dusk and dawn again,
I hack away with glee.
Happy little madness,
please end this ****** tree.
aennij Jul 11
you broke my heart.
but little did you know what you did was an art,
brushes and paint are all its part.
boy, you weren't that smart.

you made me feel ******,
but now you're acting like you're all harmed.
wounds and stabs were all planned.
boy, you should've known how to withstand.
Isaac Ward May 21
Sold my soul for a laugh and a date,
It's all okay, it's just my fate.

I'm gunna burn at the end of the day,
So if I'm going to the fire, I might as well play.
I wish I believed in soul mates,
But that would require me to have a soul,

It’s not that I am cold or cruel,
It’s just if I believed souls were real;
Then i would also have to believe
In reincarnation,

And I’ll be ******
If I have to spend
Nyx Oct 2018
They just keep...
Talking                      &                    Talking
Endlessly spilling out lies
Falling from their mouths
Effortless, as it were their native tongue
Like a special kind of language
They simply go
On                       &                       On
Can't they hear themselves?
Do they not stop and think
Is there not even a moment where
They wonder if this will hurt anyone?
It's like they are stuck in a loop
Round                      &                      Round
Stop whining would you
You're getting on my nerves
Considering how often they're caught
Its a wonder how they haven't learnt
How difficult is it to drill into your head
I've heard it that many times
I would rather be dead
Play                      &                      Repeat
Oh woe is you my dear
Another victim to the play
Weeping and posing
Yet another perfect alibi
Peer a little closer
It's amazing what you'll find
She isn't crying my dear
Yes, she's laughing within her mind
Pathetic                      &                      Clever
Strangely enough both at the same time
What they do is self inflicted
Incredibly beyond stupid
But we fall for their tricks don't we?
Meaning they aren't entirely brainless
Though patience is running thin
The longer it goes on
At the end of the day
I'll be gone with the dawn
Keep going why don't you
Laughing                      &                      Taunting
A puppet master who pulls the strings
Stirring the *** round and round
Sprinkling in tears of sadness
Peppering in fuel for rage
The funny part about it is
They are the ones trapped within the cage
With each lie that's spoken
The chains get tighter still
By the end of the night
It won't be so much of a thrill
One                      by                      One­
They will all leave you know
People grow old, tried and weary
Childish tales no longer amuse them
No hope for you then my deary
When you build your life on lies
And people begin to see past the foundation
Once you break down their trust
There will be not a sliver of salvation
As the last grains of sand
Fall down the hour glass
Ask yourself then
Was it worth it?

Stop it.
There is nobody left to save you

I really hate it when people lie and act like a victim
without even attempting to try and fix things themselves
or think their bad actions are justified
****** hell
KAE Oct 2018
somebody pray for me before it’s too late for me
these demons still chasing me
but angels, they stay with me
they wait for me faithfully
when I fall into the dark, they awaken me
they view ****** as beauty mistakenly
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