The sheep are swimming in the Nile; they must be living in denial!
Denial is our best friend, the constitution we must amend!

Guns are our mortal enemies; their only use is to commit felonies
To stop these tragedies, we must impose harsher penalties!

There is no wolf, we will not die; there’s no need to put your life on the line
Sheepdogs are for the paranoid, those who live in a void

Remove the sheepdog and the enemy goes away, to happiness this is the true way
Ban the wolf with a no trespassing sign, surely we’ll be fine

Respect and common courtesy, the wolf will live in harmony
Close our eyes and he goes away, all we have to do is pray

Our herd used to be bigger; we don’t ask questions as long as our denial can deliver
Until our children are in the fire, then the sheepdog we require

But the sheepdog is out of practice, we fired him for “malpractice.”
Ruined by us, he looks no better than us – but he’s not like us

The sheepdog is weak; his sheep made him an antique
But his mind is strong and he’s eager to kill the evil and wrong

Wolves are predators, feeding on the weak; it’s denial they seek
The sheep will never fight, but pray the sheepdog is able to take up their plight

Nora 5d

You never missed a mark
Firing right for my heart
Sent the bullet rippling through
My flesh and left me gaping

Whole, i thought i was before
You came along, taking aim
With your charming darts
Darling, I’m damned I missed you
When I shot up high

insp. by annie oakley (1935)
Blair Gowrie Apr 16

It seems to be,
That everyone
Can be the owner of a gun.

A gun for what?
Protect the shop?
No, no, to kill,
According to your own free

Students here,
Colleagues there,
Isn’t it fun
To mow them all down one by

When will it end?
It won’t, my friend,
With guns galore
On sale at every corner store.

         From Entertaining Verse Poems
        ©Blair Gowrie (Roderick Macdonald)

he keeps me
trapped in a prism prison of different shades and tints of red
crimson, scarlet, marlot
follow me down into some kind of thing we'll drag on for months
keeping the dead animal of our situation-ship around until the neighbors complain of the stench
i dont know, dude.
i open myself up and i see the same shades of red flowing out
the stench is there as well- i smell like a gun
anxiety chews away at the rest of my body,
gnawing on my ear, feeding me more information i didn't need to hear
you say i'm trigger happy when it comes to jumping to conclusions
if i'm a gun, you're the smoke from the shot.

you're difficult. this is going to kill me

I keep replaying
Last night's scene.
An English man
sitting at a bar,
in a wealthy
side of town.

He was carrying on
with me about
The People
not having
a good reason
to carry a gun.

It's hard for him to see
why I strongly disagree.
I want The People
to fight for what they believe in,
and question authority.

It wouldn't be quite fair
if the law makers
and enforcers
had all the guns
and we had none.

Rebels are going to
have guns anyway,
but they call them criminals.
Then otherizing them,
making it "okay"
for them to be locked away
in 3x overcrowded cells,
for as long as they can keep them there.

Please keep explaining to me
why you,
who lives in a gated community,
are okay with your gun
in your locked safe,
but you're not okay with me,
who lives in the south end,
having a gun
on my hip
as I walk through
a littered park.

Or why it's not okay
for a women,
looking good
for a night out on the town,
to keep a gun in her purse
as she passes the downtown alleys
and begging homeless.

You're right about the terrorists.
They don't really exist,
but do you realize who
did bomb the towers?
Do you realize who is creating
the fear of black men, now Muslims?

Please keep telling me
that there's no reason
for a revolution.
That there's no good reason
For The people
to carry a gun.

There's nothing wrong
with fighting for what you believe in,
but blindly taking away
ones ability to fight back,
that's wrong.

Comment with your opinions on gun rights if you want!! Here's my opinion.
Niqolet Lewis Mar 7

this woman
she raises soldiers
Spinning sweet lies
and throwing hard truths
its fucking brutal in here
nothing is sacred
We take what we need
when we want it
Its us against them
we are alone
You are alone
She'll throw you right in
and you do have a choice
You sink
or you swim baby
Mumma cant keep us all up
Come out swinging
She cant tell you whats on the other side
but she’ll tell you that you'd better be ready
gun cocked
fully loaded
She'll light a cracker right at your feet
keep moving
This woman
she’s covered in scars
she wants you to shoot
Shoot for the stars
But you're on your own
Mummas got guns
Pointed at men
Pointed at lovers
Pointed at fathers
pointed at mothers
Love is blind
and she’s firing
Into the night
so take your post
You're on your own

Martin Bailes Feb 28

Its hard for me
to quantify
my loathing
of the NRA,
but one example
comes to me
like Sherlock
and his enemy,

at Reichenbach Falls,
Lapierre and I
would tumble
into waters raging
foamy white
& crashing angry,
& in his ear
I would whisper,
as my clutch
it grows yet tighter,

the names of all
the fallen children,
& daughters,

little Michael,
small Tyrell,
and when I'd
reach the very end,
I'd begin again
my tragic list,
all interspersed
with curses true
with damn
and damn
and goddam

NAG Feb 20

Allow the young to grasp the hands of death,
pull the strings of their brains,
shape them into monsters
and make them endure the worst.

Create tragedy from their touch,
give them guns
and send them to war.
They are hollow,
their heartbreak written in the spilled blood.

You took their hope and exchanged it for hell,
yet still they breathe
and stand tall
as their knees quiver
from the heavy burden of the things they've done.

written on 2017-02-20.
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