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dawn trains all her guns,
feeble light fights robust night;
the world's in the dark!
Alienpoet Feb 5
Do you think they will ever care?
the rich and powerful and the big banks
own us with their guns and tanks
will they care when we are gone?

they siphon our money through a straw
Just so they can get richer through the profits of war
on everyone including the poor and disabled
the immigrants and working class able

We are slaves to the rich in this so called Christian country
full of those who would spout forth
I speak of my discourse
but wasn’t it Jesus who said
that it is as difficult as a camel to go through the eye of a needle
as a rich person to go to heaven
the hour is getting late it’s way past quarter past eleven
Or is the doomsday clock wrong
we live on knife edge don’t tell us we are strong
In being poor
heaven can wait for our souls
we need to be cared for...
Sarah Ouhida Jan 26
in a holy room
she weeps
it is a Blue Sunday,
—don’t you hear her, Jim?

roses weeping
she dances
in the dark
it is pouring
and she is empty
— oh Axl, don’t you see her ?

she hopes she can touch heaven
she feels like gold
her blood is full of it !
she’s become numb
—Don’t you feel her, Roger?

she tries to find her way to heaven
a new life
but her wings are scarred
— can you get her there, Eric?
Yuki Jan 23
Like flowers in
soldiers’ guns
your shooting
left me unharmed
in the war between
both of our hearts
where all that remained
were the ‘love me not’
****** petals.
Izzy Aghahowa Jan 19
my father
the holy spawn
who swims in black and blue catharsis
white needles
now grey and gold
empty gun chambers
that leave dead air for dead deers

the smoke from your frozen lips
causes a destruction that no one sees
except for the Father you keep

you roam around at night
it seems you've lost yourself in the moonlight
you leave trails of dust behind you
when you leave pieces of your life for death to find

i don’t see eyes
i see glass and vapour
and a life, that was left unloved
by a holy one
A little boy of ten watches Doctor Who religiously
because the Doctor has time travel
and oh what he would do
to turn back the clock
to when his sister was still alive

A little girl asks her mother
when Daddy is coming home
but Mommy doesn't know how to tell her
that the history teacher became a statistic
in a national tragedy that goes ignored

A teenager sobs in a corner
hands over her mouth
as she thinks, 'Dear god please, please no'
and the kid next to her texts their dad goodbye

A boy with dark eyes and darker clothes
wipes his eyes
because his phone just died
and the last thing he told his mom was 'I hate you'

The teachers lock their classrooms
and look around at their students
They wonder which ones they are going
to say goodbye to today

The children march
for the lives that have been lost
but the screams of the dead aren't loud enough
for those who can end their suffering

A kid makes a mockery
about shooting up the school
but even as they laugh
his friends wonder if he's really only joking

Everyone will say
that they are sorry for your loss
but they can't fix whats been done
and they won't stop it from happening again

We fake stomach aches
skip school
skip classes
beg our parents
because there was another one only yesterday
and 'What if we're next?'

"Mom, I love you."
"Daddy, I'm scared."
"Mr. Davis, is this a drill?"
"Will you hold my hand?"
"I don't want to die."

Kids tremble in fear
because this only happens at other schools
this only happens to other people
and they weren't supposed to join them
as another number on the death count
Hunter Dec 2018
You shot your gun
Just as we were having fun

You killed me as I was blind
Now that we are so far apart
I cannot anymore find
My state of my head and heart

As my body lies cold
All I want is you to hold

You murdered me behind my back
Now all I do is sit and think what I lack

For you I tried so hard
I completely let down my guard

And you shot me down
Now I lost what I found

All along I was trying
Keeping us from dying

But in the whole process
I have gone away with lost bets
Ross Lopez Dec 2018
The pale-yellow ocean stretches on for miles out here.
There are cattle speckled like freckles in the ocean here and there drowning.
Little bird necklaces and bits of coyote food line the freeway giving it a certain grotesque opulence.

Some people have not enough teeth from too much **** and not enough mints.
Some people think this is because there are too many brown people and not enough fence.

The orchards of money trees stretch for miles out here.
They’re irrigated with blood and sweat and tears and fears.
They’re picked with the dark hands of the Valley, both young and old, male and female, poor and poor, Adam and Eve.

All the teens are pregnant, all the drugs are hard, all the prisons are full, all the schools are empty.

Some people are empty.

Some people think there should be a wide selection of guns for even the most sophisticated palate.
trf Nov 2018
Two loose dimes and a couple quarters,
blue lights bright, better call my lawyer,
rosé red wine and a chimney for ya,
back to the future, hallelujah.

Turn a blind eye, like JonBenét,
let this Louisville wind blow out my escalade,
my fight or flight senses are about to say,
take your suede steel tip shoes and go ándele.

Those Derby blues, ruin days,
that Kentucky green, man I'm bound to pay,
cell phones in your prison's promenade,
they both passed the bars and now one's on the way.
the cell phone service in l-ville jail is top notch, btw
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