I was dumb enough to think
That an intimate relationship......
A marriage was the remedy
For my disconnection.
I shouldn't blame my ex-wife
For the failure of the marriage.
Relationships are caught up in all sorts of broader Realities.
That's why I can't really blame people
For just wanting to enjoy
Casual sex,
But I do blame President Donald Trump
And the Christian Right
For being Moralists.
Is the GOVERNMENT supporting
These "families" that they supposedly
Want people to have?
Hell no!
The Current Administration is making it
Harder and harder
For families to survive.
They aren't just targetting
Muslims, Transsexuals
And Immigrants from Latin America or Haiti.
These "Christians"
Want to take away a woman's right to birth control.
But make it easier
For mentally ill people
To obtain firearms.
It seems as if men are actually being ENCOURAGED
To go on murderous rampages
Rather than to enjoy sex.
It's no surprise any more
When people simply get blown away
For no logical reason at all.

Eppie 1d

my thoughts are shaped like
atom bombs:
bearing faces of angry gods
tearing through the air above.

my thoughts are shaped like
revolver rounds:
their loud, resounding sounds
always make my heart pound.

my thoughts are shaped like
vile things:
describing them makes my eyes sting

so i won't anymore.

intrusive thoughts

Excuse me, I can't hear you--
your gun is speaking louder  
than you do and yes,
you scare me, it isn't how
it ought to be--we are more
like each other than you can see.

I can't hear you
I can't hear you
your gun is speaking
louder than you do
and yes, it saddens me
because all I see--is a woman who
doesn't know who she could be.

I can't hear you
I can't hear you
your gun is speaking louder
speaking louder

There's no more you.

Written by Evelyn Augusto for Guns Don't Save People Poets Do.  October 21, 2017

President Donald Trump says
That guns aren't the problem.
Mental illness is the problem,
But what is he gonna' do about mental illness?
Sell people with psychiatric disorders more guns?
Maybe, I'm stupid,
But I don't comprehend President Donald Trump's logic.
He must be
A lot smarter than I am.

As I member of Denver Buddhist Temple, I learned that their founder, Shinran used to say, "I am a stupid priest". Now, I understand why!
Thomas Conlan Oct 19

A Dotard deals directly with death
His empty head wastes it’s breath
Fire and fury; war and worry
Life lost like a blink of an eye
A flash in the dark and then we die
Another murder on the news
Black, white, Muslims, Jews
Fears of terror on the rise
Weapons of sizeable lies
Pray for Paris, stand with me
Pray in public for people to see
We’ll send our thoughts, a share, a like
And we’ll declare another drone strike
Tears shed for the injured and dead
For every white city stained red
Another elementary school mess
Caused by a child’s carelessness
Or some psycho having fun
With the barrel of his gun
A classroom of souls sit silent
Victims of a life so violent
Education spent on waging war
Using the pockets of our poor
America’s defence, say the boasters
Our children, new age holsters

A mother explains the world to her son
That’s ruled under finger and gun
Until a time when tragedy hits here
We all live life, paralyzed in fear
A world in decay and that’s okay
Because her child won’t ever know
The sky on fire raining ash-like snow
Won’t ever see the rising sea
Will not hear the screams of the free
As they rally together for peace
And are rained down on by police
Higher he will have to rise
Higher, after he dies
No longer burdened by the blow of living
In a time of eternal unforgiving
Plunged into a nightmare, he screams
Softly, slowly, delved into drowning dreams
As his mother stands above
Holding him under with love
A monster, a fiend they’ll see
An American reality
Another victim of violence
A soul becomes silence
Hearts break, tears are shed
Out of jealousy for the dead
For all the world’s war and strife
He’s just another casualty of life
On the news, a leading millionaire
Offering a thought and prayer

The Social Boundaries that we erect
Might protect us from getting hurt emotionally,
And enable us to continue practicing
Our Extreme Individualism,
But they won't protect us
From getting murdered,
When a Las Vegas sniper
Brings more luggage than normal to his room,
The hotel clerks just think,
"He must be here for a long stay."
No one suspects
That he's about to commit
A Massacre.

Middy Oct 14

I hate school I will hate school
I hated school I hate school
I will hate school I hated school
I hate school I hated school
I will hate school I hate school
I hated school I hate school
I hate school I will hate school
I will hate school I hate school
    I hated school I will hate school
I hate school I hated school
I will hate school I hated school
I hated school I hate school
I hate school I will hate school



I will shoot someone at work
I shot someone at their house
I had shot someone in the shop
I shot someone during a concert
I will shoot someone during class
I had shot someone in the heart
I shot someone while they slept
I will shoot someone tonight
I shot someone now
I had shot someone yesterday


The bomb exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb had exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb had exploded
The bomb exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb had exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb exploded
The bomb had exploded
The bomb will explode
The bomb exploded


Inspired by a small paragraph in the book My Name Is Mina by David Almond
I agree with hating school, don't get me wrong I love education
But I feel schools are like cages or prisons, the teacher is the warden.
Sorry for it being so long it if I get anything wrong

She knew that he was a natural-born killer,
But there was something about him
That she couldn't resist.
She admired the power
Of a man who would not hesitate to kill?
Other men seemed effeminate in comparison.
She liked living close to Danger?
Why did that man who would not hesitate to kill other
Avoid killing her?
This must be
A Special Sort of Love.

Let's be objective
Gun Rights Advocates have a valid point
When they say that
"Guns don't kill people, people do,"
But the people who SELL these guns
Make a lot of MONEY.
After awhile,
GENOCIDE becomes quite profitable.
If I bought a Machine Gun,
And went to Denver's Cherry Creek Mall in Denver
To commit a massacre,
For example,
Someone could use the proceeds from the Carnage
To go on a sexcapade  in Siam.......
Fuck a different woman for a week.
Maybe, this NRA slogan should be rephrased?
"Guns don't kill people."
"Greed does."

Breeze-Mist Oct 2

I remember that maroon shirt
A size too large so it hung like a sack
Over my twiggy, seven year old limbs
It was rough and scratchy against my belly
I absolutely hated the color
I was one for turquoise and scarlet and sparkles
This was a cloth of rusty mud, it was purple gone terribly wrong

Of course I protested
Whining at my mother like a cub at her lioness
Why should I have to wear this ugly thing
That you brought yesterday for no reason at all

And then you said there was a reason
In that quiet, somber way you get when you homilize to me
That tone that makes me scared enough to flatten my unruly hair

It was the first time I heard the words
Mass Shooting
But it was far from the last

I went to school that day
I tried to tell the others
Some had heard a snippet or two from mom and dad
Before being sent out of the room
But most just looked at me like I had a third eyeball in my head
They shrugged it off and went back to foursquare
They never gave a damn about the news if it wasn't Charlie Brown
And they never really talked to me more than they needed to

The grownups hurried us all along
Avoiding all mention
Of Virginia Tech
And they would nod and turn away when I told them
How was I to know that they didn't have any answers either

I sat on the swingset
The cyan dome that seemed so familiar in its vast vacancy
Was now so empty and abandoning
The bark chips were suddenly silent
In juxtaposition to my mind

I mouthed out the words
A feeling in my mouth like a jawbreaker too large to fit it but crammed in anyways
I didn't have the words for it then

How could someone do that?
How could someone just walk up
With a special stick and some bullets
And end twenty six lives
Like they were swatting at flies
And how could everyone
Be so calm and carefree
When so much harm had come
When so much blood ran
Turning to a rust color in my mind
Like that god-awful shirt

The day was done
I threw the shirt in a bottom drawer
I never wore a maroon thing again until I was thirteen
I felt glad to be rid of that jawbreaker
And the strange feelings in my gut and neck

But it was not over
None of us were rid of it

Sandy Hook
Breaking News: Mass Shooting
San Bernardino
Breaking News: Mass Shooting

Guys, one of our competitor's teamates was killed
It was a murder-suicide by his father on him and his mother
So please be considerate

Good God, how many has it been
When did it begin
What should we do
And how did I get so numb
To my semiannual jawbreaker moments

But all I hear is
Who do we blame?

The foreign ones?
Let's blockade them
Because it's not like we were ever that way

Maybe the ones with fucked up minds?
Yeah, they're the violent ones
It cuts me deeper than any work of my own blades

But god and the NRA forbid
That we have shootings
Because we have the means to
That we have a radicals in the U.S.
And they only came from us
But when has policy ever made sense?

All I know is
That we can't keep going numb
To the jawbreakers in our mouths

Sorry, it's a bit long. I just wanted to type something out.
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