I talk to my Cop Friend,
About the poetry of Jallludin Rumi
And the Sufi Concept of Self-Annihilation.
Parts of us have to die
So the rest of us can live,
But is it really necessary
To take a pistol out of the glove compartment of your car
In front of a Colorado State Courthouse
And blast your brains out,
Splattering blood all over your horrified girlfriend?
Do we really need
That kind of drama?

Terry Collett Jul 16

Enid met me
on the bomb site
off Meadow Road.

I had two
of my six
shooter cap guns
in holsters
each side
of my waist
hanging from my
S belt.

I showed her
how to draw
the guns
and shoot straight
I went.

She jumped
and stared shitless
at me.

Is it loaded?

No just caps
I said
twirling the guns
around my fingers
as I’d seen
the cowboys do
in the cowboy films.

I let them
into the two holsters.

Can I have a go?

I smiled at her
if you like.

I undid the gun belt
and handed it to her.

She did the belt
around her narrow waist
and straightened the guns.

What's the string for?
She said.

It's to keep
the holsters rising
when you go
for the guns
I said
shall I tie it
around your legs?

She nodded.

I knelt down
and tied
the two
pieces of string
around each
of her thighs.

She winced.

What's up?

she said.

I tied it gently
and stood back.

I guessed
her old man
had belted her again
hence the pain.

I said.

She nodded
and stood
with her hands
at her sides
her thin fingers
moved like spiders
as she waited to go
for the guns.

She seemed nervous
looking down
at her hands.

Each gun
is capped
I said.

She went for guns
and drew quick
and shot

I was zapped.

axr Jul 16

well there goes another parade,
we're now marching with rainbows on our bodies and hashtags on our face
our roars pierce the skyline as the guns fire
bang! bang!
another bullet
in our direction
another life lost
and now we have a new sensation
young man murdered for a skin colour he didn't choose
young man murdered because 'he seemed like he was from the hood'
young man shot dead for following the rules

hashtags flooding twitter, photo sets on tumblr, double taps on instagram and likes on facebook
debates firing up and questioning the truth
we're marching
with the names of the dead carved on our skin
girls murdered for loving girls and boys murdered for loving boys,
a girl being murdered because she no longer wanted to be a boy.

we're crying,we're laughing,we're screaming and we're dying
and now the walls are covered in our writing
because we will never stop fighting

guess who's back

Listen, here, Jewboy!
Despite all your ecoassertions,
The Oil Business is perfectly respectable,
If I want to spend all my money
On girls and guns,
That's my prerogative!
All these Liberals squawk
About misogyny
And the "prevalence of America's Gun Culture",
But I can shoot them all down
Just like the hawk outside my window.

Hailey Paige Jun 17

looking down a barrel of roses
waiting for the thorns to pierce my skin
when you pull the trigger,

an act of love..
or an act of
h a t e

Grace Nicole Jun 13

Drugs, give me drugs
I don't really need them
But I'll sell them on the corner
Of the street we grew on
Love, give me love
I don't really understand it
But I'll take what you give
Don't be surprised when I lose it
Life, give me life
I don't really want it
But I'll go through the motions
Until I lose all the reason behind it
A gun, give me a gun
I don't really want to do this
But you can watch as I pull the trigger
The bullet shoots right through you
Mercy, give me mercy
I don't really deserve it
But look away as it's wasted
You could have better used it

This low-key happened because I was listening to MCR's song "Na Na Na"
Rebecca Kinga Jun 12

You're still a dream
You're still a memory
Left within my scars
Within faded stars
Inside Tears of you and me
But dreams they drown
Likes drops on the ground
Feel so safe and sound
Inside tears of you and me

We thought
We could drown in those dreams and lights
We could touch the stars and reach the heights
We thought
We could stay awake up all night
But the sun rose
And the bullets they crashed in lights

Head Lights are now dead Lights
Never thought they could leave
Best nights are now left nights
Never thought I could believe
That you're gone
Too far to touch
I'm still the one
For dreams to watch
To count the stars
And mend the scars
But they broke our hearts
So we shot those lights...

I had become more aware of my surroundings. With my obscured vision, I trembled up the mountainous stairs, to find comfort in my divan. The wind blundered and blasted the shutters allowing shivers to roar down my spine. I drew the covers restlessly over my body. Sleep would not grace me with its presence as I tossed and turned, thrashing about the bed. Why did it feel so unwelcoming, so foreign to my touch? My eyes drifted towards the window in search of comfort. Wind cried from the heavens as the maleficent feathered silhouette made himself known. My vision began to haze as my eyes settled into the crevices of my head. I couldn’t take it anymore, the fierce gaze of the raven was too much for my heart to bear. I clambered to my feet and made my way to the kitchen, stumbling through the halls as the wine took effect. As I clung to the kitchen door-frame, there it was; my means to an end. With an unholy determination, I grabbed the pearl gripped revolver that lay on the kitchen counter besides the key to the cabinet. How it got there, I haven’t the slightest idea. I was inhibited within an ineludibly eternal oblivion.
My mind filled with hatred towards the ruffled being as my sweaty palms grasped the bronze handle that I flung open with the desire to end this misery bestowed within my soul. I had of kill it for this misery to end, I was compelled to end its life. The raven vanished as if knowing my pursuit.
This was it. Barefoot I ran, though my legs were long past exhaustion, I kept running. Trepidation had driven all other thoughts from my mind, leaving the only instinctive urge to abscond. And so I ran.

Arcassin B Jun 5

By Arcassin Burnham

No toss and turn but sleep is lost,
I live to trust myself and the ones I love,
But you gotta learn to take a loss,
For everything in this world has a cost,

You know me from distant memory,
If you were my enemy I trust you less,
So not what you appear to be,
The epitome of vanity,
A lost hope to a broken dream,
Your mad at me but you ruined your life by parenting,
And even in the darkest days,
I still wanna have all the times of my life,

To look back and say I shouldn't stay,
I couldn't find the truth on the brightest day,
In knowing that would be okay,
I just headed for a lil delay,

Tough today , and then tough days ahead,
To sin and then be sinned on is hard to maintain,
Any day I could've just been dead,
Either by a random mugger or a racist fed,
And even in the darkest days,
I still wanna have all the times of my life,

I just wanna get away from here,
Not just here but out of this world as well,
See fear in every corner here..
There are no guns in where I wanna go.

Star BG May 2

Put down thy guns, and aim the heart.
Send out rays I now do.
To advise you ditch the gun,
and feel sweet love so true.

I wish the guns were not around.
They make an awful sound.
Better cradle inside love,
it helps mankind to ground.

To ground with love harbors blessings.
They echo far and strong.
Ditch the guns I do declare,
with love one can’t do wrong.

StarBG © 2017

inspired by Pradip C who had a gun picture on his page
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