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James May 11
The essence of life grows from within its roots
It gives life to those around it
as it gives air to those that will one day destroy it
Forever misunderstood, under appreciated, undervalued.
How can you **** that which gives life
How can you **** the mother to your own children.
Siding with the reaper in the war of life and death
This isn't a test, you don't pass or fail
But you do eat the fruit in which you bear
As you see yourself in the reaper's blade
Is that last breathe one of satisfaction or regret?
Fulfilment or exhaustion?
Did you fight for life or beg for death.
Anna Apr 12
And there lay his body,
In a pristine coffin,
Ready for the funeral service
The room is full of loved ones,
The people who gave him life
They gather
waiting for any more guests,
Unaware that the most important one is already here

The grim reaper is here with his sythe
Ready to bring this man's soul
to the next life

But as he looks at the man
He weeps
He cries, for the reaper never wanted this job
He never wanted to be
In between life and death
He never wanted to be the one to guide tortured souls,
to see their pain
and then have to send them
to heaven or hell

The reaper cries too
He cries for the souls who never got to finish their life
He cries for the mothers, fathers, children, uncles, sisters
He cries for what they left behind

For fate is cruel
And no one decides
when their time stops
The reaper cries,
the rivers and rain fill with sorrow
The reaper cries
And the sea feels his pain

But when people think of him,
They blame him for taking their loved ones
They cry and mourn
Unaware that
The reaper cries too
Amanda Mar 21
Be not scared of death
Growing slowly with old age
The simplest blessing
Mikey Kania Feb 11
there's a hidden man
he a fan of mirrors
his first name be terror

see this hidden man be
like writer's block and white paper
like planes in skyscrapers

there's a hidden man
skin made of cobweb: an-other
no friend sis or brother

there's a hidden man
wenn er dich packt: renn!
there is a hidden man

he a cheerleader who
became the grim reaper
Liz Feb 10
Skeletons in the closet
Poison in the cupboard
Strangers in the hallway
Life without a lover

Knives in the kitchen
Needles in the drawer
Pills in the dresser
A knock on the door

Brilliantly disturbing
I begged from him no more
"Hello, my name is Death,
And you're the one I've come for."
Jamie Russ Feb 6
An unwanted presence is now tapping on the window. The sky has shifted in colour reflecting the imminent emergence of a dark and ancient being. I’ve not known it before but feels strangely familiar, I do know you but choose to ignore you. Your laughter is haunting. I cannot reason or bargain with you. You have a singular purpose governed only by pure instinct. I’m powerless to fight against something I cannot see. But you’ve always been there gently reminding me that one day we shall finally meet. Desperately trying to avoid you I lost my way and found myself aimlessly wondering a path surrounded in darkness and uncertainty. The sudden realisation that you’ve tricked me and instead of running from you I’ve been heading towards you. With each step the path behind me falls away, there is no going back. I am alone. I’ve come to the end of the road, I see you now.
Werifesteria Jan 13
The feeling I get is a sin but it takes me to heaven
My heart was planted here but no longer grows
Love flows but surely is not dying on a cross

Let the blood river run through me
Take my blues away
Move with me
Like the wind moves the Sea

I've seen the Reaper tear through my eyes
Flames splitting waves of time
Dancing around the trails of phantom horses

And my soul mate is dead and gone
I'll watch under the frozen river for him in Autumn
See him when the sun sets in Spring

Here I am again
Rolling out with the waves
It's pitch black and I'm swallowing midnight
I start to lower and become one with the body of time
Fear steps in and takes over
Like I'm some dummy in a ventriloquist gig

I see the lady with the blue flaming eyes
She tests me
God dangles the Holy Grail in front of my eyes
But I'm almost full

Here he comes
Blood gathers under my chest plate
Ash in an hour glass
I think I know him better when he's dreaming

What a tease
Waking moments
Longing moments
As I'm torn from his arms yet again

Below the window, scales glimmer with moonlight
Through the murky blades
As I welcome Death like an old friend telling jokes to fill the silence
The Dead come singing in tongues
The sounds amidst the field affirm that I'm not dreaming

Dusk is layered and securing my skin
A sweet kind of tune
In between realities
I've heard this song before

Like a drunken clown on a merry-go-round
Here he comes
Now I don't fear him
Shaking diamond dice and rolling snake eyes
I roll two sixes and I know it's time to leave this dream
Indigo Jan 12
Bringer of after,
I am not afraid.
For I am dying to know,
What is on the other side.
David Hutton Dec 2019
He stands there with a passive regard.
The silence mirrors that of a graveyard.
In front of a lit door,
enters the wintry air.
Extends his arm, welcomingly unbarred.
Viseract Nov 2019
I wear the Reaper's desires, hide myself away
He cursed me with his shroud, I've become a Wraith
I scream ****** ******, his jaw forever grins
Everybody dies, and nobody ever wins

Short lived is our hope, and so we turn to faith
Making up our deities to fill the empty space
God can you hear me, howling winds respond
I grip a neck of glass, so the numbness is prolonged

I hate all I see, and I see myself in all
So I watch me **** everyone, in agony they sprawl
Nothing left but bloodied grin and scarlet dripping blade
The clouds cry my anguish, and pelt the muddy *****

Pretty roses splash and stain, madness left to claim the reins
All is shades of darker grey, maroon petals left to fade
Desperate fingers claw my flesh, this nightmare will never rest
For the shadows, they have spoken...and beast, asleep, has woken...
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