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Once you understand the eye language,
You'll keep your eyes for yourself.

Words Of Harfouchism.
MC Oct 8
It’s okay that you never put me first
Because I will
It’s okay that you never let go
Because I will

Someday you’ll be someone that I once knew
Someone who someday might become someone that’s worth it to know
But I will never
Know that it could have been great
You and me; imagine that
For now; it’s been too late
I was worth it, you know
You held onto your pride and me; you let go

It’s okay, though
I forgive you
And maybe someday
Even today
I’ll miss you
Amaris Oct 7
The blonde girl in my first class
Shares the same planner habits as me
Invited me to a party, my first
I watched a clock tick away
In tandem to music six blocks down
The girl, my “name twin”
In geology lab, playing with rocks
We traded phone numbers
She has her own group of friends
I sit by myself three rows up
The girl sitting across from me
Effortlessly thin, stark tattoos
We think and feel so similarly
She just made a friend, so
I only ask what they did for fun
A coworker, moving states away
I thought she was a cool Cali girl
Brunette ice princess
She hugged me on her last day
Now I smile at her 3AM Instagram selfies
At opportunities, I tried to jump
Misjudged the distance and fell instead
I scraped up my hands, leaving scars
I’ll remember you, years later
You who could have been a friend
Love the light in the sky, moon on the clouds, the wind tickling your hair, the rain licking your skin. In a life being lived you have these things, whether you take them in or believe you are waiting, for the right time is now because time can not be saved
Seems we are waiting for what has not happened all the while we are paralyzed indecision time is passing us.
Cyan Sep 22
We live like
Cartons of milk,
Knowing we have an expiration date
Stamped upon our foreheads.

And yet we sit
Upon our shelves
Waiting to be opened.

And yet we cry out in surprise
When we are poured
Down the drain
Because we have gone sour.
B D Caissie Sep 15
A thistle in a meadow is bold and beautiful, not because it's different, but because it was given a chance to grow...

Daksh Sep 3
It was time.
A spectacle was yet to take place
Exploring other worlds were always facinating to me
A footprint we left, every step it took was the sign that life exists.

We were like little trinkets, parts of stars that followed the rover from behind and took our fractions of amazingness of the universe.

It was the universe that broke you.
- This poem is about the opportunity rover
- The rover went to sleep on February 13, 2019
Molly Sep 4
I searched for starlight beneath the waves
while sand and sky wore matching shades of indigo
and remnants of reflected galaxies
drifted across the surface in plain view,
making their way lazily
to the shore where I once stood.
Don't you hate it when you miss something that's right in front of you?
Acina Joy Sep 1
Suddenly, there's more than distance and heat. There's your heart and your soul.

Inside your embrace, and your thrumming flesh. There's more, there's more, I want to know.
I find this feeling pleasant.
Today is the day.
I am a mayfly.
I have no memories of growing up,
and no expectations of growing old.
I have learned nothing.

Today is my day.
I will not sit by.
Swiftly I live, there is no slowing up,
and no time for my feelings going cold.
I will be something.

Today is the day.
I’ll reach for the sky.
Driven only by instinct flowing up,
to unknown destiny of glowing gold.
I am everything.

Today is the day.
I will live and die.
I’ll have seized the day just by showing up,
ignoring fear to live by knowing bold.
I won’t be nothing.
Instagram @not.thepoet.hewantstobe
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