There was a land, so fair and green
they called upon it "opportunity"
rhyme scheme, metaphor,
**** THAT WALL YOU *******!
one of my more refined poems
one time i tripped like never before
and the jazz in my eyes could light fire
to the old couple’s balding heads next to us
in the mineral wells mcdonald’s

it was a missed opportunity
the tab was amazing
and at my peak, i felt that in each passing second
that great poetry bubbling in me

i didn’t write any, though
so you’ll have to deal with this ****
thanks, j.b.
epitome staph '17 '18
And one day
someone came
knocking at your door
with flowers and a bottle of wine.
You looked through the window
and waved hi.
But it wasn't a hello,
it was a goodbye.
When you really put your all into something,
a little part of your soul
gets poured into the chase
and that little part of your soul becomes something you will never get back -
something ethereal,
in an unforgiving universe,
for a chance at getting everything you ever wanted.
MicMag Jan 1
**** the old year!
**** the old you!

****** it
Slaughter it
Toss it to the wolves
Watch it die slowly

Your pains and failures and sorrows and mistakes and regrets from the past year
Gasping for their last breath

Stand in triumph over your ****
And seize the new day
The new year
The new opportunities
That now stand before you

So when you look back
A year from now
You will know

You absolutely killed it
Adios, 2018!
Bring it on, 2019!
New year, new you!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
All that I had, to all that I have but nothing compares to what we had
for we had a gift of true love
A love you don't find every day something, truly
a special one of a once In a lifetime
Never to be repeated, again not In this life and maybe not the
Thoughs once In a  life time
opportunity a gift of love we had special
Justyn Huang Nov 2018
I poured some time
into a well. just to see
how much the water'd

Another day
Another down
Another pour

But never filled, never flowed.
Why then am I doing this for?
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