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JcF Oct 12
Do we heal with time or does time fluctuate the essence of our healing - A window into a world explored opens and yet, before reaching our first step, well silence the anticipation of falling - Time - Was it too long or not enough - Missed opportunities are gathered - What might be open space to some is crowded by others. Forged from the beginning first breaths associated in rhythm - Pathologically divided in silence negotiations provided
Life's mystery
Andy Chunn Aug 30
I never thought the pain could make me feel this way
Getting over you will take some time I hear them say
I thought that I’d forget you, control my life and make
The memory of your sweet love, a harmless heartache

I was not brand new to love, I’d had a round or two
But no one ever made me feel the way you always do
It’s not a harmless heartache when it burns you deep inside
This heart feels every memory and knows the tears I’ve cried

If I could bring her back again I’d never let her go
I’d treat her like a queen now that I know the things I know
You’re playing with the hottest fire, you think your heart won’t break
Then you’ll see you can’t escape the harmless heartache

Just a harmless heartache, I’m feeling here tonight
You’d still be here with me, and we’d hold each other tight
But you say I’ll be better off, and so just for my sake
You left me here alone to bear my harmless heartache
Allesha Eman Oct 2
You wish for the good hours
When the sun wasn’t so eager to run away
But they’ll come again
When the daylight breaks through dawn

And you are granted another day
Bhill Sep 17
the struggle with opportunity is an interpretation
how do you recognize what is, or is not an opportunity
have you ever thought about this
it's a struggle....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 256
Why are you here
Born, lost and bred
See some ideas to an end
The aim to do more often begets form

A middle depends
When identity strikes down the spine
Life will heal or harm
A day in this age generates pace
Prepare before to reinforce fate
as luck can change
If there's space on the stage
Search for the answers that your question relates

Catch the gaze of another
When they dazzle and charm
Turn in on yourself as we show our face
Segregated ways often reflect mixed intent
Does everything begin with the opportunity cost of regret
Review how you start before we depart and are spent
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Brckworld Jun 12
Everything you wish you said
Could be everything she wanted to hear
Everything you were afraid to ask
Become the things you want to know
Everything you were afraid to do
Could be what you wish you tried
All that time you spent in your head
Wasn’t with her

When you’re worried about losing what you have, you miss out on what could be.
Live fearlessly. Without risk there is no growth, just a painful drift.
I hope that I'll be in this position
Or maybe there will be another addition...
In our lives, in coalition
Under any condition...a life of love....
Charlotte T Jul 28
For the price of patience
she was gifted with the opportunity to heal,
and received a foreign feeling in return for her strength;
the type of love
she had dreamt of.
EmilyBatdorf May 8
I put a smile on
till I faked it true.
In a world of weeds,
I’m a flower
with sun in my leaves,
rays of joy to give away,
I have abundance.
My stalk has grown thick
fed on the peace of rain,
warmth of sun,
and freedom of air.
I have grown strong.
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