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Khoi Jul 27
Wildcard confidence
like hickory dicked the dock
the weathercock rocks
like Woodstock only clocked wins
slots in the tik-tok machine
Andreas Simic Jun 14
“Everything you ever wanted
Is on the other side of FEAR”
George Addais

you see fear
I see fun

you sense dread
I sense opportunity

you feel loss
I feel recovery

you hate
I love

you believe in the bad
I believe in the good

you think the end
I think the beginning

you touch sorrow
I touch enlightenment

you hear pain
I hear healing

your glass half empty
my glass half full

your life hard
mine a life of ease

your life
my life

Andreas Simic©
Based on a quote by George Addais
Anais Vionet May 28
I believe most Americans are appalled at the wanton gun violence in America today.

Surely the ****** of young children is revolting to almost everyone and begs for some action.

But what can we DO about it? I mean REALLY.. really.

Republicans want to arm themselves more, while democrats use these events to ******* to gun control fantasies that either cannot pass as law or will be struck down by the courts.

I’d like to propose a real, actionable solution.

We would announce this plan in every high school in America, propagate the offer in every morning announcement until further notice:

Any young man (or woman, let's not be sexist here) who, in their heart of hearts feels sufficiently motivated (****-crazed) would immediately be sent to Ukraine where they could **** real Russians to their heart’s content.

They would only be trained if they wanted it, only be part of an organized unit if they desired it, they would be armed on arrival or they could bring their own initial arsenal if they had it at hand.

Once they achieved 200 certified Russian kills (this number is negotiable) they would be declared heroes and could either continue their good work or receive some sort of scholarship or cash.

This is just one, practical idea - you, my reader, are free to propose others.

This is not a joke, not sarcasm, irony or parody - let’s actually DO something, shall we?
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Propagate: "to make an idea known to many people”
Zack Ripley May 1
People won't always be there
to tell you what you want to hear.
What you need to hear.
So let me take the opportunity to be clear.
Even if no one tells you,
it's okay to be proud of yourself.
Glenn Currier Mar 22
It is a lie.
I can’t get into your skin
nor see the blight on your soul
nor know the wealth of your life
in the darkness and the light.

It seems to me – and I could be wrong –
these four words
discount the other’s experience
dismiss the depth of a friend’s feeling.

Can’t I come up with something more creative?
Ask a question to find out more?

Have NOT been there
like you have.
I thank Maddy for her poem -  that caused me to think about the impact of those four words and thus became the inspiration for this poem.
My Dear Poet Jan 18
She is the kiss I never knew
Like the breath I never drew
Like the thought I never did
Like the heart I always hid
She’s the taste upon my tongue
Like flavoured lips dripping numb
She’s the fragrance I’d never breathe
She’s the warm welcome I’d never leave
Shes my dreams of little sleep
Of tears we keep and never weep
Of things we’re told and never hold
She’s the karat in the gold
A secret I cannot help but tell
She’s a piece of heaven sold in hell
She’s the whisper among the noise
A bleeding petal pricked by thorns
She’s the truth I’d never believe
like her love I’d never receive
She is the past in my present
She is and now she isn’t
The spinning hand
of fickle fate
Will rarely land
Square at the gate

So if it do,
Set fear aside.
With faith anew,
Push the gate wide.
Zack Ripley Nov 2021
You seek Opportunities
But if you work hard, be patient,
Opportunities will look for you.
MS Anjaan Oct 2021
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A Deco Apr 2021
it happened and my heart quickened
and I want you to feel pain as I did
but for the reasons
I felt it

someone was supposed to say sorry

but I only did what was set to be done

what was to be proven

I didn't know what I meant to do
particularly when it came to you
and how we seemed to dance around
without taking waltz lessons willingly

crushed toes and partly salvaged emotions

I had no intention of proof

by god that's all I wanted from you

some sort of pulse
anything to tell me what
I was seeing was worth beliving

but there is
no bar to high jump over

apathetic occupation where it didn't belong

but it stands to no more reason

what was to be shown

is what had to be done

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