Feel  a chill  
It's lingering
Among still hearts
The time has now come
To gather  the sheep  
from amongest the wolves
The day is coming when
When Christ will arise
With raging fire
Making war in the heavens .
The time has now come  when
Jesus himself will arise with healing in his wings.

CPM Jan 6

we have been taught
to color inside the lines
since we were little kids,

so explain to me how do we
continue to stay inside the lines
when life is everything but that.

no wonder we always
find ourselves
close to the edge,

but never really willing to cross
because we fear what would happen
if we did what they told us not to.

my messy thoughts
Kume Dec 2017

You acquire wealth and power,

At the expense of the masses.

And then you cover your tracks,

Telling us you’re rebranding.

When we catch you in your vile business,

You wriggle out your way, urging for dialogue,

Mutual understanding…

Wails and cries, how long will your people die?

Your silence is enough for us to believe you don’t even care.

You spin the truth, how many more media houses do you intend to buy?

You assure us the evil will be curbed,

And then the next blast, exponentially multiplies our fears…

They run ragged with their belief, satiating their bloodlust,

How long do you intend to bury mutilated remains, body parts and bone dust?…

Ending lives all for the reason that they made the Sign Of The Cross?

Chronicles of fraud, colossal distrust uncertainty,

Underhandedness, all to get the masses misinformed…

How can you let this happen?

How do you live with yourself?

How do you manage to keep sane when your whole life is false?

And all this for what?

When you lie so much, the truth becomes a blur?

In the end, my dear friend,

Like the rest of us, the earth will swallow you whole.

And then, there’ll be no king.

For after death, all your wealth,

All your thrills, comforts and bliss,

Will be noth’…

For you’ll join the assembly of the forgotten.

And like the traveler and the woman of easy virtue,

Vanity will end its fling…

Medusa Dec 2017

Do you still gasp when
You see me come in
When I enter a room
What flavor do I seem?

I wonder if this thing
Hurts you more than

Time is time,
But. . . .

I remember touching the eyebrow,
I used the nervous system
Mapped Through My body

To learn the map of you

It was never to be
A freedom I could see
How to pass on to
Any other man in similar

I have loved plenty
I have been loved in a way

But it has never been
Like your way

I wonder what is happening
Inside your quicksilver mind

I dream of us staring across
Large lodge halls
Like Crazed Vikings

Of Love.

I see us sitting at a table,
It was in the afternoon
I was speaking to someone
I couldn't quite escape from

I looked up,
Our eyes met, & all
Our secrets of those
Past few millennia

Electrified inside me

You were drawing frantically
Because it was spilling
Out of us

I have never forgotten that moment
I needed contact lenses,
Needed 18 senses
To make sense of
This wonderful ideal I'd found

It was to be our playground

Forest of Evermore
Taken for granted
So easily

But what are you thinking right now

Is it a case where I lack information?

I'm concerned about which is correct
In formation of a love that really
Doth vex & confuse,

Tickle & amuse

I can't do less than adore you
But I doubt we will get to the point

Where adoration crawls 'Cross
Floor to you, Burns up bed
For you

Having lost her heart to your . . . . .



Something I wrote years ago for someone who was studying Horticulture.
Shalo Nov 2017

I believe that there's a future
I believe in hope
I believe in ever after
I believe in love

Troubles will come
And hearts will be broken
Pressure wont stop
And words'll stay unspoken

Yet I believe in miracles
And friendships never broken
I believe in Jesus
And His Cross that bares forgiveness

I believe that we are all people, and that respect is mutual. I believe in stating opinions, and tolerating others.

I believe in this community of  words written but not spoken, and I believe you.

So, please, dont get offended because you dont believe what I do. This is my opinion, and I know you have yours. You can state it if you will, with respect and toleration, since we are all people sharing our home with individual freedom...and (I hope) love.

how could we ever forget
the pouty boy
his idolization of himself
an irksome ploy

sulking as the giving boys
got a better reception
they were placed in the
more deserving section

the envious streak
within his being's core
so craved for their
extraordinary score

his face was screwed
by a jealous cringe
real evidence of a
pouty boy's hinge

he carried the scowling
cross into adulthood
where it festered
beneath the wood

ShowYouLove Sep 2017

Red is for the blood you shed for me and for your sacred heart
Brown is for the wood of the cross: the bridge from heaven to earth
Purple is for your kingship. In honor of your power and majesty
Gold for the richness of knowing you and a reminder of the value of our souls
Blue for sadness and the water that flowed from your side
White for the veil that was torn, for holiness and purity
Yellow is for the sun bursting forth on Easter morning
Green is for new life and for good pastures

If you're looking for me
I'm not here anymore
Go back to the place
You found me before

It's all in the details
I heard somebody lied
All I heard was a hiss
Now I'm dead inside

Can you find me
Can you find me
Can you find me
I'm hiding here

Now it's been so long
Waiting to be found
I might as well be buried
6 feet under ground

I am feeling you digging
You better be find me soon
Cause my death is growing
And it will soon bloom

Can't you find me
Can't you find me
Can't you find me
I'm dying here

If I ran to the ends of the morning
You would surely be there
But I'm covered in the black of the night
And it feels like you disappear

Where can I run from your presence?
Where can a mere mortal hide?
When you took all my sinfulness
And laid it bear on the cross crucified

There you'll find me
There you'll find me
There you'll find me
I was forgiven here

If you're looking for me
I'm not here anymore
Go back to the place
You found me before

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