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Steve Page Mar 17
(Hebrews 12.2 – expanded version)

"…looking to Jesus,
the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him...

For the JOY of following his father's will
For the JOY of offering us salvation

For the JOY of putting an end to death
For the JOY of his promised resurrection

For the JOY of ascending to his Father
For the JOY of sending the Spirit of truth

For the JOY of commissioning disciple makers
For the JOY of preparing many rooms

For the JOY of planning his wedding feast
For the JOY of coming for his bride

For the JOY of gifting the water of life
For the JOY of drinking kingdom wine

For all these JOYS set before him,

…Jesus endured the cross,
despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God."

where nothing will rob him of these JOYS.
A poem for Good Friday
Was ever grief like Thine,
    Who finished, dregs and all,
The bitter cup of wine?
Was ever grief like Thine,
Who tasted of the vine
     Of the grapes of wrath and gall?
Never was grief like Thine,
    Who finished dregs and all.
Alyssa Underwood Apr 2022
“Why seek the Living One among the dead?“
asked angels to a few who‘d watched the Lord
be crucified—His blood and life outpoured,
“He is not here! He‘s risen as He said!“
In days before these women wept in grief
as Jesus‘ lifeless body, wrapped in shroud,
lay buried, guarded, sealed from Paschal crowd,
but by God‘s plan entombment would be brief!
His slaying served full payment for the debt
incurred against Himself by mankind‘s sin.
His raising proved His sacrifice the win
to satisfy God‘s wrath, my debts forget!
Because Christ Jesus died but ever lives,
the sin of all who trust Him God forgives!
Alyssa Underwood Apr 2022
The Lamb assumed the sin of all the world,
absorbed God‘s holy wrath—the debt sin owes.
Redemption‘s check written with hammer blows,
into remitting sea sin‘s wage He hurled.
For lost, sick souls eternal life Christ bought—
the graced life freely offered through new birth
to those who‘ll humbly hunger for His worth
and trust the vanquishment for which He fought.
By taking up what WE deserve—wrath‘s cross—
Jesus won our victory, laying down
His life, His glory and His heav‘nly Crown
till, as He rose, He overcame all loss!
His sacrifice and risen life receive
when in Christ‘s saving power you believe!
If we write, it's isn't  about us
                    it's isn't   about fame
                    it's more than a passion

When we lift our eyes up,
We see the sky
We see its beautiful  Azure blue colour
And went we pay attention, we have a  vision of Heaven :
Suddenly a face appears, it's sad it has a gray-dark colour
Its tears is made of blood
And in his sobbings he gives us messages
We write them down
We write to inspire a change
We write to raise awareness
We write to teach

When our words are not helpful to others, it helps us.
But even in our number, we don't succeed to give a smile to the Father

So we say : if our words are not interesting,
Keep it's central message and render it interesting, in your way 
And together let's rejoice the heart of God Our Father . And let's give Him Back His Smile

His Arms are wide open, let's Go back to Him and live in His ways, He've already send someone to lead Us 🙏🏽🙏🏽. Jesus Christ of Nazareth . The only way to God.
Leocardo Reis Aug 2021
Each passing day
is a step down
an ever diverging

Is it useless
to wonder
if these winding paths
ever cross?

How many
will see me again?
How many
promises will be
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
I wonder what you are up to
Do I ever cross your mind?
Know you are with somebody new
You are on mine all the time
If you asked me how many times you've crossed my mind I'd say once because you never left
Isabella Howard Jun 2021

You will worship

At the cemetery cross of a mother

Who couldn't spare you a tear

Even if you were her own.



You will hang yourself

From the cross

& Not even God

Or Bohumil himself

Could spare a tear

For one as small as you.



The razor blades you've sewn

Inside your sleeves

Will be forgotten

Till the next bitter winter

Will make your blood drip

And fall


You must worship

Till the bleeding stops

Till your heart beats slowly


Till they tell you

You aren't as pure as you should be


And admit that maybe

You're inclined to tragedy
Melissa veilleux May 2021
Love’s demands- unending,
And You, my righteousness,
Met them all
You carried the weight righteousness required, heavy upon your shoulders
Yet you did not falter or stumble even ONCE.
Perfect obedience to the Father above,
You loved your God with all your heart, mind, and soul
And You loved Your neighbor as yourself
Perfectly and wholeheartedly You did not regard your life
And I lose my life to you-
And grasp for yours.
Could I really believe, could I truly believe that THIS righteousness is my own?
Sinless sinless, spotless lamb !
In MY place.
My place
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