One year ago the 23rd of December I stood at the crossroads to life having
just lost me
and with no place to go with and very little prospects of surviving my
But one year on I've come back to the crossroads to find my chosen road
to where It will lead me I've made my choice and
I'll stay
on that road till I come to the end
Losing my wife I felt like I was stood at a cross roads to live four roads but only could  chose one, I think I've chose
the right one
arian Jan 8
the traffic in your mind must have been so busy lately,
i couldn't even cross it and still can't.
guess i'll be late (again).
Paul NP Jan 7
A desire is a suffering passion that blooms from the fruits of wisdom. It's a yearning for a new sense, a greater pleasure, a sage's joy. It is growth itself, the season of spring extended and stretched out forever. It is Lucifer's Sorrow transfigured by The Sun. The flame in the Mind is Reason, The Mourning Star. It secretly mourns it's innocence and ignorance, and it's own Tears grow it. When you weep he laughs and when you laugh he weeps, tears of joy. Your depth mocks him and his depth mocks you. His roots grow down like tentacles, dipping into the red mantle, drinking his death. His branches grow skyward and **** the life out of the Sun. He is childhoods end. But through him comes The Foresight of The Forefather who has tracked every poisonous path. And he revivifies his youth through his youths, protecting and showing the way, he is proud of you and you are proud to be his son. His son is the Light of his life, and the light of ***. And *** is revivified in him. Together they cross paths like Christ. Desire becomes the fortitude that protects peace, so that love can never be lost.
I am
a rock
that sock
her dangle
on wiles
and her
heart dials
a profligacy
where croft
bovine her
crèche this
epiphany shall
divine with
nativity that
would roster
a king
in Bethlehem
a Christmas in nativity
Sarah Lane Dec 2018
The rising tide brings peace
Healing brokenness in this place
Sweeps and swirls and doesn’t cease
There in the depths of His grace
Holding back just on the verge
My wounds are only kissed
No fears within submerge
In merely strumming mist
Long drenched by anxiety
But completely parched beneath
My failing shelter of piety
Like a fearful sword in its sheath
Now I’m discontent just to be
Held in such a mighty hand
Longing with pride to use me
But immobile at His command
Yet grace crashes at the rubble
Each rock was a feeble attempt
To build above my trouble
No carpenter to preempt
The cross a simple design
Has stood throughout the ages
So all this mess I will resign
To redeeming force that rages
Though this awesome sea I dread
It will overcome my doubt
If by tattered wood I’m led
Until life as loss I count
I’m standing in the middle
And my strength is growing
Beyond this frame so little
Here’s where the power’s flowing
Now the risen tide of peace
Rolling calmly over my face
Sweeps, swirls and will never cease
Here in the ocean of His grace
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Thank you

Ravishing beauty
Applying oneself

Evening wrongs
Great mother
Techno music
Your mind.
Fidelity Bravery Integrity
Crystal Freda Nov 2018
Blood stained the ground,
thunder made a crashing sound.
His body torn with skin ripped
all the wounds sore from being whipped.

Love was found in that blood
which seeped in our souls from the mud.
The rain stopped as His body taken away.
No other moment measured like on that day.

That love in that blood carried to the tomb
and broke the rock with a giant boom.
Light struck everywhere to the sky,
but this was not His last goodbye...
The sun's down
I'm stuck at a crossroad
heading down town,
on a lonely road with a load.

The moon comes out
and dim is my torch light
Luckily, the street light's out
and on my path, it shines bright.

Now the light points to two directions
it's at my discretion to choose my path.
I realized I'm bad at making decisions
can't tell which would lead to my death.

You have brought back these feelings
Resurfaced those fears
Of the fire inside
that had so many tears
A weak flame that was dying
Alive once again
Has now muddied the line
between lover and friend

That's how it goes for me
I don't know about you
The words passing might be
in that moment were true
They kept traveling on
Possibly a comet
As my feelings grow strong
Expectations not met

Once again feel a fool
Even though it's not true
And my heart gave to you
Time again I will do
But this time not the same
It's because you weren't here
Could not reach out and touch
So our bodies weren't shared

Just the words that were said
And the sound of your voice
Resurrect from the dead
Could not stop; Had no choice
Seems like that's how it is
In your lasso I'm snared
All it takes is one tug
And again I will care

Pilot light to a stove
A slight twist and it strikes
You've invaded my heart
Bursting flame will ignite
But if carelessly handled
It's me who gets burned
Walked all over and trampled
Same dolt who won't learn

I have built up the walls
But we're both trapped inside
The tight space is so small
There's nowhere I can hide

Face-to-face with you now
It begins and it ends
I'll get through it somehow
Are we lovers or friends?
Written: October 30, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Anthony Nov 2018
the colors blue
which paint
this wandersome jew
These trees of green
they grew
from the apples
that they threw
upon the martyrs head
marching to his death
The beginning of the end
of a well meaning friend

so forgiving...
again and again and again and again
and again

He's sisyphus
He's used to this
Like lazarus
Back from the dead
again and again
if it never ends

Won't bother him.

what I wouldn't give
to set that cross aside
for just one night

His legs
the dogs
they chew
He drinks
a bitter
bitter brew
theres nothing here to lose
the spears just
run him through
but he knows

Love will see the void
Pain will turn to joy

just forgive them..
again and again and again and again
and again

He's sisyphus
He's used to this
Like lazarus
Back from the dead
again and again
if it never ends

Won't bother him.
won't bother him...

what I wouldn't give
to set this cross aside
for just one night...

clean heart...
clean mind...
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