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Erian Sep 26
the space between
a sea of stars
dancing high
gliding far

the space between
a world
full of scars
stitched together in my heart

a space between
the unknown and true
leaving me restless
leading me straight to you

but a space between spaces
wasn't that far
for us to cross borders
on runaway stars

the space between spaces
isn't that far
The door to Jesus is not far away
Around the corner if need be.
Often we live trapped  
Beyond our thinking
Afraid of making an effortless decision.
I can't afford to not ask you a question?
It's not enough to just believe in God.
You have too (invite) Jesus
into your life.
He will make his home into your heart.
The biggest mistake that people make.
is by rejecting his offer of forgiveness.
Is you choose Jesus you choose Life.
Roy-Jax Jul 29
If God is my king
n I'm the son of God
That means I'm a prince

C i am just human
I know that I'm flawed
That's why there's forgiveness

Forgiveness from Jesus
Just know he is Lord
He'll free u from distress
Eliseatlife Jun 5
We are all people
You and me

Standing on a road watching the traffic
All people go a different way

But sometimes u meet someone
and they become so special
that you want them to stay

We were never meant for each other
but I'm glad that even for a moment
it felt like we were

you go left and I go right
I hope we cross again
I am
in a
swiney bead
of breast
when tines
are forgotten
with shrines
of cross
that torn
pages now
drift back
to whole
still pick
the seam
those dark
insignias entrust
the norm
A note on tires
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