We difted  out of sight  
Sort of got blinded by lies
The darkness
could not go forth into
the light.
For the light held so much glory
The darkness stood out like a sore thumb.
It was itching to leave.
The light revealed impurity
Exposing  sins of  men.
The dark lingers in the corner of the church.
The church has forgotten how to love.
It instead has growen sick with sin.
It has become an idol  place of gossips
It has turned it's back on
It's first Love.
The holy spirit.
It has forgotten
The real message of hope.
It has abbandoned the one that came
to give us a hope and a future .
God's  son
The Lord Jesus Christ.

Who is your peace?
Is it an inner  peace
Of  one being set free
from the darkness.

We are in the last days.
Have you not
The Lord Jesus Christ
Who came to redeem You.
He offers forgiveness.
Nothing that you can earn.
It's free
It's a precious gift.

Please say this prayer
Lord Jesus  Christ.
I  believe that you came
To take all Of my
Bad thoughts
  all of the
Things that have bought you saddness
Thankyou for taking my place
upon the cross.
I accept your forgivness
I ask you to be
My friend
My Lord
and Saviour.
Amen ..

If  you have prayerd this prayer please can you inbox me I will pray for you .

Open up the door to your heart.
You just never know.
When your time has come.

Salvation  cross  forgiveness  glory
Jesus  heaven  ...love came down from heaven.
We are in the last days

Ours is like a strand of yarn
Stretched across a narrow gap
Though the wind berates
And the rain pours out in the summer storm
It will not break, it will endure
But perhaps in time will sag and fray
As if we let it so to go
Or even chose to cut it down
Because you have your own phone lines now
Made of woven steel and unbroken arms
As we were just a childhood yarn
Or a single strand between two hearts

Perhaps one day...most likely. I'll be a memory In your mind.

You always said you believed in people,
even though they didn't always had faith in you.

You also said that your brain
does not believe in a primordial God  
but that your heart does.
It was always a matter of proximity,
with the brain being closer to the mouth and
pushing all of its messages..
the right messages.

You said that you weren't convinced by
the making of the cross sign
because it started with the brain
and ended with the heart -
people always remember the last part and never the beginning
you said.

But I knew you had it in you - the words
in the prayers you mumbled on the metro,
hoping that no suicide bomber went in the same direction,
in that moment,
helped you have a pleasant journey.
Yeah, I heard you.
It convinced me to not push the button.

the words came from the heart and,
by the time you got to the end of it,
your brain would have no other choice but to surrender.

Another victory.
Another loss. You pick.

May your non God not bless the non believers.


Jim Marchel Jun 21

"I'm full of holes and sinking fast," she said as she told me she needed new faces and a fresh start. She thought what we had between us was irreparable, and by human standards she was right.

In my naiveté, I tried to patch and fill them with imperfect hands and carnal substance.

With temporal eyes, we couldn't see that the many "holes" she thought she had was just a single void, and I was trying to do the job of the Carpenter.

"For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich."

- 2 Corinthians 8:9
Ivo Jun 13

Apparitions meet throughout,
mysterious figures lurk about,
distanced from my sight, I see
a cross, on it written-
a nameless being...

Lovely night, is it not?
Though, the air thickens.
I shall not mourn today,
my time here quickens.

In need of peace
I reached here, tonight.
Restrains of my thought cease,
like feathers in flight.

Our eyes have never met
nor have our feelings twined,
conversing in this mist,
your guidance I must find.

Buried deep, with graves
and dirt,
words lost in the desert,
a truth stays unspoken.
The mist reaveals,
the cross lays broken...

ShowYouLove Jun 9

How do I love you? In word, in deed, in thought, in speech? How do I say I love you when the depth and height of Your Love can never be reached?  I say I love you, but sometimes my actions don't match. If I want to truly love and follow you, there is a catch. I must crucify my sin to the Cross of Christ and rise with Him to new abundant life! My Jesus, how much you love me! You took the wages of sin (death) and paid in full so I could live. I can't repay the gift you give, but I can show my gratitude in the way that I live. God, I want to fall in love with you more each day. Make my heart beat for you alone. How do I love you? I love you by loving all I encounter and loving myself, by treating all with dignity and respect Help me see through your eyes of love. Your love is a fire in my heart, a song on my lips and the light in my eyes. I know that you love me, but I ask for the grace to understand ever more deeply and ever more powerfully your endless love for me! How DO you love me Lord? How you DO love me!

Written June 2nd during adoration at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Geneva.
Mary-Rose H May 20

searing through
every vein,
body brimming with
voltage, head to toe,
that strikes
every nerve simultaneously;
blinding, white hot pain
then blackness.

the piercing spasms
of ten thousand sunburns,
combined with
the unbearable heat
of smothering summer darkness
licks slowly
your legs,
choking, choking
on dry smoke
and the ash of your own body;
screams, melting flesh, can't breathe, can't breathe,
then blackness.

cleaving wrists
and feet,
invasive, bone-deep,
pangs, aches, agony,
as they punch out the other side
and iron
meets beam,
locking limbs in places.
Then lifting,
until you're
hanging by your wrists,
irony grating
and grinding
against bone,
oh so slowly,
suffocating under your own weight,
as muscle and sinew
convert from
to traitors,
turning on you,
and eventually crushing,
your lungs;
minutes      hours              days
then blackness.

Oh, humanity.
Oh, terribly, cruelly creative
So many torturous ways
to kill,
to execute
each other.

- the chair
- the stake
- the cross
- countless, countless others
each more brutal
than the last.
Oh, humanity.

Yet somehow...

the cross left
this darkness
for light,
a symbol of hope for
Men, women, children
draw hope from
the cross.


we know
who it has
murdered - killed - slaughtered
massacred - executed - slain
but didn't
who it
to defeat.
The cross
couldn't defeat

My depraved soul's unearthed
By the Holy Ghost's breath
And given new birth
Out of spiritual death

This wretch is turned 'round
Fit with eyes to believe
A lost sheep is found
And her Shepherd received

My blots are each edited
Out in Christ's fount
His righteousness credited
To my bankrupt account

A prisoner's been pardoned
No debt left to pay
A heart which was hardened
Becomes pliable clay

My life's set apart
Now from worldly regression
Picked out from the start
Made for Christ's own possession

I'm purchased with blood
Shed on Golgotha's tree
A slave bought by God
And fully set free

My sins were all laid
On the head of a Scapegoat
Who carried their weight
To a desert remote

Once an object of wrath
And deserving it well
But Jesus took my bath
Drowned in fires of hell

An enemy no more
I'm brought into the fold
Carried through the door
And out of the cold

He calls me His child
His heir and His bride
Though once an orphan wild
Now seated at Christ's side

And soon He'll return
When salvation's complete
When no longer I'll yearn
For His own face I'll meet!


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