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Elemenohp Jul 10
I will taste the lust on your lips,
For I have watched it linger there.
I will coax out those words you hide in your mind,
For I have seen sentances spark within your stare.
I will bite at these things that keep you contained,
For I also wish to be free from restrains.
All your explanations are naive and out of place,
You're trying to persuade me in vain.
When I tell you we can't be together,
Why would you tell me they want to **** you?

Why no explanation for this behavior
Won't you read me some of your poems?
In response to the proposal to remain silent until you're blue
You'll tell me all of a sudden, so many unnecessary words.

For the crazy bunch of the usual promises
You will not explain to me the bottomless blue.
You will distort the meaning and spirit of naive predictions.
I'm right now too, my friend, and you're always right.
Hunter Green Mar 22
Maybe I didn’t do it right.
Maybe I didn’t wait long enough.
Time let’s things fall into place,
And I wonder sometimes if they could have if I just insisted against the race.
I let your eagerness fill me with fear,
But I could’ve let my heart be more clear.

It hurts everytime I see you.
It hurts knowing I am uncertain.
Interest is rare these days,
And I often fear the lack of my
Judgment due to my idealistic ways.
I just hope you know you’re more than enough,
I can’t bear the weight of your heart in haze.
Asiah Mangham Dec 2018
She wrapped herself in confidence and wore beauty like a ribbon. She is a present and the world is her eager child.
I want to see something in you before I invest in you
Remains the criteria
Not looking so much into the exterior

She whispers into my ears, syllables that shape into a world curved out from her burning vivid imaginations
a kind of flame that burns right through me as I am sired to her each and every desire

She walks right through the world
rising when pulled down
Standing tall you wont see her fears, even when she sheds a tear because it is all she has ever known strong capable beauty

Her desires sink within me
Her drive and productivity is the reason I interest
Together we build a legacy
Her creativity sharpening mine and born are my affections
For this remarkably ambitious creature
My ambitious girl
For all the passion driven woman
I wish this was defined as more than limerence,
But I can feel this fact is obsession alone.
My heart is burning loud and vigorous,
And you’re so smothered in the ignorance
That the birds known as passion have since flown,
And our heartstrings together are already sewn.

It’s not my aim to dissuade, divert or disgust.
I just ask that you listen and lend empathy.
For this is not an admission of lust.
Loan dash of sympathy, an ounce of trust.
Call not these reactions droll chemistry.
There is no room for science in this recipe.

These are movements fantastic, explosions of fate.
Yet I’m giving permission to let this one slip
And gifting forgiveness if you decide too late.
This, I am certain, will be worth the wait.
If you disembark aboard different ship,
I can promise I’ll follow by tooth, nail, and whip.

You’ve armed me with passion and know not what you’ve done.
You can insist that there’s nothing, **** this off clean.
Still this doesn’t come from just anyone.
I know you more than a prize to be won.
Even if you ignore this, my mad queen,
I’ve hope, for justice is blind and oh what she’s seen.
Jayda James Mar 2018
So smooth with my words, but not caring when it counts
The many times we kissed, i don't know the amount
So drawn in by your whisper
So engaged in everything you said
R.I.P to my heart, because that part of me is dead
what lead me to this point, what put me in this position
Had me concentrating on you, hopefully wishing
So smooth, the way i approached you, so eager with the way i grabbed you
I knew from that day on i didn't want to be without you
You lucked up this time, but i never gained closure
because i never wanted to let go, i just wanted to get closer...
not so smooth huh?
Viseract Oct 2017
I'm like a teachers pet except what I  learn I regret
Eager to be the best but stressed when it comes to the test
I'd rather lay down mindful practicing in my head
Then to lay down mindless depressed as s__t in my bed
just a couple bars :)
Mary Alexander Sep 2017
She wanders.
Her soul and body,
Always searching,
Never ceasing.
The waves in her
Soft blue eyes
Roll and crash in
A continuous cycle
Longing for something
More. Always something
Bigger than what
She's given. For
It will never be enough.
For a friend
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