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there are songs
in the anger
of the waves
the rocks
and the tearing
of the wind
through the long grass
in the plotting
of the clouds
gathering low
in the sky
in the droplets
upon the page
I'm not Anne Jul 2021
Why is it said
"falling in love"?
Should I be prepared to find myself in the ground for someone else?
Should we fly away from our own mind and see where we land?
I think it's a big contradiction.
Love is so sweet, but falling in love? That's bittersweet.
When I'm in love, everything is upside down.
I feel it in my stomach,
I feel like I'm falling into the sky.
Magnolia May 2021
My aunt asked how I felt
She asked after I broke up with him
I thought about it and sat there
Struggling to put my heavy thoughts into words

My head told me to do it
My head also spoke against the idea

My heart
The part of me which hurt the most
It said my choice was right
But screamed in pain
In the unbridled anguish of grief
Of loneliness
Of hurt

She asked if I still felt my choice was right
If I regretted it
Would I go back

Would I
If I could go back
Would I change this action
If I could go forward with him again
Would I...

Heart says yes
I hurt him
I could help
I could fix this

Fix what
Fix the temporary pain,

Heart says no
This was right
This choice was right
It would not be good to go back now
Cause more pain, deter healing
What would it fix

Head says yes
He was good to me
He loved me
I loved him
We were happy
Head says yes

Head says no
We had our differences
Our difference in religion
In region
I would have hurt him later
Our arrows didn't line up
I was fooling myself that they did
Blindly hoping to see change
Seeing change when none was there

With my head pulling my heart
Heart pulling my head
What was I to do but pray
Reflection on a breakup and Gods hand in it
display Apr 2021
you gave me love just to take it away
you gave me life so that i may die
and you gave me a heart just so i could be heartless
the life i have lived is not worth living
and it is so that i have died
but in death is rebirth
and in rebirth is death
every opposite has an attraction that governs its repulsion
and it is so i contradicted myself

when i had loved you were only my dark
because i thought inside you i could find a light
and even when i found it
i became lost in my conviction
devil and god
demon and angel
what is the difference but power
one to reign oblivion over life
one to comfort those in death
but in this world
can you tell who is who?

you gave me love just so i could feel it
you gave me life just to be numb
i loved all those that scorn me
as all those who scorn me are me
and i them

what is life beyond life
and what is death beyond death
as god so loved the devil
that he saw his own evil as good
and cast him unto himself
what is the devil but god
and what is the god but devil
these demons my guardian angels i feel found

why must i exist to exist i wish not to be
but that is why i am
we are made to go against and rebel against
but that is why we are made to subserve
a devil for life i a devil for a day
Ren Sturgis Mar 2021
A walking contradiction, craves intimacy, yet yearns for isolation.
Alone and crying for affection not received. Will they ever truly understand what they need can be given and received from themselves?

But flowers need sun, water, and love to grow🖤
Written by Rain and Ren respectively
The Little King Mar 2021
Why is it in this world,
That we build our love on hate,
And we build our hate on love.

Why is it,
That we strive to have,
To keep,
To take to get all these material gains.

Why is it in our hearts,
That we blame our lack of change on traditions,
But fail to see the tradition of change.

Why are our hearts closed in this world that should be open?
old willow Aug 2020
By the window, the lonely petals drifted,
so did my mind.
I dare not say I am virtuous.
Experienced humiliation, I obtain humbleness.
Live plainly, before lavishly.
Life often contradict itself,
look at death, therefore comprehending life.
behind my mask
I'm in here way down deep
I hide the soft spots
A walking contradiction
that makes sense
as they are all fully me
*****. idealist. mother.
lady. *****. child.
all me
the ****** *****
the angelic urchin
the ability
to see
that my
are vastly universal
as if the entire human race
resides within me
I'm  worried because I have no worries
I'm afraid cuz
I have no fears
I spin in circles
cuz I never get nowhere
when I wake up
I'm still sleeping
I'm so ugly
I'm in the hall of fame
and for that I feel no shame
I met the real me and then
she ran away
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