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There are no words to describe
how much I hate you
when you hurt me.
You don't intend it;
it happens anyway.

And yet. And yet. And yet.

I love you with all that I am
even when you hurt me--
even when your darkness
attempts to engulf my light.

Because it is with you,
in you, around you,
in the darkness of the days
when I both hate and love you

That I shine.

*(c) emeraldine087
Kyla Plummer Mar 5
Countless times have I
Pictured myself and you.
That we may,
That we might
Have our confessions.

My "friend", "blood"
I watched you take
Your last breath, red-
Running, pouring shamelessly-
Lively out your mouth.

I feel tears run down
My cheeks. Why?
We were never close. A barrier
Always forbade connection.
I always pictured us sorting
Through our issues. Why and How we were what we were.
How our ship in this relation sank.
Why our jigsaw never fit.

Yet I cry and feel emotions.
Maybe I loved you despite my
Hatred. Despite being disowned
And abandoned.

I have had visions of us
Confessing, professing love.
That I would forgive you all
The way, not just half.
But I have forgiven thee yet
I feel like my hatred stays.

I mourn you and what
This relation on our ship-
Could have been. That we were
Denied and unable to connect
Our plugs.

I mourn you. I mourn me.
I mourn you and me. Together.
Die in peace my "friend", "blood"
Know I never only despised-
But I loved, love you. .

Go in peace for we shall meet
Dear "friend",
Dear "blood".
larni Feb 21
everything i feel for you,
is a contradiction.

i hate that i love you,
my sweet addiction.
Xallan Feb 13
Do you smile at my contradictions
Do you laugh at the depth of my mind
so lacking in simplicity
Or because it is unfathomable
Give me the time
And I'll scream it into your every thought
A heartbeat in mindlessness
I'm sorry I lied when I told you
We have the rest of our lives
shamori Jan 17
They say cleanliness is next to god, but those who prosper follow the tracks left in mud.

Born pristine, on a parallel wavelength, all is one. Told to go wrong, to fit in, to reach the next level.

Arms stretching, reaching for glory. Stepping on heads, hating those below me.

Laughing, ridicule, destruction of value. Man made standards, paper idols. Please give me value.

If Jesus is leader and Satan a demon, then who do I look to if my masters are evil?

And when my meaning is compromised and shoved in the dirt, why must I sin to replace my hurt?

Inverted letters. Darkened faces. The contrast of what’s pushed forward.
Although this can’t be it, I still lack a logic to morals.
KAE Jan 11
your eyes and heart say that you love me
your mouth say that you don’t
Austin Draper Jan 10
Conflict had I rest. Dumbfounded, I rose.
Have I injured yet know he? Hammer me.
Walk out further. Light the one from crowns pros.
Shallow market, shatter further draftee.
An Abstract poem, one vaguely tied to philosophy. [Interlanced] (w*+Aa* BB w2*+A Ccw2*+B)
Mary Frances Jan 9
I had my heart broken
when your lips spoke of forever
yet I couldn't see forever in your eyes.
Kelsey Dec 2018
I could write love poems for days
Yet not once have I been in love
(With someone else that is)
I could write a book of sonnets
With no one to recite them to
(Except to myself of course)
I can preach about the danger in our love
And the joys in our heartache
Because I am a Narcissist who hates myself
I am an utmost contradiction
An antithesis, an oxymoron
(or maybe just a ***** full stop)
Either way I have loved myself
The way the moon loved the sun
And yet I've destroyed myself
The way Mt Visuvius destroyed pompeii
Relentless, and still gentle,
A beautifully tragic mess.
Self love turns to self hate
With the flip of a switch of my bedroom lights
Light turns to dark
And I turn into my own worst nightmare
Becoming my own demons
And when morning comes
And I'm so bloodied and bruised,
Ill nurse my broken body tenderly
Reviving my former self
I'll look in the mirror and see
The only friend, the only lover, the only person
That has ever stayed
And i'll remember why I love who I am
And how I am strong,
Stronger than my demons,
Than my own thoughts ,
And stronger than myself.
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