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LA CA,Baja, New York,Greece:
It might be easy thinking
by the ****** for hire
brain dead childless type,
the covert narcissistic enemies
working the various
Invasive medical fields that
eagerly plot the demise
of a precious heroic human being
Amazing intelligent talented
surviving witness Mom.

Such stupidified enemies
Don't you know fact
that no one can ****
what an exemplary Mother
stands for; Loving
Raising saving protecting
her legitimate offpring
full custody awarded children
Against deadly jealous medea
habitual drug users sterile
thieving **** of Earth!
Unless evildoers succeed breaking
a righteous human being spirit first.
B.B.A's spirit soul Mom is safe
Guided guarded by
Living among the very best
of bestest from ancient times.
By: Mr and Mrs Andrews
Honoring our Mom Karijinbba.
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
Friends come and go at whim
but blood flows freely beneath the skin
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Our ideas are bullet proof
they can't be shot nor destroyed
our ideas eject upwards like fireworks from special volcanic places releasing pressure creating new places in nature and being magnetic with our treasures found we manifest
our true nature with lovers imaginations;
for in love and war all is valid,
if love is the means the beginning
and the end.
There's no room for shyness
maybe a bit self consciousness
and we never feel pressured..

Sometimes after the honey moon
the groom becomes shy
with the brides implossive ideas.

And who knows what the loss
if we can't decifer it nor read
its melancholic kinesis
radiance timely.
I surrender only to true love.
By An- Karijinbba.
Mose Dec 2020
There are bonds that can’t be broken.
History spans times farther than us, but there are no I’s in it without us.
Just a bookmark where we left off.
Picking it up & finishing the story.
I told her I would always fold the page so I would forget I already read it.
She was in that way – the way in which a story just gets better with time.
One worth reading again and again.
It wasn’t a good novel without a tragedy.
Ours like a reckoning of a hurricane and tornado colliding.
One made for land & the other sea.
She was grounded in the ways I would never come to know of.
Split people like an earthquake beckoning for their essence to emerge.
I loved her that.
& I always will.
*Page Folded – Chapter 1
Emotionless, in pain it's not mundane
It's insane, where is all the shame
I'm not to blame, so where's my fame
I came into this world full of life and wonder
Just to have it all torn asunder
To be dragged under with the roar of thunder
Buried up to my neck, to be kept in check
All but broken, I remained outspoken
Weeks gone by the toll of a token, I remained unbroken
Walked on, spat on, ****** and shat on
Slowly, sanity left as if taken by theft
Dying inside and out looking worse than a trout
Suddenly, a speck of rust, breaks away all of the dust
Surely this must be a chance to get a glance of a new freedom
So I stand without a demand, not giving a ****
Few words go through what remains of my own brain
Emotionless, in pain, not mundane, just insane there is no blame for not having shame in any sort of fame
EmB Sep 2020
The pain you cause is
a pinprick
on skin already
by scars and tattoos.
hybridstorm May 2020
In a dark world,
where the light comes from only
within me,
and none elsewhere.
I limp with swollen feet
and tired eyes.
Tired of the betrayal,
tired of the failure,
tired of the hate.
Amidst the blinding pain,
and the screaming angels,
I decide to fly.
Sometimes we need to bend reality, be different, and change our lives drastically for the better.
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
The hope, that I am hoping is so unclear
The mirage that I am seeing is not here.

This is a hope or this is a mirage,  I can not recognise
Hope is nothing as it seems, Is this all are lies?

But hopes are unbreakable!
Hopes are just unbreakable!
Do you afraid of hoping? Very rarely hope comes true so what one goes another comes and it is not necessary that every time you have to be disappointed. This time you won't be disappointed just hope!
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