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You used to tell me
you hated everyone
but me
and ever since you left,
I have to wonder
do you hate me now, too?
Part of me doesn't really want the answer
Just wasted time
silas 1d
just the thought of you feeling alone in this world
keeps me up at night
you say
you fear you will never find someone like you
and although you and i
are not the same
i will be here to listen to you
and grip your hands tightly through this storm
that never seems to end

i want to hear your thoughts
and all of your joys and desires
what you hate and fear in this world
what evokes envy or anger
i want to have a piece of your heart in my hands

and you
are a beautifully perfect individual
einstein would envy your knowledge
and aphrodite would envy your beauty

but i can never find the right words

loving you is exhilarating
and everytime you speak you leave me breathless
and wanting to hear more

there are few people who make the sun shine
so gloriously in the sky
as if it were just for me

i hope you stay in my life forever.
for he who shall not be named
written 30 april, 2018
published 18 sept, 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Possibly in a dire situation I can up and fill a void
passing out at every lie and joke you ever told
when the good times go , they go and never leave your head
but that was so long ago,
memories are dead,
we used to kiss and we used to touch and we used to fear The Break-Up,
pausing that every mere chaos burning inside my soul
for I was never the one to cause the problem, here just behold,
dead memories come back to haunt and love,
they fade almost instantly like a flock of doves,
I'm too good to be in parties or clubs,
when I had my ex I wasn't even a scrub,
they were a waste of time so I gave up.

Why I do always choose wrong?
Why I do I give some of my love to have them
give it back?
Why did I always choose the wrong race?
To build a family and make a new life with,
Why I do always choose wrong?
Why I do I give some of my love to have them
give it back?
Why did I always choose the wrong race?
To build a family and make a new life with.

This dull ache keeps me keen on sleep
If only it were so easy just to not be

Filled with air freshener and once the mood seems new I'm of no use
Just empty

Wanting to better myself is not achieving
a better health as I just crumble and melt
I'm disposable

No one paints over an empty soda can
Not worth the breath or the plan or anything, really

I hope to find a light at the bottom of the hole I've dug for myself to hide in but
You can't be the seeker if you hide
Thanks for reading
The night is passing by
It's time for me to say goodbye
Leave nothing like a ghost or a phantom
Walk away without saying anything at random

The joy of being with you has already elapsed
Dreams and hope finally collapsed
Tears stream down in writing this poem
To say my final words for the broken

Agony reigns over joyous days
Watching each tears fall down while I pray
Being consumed by darkness alone
Heavily breathing while being unknown

Running away from fear and isolation
Is not a choice but a dreadful solution
Overcome the night as it swallows the wicked
Run away and leave me from this hatred.
Random Poem no. 1
Standing in the pouring rain
Water dripping down your face,
Hair in strands covering your eyes,
Eyes that stare and full of pain.

Never has there been such sadness,
Nor anger nor hatred nor madness.
A look fit to kill the devil
The devil that is me.

        And so,
Standing in the pouring rain
With tears streaming down your face,
The look of evil in your eyes,
Ends the life in me.

Poem 1
Tribhu Sep 11
Do you demand you changed me
And wish to get away with it?
With every phase of life tells me
To be someone new,
Do you demand you created a new me
And be proud of it, too?
With every year that passes by
My heart feels a little less
And a little less I cry,
Do you demand you've caged me
So I can never really fly?
Ask me if I learned
Every time I froze
Every time I burned.
Do you demand you've loved me
When love is something you could never earn?
Sarah Sep 10
Fairy tales have always had an antagonist;
an evil witch or vengeful pirate,
plotting against the beloved hero,
but not all stories are realistic.
There are villains out to get you,
but they can be a lot closer than a broom ride away.
The ones glaring with glowing eyes from the shadows emerge
and you recognize that reflection.

Sometimes the one preventing you from completing a task,
celebrating a victory,
or capturing the damsel.
Is because the distress is yours
and the hand locking it away can be your own twisting the key.
Written 09/10/2018
Chloe Sep 10
.                                                                                                                     .
          Are you okay?
          Yeah, I’m all good.

My body sways, moves out of my control, thrown around as if I were a leaf in the wind. Waves of dark water crash over me, enveloping me from head to toe, stinging my skin and sending pulses of cold pain through my bones.

          What’s wrong?
          Nothing, don’t worry.

I struggle to hold myself steady, to hold my head above the water as currents threaten to drag me down, as waves crash past my head, filling my lungs with water.  

          Do you need to talk?
          Nah, I’m fine.

As if a tendril had reached up from the depths and wrapped around my ankle, I felt a hold on me, pulling me down. My head goes under, and its black, and its cold, and my lungs are frozen.
Figures swirl around me in the darkness, blacker than black, whispering and taunting.

          You’re a fuck-up.
          It’s your fault.
          Why don’t you just disappear?
          You’re a waste of attention, you’re a waste of money.
          Why do they bother? There’s no helping you.

I kick and writhe, I scream soundlessly, I try to pull my way up to the surface.
But I can’t.
My body goes limp, and the words devour me, and my tears are lost in the black water around me.
That black is all I am.
I am nothing but dark thoughts.
I am nothing but anger, and sadness, and jealousy and hatred.
I’m never gonna see the sun again.
It feels like forever.
And it’s so fucking tiring.


          Hey, relax.

I begin to float, the tendrils loosening their grip on me.

          It’s gonna be okay.

I kick. It hurts to, but I kick.

          Just breathe.

I break through the surface, gasping for breath.

          I love you.

And I look up, and I see the sun.
.                                                                                                                     .
his voice makes me feel safe.
Hatred hurts,
It hurts the hater.
It makes you feel they deserve it,
But do you deserve it?
Do you deserve to be killing yourself slowly?
Hatred steals,
It steals your joy,
It takes healing far from you,
Hatred betrays you,
It makes you think it's there for you,
It comforts you,
But guess what? It's deception.
Hatred is in no way close to revenge,
To let go of hatred is the ultimate win.
To hate is to lose,
You lose your peace of mind,
Allowing the people you don't want in your life to live in your head,
Is far worse than dropping the pride and letting go.

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