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Ahmad Attr May 6
Such a pretty life this family has
Kids playing in the pool
I watch over them from the garden
I can see my darling too
Looking in the mirror
Will I be seen, if go a bit nearer?

Such a pretty life this family has
Drinking their lemonade
Wearing their summer shades
I watch over them from the garden
I can also see my darling
Drinking from the fancy glass
Will I be seen, if I land my feet on the grass?

Such a pretty life this family has
Sleeping in their pyjamas set
Intertwining in the bed
I can also see my darling
Underneath the tapestry
Will I be seen, If I throw a stone at the jalousie

Will I be seen, Will I be noticed
If I appear in their out of focus family photo
Will it be suspicious, If I knock at their door at night
Turn off their chandelier lights
Make them superstitious
Make them believe I’m a hex
Question their own heads
Banging on their windows
Burning their ebony doors
Blood on the gypsum floors

You once me called me fire
And maybe I am
I’ll burn your jewels, your fancy attires
I’ll forever stay here
I’ll forever haunt you
I’ll forever be your burden
Standing in the dark hallways
Hiding behind the curtains
And I’ll forever see you
With my feet levitating above the grass of your garden
Ahmad Attr May 2
No not yet
My angel of death
I am not ready to leave Earth
I don’t deserve to get out of this hurt

I have yet to see my beautiful planet
Ruined, rancid, rotten
These people are cruel
Of course I am one of them

We all burn the mother that nourishes us
We all are empty husks devoid of feelings
We all have scars and cuts
And thus we want to crush everything in our pain

But I don’t deserve to go first
From my dear Earth
Have you not considered these other fiends
They hurt so they can love
They destroy so they can preserve
They lie to thrive
While I lie to survive

I am kind
I am honest
I am pious
So ask me again, and I’ll say
No not yet
...and biggest of them all, i'm really good at lying
Ege Anli Apr 24
Why can i not let go of you,
When it's the only and right thing to do?
Maybe i just want to be forgiven.

I am a shameful person and i admit it.
So may my shame turn out to be the eyes of an angel,
So that may i be your one and only?

Everything i touch breaks down like a wall.
That includes you my biggest failure,
But that was just the other side of me that i do not want to show

And when you shine on me i feel like the essence of my hatred.
And when there is dead silence between two people,
The most meaningful words to utter are "I love you".
Do not hurt someone who truly cares about you.
Peris Wambui Apr 22

I looked at myself in the mirror,
Smiled,  but hit back with a frawning reflection,  
My thoughts lingered on the darkened soul,
Where the black suit sheltered pain, deep sketched scars of a tortured heart...
A place they found as comfortable as home,
A place they cry and mourn.

Daughter of fate as written,
Happiness buried deep within my soul,
Screams and cries of the vengeful beasts inside,
Wanting to be let free,  
And ***** the whole situation up.
Echoes of the defeaning silence,
Sending me to hades...

They watching,
My every move tracking,
Leading me on a journey there's nothing like retrieving,
Where I hope to have an unerrinng ******* life,  
Where I wish they lull me to eternal sleep.

Their voices becoming louder as I pootle in,
Gravitating deeper in the gloomy atmosphere,  
Wild thoughts circulating in my mind,
Suicidal thoughts taking the better part of me,
with a force greater than centrifugal,  
dismantling whole of my right mind.

Their open arms luring me to hug back,
No one can save me now,
No one can unhitch me from these chains of torment, condemnation,
My mind is all frozen,
My heart is all broken,
Nothing's right,  
Maybe signing my fate is the only real thing,
Maybe I'll no longer feel this emptiness,
Just like leaves gyrate slowly to the ground.

Everything happens so fast,
In nick of time, blade in my hand,  
Gashed both of my wrists, half-arsed,
Gush of blood flowing,
I pass out,
In a pool of a blood,  I lay helplessly,
Waiting for my flipping Will to be read out.
Signed fate...

Kaley Mar 21
Within me screeches a woman on fire - consumed by a violent rage and doused in a fury like gasoline.
Sarah Flynn Mar 16
silk sheets and
expensive lingerie
and red lipstick

and I waste it all
on someone who
I know doesn't
love me but

when he lies
and says he does,

at least I hear it.

he says
"I love you"

and I know that
he's said it to
ten other girls
this week alone

but I smile and
I kiss him back.

when he says
"I love you"

the words linger
in the air and
his scent lingers
on my pillow

and when he's gone,
if I listen closely,

I can still hear it.

he says
"I love you"

and I know that
he doesn't mean it

but it doesn't matter

"I love you"
is something that
I still can't tell myself.
Albuna Mar 14
They will talk **** about you
Because after watching you succeed it's the only thing they can do.
They were your closest friends, they were so kind...
But all they wanted was seeing you fail, seeing you far behind
But why this jealousy? Why this hate?
Are you for real this desperate?
Ahmad Attr Mar 13
You walk on the scorching sand
Underneath the naked heat of a blazing star
With burned eyes, parched lips and barren hands
Amongst mirages your bare feet have gone to many places
Finally you approach my oasis
Beneath my shades, I will open up cascades
That will replenish your soul
In my lap your furled body will find peace
Then I will lay my silken hands on your rugged face
My frosty breathe will echo throughout the world
You do always find a way in life you see fit
I’m supposed to relieve you when ask for it
And petulantly I will whisper the three magical words

‘’quit your *******’’
A poem about feeling used and abused
Ahmad Attr Mar 8
You are a golden filament in the dead city night
While I’m just a firework lost in the daylight
Your paltry splendour allures people
And my magnificence is a victim to space and time
You’re surrounded by folks who are weak
Who seek the gleam that you give
And my luster fades in the day
The sun outshines and outlives

Maybe the night will come, just maybe
Golden filament lost in the day,
as all eyes will be on me
but I can only dream
as I sit in your circle, entranced by your beam
I am a firework lost in the daylight
dont call me,
i aint pickin up,
i dont care,
i dont wanna get up,
i dont wanna get up ,
and deal with ur ****,
im done ,
its ****** over,
u were just a cover,
i dont,
give a flying ****,
if your,
sad that we broke up,
it was,
over when it it had just begun,
when u said,
i was the only one,
i felt like,
that u were holding a gun,
to my head,
now ur gone,
when u had what u wanted,
u left me broke,
u lent me hatetred,
u left me so ****** up,
that i dont know,
who i was anymore,
so ******* go get a life,
im done,
come back,
and youll get the blade of my knife.
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