Sabrina 1d
Life can be beautiful
Fills you with joy
Make you think there is good in the world
Life can be ****
Fill you with hatred and sadness
Makes you think there's no hope left in this world
But in the end, we all have that one thing
That gives us a reason to get out of bed
Perhaps it's their smile
That makes you want to stay
For just a while
lucav 4d
when my mind melts like plastic
she'll call me tragic
a love story lost its luster
she knows i could never muster the strength to run away
from the pain
her i guess
lucav 4d
feel it in my lies
the prettiest girl with the emptiest eyes
she doesn't want you
she didn't stutter with what she said
it'll echo in your head
matter fact
she wishes
you were dead
I loved you blind but could not see
your true colours revealed.
I have a voice but could not speak, I
realise now that I was but weak.
Your words sharp as knives, cutting me deep.
Your opinions are the only ones that count
and your desire to have your own way...
I'd try and resist but get cut again.
On my own I lick my wounds
but no one knows the pain i feel.
No kindness did you ever show. To me.
Only to those who did not know.
No happiness did ever grow, between us.
Un-reciprocated love I had for you thrown
back in my face.
Now I am free, I try to move on...
but the irreparable damage you have done,
still lies within me.
These words you will never hear,
though I doubt you'd shed a tear.
You don't deserve to listen.
You've moved on to someone new,
I just hope they love you the way I did.
These words, their effect, is very real.
In time I hope they heal.
How come I can't stay focused?
I tend to overthink...

What is it that is making me waste all this ink?
L Leonelli Jan 10
These words stuck on this paper
would rather come to live
to reach their only owner
and make him pay the price
for all the scars created,
although that means they healed...

these words you make me write,
they're secrets now revealed
lucav Jan 9
i'll bite the hand that feeds me lies and ****
the deception and broken trust bleeding black down my face
tear streaked cheeks,smiling with a mouth full of pills
swallowing the biggest lie
loving you
Kale Jan 5
Once Again
I am left here waiting
If you will come home
Feeling helpless
Thinking she's touching you
Feeling tears swell in my eyes
I want you with me
But each moment you're with me
I feel your ultimate wrath
I want to escape
But each time I try
Your sweet nothings hush me to
My brass cage
I can't do this
I won't do this
I will leave you
I won't get hurt again
Peter Jan 4
i'm walking down the street
bare feet, without a care
**** uber, metro, I hate public transportation,
i'm dirtying up this sidewalk, for a few years already
i'm writing down a will, in my mind, close to my eyelids,
because i'm on the wrong side of my mind
i feel sick, tasting the bitterness of humanity
when I wipe mankind on the side of the pavement,
at the very deep, there's masculinity mixed with *****,
i'm walking down a bridge full of empty shells
i pass hordes of girls who are smiling insincerely
and again, i feel a boost in my veins
and again, i'm louder than mirrors
and as in the mirrors, voidness space,
and it is me, who takes the best from it
i absorb this poisoned air.
In the ears of mine, i can hear electro heat,
i feel like one man one Jean-Michel Jarre,
rain is pouring through me, sticks to me like fog,
i wrap myself in the warmth of two MDMA's,
someone glances surreptitiously and steals my soul,
you have a backpack full of cash, i have a suitcase full of emotions,
i'm going on a journey through the cursed city
like a hermaphrodite with a broken rod,
streets, like stigmas, cry with hollow screams,
in front of clubs content abortions on the sidewalk,
let's leave this lie, like the walking dead
assertiveness and pride to the gutter washed away.
And again, this booster is kindling my veins
i'm dirtier than a new jerusalem
and similar to it, i'm sticking to everything
and so I'm taking the most out of my heart
and I absorb this poisoned air once again.
and so the booster flows through the aorta
it is flooding my tarred heart,
destination reached.
and my wallet is shimmering with bitter crystal
nothing will change the course of this chemistry,
betrayed. betrayed by their own bodies
vidi, no vici, veni on its own,
and i'm catching a laugh, standing still in the subway
i am still absorbing poisoned air.
i've seen enough.
today, in my city, sun rises in the morning.
you will remember this day forever or forget it for eternity.
That is actually my favorite poem of all
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