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Further, further we bend
Into an abyss of separation
Were we all meet at the end
Fighting against all kinds of demons
Against, against, exausted

Like toddlers, we play
Heroes and villains
But like grown ups, we ****

Their hatred, so sad
Our eyes, oh, so mad
Convictions turn to questions
Questions only you can answer

It's a chest game
And [they] want us to fight
But I refuse to make another enemy
I refuse to live another lie
Love doesn't say "excuse me"
Love finds a tiny crack
Between the walls of hatred
And then
Then love gets in.
Never knew what the night would bring
When I'd sink to the bottom of everything
As it slowly cracked my mind to pieces
Then all these urges crept in the creases
Causing yet another careless blood stain
Because I could only think about the pain
Nothing feels quite the same and it's horrifying
The world is broken.
Not just cracked,
Like a chip out of a shot glass,
Like a scratch on a bathroom mirror-
It's shattered-
tearing itself apart,
Succumbing to chaos and greed
Like they were the only things we had to choose between.
The violence and anger that's erupting-
It's in schools
On the streets
In our churches
In our homes-
Consuming and replacing
The hope we might have had for peace
And a future;
For anything more than we ever wished we could be.
Who stole our dreams,
And made us think this is what we're destined to be?
Who forced these lies down our throats
Until we gave up and allowed our hearts to be stolen,
Our eyes to be blinded?
Or did we sell our souls as commodity,
Bargaining away what made us yearn to live;
Piecing out parcels of ourselves and our
For just one more minute of time
That we think we are owed?
Not to seem crazy,
But what if the answer lay in the depths of our souls,
Where we never look,
For fear that weve been wrong all along?
What if the answer was compassion,
and solidarity-
An irrational belief that the world can be healed,
Instead of brought to its knees?
And what if our anger could be used to progress,
By living for happiness,
By practicing kindness and love?
I know, I know-
It sounds-
      Old news-
         Last year's hippie tripe;
But what if your refusal
Is because you already dont care?
What if not trying is what broke things in the first place,
And your apathy is the poison you feed yourself daily?
The world is sad,
and broken;
But then...
maybe we are too.
Jace Joesph May 16
Forgive the ones who hurt you, cut you, burn you, even if they never apologized. Hatred can only build though unsettled matters.
Build yourself to be wise, and you'll be the one who flatters.
I can write the hardest poem of all tonight.

Write, for instance: "The forest is full of trees, and the trees, decaying, whisper in the darkness."

The leaves rustle in the branches and sigh.

I can write the hardest poem of all tonight.
I hated her, and sometimes she hated me too.

On nights like this, I bruised her arms.
I cut her so many times in the unyielding silence.

I hated her, most times I hated her.
How could I not have hated her shameful, weeping eyes?

I can write the hardest poem of all tonight.
To think I didn't serve her. To feel that I failed her.

To hear the soul cracking, more sharp with her here.
And the poem falls from my lips as blood to earth.

What does it matter that my hate fragmented her.
The forest is full of trees but she is still with me.

That's all. Far away, a cicada screams. Far away.
My mind is frozen with her.

As if to cast her out, my hands grab for her.
My heart ices for her but she is always with me.

The same night that shadows the same trees.
We, we who are, we will always be one.

I no longer hate her, true, but how much I hated her.
My voice searched the forest to thaw her flesh.

She is me. She will always be me. As she once
was a vessel for my rage.
Her silence, her angled body. Her innocent eyes.

I no longer hate her, true, but perhaps I hate her.
Hate is so fierce and eternity so bleak.

Because on nights like this I pierced her in my arms,
my soul is intertwined with her.

Although this may be the last memory she shows me,
and this may be the last cut I make for her.
hiba sajid May 14
Run away from hatred
Before it comes to feast on your heart

Burn your ego
Before it slowly burns you.

Run away from your yourself
Run away until you see only love
Love and hope for all
Love and respect for all.
hannah May 13
i fell and refused to stand up
i cannot take more of this beating
i refuse to live as a creature under a shoe
do the bruises sickening you with desire?
my fragile casket rotting your redemption,
at your knees, an intruder and saint,
you took everything from me.

i fell and refuse to stand up
i died so you didn’t have to
the crippling burning in my lungs
has set an ablaze within me that i cannot control—
that rage isn’t mine.
at my feet, blisters turn upright,
and the glint in their irony shatters my soul.

i fell and refuse to stand up
the shadows, collapsing my chest,
suffocating with pleasure,
can laugh without no consequence.
the gods were at my throat,
screaming ****** !
when i cut my lip on a blue moon night
oh ! how i felt happiness that i had so craved —
and so desperately lost.

i fell and refuse to stand up
may the gods reign !
in rejoice ! i become a shell of nothingness
sweet sweet divinity, unsettling inches away
one more breath of poison,
i shall be forever undone,
the taste of my own tears
such like a delicate petal decaying, withering
a back broke,
paying for the sins inflicted upon me
the taste of cruelty at my tongue
with each lie i splutter:
the gods who mock my agony

i fell and refuse to stand up
i cannot dare lift my head
the shadows are so pretty
yet their secrets bite with envy
and i will succumb to their dreadful acts of mercy

i fell and refuse to stand up
i am a puppet, a fraud, a tool  
i am sick with sadness,
and the heart i have slane is barren,
and empty— loneliness ! it’s only inhibitor.
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