Bad Vibes 22h

There is too much wrong with me, she stuttered.

I am too broken to fix.


Bad Vibes 22h

I am not smart like the other girls.

I am not as pretty,
nor as charming,
or sweet.

I am not like the other girls.

I never will be.

- t.s.

Bad Vibes 22h

He asks me,

"What do you hate about yourself?"

Suddenly, I am silent.

What do I hate?

What don't I hate?

- t.s.

Riot 3d

"It was just a joke, stop being so serious."

I haven't been to church since I was 14.

At age 7,
I was introduced to my new baptist church.
I recited scriptures and played game and was always excited to go.

At age 12,
I was heading into middle school and won the church's bible challenge.
I was queer, I was Christian, I was unexcited to go to church.
It felt like everyone was staring.

When I was 13,
I had my first kiss with a girl,
my first major girl crush,
my first run in with homophobia.
My classmate said dyke off with someone else,
my church said mothers should protect their children from homosexuality.
I wondered what was wrong with that.
When I was 13,
I watched my mother clap to the pastor not knowing she had one.
I watched the youth church pastor make fun of queer kids, not knowing he had some in the room.
I watched a girl I knew was gay clap along like she wasn't one of them
-one of us.
When I was 13,
I watched my first crush date my best friend,
she didn't want anyone to know she was gay.
When I was 13,
I came out to my family.

When I was 14,
I went to church for one last time,
A woman prayed the devil take this phase out of me, and put the holy spirit in.
I broke down in Walmart afterwards.

My mother said I never had to go back to that church again.
I still have some dreams about it.

When I was 15,
I declared no religion, I declared no ties to anyone.
I was just black & queer.

Churches make me nervous
Alycia 3d

You say their names and it's like a trigger inside me head.
Pull the trigger.
I hate them.
I think of every terrible moment I had with them.
How they made me cry and made me want to leave,
How they cornered me and forced me to talk when all I could do was shake.
How they yelled and yelled at me, how I was always the odd man out.
But what hurts the most I guess was that you were always there for every terrible moment and you never changed a damn thing.
I hate them.
You say their names and I pull the trigger,
Of every terrible thing you did with them,
How you were just like them.
I think of how they dumped you like a pile of dirt but you still kept running back to them.
I'm afraid of myself because I've never had much hatred for anyone before,
But if you ask me how I feel about them i'll tell you
I just hate them.

Miss Me 3d

They who know
  Or so they believe
I laugh because
  They wear my sleeve

Tears of mine
  They perceive they made
But the truth
  Will always be my shade

This shade of mine
  Only cools me alone
Any foe Dare to enter
Shall become my  clone

So go and step up
  To show how strong
And then you'll see
  My right, your wrong

I ask of you
  Is it Bitter tastin?
You'll shiver, then shudder
  And speak upon your  hasten

I bid you now
  A long waiting farewell
Welcome, welcome
  To my hell!!

Dirty hair, Dirty clothes
No shoes, Open toes
He sat down with a shake
But the smell of filthiness crowded the air
So eye started to stare
And mouths started to snicker
With a stand and sad eyes
He stood up without a sigh
The pressure his small weight could do
Cost more harm than a pair of two
His energy lacked,
So knees cracked cracked cracked
With shaky hands and legs
And all the might he didn't have
He walked away without a sound
His heart was far to weak to cry the sky
But his soul was so hurt
He failed to drain the water from his eye

It cost more muscles to frown than to smile
Gaib 6d

"Hey, is that your boyfriend?"


"Who are you texting, I bet it's your boyfriend."


"So, do you have a boyfriend?"


"Hey, take this guy's number. He's really hot, you should totally text him."

"No" I don't have boyfriend. Beacause I have a girlfriend. I love a girl, and yet I change all the she's to he's so no one will ever see the real me. I change my lock screen and delete my texts, so no one can see the love I profess for the girl that I love it's time I confess.....but I can't.

I can't tell anyone the way I feel, i should tell everyone because my lies they steal,

All of our happiness and the love we provide, all because I keep my love for you inside.

Fact: To some people I only need to find the right man.

Fact: No man, could ever love me the way that you can.

I'm locked in this world, feeling like a liar, while people surround me I watch their actions transpire.

You know it's funny, in my own family, it's okay for a girl to be a whore, because it's only the gays we really deplore.

I've loved one woman all my life, but compared to my sister who's reached double digets, I'm the one who'll always be blamed by the bigots.

Maybe one day, it'll will be different.
And our lives will feel anew.

For now, to all the girls who love girls,
It's okay to be you.

adeline Jun 15


Each night she will hide inside
while blankly staring at the ceiling
a fake smile will paint on her face
and there flashbacks will start to appear
mixed emotions inside her
the feeling of being unwanted
will slowly destroy her heart again


Without even knowing tears will fall
trying to wipe it with a piece of cloth
yet it won't stop till she fall asleep
her sobs are becoming louder each night
trying to cover her mouth so one will know
that she's in pain and just pretending to be happy


Bucket of tears day by day
caused by the unknown pain
of loving unconditionally
yet got nothing in return but
pain, sorrow, despair and hatred
bucket of tears is what you gave to her
instead of embracing her onto your arms


To leave is all what she wanted
yet there's no more escape
she's inside a jar of memories
that you made together
but she's now left alone hanging
and only looking back at those
while you walked away
without even saying your final goodbye

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