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aubrey 6h
i wish you hated me, so leaving you would be easier.
I am a child, but never a kid.
Under the shadows, always been hid.
I wish to live as a kid...
But they've always forbid.

Wounds and scars
A life behind bars
Tears and plea are for weak,
Mouth always been stiched.

Hands, feet, and neck are chained,
To the Honors, expectations I've gained.
With all the light that shined,
They've gone completely blind.

They need me to be the best...
But never hope me the best...
Always asking for answers,
But always left unheard.

Why can't I be free? Like them...
Why am I forbid to feel as much joy?Similar to them...
I was never rebellious...
But never treated...as precious.
why does my siblings always treat me this way??
Break your own bones to look the part
Your words are poison to your own soul
Lies are tied loose at the end
So you can untangle them all over again
Manipulate those with strings
Put ones on those who disobey the queen
A sly little devil sat with a crown
A makeshift castle made with a frown
Throne made of eggshells painted in gold
The stench of her pride plague the halls
Oh how daring you are, a threat with no promise
Your sword and men may break on moments notice
Deny you may of the weight of your weakness
We see the cracks, the glass breaking beneath it
So for now I bow to the ruler of all
Who'll fall on her own sword with no one to call
My anger wrote these words.
greet me with your bitterness
ill greet you with my sorrow
and as our dreadful love doth bloom
so shall it die tomorrow
cupid 3d
you made the color white the color of death
you made your leather jacket the grim reapers cloak
your voice now a warning siren
something inside me died that day
and i relate that death to your white t-shirt and plain jeans
your touch was my funeral
how warm your skin was, was a taste of hellfire
you, pretty boy, are my personal ****
now even more so since you left me
i have always hated the color white
how bright it is hurts my eyes
the purity of it was angering
but i didn’t remember that when i saw you
your classic white and blue jeans look and your jacket
i want that jacket
i want you
but to me you are death and you always said i couldn’t die
i will soon wear my own white shirts
black is a color of solitude, comfort, happiness, and rebellion
white is the one color of death
and in your wake i will become an angel of death
i miss how he smiled at me then but that smile was my killer
cupid 5d
cupid felt desire once
nothing could’ve prepared him for despair
nothing but love could’ve caused it
venus truly cursed her son
with longing for a faded love
a mortal lover
tired of their ***
resentful and sick of him
he can't bear the pain
but he can never die
he walks the only true death
everlasting life
watching himself
being replaced
cupids world was on fire
gorgeous fire
it was so striking
he forgot that fire
he forgot that fire is pain
he relished in the flames
until he burned out
cupids world ,,, is only ashes now
this is a continuation of desire this was the end of his and i's relationship, it's somehow just as beautiful as the beginning
cupid 5d
he hated everything
everything that loved him
made him feel heavy ,,, and sick
ironically named after desire
he wanted nothing
nothing until now
the cold dense fear he felt
and by the gods he was on fire
his skin was ice but his heart
and his mind melted
it was a pretty face and an intoxicating voice
and cupid felt like pluto
dark ,,, and ******
but venus blessed her child and so
she cursed him with his own
he lusted for something gentle
and treated himself so cruel
shot himself with his bow and ditched the life he knew
and now
cupid’s world
is on fire
i wrote this for my now ex boyfriend and now that he has hurt me i think it's time to share it, i find it beautiful
Paint a tree and a
Paint a rabbit
changing its burrow.
Paint rabbit's sweet little
Paint their poo strung together like a necklace.
Make it stink.
Paint your mother
trying to hide
in the same burrow.
**** the rabbit!
paint a box
bury the dead rabbit inside...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
metal flowers and metal wings
stuck on sandpaper landlines
the ego of the atmosphere is blending in with my inner traumas
and bleeding into my spaces
and into locked cabinets i hid
to protect my caged elephant heart

black and white chaos is the only purity we can understand
on this bohemian shore
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