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i want
to see
some people rot in hell
Pulse Oct 4
My mother was dead before I came into the world,

I know not what killed her, only that something did.

Standing in her place was something that tore through words and the mind’s fragile shields,

Brought me down to levels I was sure could not get any lower and then continued to do so.

But I only figured it out, truly figured it out, when she didn’t stop him, when she just watched.

You see, what hurt my mother the most, despite all she screamed and yelled,

Despite her talent for reducing me to a sobbing mess of myself,

A mess that couldn’t be pieced back together again,

He loved me more.

Even when I didn’t want him to, he loved me more.

My mother was not the most beautiful thing in the world, she was only the loudest.

And not even the loudest thing can hold your attention for long.

To him, I was beautiful for my silence.

And to her, I was a knife to the throat.
saw a prompt for 'mother's injury' and this is what happened
Linespace Sep 27
I believe happiness lives in Blood.
Whether our own, or that of others is the question.
I remember when I first realized it;
You were the reason I was unhappy.
The shattered vase recognizing the hammer that destroyed it.
The broken heart spotting the surgeon who haphazardly carved it from its home.

I remember realizing that my happiness was stolen and by none other than you,
And that if I wanted to be happy once again, I had to free my happiness from your blood.
But what's the fun in ******, when it's so easily accomplished?

I decided to destroy you.
To make you regret being born just as I had;
To make you taste the saltiness of your own sweat and tears
As you sat in a pile of ash you once called your beloved and cherished sanctuary
Was my idea of "salvation".

I dismantled you, and your family's life.
I disrupted the dismal peace you all so boringly accepted as your lives
And by stirring the waters, I brought out the worst in all.
The pestilence grew within your home
And quickly leaped from your family
Onto mine.

Suddenly, the plan backfired.
You steered into the chasm of life that I spent years mapping,
And all I had to do was whisper in your ear and sew doubt into your skull.

And yet,
This backfire;
This single moment of social dissonance,
Reshaped the earth we both stood on.
The dark corners I once knew became twisted and corrupt copies.
My mind became a new place to explore and learn about.

I just wish the last image to bless my genesis
Had been of you
Swinging gracefully, and peacefully
From your neck.
because of you
i hated being a girl
you shoved hush
between my lips
and force-fed me the illusion
that i wasn’t allowed
to take up space
Esther L. Krenzin
Rogue song
Jon Thenes Sep 15
Cancer of the Tooth & Lung
Cancer of the Lips & Tongue
Cancer of the Cheeks & Gum
Cancer collects under the Skin
& Numb
Cancer ; Fingertips & Thumb
Cancer spreads
Cancer on my Mind
& Dumb

Cancer greases your thinning Hair
Cancer ; the Features you select to Wear
Cancer subtracts the light from your Eyes
Cancer swells your pinkening grey Heart
Cancer in your Thought and Barking
Cancer Glows ;
Ever Phosphorus
In your Dark

Cancer ; what’s the Matter ?
Cancer ; where is my Head ?
Cancer in our Bicker
Cancer ; I’m drying Blind
Cancer on tap
& extra Cancer ...

Cancer from You to Me
Cancer won’t leave us be
Cancer from Me to You
Cancer confirms every Act we do
Cancer ; when we stay up late
Cancer Cultivates our Relation
whilst we Canker in Snared Hatred
About fifteen years old. Some changes and corrections made from the original.
Uma Sankar Sep 11
Unaware of the intentions
Intoxicated with the hatred and lies
I gulped every bit
from the bowl they offered

You wanted to offer me help
I thought you’re delusional
The realization was late
and remorse made me worse

I wanted to be free
to stop the ride of disgust
But, It kept on dragging
Like the law of inertia

I knew it won’t stop
So, I waited, waited so long
for the engine to corrode
and dismantle to pieces

Now, I am free like a bird
No strings, no cage
And no chasing after mirage
A new voyage to rediscover myself

I wanted to apologise a lot
to the ones I have hurt
to the things I overlooked
And to the special one, you

You should have been my priority
You should have been the focus
The real one in this fake world
The clear one in this blurry world

Hope I still deserve you
Your hand of help
Your words of faith
Your unconditional love!
Michael Hole Sep 10
What a ******* *******,
you really ******* are.
If ***** were made from hydrogen,
you'd be a ******* star!

Fuel for ******* hatred,
Burning without end.
Ensconced by ******* vacuum,
because you've got no ******* friends.
Arabella B Sep 10
Sitting on her dorm room bed
Three feet from the floor
Not quite happy
But not quite sad
She wants to feel the ache in her bones
The hatred she has for herself
She wants that to come back
she doesn’t want to feel ok
Cause she’s not
Trying to make that decision
To walkout in the middle of the night
While her room mate sleeps
And to never come back
She’s ok right now
But she wants that sadness
The depression to fill her bones
She wishes she could pull the metaphorical trigger
And not live
Oh how she aches
To just want to not be ok anymore
Because when you’re not ok
You feel alive
Or at least she does
It’s terrible beast
She hates when she’s ok but hates when she’s sad
She just wishes she could not exist
That would be her ultimate goal
She types this in the dark as her roommate drifts off to sleep
I know cause that girl is me
yes, I believe that forgiveness should be given freely
the shedding of unnecessary hatred and the burdens that were never yours to carry
but don't allow the kindness within you to be exploited
you are gentle but you are not feeble
you have full permission to claim your boundaries
to take back your space as your own
disentangle your thinking that loving what hurts you is anything more than self-hatred
Don't know what to do,I'm left confused.
Is there anything in this world that's less abused?
Can't pretend to know what I don't,
Can't answer world's questions,I just won't.
Corrupted,polluted and wicked world is all what I find,
You are true? Well,u are gonna get down to the sand.
World is just a wicked place with wicked people.
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