Dear Juan,
You're delusional. It's obvious,
Maybe you had one too many spliffs,
But I'm still on my game, don't get me started.
Every girl you meet makes you the dearly departed.
I wonder how many times your hearts been shattered?
See I take your pain and make it into batter.
I make you bitter and angry at the world,
But makes you feel so sick you kinda have to hurl.
I'm The reason shit is getting done.
I don't have distractions. It's me and my son.
Let me tell you something guy, it's awful cute,
That you think you'd survive if you gave me the boot.
Without me, there wouldn't be a "Us",
It'd just be you, buy or bust.
So for you to think you can simply lock me away,
And tell me that I'll never see the light of day?
It's wrong and you know just as well as I do,
That you can't hide away your demons,
Because we'll always find you.
I'm gonna be free soon, and you better fear me,
Signing off, both truly and sincerely,

Part 3 of the Letters collection. Been a work in progress for some time now.
Rayne 22h

Count my scars
One, two, three
Each represent my mistake
These scars represent me.

Count my tears
Four, five, six
Each show my flaming pain
And what I cannot fix.

Now look at my scars
The bright red flesh
Do you see survival, hatred?
I see nothing but regret.

ryan 1d

im proud of my progress and where i am
but i still dont see myself as someone i want to live with

ive come a long way but i still dont like me
(afraid, the nbhd)

Is a really scary feeling,
But it is not a feeling one should ignore.
It means that something is Out of Balance
In one's life.

you tell your friends bad things about me
you tell them lies about me
to make me look bad

you tell them im weird, ugly, and annoying
you tell them all these false things

just to make them like you
to make yourself feel powerful

to put me down

why do you hate me so much

my brother is 15 years old and he’s always making fun of me and spreading lies and false things about me to his friends so he can fit in with the popular people at his school

My hands reached out to them,
Always pleading,
My heart cried, all for them,
Always bleeding.
But my eyes were shut,
They couldn’t see that
it was me who was hurt.
Hurt, deeper than I thought I ever could be,
But there was no one, ever for me.
People came in and went by,
And I sat there singing lullabies.

Lullabies, telling the tales of
Friendships turned into hatred,
Of loves lost to the fated.
Tears shedding, as my cry deceases,
I put myself back into pieces.
Days went by since I last saw the sun,
But the love for them was never really undone.
Today, when I sit here beside the sunrise,
I see myself in the skies.
Leaning onto the window,
I sing some lullabies,
And this time, they are of
New love found and the beautiful sunshine.

Pamela Rae Sep 15

the absolute release
and indescribable relief
of letting go--
allowing all hatred, all fears
to completely flow
out and away far from me,
leaving only love and acceptance
hoping that all near can see
the beauty, the wonder
the exquisiteness of what is pure--
not really knowing
or even being sure
if my words, my actions, my true heart
makes it through
to all those I yearn to touch
with everything I do--
but no longer indebted
to the ultimate test of fate--
all I ask is that me, myself and I
release all judgement, all hate
and simply endure and enjoy
the gifts surrounding me, my life--
but my utmost desire
is to rid myself and others of
unwanted angst and strife...

©Pamela Rae 09.14.2017

Wouldn't it be grand if only for a little while we could just let it all go? Stop worrying, stop hurting, stop hating and judging? I choose to let it all go...I hope this makes sense. Blessings to all here from my heart. ❤️

Have no despair during the Reign of Donald Trump!
After all,
Isn't Hatred and Delusion a Good Combination?
It's like Taking a Hit off your Meth Pipe
While under the Influence of LSD!

I'm lying naked, in your eyes i can see your dirty hatred
But i still want it...

Your precious degradation will be my salvation
Create my fate in this hopeless situation

Do i seem so demure?
Behind these eyes i am far from pure

Wrap your hand around my neck
The more you hurt me the hotter i get

Self hatred feeds these sick desires
And just a spark of pain can start the fire

Alone...i want your demons
Lonely...I need your dark
And now...i have your nothing.

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