There were no people of color, they'd pick on redheads.

If there were no redheads they would pick on people with glasses.

If there were no people with glasses they’d pick on fat people.

If there were no fat people, they’d pick on welfare recipients.

If there were no welfare recipients, they’d pick on non-Christians.

If there are no non-Christians around,  they'll pick on Catholics.

If there are no Catholics around they'll pic on Christians from any denomination except theirs.  

If there are none of those around, they'll pick on college graduates.

Obladee, obladah, yeah! Yadda yeah, the list goes on...

(The same thing applies with Non-Christian bigots. Just change a word here and there.)

Bigots are bigots
No matter what the name
The underhanded tactics
Are all just the same.
They are heartless and evil.
That’s the name of their game.
They are social criminals and
Look for someone else to blame.

Eleni 4d

'Are you pleasing those Lions?'

She thinks to herself under Nelson's Column.

'I am no hero of the Nile, nor of Trafalgar. I am an empty vessel.'

City of Angels, yet full of devils. Will she find the exit from Oblivion, in those molten, vermillion revels?

'And will you climb that stairway to heaven? Is it true that what glitters is gold?'

That golden dust, which lies on her beside table, sedative for her sorrows.

'Oh he was a foul coxcomb. England expects every heart will follow it's duty!'

She is followed, by those feral eyes;
Those on the underground, those in the streets

And those who she will wish
her eyes will never meet.

This short poem was partially inspired by one of my favourite songs from The Doors called 'Hyacinth House' whereby Jim Morrison expresses loneliness and the nature of being judged by others based on careers, personalities and relationships. I combined this with the strong presence of the lions in Trafalgar Square in London, which have a intimidating appearance and represent the strength of the British Empire. These eyes of judgement seem to pierce through the speaker in this poem who is being criticised by the personified statues for being unworthy of recognition.

But darling, do not mind them
Some people hate the light
Because it shows their wickedness
That they, themselves can not bear...
They try to dull your sparkle
But they don't know you are a diamond
You are unbreakable
You shine brighter...
They try to block your ways but they don't know you have those wings to fly
And then they pour poison into the hearts who trusted you
But truth will show it face
They will see it with their own eyes
And time will tell
They will hear it with their own ears
You will smile and watch it like you always do
Meanwhile, let your garden grow wilder
Let the poetry be the prayer
Because the sun, the moon and the stars are shining for you
Day and night

When Donald Trump became President,
I started to hate Everyone.
I hated the people who hated President Trump,
I started hating the people
Who hated the people
Who hated President Trump.
I started hating myself.
I began attending a Group called
"Haters Anonymous"
But I hated That too.

There are spiders in my room
There are friends in my room
They eat flies and other useless and oblivious things
And one day they'll come and eat me
But thats ok that's ok
I'm ready for that day
I look forward to my own personal reckoning

They'll crawl inside and lay little eggs
Sometimes I feel them even when they're not on me
Their eight skinny little legs
Plenty of little eyes helping them see

That I am a house pest and I must go
Wrap me up and eat me
What happens after death I don't know
But I'm excited to die and see

Rachel Dyer Jul 10

I swallow hard
I can see it move down my throat
The slender curve of my neck scarred
The memory fights to stay afloat
It claws it's way back up and in.
It's scent tearing at my skin.
For a moment I hate her.
The girl standing before me,
I hate her for giving up,
I hate her for giving in
I hate her for not being stronger
For letting her weakness win.
But I can't keep breaking mirrors,
and hating reflections.  
No good can come from hating what others have done.
She fought, she screamed, and cried.
I f**king tried.
I can't be a slave to yesterday and my thickening pride.
I followed a dream over the horizon.
Swam in the dark side of the moon.
Felt pleasure, love, and freedom on the other side of that dune.
But I only hold the reins to myself
I cannot control them, or him.
It's just me, overflowing, and full to the brim.
Then she stands tall, her slender neck strong, a deep breath drawn.
And strength brings color back to her cheeks.
The hatred, and memories gone, placed firmly in the past.
And I recognize myself again at last.

Seema Jul 10

Sitting, curved down
with my legs folded.
Dark cold, in ragged gown,
I've been scolded.

Hatred poised the innocent flower,
wilted the bud before bloom.
Eluded from its growing power,
and vased me in this dark room.

Several days without water and food,
the flower froze as in a frame.
Bonney structure lay as good,
player was done with his game.

No ashes sprinkled in my name,
No final words uttered in grace,
No one even came to claim,
And thus, closed went my case.

But I am, still not free,
from this bound of hope.
My spirit, searching for those three,
who later tied me up with a rope.

My spirit would not rest,
till all three are dead the same way.
Making them feel at their best,
I'll make sure, they all pay...


Shane Leigh Jul 6

Hatred ...
In the newspapers,
Broadcasters spitting worthless nonsense;
Petty conflicts,
Presidents that seem to hold no merits;
Is all this worth my peace of mind;
My time;
My hard work;
My family?
For all its worth ...
Because I'm English
Does that make me not American?
Because I deny to protest
Does that make me your enemy then?
Is your hatred of my skin,
Her love for her,
His love for him,
For all its worth,
Is it really worth it?
Will I,
Will WE be worth your time then?

You used to belong to me,
Life used to be good;
It was like we spent time in another universe.
If you don't realise it was all down to you,
Then I don't know how you manage to be so ignorant.

Now it's as if you don't exist,
And when I catch a glimpse of you it's like I had forgotten,
Disgust reaches throughout my body,
To remind me what has changed.
I hope you're happy now,
Because I'm happier than I would be,
If you still bothered with me.

Back to then,
We were all great,
Maybe just on the surface somewhere,
But for me,
I really felt that the roots were deep down,
Stable safety, that won't be drowned.

Maybe we didn't.
I think we crumbled instead,
I guess you caused an earthquake with your unnecessary everything,
Well it triggered a volcanic eruption,
Because the town of our groups friendship,
Was nothing more than ashes,
That could never be restored.

Nearly two years ago,
You took away your comfort from us hunny,
But I know you're also somehow the damaged party.
At least maybe that's what you think,
I'm not sure I could actually agree,
But I'll humour you,
Because you don't humour me.

And I hope you like your twisted nickname,
Because I'm not one for cute pet names,
But I am for sweet sarcastic revenge,
Maybe now you can feel guilty if I start being even more kind.

I won't dare to link that I felt protected,
Like I finally belonged here,
And now I just feel nothing and everything,
Back into the outside of this cold dark place,
But at least I have someone real to light it up again.

You don't,
So part of me wants to be nice,
Even though it's all your fault,
But then again I also want to,
Slap you in the fucking face.
It's not our job to take care of you anymore;
Keep spare arms open,
When you made sure that you don't deserve them.

I wonder how you're still surrounded by people,
But that's just who you are,
A beautiful excuse of a friendly human being,
It's not true.
You'll show them how ugly you can be in time,
And I remind myself I have to forgive their obliviousness,
Because you hide it the best,
Out of all those disasters I've met.

Sometimes I may still feel alone,
But I know I'm really not,
As I have the girl you lunged for:
My actual best friend,
My sister until the end,
Without your temporary false sanity.

Then there's you,
With people to talk to
For all the times I'm silent,
But I don't think they're real though.
Are they willing to sit with you in the dark?
How long for then?
Or should I ask how long it will be until you show them how you escape?

You always said you were made to be alone,
But we thought we'd show you that's not true,
You proved us wrong by showing us the reason,
It's because you're not true,
Even if a slight section of my heart still wants to wonder.

As I said, I'll be kind,
Even if I don't wholly want to,
But I'll say it just for now,
That I don't hate you.
I say it a lot and I'll keep going,
Honestly though, it still isn't true.

I really feel the burn of my hatred sometimes,
But there's somewhere that it doesn't meet,
And I'll never fall to your feet,
Though at the end of this life,
I'll be forced to admit that I don't really accept hating.

Lately I've been realising,
Forgiveness is important,
Then I thought about you:
The person I'm not sure I can apply it to,
The only thing is that I loved you once,
So if anyone were able to see deep inside,
They find I actually don't hate anyone any longer,
Because I'm too strong to be weak in that one place.

Don't worry though,
You still have no way of coming back.
While I'm confessing this I still feel like screaming,
About how much I really hate you.

It is partly true but not to the full extent,
No I don't have 100% hatred to offer you,
I've figured out not to keep bothering,
Too much with your type of evil.
This is because occasionally I still remember,
The illusion I thought was you.

I hope you have fun,
When your apparent friends for now cease,
Because I'm sure they just have to wait,
For you to do more of the same forbidden things,
Because no one else will enjoy it.
Isn't this supposed to be your sick entertainment?
Because I don't know why else you would do it.

I can see just how much I've changed
I'm becoming more and more estranged.
Estranged to those I used to hold dear
Losing them was something that I certainly did fear
Ironically, that fear drove them away still
Leaving me to how I now feel
As if someone cut open my heart and just let it bled
Laughing as they walked away leaving me with all this hatred

Never knew how dark I could become just from losing friends. I just see it as such a betrayal and I'd just love to make them pay. As I said in a previous poem you should never cross a Scorpio. *sinister laugh*
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