Broken dream breakdance.
Psychedelic psychopathic
Gangrape of the soul.
The industriously invisible inviter
Leads me on a detour
That deviates
From my desired direction
I don't know what I'm doing here
At all?
Rowan Jun 1
I send my dreams to the space in a shooting rocket aiming for the stars ,
but afraid of the sun's heat.

Earthy colors gives the life,
Green grass greets my eyes,
Shades of blue sea buy my blues,
In return for dozes of internal beauty.

I send my wishes to the clouds,
Could they be carried not lost or hurt ,
From thunder , lightning or the lame world.

May heavy clouds let the rain down,
Watering the flowers fixed in my heart ,
carrying faith holding tightly despite the fears,
May the heavy clouds become light in weight,
Healing the hurt wishes ,
For a safe ride home.

I send my words to my pen,
Pages Pounding with colors though the ink is black .

I blend with nature made by almighty god ,
To breath in life and then my soul is renewed.
PoserPersona May 24
Try utilizing meter and form
Stanzas that can be adored
Not necessarily rhyming
Though at least include some pacing
Prose riding rhythm
Consider a little alliteration
Free verse certainly has merit
But too often excuses shit.
Give us not what is convenient,
But that which is brilliant.

One unwilling to partake in your portentous orgy
Yes, I think there is a lot of great contemporary poetry and poets, as much as any other genre, but I just feel free prose is abused not for its brilliance, but for the apparent convenience people seem to think it affords them.
Devin Ortiz May 20
Admire the mire
Mind the matter

But dont wallow in worry.
For perception is pain.

Duplication is devious.
Smiles are sinister.

Bring on the beginning.
Endure unto the end.

Darkest are the days.
Nightmarish as the nights.

Ghouls of old gestalt.
Rise to revenge.

Time is taken.
Lord of lies.
Fallert May 6
When there's a stormy night,
When winds howl with fright,
When I lose all my sight,
I walk.
When the sun burns the sky,
When the dark gives a cry,
When the moon tells a lie,
I walk.
When the bombs blow the streets,
When the trusted finally cheats,
When the unknown defeats,
I walk.
When the forest loses air,
When the steel breaks a tear,
When men cry in despair,
I walk.
When the flag falls from the tops,
When the farmers stop growing crops,
When the unstoppable stops,
I walk.
When everything seems clear,
When the room's filled with cheer,
When there's no longer any fear,
I walk.
Jo Barber May 3
Calm, cool, contemplative.

This is all her face said to me.
Peering at me from behind pale, grey eyes,
she appeared rather wise.

Yes, those saucer-shaped eyes
reminded me much of the sky,
or a boat about to capsize.

So stormy were those eyes
that hid so much.
Her emotions,
completely untouched.

All because of those irreplaceable,
impenetrable eyes.
Mary-Eliz May 3
in cerulean sky

green verdant grass
beneath us
lying lazily
in love
Breon Apr 4
Let's bask atop this spinning stone
Where sun-glow sears the soles and skin
Until it reaches bleaching bone
And kisses it 'til wearing thin.
Let's savor summer's coming-home
As if it never will again.
The heatwave scorches off our fears
And sets us free. Scream joy and tears.

The blacktop, lapping at your heels
Like hellhounds barking out dog days;
The noonday shadows' faint appeals
All stifled in the phoenix blaze;
The April blossoms wilt and peel.
Their season's passed. They cannot stay,
Not while the sun is in its power,
We'll watch them die within the hour.
I hate summer. Spring may be the kindest season, but autumn seems more honest.
Ruby's ravishing rock
received many rave reviews
was of richest red
Lyn Mar 30
Selfishly stringing stupid sentences
together to tell tomfoolery
the jokes are jeering
only a fool would find such a failure
so I stew in my slip up
Wondering when
My mistakes will make
our entire end
I make so many bad mistakes
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