lmbf 2d
In the pale blue veins of my wrist I spot my parents' joy, her smile, my friends' laughter.
In the pale blue veins of my wrist therein lines a faint outline of the Manhattan skyline at night; all natural and manmade wonders intertwined.
In the pale blue veins of my wrist I see myself speaking to a family of immigrants, and changing their world by offering them the same pathway into this nation of immigrants that I was afforded so many years ago.
In the pale blue veins of my wrist I see the afternoon sun glistening on her back by the water, and I see the thought of seeing her, loving her once again.
In the pale blue veins of my wrist I see the potential for regrowth.
In these pale blue veins I see the possibilities of learning to live and love once again.
Summer Freewrite Sessions 2018 //
When I was 10, I had recurring thoughts of wanting to hurt myself. I wanted to fully visualize the pain I felt inside by seeing it play out in front of me. But everytime I do, I think of pale blue, and how in this world there is so much more I have to give and do. Hope this helps at least one soul out there.
"There are always more reasons why not."
PS shoutout to my English teachers for teaching me literary terms/techniques, this brief return to poetry wouldn't have been possible without you all!
A Nuñez Aug 7
Swimming in Shadows
swarming in from my soul

Talking to thieves that
taunt us to trust.

Drinking down danger
denying death's desire

Forgetting full-well I'm
floating in fire

Ignoring iconoclastic images inked in my eyes

Hoping hypnosis helps
heal humankind

Dangerous dance
done dozens of days

Easiest entry, eternal enslavement; extracorporeal existence engaged.
Love me some alliteration
Stuffed seals.
Sits shelf,
soaking sunshine,
standing sentry,
soliciting smiles.
Shoppers smitten,
strike smiles,
spending silver.
Storied seals,
send shoppers shrilling.
stitch supplementary shipments,
shaking store,
sustaining sales.
Sales staff splendidly stock shelf.
Such salvation, she seeks.
Successfully, seashells.

Logan Robertson

Weary Window of Opportunity

would we
waste what's wise
when wisdom waned
wraps waxed wicks withdrawn
where wildfires within white
wash wanton wavering welled
wits with wonderment's wheel wearing
worth warrants weaving wholeheartedly

Logan Robertson

Vexren4000 Jul 27
Boxed boxes,
Brought by buyers,
Bypassing bylaws,
Bystanders begging beggars,
To stop their boisterous begging,
Beasts berating beasts,
Bestial, beastly, bringers,
Bearing rings for ring bearers,
Loosing touch with world events,
Locking into self sustaining loops,
Cutting off contacts,
For the betterment of the whole.
Joliver Jul 25
Stupidly stuck,
Waiting, while
Past pressures
Present problems,
Making moving
On awful.
Essentially erased
From fraudulent
Thoughts that
Hurt. How
Our original
Love lives
Were wronged
By bad
Decisions decided
Immaturely. Intimacy
Died down
And, alone,
Rejected, retreated
I keep waiting for a day when I don't think about it, but that day has yet to come...
Devin Ortiz Jul 6
Alliteral allure.
Boundaries bottomless.
Controlled cantor.
Deities demonize,
Ethereal epiphanies.
Future forfeits,
Gravity's grandiose.
Humility heckles,
Indignant ideologies.
Jealousy's jungle,
Karated killers.
Lunacy's lovers,
Maddened martyrs.
Noise, never,
Only omens.
Purgatory persuasion,
Quintessential qualms.
Revenge, revenge.
Sultans suffer.
Tyrants terror.
Unilateral understanding.
Violent venom,
Worn wonderfully.
Xenogogue's xenial,
Youthful yearlings.
Zombie zealots.
Vexren4000 Jun 29
Reminiscent ruminations,
Reciting recoiling recitals,
Recurring responses,
Realistic reprobates,
Retroactive radioactivity,
Responding recordings,
Remembered by a passerby,
Praying for peace.

kk Jun 25
Slide in
Sugar-searching serpent
You spark
In this tart
A naive mind
That this might
Work out
Before you
Tire out
Lemon-lime lollies
Licking your lips
For a confection
A bit more
And maybe I'm looking for someone a little more zesty.
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