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Luiz Oct 19
Musing memoirs:

mimicking monsters - meaning men
made mockery my marriage
maliciously minded
miss Maria matched
my mal-intented
******* mood

musky meadows
maximum May moon
Marley's music mystifying moods

mutual meddling
massaging misses ****
Maria's melting mouth
morsels my member!

Maria's ***** moves!
missionary mamal
mmm! master m.i.l.f!
my! m-rated movie material!

melting moments
     muffled moaning
midnight morphs mid-morning!
     motel Monrovia
masked my moral mischievous mistake

masses murmur my mess mid-town!
     my main miss
menaces my medieval musket masacre!
     moreover mulls
my major misdirection

mad mean!
mind made-up mentions:
"mamma! moving!...Melbourn, Michigan...maybe mars!"

mirroring military missions, Mia mandates:
     mushy metal mule!

Monrovia's miles:
mostly mineral mines
meet my mustang's mudflaps

Mia makes murky memory my mistake

moments move minutes
mummifying minutes make months
must millennium mount?

missing Mia murders me!

moral mistakes made
merciful my master, maybe mitigate?

moping my message: me mid-may
matinee movie? maybe munchies?

my masai!, miracles may make!

© 2020
Luiz D Syphre
M&M Edition
Tired and weary,
Torn and worn;
Wrung with wights,
Thick with thorns.
Written Sept 2014
Roro Aug 30
Sweet melting ice cream
Sunrise beamed in blue and pink
Snowflakes drizzling, a silent scream
Soft pillows for her cheek to sink
Scents filling her nose like a sweet stream
Lying in her same bed
Eyes open but not awake
Senseless to her frozen core
Not sure if it’s all fake
Her reality now a distant dream
Memories of the world she made, erased
The rainbow sprinkled donut that was her life
She couldn’t recognize or taste
Derealization can make someone feel the world and life they built around them is not real, like living in a hazy dream in an unrecognizable place.
Be the flora in this fauna world,
Flowering the front facade,
Fairer than far,
Fear not the flower,
Which floured these floors,
Full of fondness and flourishing bonds,
No faux flower will I allow,
Fulfilling our oxygen too,
Fate stands with the fauna and flora,
One day too,
Humans will recognize their forever flaming flu
Please protect our beautiful Earth by showing sympathy to the unique flora and fauna of this world.
Isaac Ward Aug 18
She sunk slowly southward, skimming my soul with sweet sighs,
Acutely aware of my amorous... appeal, I ached for her acquiescence,
Daring- Her; I- dazed: Delicately devouring my disheveled desire,
Leisurely lingering, her lips leaving lipstick licks and languor,
Yet it ended, and I yearned for you.
Emily Joyce Aug 6
If you must tell a lie, do so well -
Lies likely fall apart
Often crumbling due to bumbling
A speakers deadly demise
My passion is the lonely lie
Lone creates shine
A lie must deliver cleverly
Or all would align -
A poetic imitation of Emily Dickinson's "Tell all the truth but tell it slant" I did for my poetry class.
Chelsea Evans Jul 24
Cookies Crumble
Cheshire Cheese’s Crumble
Carrots Crunch
Custard Creams Crumble
Isabella Jul 15
You once had a blossoming rosebush.
Lush with periwinkle peonies, baby blue baby's-breath, crimson carnations.
You plucked a flower for me, a rose so beautifully breathtaking which you compared to my own flawed features in the most poetic prose.
I graciously accepted your gorgeous gift, careful that my fingers wouldn't graze the thorns which adorned the deep green stem.
I held it close, embracing your token of affection with a pounding heart full of humbly hesitant adoration.
But I picked apart the pieces, I skeptically played with the pretty petals. I analyzed their cajoling strokes of coaxing color until the flower wilted warily.
And when I asked you for another, your face flushed and your truth trembled.
You led me to your rosebush, which was now an utterly dull disappointment.
For I saw then that you had wasted away all of the flowers on girls just like me, destroying the beauty which had once flourished in that tempting rosebush, and now you had no more love to give me.
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