I'm losing my tolerance
For moral ambiguity.
I'm not talking about who people have sex with.
I'm talking about this Zombie President of ours,
Donald Trump,
And his Alt-Right supporters
Who want to rip the United States of America to pieces.
Are we just gonna' look for enemies everywhere in the world
As American Gun freaks continue to commit
Increasingly dramatic massacres?
What is the purpose
Of the United States Military
If their job isn't to keep the Citizens of the United States safe?
Is it just to benefit Defense Contractors
And satisfy investors on Wall Street?
I wonder sometimes.

                                       before you click too mucH
           for they can disturb with slightest toucH
              for they can see everything you thinK
             and they control anything you drinK
                   they need you to “try your besT”
           so they can make you pass the tesT
           the test that leads you to your lifE
            the test behind you with a knifE
                      so you can finally be freE
                 listen to these simple threE
                                       number onE
                                       stay in linE
         listen to their selfish crimE
         listen to the way they saY
                  it’ll be a happy daY

                                         number twO
                                 don’t complaiN
    or it just might cause you paiN
          or it just might be the daY
     you would never see agaiN

                                      number threE
                                      pass the tesT
      so you can finally be the besT
    based upon the way that yoU
                        pay attention tO
these lieS

The U.S. Government has
a net worth of over a trillion

Half a billion could do a lot
of good for the poor and the

Seema Sep 23

Rivers flow
Humans grow
Stars glow
Humans blow

Toxic waste
Air pollution
Humans haste
Perfect solution

Beggars hungry
Homeless kill
Humans angry
Robbing wills

Bullets fired
Tanks raged
Juveniles hired
Humans tagged

Terrorists warns
Lives lost
Families torn
Priceless cost

Lust gains
Humans pained
No brains
Love insaned

Lots learnt
Media zooms
Orders sent
Countries doomed

Hunger peaks
Children sick
Humans weak
Diseases leak

Money priority
Humans exported
Marking territory
Guns imported

Humans kidnapped
Women rapped
Lives begged
All taped

Tears lack
Government slack
Manics back
Terrorist attack!!!


Austin Sep 22

We are all just pawns in this cruel game.

Eyes blindfolded, unable to see the board.

Each move is hidden.

If we witnessed it, we would know to much.

Mystic904 Sep 22

Chaos, demolition, destruction
controlled through supervised instruction
no end to slaughter, no reduction
have their own ways of seduction

In that throne, they sit and dare
The one which is called the 'chair'

Nation's green honour gone abrupt
you say, you're still not corrupt?
no one points at you, while you deduct
waiting for the world to erupt

Just about everything, you'll see here
Roots all clung to the evil chair

In which those so called governors sit
organisers, runners of this lovely bit
performing tricks for the show to lit
prepared for them is a special pit

Looters and criminals, all have a pair
Of gloves to keep stain off their chair

Don't believe their words, bark whatever
bamboozle us, truth from our eyes they sever
residing in those large structures like hever
could write three books upon their clever

Dreadful reality transferred heir upon heir
Criminals need not legitimate relations, just their bloody chair!

Didn't want to end it, but you know everything comes to an end at some point 'except' corruption. lol

They deposed of laughter in the rain
listened on this terrain
in their awful pegs retentive clamour
while dark gruesome hours descended
as them that didn't willingly tie for their enamor
while flatulence then finally was hardily retorted in debate
yet their nostalgia doom relived this planet in this luxury then so they'd flatten this inn divide
while in lies that pack frozen in their teeth

killjoy Sep 18

There once was a government that order all the murder case to be solved
To the government, they just wanted this to be done
And so promises were made with perfect slogan to be kept
But such effort were fruitless and it was dissolved
As murders were placed upon the innocents heads
And they were left dangling in the wind with the voices of the dead
And innocent and guilty was all but blurred
With nothing but cold wines of burecrate
And the sweating pores from pressured sociocrate
And when others claims with a single gun anything could be done
To a suicide, homicide and multiple cases of domestic genocide
They were silenced without a thought and no more protest could be heard
And so false witness rose with their vile tongue and a snake as their pet
Sooner or later accusation flew, here, there and everywhere
But I shake my head in a futile attempt of sorting my thoughts
As murder cases are not binary bases
And they cannot be solved simply with an order from high voices
As government remains blind and present crimes are hidden
In plain sight even from divine gaze and order besides mankind's

She stands tall.
Shaken by the regime - all the way to a fall.
Still standing firm in her roots,
striving against the cabinet in suite.

She stands tall.
Her roots being hacked at and poisoned,
yet she does not fall.

She does not fall.
Insults hit her heart,
yet she does not begin to stall,
but her heart begins to fall.

She does not fall.
Now she stands taller
like an elegant self-conscious queen,
but with the heart of a mother that no one has ever seen.

Slowly breaking,
She falls.

The abuse has become too much.
Just to name a cause;
It was you with your helpful, root unearthing touch.

RIP Mama Afrika.

Aditya Roy Sep 10

They spend their days applauding the rich
To keep them off the streets and make use of their glitch
Is it a disability or a glitch that snatches away their rights
Or that keeps off the sky to reach the city of lights
Where a baby can be born without a risk of a bad eye
By the simple gesture of clap turned bad whereas the birth of the baby should be celebrated with cheer and rye
But I guess that’s just the humor thicked with wryness
But we find many a homosexual whom we kindly and unknowingly address as Your Highness
The abundance of homosexual conquests to give away any hope of the lord to ignorantly receive him
Chopping off their manhood with a sword at every whim
In the bloodiest fashion reminiscent of all that’s wrong in the universe
If we could just find a reverse
It isn’t just the transgendered who feel the curse of their face
What about the acid victims bluntly speaking who won’t make it in the rat race
The media may portray them as heroines
But when the danger is past their past leads to what is simply a couple of street coins
It’s all in a visage
The idea of making money right is just a mirage
It falters with circumstance and birth right
If you were born developed enough for this world success is in your sight
Looks like transgender people have no place to go
The government should know
So why not the army so they can push the agenda of war too
But it seems like they have no country to fight for you
So don’t be afraid of them
They are born at the hem
Of a ship that signals a rough life that doesn’t soothe by a deep REM sleep
So they aren't any less capable because they still deal with deeply rooted social stigmas that would make anyone working through that weep

This is my fireback to support Transgenders in the face of Trump's fire.
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