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The left find themselves
caught in between socialism
and a rebellion.
On one hand,
they wish to grant their government
more power,
when on the other,
they claim they cannot be trusted.
Which one is it?
Time is ticking.
What ever did the government do for
us Apart from*
up the benefits
Universal Credit pip
food banks kids going
to school hungry
Homeless people dying
on the streets local
council service cuts
an proposed statue In
my home town
Margaret Thatcher the
milk snatcher who
created the hated poll
tax but apart from that
what did this government
*do for us apart
from doing there best
to **** us all
Hate this government with a vengeance single they've destroyed our Country for there greed and self Importance
So many people have become the forgotten
of our society because
the rich In our country
are only Interested In
getting richer they
not want to take any responsibility helping
those In need desperate
for their help

Would be nothing to give a little kindness but I see very little evidence of this
ever being but who are blind to the facts It Is
they who are responsible
for the situation, our poor suffer
In their everyday struggles just to survive the rich who live In a world hard to imagine by us poor for they who forget that most the time they got there riches through Inheritance or were just
The life that most of us never have but the worst of all their minds have conditioned by
a selfish bunch of
who made them believe that the poor of our society somehow to deserve to be treated like low life scroungers worthless less than humans
But they will pay for the crimes against humanity one day they will answer
for the suffering, they forced upon our most vulnerable In our
But when It's my turn to die I will have no fear of
death for I have always done my best to help other
even though at times I'm as poor as they are but life Is
all about helping each other that Is how we humans
Some things the rich have long since forgotten I only shed tears for the forgotten old disabled sick Homeless lonely starving families there poor children SHAME on the rich of society that allows people go hungry die on our streets
while they live their comfortable lives
well fed and warm I'm
glad to be amongst the poor for I have a conscience that's all I
SHAME one the riches country In the world we send aid to other countries nothing wrong with that Intill you relies we allow poeple to die on the our streets we should be helping them first
Martin Narrod Feb 13

I’m not being able to escape this, in parts, either on the slip where the drifters weigh themselves against daily chores, or to the perch, where against the millions of suns striking into the cabinets where devoted criminal ****** *** offenders aid and abet their children:

flying kites, tossing bread crumbs to water fowl, playing tag, hide and go seek, or

Cooking food, drinking cold alcoholic beverage, and listening as a friend with a guitar sings about the child born in the mountains as a man, only to find the world as a legend.

Still there is no escape. There is only the peril of night stretching 99% of our brains across the tepid sky, only to wait for the light of those suns to fade, and then only have to worry about the dross and muck on every fingerprint of every man from this place or the next. These are fingerprints that ooze the familiar green devil whose face familiar ages our futures before they can even happen. Then we succumb to the bitterness of these years on the perch, the stoop, the step, wandering around the chollas in nothing but a pair of aquamarine boy’s briefs. This is not insanity. This is the product of insanity. This is not losing, this is the product of living under a government that has been taking what it could not afford, and who trades in what hurts rather than helps what ails rather than aids.

This is the ratcheting heard inside the bruised and frail hearts of many. The pain inside their backs and legs and arms and heads is real. It smells real. It sounds real. It feels real, but no one here has ever known what it is that is happening, therefore they do not understand the great costs being played with when these oozing poison-stricken fingertips start playing at the game of life, or they start playing at the game of their neighbor’s life. There is an outcome of sunset still yet to be seen, and that is the inescapability and uncertainty of millions of children being born today, tomorrow, and hereafter. The children tomorrow should not have to worry about washing someone’s fingerprints off of the skin they have yet to be born inside. Stretching across the dusty and quiet streets, if this Wild West is closing its wildness out and isn’t doing anything but wandering west, there isn’t a committee of sanity that will prevail. Especially as we choke through the gravely heavy metals meddling with the untold stories of tomorrow’s sons and daughters.
Brian Feb 11

Long Crypto - Short Banks!
it is a niche out there, but a few people might like it :)
Julia Feb 9
i have an Uncle
he steals my money
he steals my ****
and burns it all
in front of me

i have an Uncle
who’s a misogynist and racist
a murderer and ******
a fascist and a terrorist
he stole my Fathers’ lands
he beats my Mother’s ****

he is addicted to white powder
black blood and green gold
he worships forces
to seize control
over every mind, body, and soul
my Uncle belongs in prison
but he owns those too
written on 10/19/18
triztessa Feb 8
Sullen eyes that seek comfort
after a bout of worrying
and churning stomachs
days on end without medicine
supplies are only for the few

They come and go
while the man behind the table
waits for a minute to rest
coming home without sleep
pushing the old wheel of life

The vulnerable and disconcerted
may rest on their arched backs
hanging on to nothing
but spare change to their names

The mortal life only seeks to be saved
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