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closed minds,
provide for the loudest mouths,
while everyone is
quietly weird
Are you ok?
I am ok.
But everything is not ok.
What is “ok”?
I am confused.

In such a state today
With violence on display
Is it safe to say “ok”?
No way.

Countless belligerents
Everywhere there is indifference
Or just blatant insolence
If something is “ok”
It’s likely due to ignorance
June First, Two-Thousand and Twenty
Bhill 3d
who is following who
who is leading who
why is there such separation
beneath the layers of doubt and mistrust
under the government of ***
who is following who

Brian Hill - 2020 # 148
The words we say to you
aren’t strictly true
as much as they do
what we want them to

shaped and spun
with hidden gears
so when they reach ears they fit
neatly settling
without drawing attention
to the shabbiness
and moth holes

Look here my good man!

Hand shadows dancing
on a bright screen
hiding meaning
in dumb show gestures
of duck quacks and rabbit concerns

In Oz, the wizard’s heart came good,
behind our curtain
you’ll just find avarice
and certainty
that a brief, gout ridden future
means more to us than you
Something is rotten,
but not in the state of Denmark
the body politic is sickening from the spread
as the virus flows and ebbs around us
but that’s not the biggest threat
to our collective, collected health

the insidious radiation that emanates
when certain men step out
from their lead-lined bunkers
is weakening our sinews,
loosening our hair and teeth
and mocking and braying at our grief

backed up as it is
by mustard gas clouds of lies
built on the bones of xenophobes and the afraid
some with excuses, or, whatever,
but most with puce, spittle-flecked faces
apoplectic at the creep-dawning realisation
of their impotent, way it’s always been ways

and like the Cnuts they clearly are
rather than retreat from the waves
and figure out more sensible ways to behave
as centuries progress
they will ‘make a stand’
thick, bitter filled pint-mug in hand
‘til the tide will see them drown

meanwhile on dry, rich land
the tin-*** Machiavellis
rub their hands and drive long away
to have their eyes tested,
divest themselves of kids,
or check on their second homes
as the bloated bodies bob out to sea
all too slowly
Show me how to live
To die another day
Living in this sickness
Thanks for the band aid

Don't push me your pills
My problems not your solution
My problem is you
Your whole evil evolution

Thanks for showing me how to live
To die a slower way
Please torture me with sickness
May I have another band aid

You've warped my perception
Made another slave
Medicated to complacency
I can never expect to be brave
Of all the wicked forms of man
We're in the worst, uncaring hands;
For I've never seen so many fools
Fail together as they lose their cool.
The universe itself is blowing smoke
As the whole world stumbles, chokes
On the gas we're huffing
The lies, the bluffing
The wind bags breathing hot air-
The misery, day in day out-
All enough to make me shout-
So what?? Like I even care!
Can we just pick a mode that works,
Or let the end come nigh?
I'm tired, I'm done,
This is really not fun
And it makes me want to cry.
So when you ******* are done pretending
That this messed up world is ending
If you could turn the light switch on
And then, very helpfully,
Get the **** gone.
Calleen May 19
Goverments, royalty and big corporations,
Slowly over taking every nation,
Poison in the water,
Poison in the food,
It is no wonder we wake in a foul mood.
Follow us blindly like good little sheep, we still your freedoms while you flutter and sleep,
Do not question, only repeat,
Follow our orders and gain our ****,
**** away blindly you silly little fools, you will not see us bend the nations rules.
This is our little bubble that you will not burst,
It is your freedoms that we thirst!
Naveen Kumar May 18
India is about to war
on Pakistan.
I'm busy getting my
Climate is burning
the ice.
New parasites are evolving
in our lungs.
Immigration is devastating
But people are busy
paying their bills.
Spaceships are surrounding us.
Government is announcing
a new refugee scheme.
ISRO is launching
forty satellites.
But kids are busy
practising their parents' signature.
Young is busy
risking life to buy marijuana.
Youth is busy
begging for jobs.
Adults are busy
spying kids' notebooks.
The world has enough problems
to make something new.
It is like adding
a new task in the to-do list
in the rush hours.
Bees becoming extinct.
let me get my degree first.
victoria May 17
Theres a place in hell
for people like you
But not the hell that some
believe to be true
The hell they think of
is full of desire
Dark angels of lust
And ****** in fire

No this is a hell
You truly deserve
Chained to your past
And the hurt that you served
Cause your ego was ******
And you couldn't decide
If the lies that you told
We're wrong or where right

People like you should be burried alive
With only your guilt and the secrets you hide
You deserve to die with your heart molten black
With only your sin
And the clothes on your back

If I was a god and you came to me true
With reasons, excuses for all that you do
I'd laugh in your face and spit on your feet
And pray with my soul that the devil you meet

You think you're the devil?
You have no idea
The devil throws parties you wouldn't go near
The devil I've talked with a couple of times
Your not even close
You wouldn't survive

So continue to be, a **** if you must
But you're being watched
You are vile
You disgust
Close your eyes to the pain
That you made to be true
But know
Really know
That pain will **** you.
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