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Nylee Feb 11
My shoulders are weak,
My mind is strong
I survive the week
with my head all along
The answers reek
the mess within
they call me freak
All muscles give in
But I will not let it show
It's my deserved pain
it will always grow
It is just in vain
All back and fro.
Lydia May 2023
One week is as long as it takes for your job to wait before they clean out your things and go back to normal day to day life after you pass away
and although routines, business and normalcy all make sense for the mental health and financial success of everyone else still alive
because life goes on as it always does and always has…
it’s a reminder that no job is worth any extra of your precious time on earth or mental sanity
because it takes your employer one week to move on without you
Aaron Combs Jul 2022
Golden skies and grass greens,
ribbons and threads and legacies,
heavens and harlots, power and age.
It's all flames in the end, isn't it?
All words, all swords, fall so, perfectly.

And like a cancer, you can eat the cigarettes' so sweetly,
all the champagne flowing so freely,
And when we wait for our Paris.

Life makes you intoa a creatures below, surprisingly like mosquito in summer
eating in the garden of fire, to live happily.

It's all smokes and shadows tomorrow,
and it falls like a cold shaped drink, like a dollar
swinging, settling, hoping to be taller, but falling
in our hangover and faded like-memories
in the black morning, of anxiety and sorrow.

Just eating in the garden of fire,
dragons, vampires, pirates and scabies.
All from a broken shaped bottle with ***** like choices,
liars of empires, sweats of angels and children,
it all flames in the end, in the garden of fire, isn't it?

But when the wind turns north,
will you turn and know, when the rich
and the wicked find no more?

If we slowly find the money isn't the answer to all things,
and the battles, bills, and blessings don't become our idols
maybe eternity, will overflow, we can lie down in grass so green,
and like mountains, like kings, we will find happiness so free.

Surely in meadows and forests, witches and wickedness,
anger and bitterness, will be song so forgotten once we are so free.

We will eat the richest cheese, running into homes of orphans,
we can cause them to be such kings, alive and well and so happy.

Before the end truly comes, in time and reason, a new healing,
king and throne, with eyes so weary, knees and backs so heavy,
we will remember, like a song so catchy, a life set free.
Nigdaw Jan 2022
no great ceremony for a Tuesday
it slips into the rest of the week
quietly jostling for position
giving Wednesday a shove
telling it to wait it's turn
pushing Monday out the way
which nobody liked and everyone dreaded
we start to forget to mourn the past weekend
even looking forward to the next
just like us it has every right to be here
perhaps even miracles can happen
perhaps this is where it all comes good
Ylzm Apr 2021
Today is the third Day
Even as everyday is Sabbath
When the Son rose, the world
received the promised Ghost

      First of firstfruit blessed
         day after the Seven
         when it was still dark
      And the kingdom came
         day after Seven Sevens
         yet hidden to this day

For a week, Israel wandered
For a week, bread is unleavened
Evening of the Seventh approaches, fast
But time shall divide, till not one is lost
Zadkiel Dec 2020
I can't help but vent
on how this week went
For the school board dared
Give us all Stress that ensnared

From our hopes of having free time
To our hopes of being able to flip a dime

But worry not, for I have not prepared
So I have dared;
but alas, to no avail
So I will continue trying to unveil

On why the school is so merciless
To those who don't know patience
And to those who are worthless
Hear my inexperience

I am scared, nervous,
despaired, and ambitious

For I will dare once again
To this week of drain
Poetic T Sep 2020
I wish every day was a Friday,
that seven-day repetition that
        I no your walking through
my door, no looking back...

Were here all night a 2.5 fraction
of a week where theres just me
             and you, just us....

Runing a 4.5 day missing you
    to a weekend of just us
through the minutes to hours
            to the where did this
                                    weekend go.

The alram sounds, then the race
             to the end of the weekned
starts,finishing as we count mistakes
     of days that we catch on to a friday.

Your here now, were sorry I missed you,
              but the weekend is ours..
  no leaving, were just us, me and you.

            I've missed more than just your body,
           missing your breath on me,
                but now were here in this moment,

long live every weekend when your next to me.
Ylzm Sep 2020
The Day is the Year is the Month
Not of passage but of transit
Evening to Morning, Dark to Light

And Seven Days decreed as a Week
Unmarked, of abstraction, not perception
And Seven of Seven is the Week of Weeks

Of Time marked by the Sun
The Pentecost and Jubilee is the Day
After Seven of Seven Days and Years

But of Time marked by the Moon,
the Seventh is the First, the First, the Seventh
And Seven of Seven is 42 months or 1260 Days

Now what do the Stars do for time?
Gladstone Sep 2020
Oh my dear Sunday
Your thought brings peace and blessings

Oh my dear Monday
Your thought brings anxiety and stress

Oh my dear Tuesday
Your thoughts bring a bit of cheer and hope

Oh my dear Wednesday
Your thought brings us relief that we are in the middle of this week

Oh my dear Thursday
Your thought brings us cheer because tomorrow is a Friday

Oh my dear Friday
Your thought brings us anticipation and thrill to spend the weekend

Oh my dear Saturday
Your thought brings us comfort and laziness through the entire day

Welcome back, my dear Sunday.
And Monday we will never miss you !!!!
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