We were together for 2 months,
You broke my heart for 7 months,

What went wrong for you to tear us apart?
Like I wasnt enough to fill you up,

You brought me to life. But now you stabbed me in the back.
i thought that we were once the ying and yang but now were the butter cutted in half.

It took me 4 months to suck it up. I hope your happy without me, cause you just lost the best of you.
Sorry for the jumbled words.. couldnt think straight while writting this down.

I was never enough for a man
Danial John Mar 3
Here I lay
Thoughts lost in chronic haze
Here I sit
Drowning in my drink

If you won’t kill me, I will
Apparently unstable
Here, take another pill
I keep walking until I’m unable
This is my life now
Lyda M Sourne Feb 21
Dear thunder,
Please pass me by,
Because I’m too scared to be just fine.

Yesterday was a beautiful blue day,
And as always,
The sky decides to paint it grey.
Maria Etre Feb 19
I saw a storm
I could have
easily stepped
over it

But the raging winds
the piercing rains
and you
were just too irrisitable
and the calm I was in
was too
DeAnn Feb 15
my hearing goes in and out between words and ringing
my sight has become hazy
my hands are shaky
my body cannot stop moving
my brain switches running at a million miles an hour and then nothingness
my sense of touch is going haywire

i am numb
Eric Fraley Feb 12

We all used to fear the dark whether we admit it or not.
Just take a few seconds to develop your thoughts…
We used to fear getting lost
The fear of never being found
But then we grow up and our fears are flipped upside-down…
We went from being afraid of the dark,
To fearing spiders,
Then turn 18 and begin going out late,
Pulling all-nighters…
Now let's just think...
And realize,
Other people could be our real-de-mise…
And since we're now talking about real-life,
Let's look at who's committed the most crimes…
And determine where evil sins really-have-been.
Terrorism provoked by optimism.
A race unwilling to combat conflict without bloodshed.
Unwilling in the fulfilling of world peace…
But instead…
Prefer to count the number of dead…
I am not afraid of the boogie man,
I am afraid of the rich man,
The religious man,
The army man and yes…
Even the police man,
And I know plenty of other people who also aren't a big fan…
I'm terrified because I just can’t-see-why…
So many people die within the borders of a country…
Protected by one of the world’s strongest military.

You see if I become a soldier,
The boogie man may not catch me but a bullet sure can.
Fathers and sons fighting to defend from the outside world…
One we think's so cold...
When children in our own schools have been on the receiving end…
Of gun men.
We look at the world around us and provoke hate,
Yet demand so much peace …
Then behind a closed gate  
We advance weaponry…
To greaten the casualties of our enemies...
Rather than promote farm fields in starving countries.
Think about this…
Now let's look at the sadistic statistics…
Two million seven hundred fifty-six thousand one hundred and fifty-three
That's how many human beings were killed in the in Conflicts Involving the Americans ever since the Revolutionary War happened...
Back in Seventeen Seventy-Five to the present-day Isis,
Not to mention,
The one war with the most casualties and gore
Is known to have the word civil in it and...
Started only because we were enslaving other men…
Need I say more ...
Don’t you wish we could rewind time?
Talk out the problems and maybe all those people would be fine…
Rather than found dead,
Then put in a record sheet of weaponry…
To create an effective deterrent against a World-War-3…

We all know somewhere more evil will emerge
Encourage violence…
Form alliances…
And then eventually overpower provinces…
Before anyone deemed powerful can stop-all-this.
Now I’m not saying humanities a monster,
And the only threat to humanity is our own lack of civility,
Even though we hide nukes like every other powerful country,
Or that every American politician emphasizes on the greatness of education…
Yet lack willingness to lower the tuition…
And instead, raises it above the workingman's paycheck.
Causing them to slave on the weekends,
Feeling tired like he’s at his weakest,
Instead of spending time working on his dreams which are now just old friends.
Or the fact everyone blames our access to guns for crimes of society and then begin to obsess
When actually,
Way back when…
Firearms were created by men
Such pointlessness…
How everyone's so unserious and delirious…
Over the lifelessness of our distant relatives,
Our unofficial cousins and sacred brotherin.
The Human Race,
And I can honestly say that the evil of humanity …
   Seems to outweigh the good when it comes to reality …

We all may hear these words and realize them but there truly just a warning.
You see I’ve been dreaming….
That this generation makes up for humanities sins,
Not punished with pain but are rewarded for kindness,
The reward of fixed bricks of a world rather than ones broke and crumbling; Stacked in an unstable mix of pain suffering lies and tricks.
You have it in you to stay true to what is good and what is great,
All I'm asking is not to succumb to the same fate…
Caused and created by the corrupt governments and dictatorships,
By racist haters and religious degraders,
The unimaginative politician,
The biased lawmen, and created by
Destructive weapons wielded by unmoral nations.
We are America
The land of the free,
Don't be afraid to be young and naive.
Let's make this the world of the free,
Rather than a world full of greed and one so full of need
But one closed off to the free will of evil….
“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” Said Martin Luther King Junior.
If only people had realized his words sooner.
He is an example that one man can change the world.
Don't let a destiny created by others unfold and take hold,
Sometimes a man must first walk alone and on his own path to show simply that he can,
And remember
Life won’t get easier…
You’ll just get stronger,
Holding onto dreams a lot longer than most can ponder so let's allow
and Kindness…
Become the roots of our Happiness.
Because right now…
It’s just not fair you see…
That all these blaring sirens…
Are drowning out the sounds…
Of our sanctuary

I sincerely hope this is only temporary
Sirens Over Sanctuaries  is a spoken word speech that I wrote when I was a freshman in high school.
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
The reek of bourbon vanilla lingering through the sappy tones
Of creased leaves and crooked horns, enveloping the royal grave
Embedded with stone, the coronated statue of vines and thorns
Twirling around the remaining cores

Rotten cells and dark floral gourd, an unstable mass crawling
Amongst the bare, rotten shores
The empty shells howl its name - the king
Of naught
Brought to death on the brink - in a whim

Clasping roots and grasping vines,
Luscious soot and dull amethyst,
The graveyard of which the warriors of Gaia
Patrolled in everlasting melancholy - the betrayal of the monarchy
In which they found pleasure in the guilt of misery
They atone for the death of the reign,
Raining in droplets of sulphur and rosebuds,
Meek of the pink of the roses, embroidering the newfound majesty

Alas, the journey of futility,
The thorns grasp its throat
The emperor has been coronated to cease once more.

dark empty graveyard journey melancholy pink pleasure twirl unstable vanilla
Nylee Nov 2017
With little time in hand, I know nothing can be undone
This scares me, but extinguishes the fear away of unknown
Melancholy, my everyday anywhere companion
Hiding in shadows, as the sun comes.

The timing is perfect, enough but never enough
Feels are there still between the gaps but numb
I misplaced my heart on,strayed away from the game
Everything is lost, but still nothing has changed.

Room is darker than usual, moon remains hidden
The heartbeats are heard and sudden,
There is no excuse this time
Just few seconds left to create another rhyme.

End is coming nearer, the start is next to it
Life is too much yet incomplete
The journey unstable, I don't look around
Many realisations, lost and found.
Sarah Levene Oct 2017
I think
The definition of being
"Emotionally Unstable"
Is dropping a pencil on the floor
And wanting to cry
Because of the pencil falling
But the irony
Of how you are able to pick up an inanimate object
But unable
To pick up yourself

It is
Reading a book
Looking at the words
Not truly seeing them
Rereading the first page
100 times
Hoping to find the meaning
That your life
Seems to have lost

It is
Dropping things for no reason
Because you're too numb
To feel your own fingers
But feel too much
To let go
And forgive yourself

It is
Worshipping the hands of the clock
Like a savior
As if every passing minute will bring you to a better future
Not realizing
that every passing minute
Is a vice
That never seems to loosen its hold
On your consciousness

It is
Writing poetry
In hopes
That one day
You will better understand yourself
Through words on a page
Than through your own mind
That you will no longer be a subconscious stranger
Occupying your own thoughts
And misleading
The girl you wish to be.
Today I almost started crying In class after dropping a pen on the floor. It made me realize that no matter how long I ignore my feelings, they will never ignore me.
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