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Carl D'Souza Jul 30
Attempting to harm
my enemies
did not bring me joy and happiness,
did not bring me peace of mind;
I made the enmity worse,
I got myself into trouble;
I was traumatised
by the whole experience.

Now I defend myself
against enemies,
but I don’t try to harm them;
I focus on achieving my own joy and happiness.
She hates the way I talk,
She hates the way I walk,
She's acting like she's too good for me,
But I know the truth,

She says I broke her heart,
But I just figured out what kind of person she was,
She holds a grudge like it's all she has,
Made her pride her first choice,

All I have in my hand is a deck of card,
A knave for her queen of spades,
I will give and she will take,
It'll be a circle,
I'll be in pain,
She will never know what she is,

So I'll let her believe,
I did her wrong,
Until she realise what she had damaged,
Ignorance will be her punishment.
Friends to enemies / couples to enemies both work. Self-reflection is necessary. No one person is to blame.
Hello Daisies Jun 28
Skin too hot
I'm a moth in a flame
I want to take a one way train
Somewhere colder

Maybe when I'm older
I'll understand the wasps
And why they sting so hard
No one likes a bard

Yet here I am
Must be a nuisance
To the ears of my enemies
Though I still consider most them friends

Wait til the week ends
Til theirs a new trend
They'll bring a patch
For my stung grasp

Let me sit in the grass
Ripping it off the ground
That's the only good I've found
When you are all around

Keep me by the dirt
My enemies lay here close
As they should be
The grass must be why they're all so
I feel my spirit drift to yours,
It's not exactly a good thing, is it?
Do we know,
What it was,
All my colours,
And all of yours,
A blur,
A brown,
A morose.
Been writing more on my phone and doing more songwriting, haven't posted in awhile, enjoy!
Luna Jay Mar 27
Listen closer
To the sound of my closure.
It’s hardly noticeable,
But then again,
I’ve always been invisible to you all.
It’s trivial;
Not knowing where you’re headed,
But still seeing the seven layers of hell
You walked out of alive.
I have third degree burns
Soiling my memories-
I spent all of my time
Spoiling the enemies,
And now,
My time runs thin and frail.
My creativity has gone stale.
I’m sick,
I’m pale,
And yet my silence keeps me
Katherine Mar 17
your eyes flicker so sweetly
like they're about to let us all in on a secret
but if the truth is that we'll all be broken in the end
maybe just keep it to yourself

maybe just play another song
Max Mar 15
The last thing I want my enemies to see before they die is me smiling at them.
Cruel as hell, sorry :)
Aurianna Feb 20
We're doing
our best to forgive,
and forget.
At least,
that's what we
tell each other.
But we must remember,
there's some good
in the worst
of us
and some evil
in the best
of us
when we
discover this,
we are less prone to hate our enemies.
Kelsey Feb 19
I can’t pretend
That you’re my friend
I’ve gotta defend
My side

I’m so ******* angry
You make me crazy
Not gunna back down and hide

Cause I’m fed up
With your games
At least a bully
Has the courage
To talk ****
To someone’s face
But you’re a coward
Your ***** work is done in whispers
Behind turned backs
Well, you won’t stick a knife in mine

Because I’ve changed, you see
Used to take your **** so passively
But this time
I’m giving you the gift of
Piece of my mind

It’s over now
Don’t try to turn this around
My tongue will give you lashings
Leave you laying on the ground
So I suggest you stay away
No more than “Hi” after today
Put your tail between your legs
There’s no food here for a stray
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