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wabisabichii Aug 23
we often think that
our enemies are those who hate us
loath us
deceive us
cause us pain

but the real antagonists of our lives
are really just ourselves

even as for those
who foolishly say they love themselves
they just can't accept
the hatred deep within

we have unrevealed battles
with ourselves
other people aren't of much importance
embracing ourselves matters more

we're so enthralled with
the affairs of others
that we start defining ourselves
the way we perceive them

we try to free ourselves
from the ideas that we need to be
like them
and yet
our minds become our own prisons

we're our own enemies
we're our own foes
we're our own rivals
and we're also our only hope

the key to our minds are our hearts
and maybe one day
we wouldn't see ourselves
on the opposing side
29th january, year 2018
Dibs Aug 7
I’m a sweet guilty feeling to the soul
Some says a cure to choler’s disease
Either to you or your enemies

I’m not meant for everyone.
The wise thoughtfully call me when it’s needed
For the fool I’m a necessity to be fulfilled

And when a man submit himself to my offer.
I’ll grant what he covertly wish.
A longing desire for relief; I’ll let his anger and enemies vanish.

Suffering has ended, one’s faith is settled
The folly will start to celebrate
While the wise will count his date

Then in the quietest night I’ll come
Like the reaper of death
Restlessly hunting the escape, nearly to be collect

After I gently touch his heart and enter his mind.
I’ll perform my final act before I go
A stare to his peaceful face so I can vividly remember what I’d preciously stole.
Revenge is a thought that I don't want to entertain.
Revenge is not a cure to any pain.
It not settled anything it only will create more pain.
I am sure that it's okay to be angry
But I don't know when it's okay to take revenge.
Manpreet Gill Jul 11
Focused ahead
My view isn’t rear
In my own lane
Hitting the top gear
Widows rolled all the way up
What these bystanders talk?
I don’t hear
Hands on the wheel
I am ready to steer

Worldly opinions aren’t my concern
My stories cause lives to burn
No flowers but thorns
like the asparagus fern

If food is loyalty
then I believe world is fasting
If life is ***
then my enemies aren’t long-lasting
I can see through their lies
They don’t stand my sight
like a deer in the headlights

I am going through phases
like the gibbous moon
Hanging low at six
Overhead at nine
I am rising and shining
With the changing times!
Siyana Jun 22
Sasha, the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes,
egocentric; it's her best disguise...
I already felt haunted,
so I let her feed me lies,
I wanted to be loved,
so I started to dream of...
Sasha's Eyes...
Raven Jun 18
Oh, what have I done?

It was war
I saw you standing on the other side
From afar
Gliding through dead man's shadows at night

Fighting lost causes
I watched you succeed
Blood as red as roses
Bodies fell like dead meat

When I was past reason
I got trapped in your gaze
Everybody knew you won
As I fell into a haze

Oh, what have I done?

I saw nothing but you
You did not raise your hand
I had not had a clue
But I stopped to pretend

That is when I started walking
Straight towards you

Oh, what have I done?

When we faced each other
eye to eye
It was as if I said goodbye
To everyone who abandoned me

I know exactly what I have done
It was then I realised everyone else was gone
I stood alone until the end
What will I be, foe or friend?
Maya Jun 6
Not even your enemies
haunt you more
than your monstrous mind.
Zoë May 18
What can you do about a hearts’ desire
oh, yes we’re playing, playing with fire
But only your love is taking me higher

As much as I can recall
We could have had it all, oh
Don’t worry I’m taking the fall for all

You pulled me up
Watched me fall
Was it love after all?

Been my enemy
Been my knight
Can’t we stop this fight?

We’re battered and bruised
I’m just so **** confused
oh, how could it get this far
Now we’re both leaving with a scar

I never meant to hurt you
after everything we’ve been through
I’ve tried to make you stay
oh, In every kind of way

You pulled me up
Watched me fall
Was it love after all?

Been my enemy
Been my knight
Why can’t we stop this fight?
Mike May 18
you see me in the mirror
you see me on the road
but you don't in the moment
i am letting go
you think it's okay
to let my soul go unanswered
since i seem unbothered
but you have't realized
you are letting go
we don't talk like we used to
rituals are forgotten and got old
i try not to remember the last time
we spoke on the phone
This is not just a tangible cold
But a chill in the heart
To say goodbye and love from afar
For the very one you held so dear
Became the root cause of many a fear
One never knows you're in the eye of the storm
Until you escape and look back
From the other side of the mirror
Things have now become clear
Uproot and cast away
The naysayers who sowed pitfalls in your way
Yet bid such not a bitter farewell
For hiding underneath that glossy shell
Unveiled a serpent you thought you knew so well

Sean Achilleos
April 4th, 2020

Sometimes the one closest to you is your biggest enemy...
Kristen Apr 23
Gentle dangers
in the dead of night

Speak pleasantly
till all's not right

Soothsaying beasts
of no taxonomic order

Ravage our dreams
at our weakest border

Try to hither and halt such a
nasty scheme

Allows doom to convalesce
as the demon's eyes gleam

Better to walk with the creature,
play with it in jest

Embrace its ghoulish features,
but never let it get the best

Alloy once turned to gold,
so lay Reason down to rest,

That an enemy becomes an ally
at the soul's behest.
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