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Aenri Sion Jun 30
My only job is to make you happy
Even though sometimes I become sloppy
Seeing you smile is a gift for me
My heart flutters, I'm in full glee

Impersonating cartoons
Making animal balloons
Are all the things that I do
Starting from daylight, ending in full moon

Kids and kids at heart
I've been with them from the start
If they are sad, wanting to break apart
They come to me and all will restart

However, there are times that they can't see
What is behind, what is happening to me
All the sadness and pain that I wanted to erase
In my heart, they all started to raise

The circle of thoughts and emotions
All coming out in different motions
Wanting me to break up, leading me destruction
Setting me away to a sadder direction

Although it comes, I won't let it be
Distract me from my thoughts or even hurt me
For their smile, whenever I see
The sadness and pain vanishes from me

For them, I promise to continue
The things that I do
Performing acts in circus show
That all the hearts would shine and glow
Wayward May 17
These pools of black, and heart of glass will not survive the pain.
The ups and downs, demons and clowns will haunt me till the end.
And I can't help but wonder,
If I can get through without a blunder.
Maybe we could go back to the place we were,
The smiles in pain, the lies, and cries, and heartbreak,
The love in hate, the real in fake, could we get past these mistakes?
Because these pools of black and this heart of glass will not survive the pain.
The ups and downs, demons and clowns will haunt you till the end.
I'm going to build a song y'all
Yenson Apr 15
They weren't born with a silver spoon
only an umbilical cord tied round their necks
alas this stopped enough oxygen getting to their brains
creating minds full of mumbo jumbo ideas and fantasies
and a bleeding wound that gives them pain without relief
reminding them all the time they are low and never good enough
cause they were born without a silver spoon on a dusty ***** track

It's a blemish that can never be erased
even with a million lucre they still feel small and stained
you can take them out of the manger not the shame out of them
they always believe and know that those others are better than them
with stunted-brains and raving-angst they never see the world right
its us and them burns the burning passions in conflicted sad minds
life long struggles for the struggle to find that silver spoon never had

Their leaders had a brilliant idea in time
mind without a silver spoon their brains always suspect
find all the silversmiths and **** them all and then nationalize silver
one called Stalin killed millions because he saw silver in their teeth
one Pol *** decided he saw silver in the educated and killed them all
this Chavez took all the silver and gave it all away now they are poor
and Fidel says we'll share equally but I and my brotha will only give

The Silver searchers in the some of the West
decided, we should just fight and talk and hold rallies and hate
all those born with the silver spoon must be punished to kingdom
but look says some, you can have silver if you only apply yourself
that's a trick says them of the befuddled minds and complexes bad
let's just be nuisances and hate and holler and torment and harass
Looking closely all their leaders had silver spoons but that's OK
Come on, don't be a sourpuss all the time, you gotta laugh while the revolution rages, We may not have silver spoons but at least we should keep our sense of humour, ain't it so, comrades.  Down with the Royals, no nookie for them, except Harry, Charles, William, Andrew, Edward, definitely NO to Philip and ehh......that black one......
we die like clouds fading in the sky
cause they lose their living force
we're buried like clowns vanish in the scene with magic box
if we love, the clouds are turning into
red, blue, pink, green,
with no intense
blooming a rose
if we wait, the clowns are coming back
avoid the black, make us seen, getting close
but this don't make sense
cause you are gone
Comfy clowns
Rolling heads on the ground

Flashing their lights at
the sound of bubbles

Comfy clowns
can't even watch
wonder drown
Flashing their lights at
The sound of bubbles
Peter Balkus Mar 26
It used to be fun
watching them
juggling and making silly things,
embarrassing themselves
for the sake of it.
I welcomed them in my life.

But not anymore,
now I am bored,
I'm fed up with them,
doing the same tricks,
pulling the faces,
making funny sounds.
They don't entertain me anymore,
they don't make me laugh.

They annoy me,
they bore me,
I don't want to watch them,
I'm done.

They can *******,
stupid clowns.
Through dreams, I'm trying to reach far beyond any logical reasoning to much different

l suppose to time spent In fantasy land detached from reality but It seems
to be the place I want to
be right

Feel comfortable away from the outside world an
escape to where I don't feel I'm being dictated

by people that think they have a God-given the right to tell us what to do People who think they have the right
to tell when to eat what we eat when sleep when to wake when to talk, people who think we can't or don't have the Intelligence to make decisions for

the average person has far more Intelligence than all these clowns that making an absolute disaster of our

and we all have to go
down with this sinking ship that Is our country because of there stupidity
and Inability of these clowns to run our country God help us
The average person has far more Intelligence than they are given credit for they dictated to by clowns couldn't even run a bingo hall let alone the country
Johnny walker Jan 13
Never I've ever felt so low as I do now, have no fight left It's all deserted all vanished my plans
Lost In a state of confusion mind completely unable to focus can't believe the year struggle I've been
Believed I was doing ok had plans but all dashed
where I go from here I do not any
I have no will to continue hate this government who have destroyed the likes of me and many others
One of the riches
countries In the world and can't look after It's
Has no compassion this country destroyed In just 9 years by a conservative government that should be ashamed by their disgraceful
to human rights
glad to the age I am so don't have much more time left to see the suffering of the most vulnerable In our
who deserve so much better In life but will never get It while these bunch  clowns that call them government stay In power
we're all finished this country will be finished
God help us all
Heartfelt a message to the so-called government who are destroying our lives and country with evil policies
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Comedy class
is a joke
but that's how it's supposed to be
if it weren't we'd be in
serious trouble
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