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Tess M Jun 4
why oh why am I
this house of horrors

this nightmare
filled with everything
that I long for

its a pain
to be forever

I wrote this almost a year ago, alongside the first part, so just beware it wont be the greatest
Lead K Jan 31
Festival time - A favorite time of year
When Mothers and Fathers sing the their children as gifts
Dance in the love of Old Grandpa Wally
Even when he can't find his socks, or sits on the dog
Aunt Dorcas bought the tickets to the Fantasy Festival
So all the good little Girls and Boyos can play!

Open your arms
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your family
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your Daddy
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your Mommy
To the Fountain of Clowns

Will you go with me to ride the Spring Mares?
Or see the sights at the Showy-Magic Tent?
Maybe learn  what the Pizzazz Wizard sees for our Tomorrows?
Maybe a kiss at the Promisatorium
All of your Sister's dreams can die and be born again
If your tired, rest your head on Brother's lap and take a drink

Open your eyes
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your heart
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your insides
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your mouth
To the Fountain of Clowns

Laughing and Crying are the flavors of love
The scars on your heart will open its flowers
Look deep in the eyes of the children who surround you
Ask them for love with your arms and your tears
The sun in the sky was meant for your Heart
Maybe the Queen of Summer will never end

Open your past
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your future
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your body
To the Fountain of Clowns
Open your heart
To the Fountain of Clowns
Take a walk with me to the festival grounds - Let us see what magic we can make!
I am a clown playing and laughing as you always see,
Why? I don't know, I think that's how it should be.
But why do I need to be a prisoner of my own,
Depicting funny moments that even in my eyes are haven't shown.

I need to paint my smile and hide on a mask,
Even faking happiness just to perform this task,
I look at the mirror trying to look at what they see,
And in my eyes I saw myself fighting to break free.

How can I tell them that I am slowly drowning in my tears.
If all I can only hear is their loudest cheers.
Where should I run when I'm so down,
When even faith and destiny gives a frown.

I have extended my arms and asked for help,
But they told me "your strong, you can take care of yourself".
Where should I lean if everything goes wrong,
When every one thinks that I'm so strong.

There's no one much sadder than a crying clown,
Tears runs down only when no one is around.
I am also weak and I'm not strong like a Knight,
I am a clown and my Crying Lies Only When Night.
Those who give laughter sometimes suffer alone.
Joe Thompson Nov 2020
RIP: The greatest show on earth

The announcement came:
This was the last year for the circus–
The working man's circus,
The last ******* child of Ringling Brothers
And P.T. Barnum

Good, my wife said
Think about the animals.
I nod in absent agreement -

But I am at Coney Island as it might have been, once.
And watching amusement parks in Celeron, Bay Ridge, the Palisades and a hundred others places vanish -
One by one like altar candles extinguished before the recessional.

I am a young boy staying up late tearing through Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked this Way Comes"
while everyone else in the house is sleeping.

I am at a City Lights book store in San Francisco
Where Lawrence Ferlinghetti is sharing his cotton candy with Diane Arbus and Allen Ginsburg

I am listening to "Take Five" in stereophonic sound.

I am behind the Big-Top
with Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickens
trying to catch a glimpse of the show through the shadows -
Then being told to get away by a large sweaty man who doesn't smile.

I am eating peanuts salted in the shell.

I am holding my daughters tiny hand
while my son hides behind me–
a clown is walking by.
Alex Scaife Jul 2020
Here's a funny thing 'bout clowns:
NOTHING. They eat babies and ****
Young men until they get their fill,
Hang kittens by their window sill,
Send texts from behind the wheel,
Name their daughters things like Neil,
Use way too much salt on every meal,
Leave you on read just for the thrill,
And put their names in your nan's will

Actually, the balloon animals are pretty cool I guess
Everyone is afraid of a clown,
we all are acting like clowns.
Afraid of ourselves.
The year, 2020.
WE became a world filled with foolish clowns and serpents.
Now i guess we know where these clowns get their sharp teeth from.
Bite and poison the blood within, make us all sick.
Cry, scream and slowly watch us all die in sweet agony.
Thank you dear government for tormenting God's sweet world.
Greedy and selfishness has taken over life.
Tricksters too.
This world has become nothing but clowns dressed in silly suits to impress and pursuit.
ConnectHook Jun 2020
Bow down
before a clown.
Offer him
your cap and gown
and then receive
a virtual crown.
You are GUILTY !

DO NOT ASK "of what".
Just know you are
Dramatic faces and dancing clowns, who's next to make a frown.
Acrobatics and tiger tamers.
Creepy smiles, chills down your spine, oh look? there's Alice In Wonderland with her time rabbit friend. Creepy places, so eerie and dark, don't you want to come with me and see the other side of Circus Wonderland? where every creature comes to life. Even the unknown.
Their all wild, their running for their lives, going untamed but trying to tame.
Let's go to Circus Wonderland, where there's hot bags of crunchy popcorn bliss in the summer air.
Colorful lights, beaming sounds of fright.
Portals to unknown dimensions, where things we dream of come to life.
Come take a ride on the wild side darling, i promise you'll be alright.
Let's go to Circus Wonderland, where even the ballerina over the jewelry box dances under the diamond ring while the tamed lion jumps through the ring of fire.
To give off feelings of imagination, to visualize an unreal reality of fear into light.
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