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It slowly continues to argue with me day in and day out.
Like a creep following in the shadows,
it decides to elude me no matter how I feel.

As the mandolin plays its sad tune,
and the guitar only remembers the sound of minor chords,
the melancholy erodes the wall that has protected the people since birth.

Taking its time to analyze and devise,
making plans and biding its time.
The edge defines the lie that it says is inside.

Maybe the next ship will take me along.
Maybe it will sail farther away than the last one.
Maybe its anchor will drop on more pleasant shores.

As I scream at the city that has been my home for so long,
As I stare into its ugly face,
I no longer know which way to go.

Do I go to the harbor and board the boat?
Do I search for my creeper in the alleys and roads?
Or do I stay where I am and take heart to the fact that I am still taking breath?

Why are you staying by my side?
You should go.
Why are you still waiting with me in line?
Don't you have better places to be?

When the night is angry and the clouds block out the moon,
I wonder if it will find me?
When the weather is sour and the day looks like the night,
I wonder if it will find me?

Anyway, I choose you, stay by my side.
Any path I take you have loved me despite the tide.
Any time I wept you were there with me and you cried.

Why do you stay when I am in the fray,
When my anxiety shoots you like a gun,
or when my anger manifests and stabs you like a knife?

I look over my shoulder and the creeper is there.
Always ten paces behind no matter which way I twist and I turn.

I look over my shoulder and I see you coming up beside.
You're reaching for my hand and telling me to trust.

I close my eyes and let you guide me to where I should go.
I release any semblance of control.

The sun finally breaks the clouds and the creeper steps aside.
Still, ten paces behind but comfort are by my side.
The sun brightens my face and I begin to cry.
For the night was long and the day has finally come.

The day is finally the day,
and I can see the bay.
The boat is right where I left it.
I look to you and you say it's okay.
So we take our steps and board the boat looking for better shores where we can play.
Elliott G May 14
What does it matter,
When I sit stiff in the dark
Music pricking through my eardrums;
Every single little strum
of guitar string
or a piano note;
Swimming along through the bass clef lines
The bassist, often undiscovered
No person hearing his low, warm notes.
His name is not on any
Not even in the 'artists' thoughts.
But his every strum gets through
Accompanied by a yelp
from my throat
The swirling snail in my ear
Curls up tighter as the waves near,
Fear. Paralyzed.
in fear.
The surge. Surge of thought
No time to breathe No time to stop
No time to think No time to drop
No single remaining train of thought
To listen to the bassists' notes.
Instead, it's the dreaded screech;
Singers voice racing through
my head is too loud
But my vocal cords never loud
enough to make a pleasing sound
A belching hound.
Mark Wanless Apr 28
in the land of ten
fingers the twelve fingered man
is the guitar king
Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, never and I mean ever skip a song because of a childish intro!!!LISTEN TILL THE END:>

blame me for my blind eye

hesitant on the hearing not the see it dies

blame me on the reason

my last years gone depressed season

began so dull so dumb a childish try

turns out to be so **** hard to deny

drunk on the chorus that switches its motives

its so called focus

pleasant for the ear

a fancy for the crescent defeater

one with a furious raged demeanor

on the mind a wild falling pleader

thief of previous cherry symphonious instrumental feeder

to be a runaway to the arrogant feels a betrayal

when it absolutely sways the Venuses to the ultimate portrayal

to be so precious a part in the hallway gone crazy gone jealous

to be so malefic in the addicting becoming a bit waste of the Chellos

to be so lonely on the glared faults

on the failed dreams of filling constant thoughts

repressed upon charmed up lingering past fonts

plastered on the admit

flustered on the submit

a fine line between


savior a haven an unknown felon


killer a torturer soured up lemon

Immerse me in your music
Let your melody
dance upon my skin
Surround me
in the notes you play
seducing me from within
Let the music take over
My body starts to sway
Emotion flows from your guitar
It's rhythm taking me away
On a journey
to where there is nothing
but your music surrounding me
Encasing my body
in the beauty of its melody Β© Jennifer DeLong 3/11/19
Anonym Mar 21
You've always talked with lies,
But I really liked you a lot,
Already sinked in your blue eyes,
And your stale muscles, oh God.

Honey, let's walk down at the streets,
Watching at the cold sea which is just like my heart,
We can get as far as our feets
Can carry us, I don't mind to make our lives two work of art.

Look at these gloomy skies,
Let me know if you thought about me at least once,
'Cause when I look at the sun rise,
I clearly can see you in the smile of the sun rays dance.

I've fallen in love too much long,
And wrotten a lot of poems and songs,
But I still can't forget you,
No matter how hard I try to,
I can see you in the air,
I can hear you in the sound of my guitar.
I still love you a lot,
I still guess on a flower "do you love me or not?",
I really love you a lot,
And i just can't make it stop.
Svetoslav Feb 24
winter is leaving
snow melts by the rise of degrees
and the sun beaming

every ice breaks
waters leave the structure
the air batters them down as it wakes

blooming arrives like a ghost
through the walls
spring awakes every plant
from big to small

warm breeze carries musical notes
trees and oats are shaking rhytmically
colorful gardens carry their fragrance whimsically

we receive another chance
to leave a trace in the winds
near the agricultural grange

let us tune our guitars
play our arrangement
and make the changement
by Svetli
There's music in my soul
Only you can make it whole
Your guitar calloused fingers
Tap me inside and out until
my body is in rhythm
Baby, I can feel the notes
ravishing my soul
Never have I felt like a song
Place your lips upon me
Kiss me like you play your guitar
I can feel it in my soul
Your love is so magnetic
I can feel you play me into
your melody
Hold me like your guitar
Hold me that close
Even when we're fighting
We make the scratch
sound like a finger slide
Put your fingers on me
Play me like a guitar
Move me to your music
to all the notes high & low
You have me in a trance
Use your music on my soul
And play me like your
Guitar 🎸🎸🎸
Β© Jennifer L DeLong 11/15/2017
maritza Jan 28
I wish you were sitting next to me right now
your guitar would be in your lap and you would be strumming the perfect notes to settle my whirlwind of thoughts
my eyes would close and i would slip into the darkness
no comment on this one
Traveler Jan 24
Order out of chaos
The scale that never ends
Find the tonic of the key
Sustain then bend
Skill comes from discipline
Run the scale again
Traveler 🧳 Tim
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