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4 years ago you walked into my life,
I remember when you first walked up the stairs.
You were extraordinary and your beauty was knife-like,
The impact you'd have in my life; I wasn't prepared.

You tamed me; my anger, my sorrow, and my pain,
Taught me how to appreciate things in a new way.
I didn't reciprocate for a bit and for that I apologise,
And if I could go back in time I would; that's no lie.

Everyday I need to hold you tight,
My days aren't the same without your dulcet voice.
I love the way you sing me to sleep in those insomnia ridden nights,
I promise to hold you, cherish you and your lasting light,
Elisé, I will love you for the rest of my life.
cups of
earl gray,
cans on cans
on cans of
lukewarm beer;

to the squeals
of my guitar,
I sustain

a broken back/
a liquid diet.
Peter Balkus Feb 5
I wish I was a guitar,
how easier it would be
to express love living in me,
when my own tongue
helplessly tied.

I wish I was a guitar,
which softly weeps,
how joyous weeping this would be,
how sweet!

My six strings tune
whispered to my dearest's ear
she would adore!

She'd touch my board,
she'd hold me tight,
she'd kiss my neck,

she'd love me more!
Written while listening to Guitar Concerto in D major RV.93 (2) by Antonio Vivaldi
a vitamin
no duet
soggy chanty
she gleefully
abet her
set in
bloom with
her trigger
hole fillet
in juice
now feverishly
the vamp
played this
orchestral piece
of mind
there with
her white
chaparral fleece
Mohannie Feb 4

Its melodic sound
As she plucks through the strings
The music emitted was bound
As the waves rush with long rings

It humed through the air
And beamed to our ears
Her music was fair
As she serenaded her peers

The Guitar Song was loud
The Guitar Song was proud
It showed all her heart
And kept us from falling apart.

her eyes plucked chords

on my heartstrings

and my soul sang the chorus,

but I never bothered to write the words down
sweet music that only we get to hear
I learned guitar
just for the perfect moment
when i find me and my future
perfectly in tune
ready to play the melody
that is life
There's a woody house overthere.bring my steps solidly.crip crop... I'm freezing this time of the day it's not very shocking to be cold.
The weather is snowing with a box of cheer the winter have been carrying.I move towerd the woody the door.light the candles& sit on the cozy couch.breath deeply.bring my guitar& play the part you turn on your recorder.happily you drink your coffee.then I read a book about great says nothing breaks like a heart even you need someone help you sweep the pieces of your broken heart.then a sudden phone call arised.
Umm... hello? _ hi Kelsey.this is Mery. oh Mery I missed you are you? _ I'm fine.where are you now? _ I'm in the country resting in my cozy woody house._well Saturday is Mery Christmas .would you like to join us? _of course. Then....
Part of my novel that is imaginary
the stories that I've got
from a man with his guitar
everyday we talk about sweet thing
even we don't face each other
singing a song in every single chance through phone
I don't know how to say
you give paintings of me
send me your tasteful voice
with rhythm in every part
love song is always my favorite since I knew you
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