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You said I amuse you
Ok I'll be your clown

I could do worse
Than turning frowns
Upside down

Cast your eyes on me
From your golden throne

I'll play the jester
Sing tales of the unknown
jerrey Aug 2019
I’ll give my spirit for you
Because when you’re down
I’m forever your fool
Ask me if I will dance
And I’ll give you a second chance
I won’t stop until you’re pleased
With my whole body’s abstract grief
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And my feet are burning fiery red

I’ll never care if you fall short
Because you’re my king
And I am your court
If you told me to take
Another heart and make it break
I won’t stop until it shatters
And give it to you on a golden platter
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And make sure that you’re well fed

I’ll let you do what’s best for her
Because you’re my king
And I’m forever your jester
Tell me that you don’t know
I’ll tell you to please let me go
I won’t stop until you leave
Even when I’m too tired to grieve
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And have erased myself from your head

I’ll be here when you must be found
Because you’re my ringmaster
And I’m your best clown
Tell me that she’s what’s right
I’ll never try to put up a fight
I won’t stop until you’ll see
You can’t say you’re still here for me
I won’t stop until I’m dead
And my circus act is for now abed

Whenever and whatever you need me for
I hope you know that I am forever yours
annh Jul 2019
Wit when overreached
Is neither as endearing nor amusing
As the antics of a court jester;
But it is infinitely more foolish.

‘The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them.’
- George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords
The poet
Singing solemn songs
Of love, lust, and lonesome

The jester
Gabbing of gallant, gruesome glory
And jolly love jokes

A jester void of seriousness
And a poet void of soul
Together take on the world
Conquering it whole
How is it??
japheth Oct 2018
the king
gave you
this puzzle
called life

and you,  jester,
rose to the occasion.

instead of figuring everything out,
you played around
— which meant
all rules you bent,
all instructions swayed,
all directions detoured,
everything but the puzzle was solved.

but irregardless,
the king was delighted
in your efforts
to make the court laugh
and in the end,
he gave you the key

and you threw it away
with glee.
life isn’t always about figuring everything out. most of the time it’s about the things that  revolve around it that matter and how you’re gonna have fun with it.
Viseract Aug 2018
It's like you see beyond the glimmer in my eyes
It's like you're able to look right through my faulty smile
It's like you see right past the parts of a different time
It's like you gaze into the depths and see two of a kind

It's like I seem to be to you as clear as the sky
Whenever you can't see a ******* cloud on the horizon, why?
You see the good intentions and you see the wicked ways
The water on the surface and the Devils own blaze!

I'm the master of my fate, I am not the beast in me!
I will not succumb, not be numb, to your ******* greed!
I will stay afloat, in the tides of misery!
I will make my way, and you will not **** me!

The jester we are one, the good and bad combined!
We live to entertain, but it's myself that I provide!
Laughing in despair, head lowered in pride
A contradictory conflict, and you see it in my eyes...

It's like you see beyond, the glimmer in my eyes
It's like you're able to look right through my faulty smile
It's like you see right past the mask behind which we will hide
It's like you gaze into the depths and see our dead divide...
Danielle Jun 2018
White Knight?
All the stories have been told.
Black Knight?
A touch to evil for my tastes perhaps.
Gray Knight?
Most would say just right. I say eh.
Pink Knight?
Too tempting I should think.
So neither it is.
I’ll take the Jester
If you please
And smile as my woes crumble before me.
Sometimes you don't want a knight in shining armor at all.
Alē May 2018
I dilute the psychosis in a jar, pour it up the drain of insanity's shop and pile them up in mania's bar
****** leaked through the rail, bleeding faces paint him red
He beat his wife with a deranged face, they found her with a baby dead

You come a little closer, close your eyes, look into my cackling mind
I see legs and ugly faces, stare in the mirror
You're so ******* jaded
A binge goes by with the addition at your paces in a still position waiting on another ticket, ******* wisdom, ******* visions, ******* liver, spleen, ideal
Can You Spare a pain pill
It's raining
for another elevator while I'm raising
But I know something that you don't though
Danielle Mar 2018
Perhaps I shouldn't mock your previous sentiments,
But Lord Bitterness has requested it be so,
And I am but a jester on strings for my Lords & Ladies.

If I cut them with vorpal shears I might be free.
More likely I'll just collapsed, a pile of cut parts.
Better I sing and dance while tugging here and there.

I'll eventually pull them all deep inside me.
Toying with the idea of emotions ruling over people and how we struggle to keep them inside ourselves and keep them under control.
Poetic T Mar 2018
Sadness cleaves
to malicious
Clotted grins seep,
          fuchsia petals
descending from smiling grins.

No ones gets the humour,
           as balloon machetes
cleave sorrows from faces.
    His smile drips from
           a joke not gotten
                      a jester of death smiles.
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