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Done with fake friends
Acting as if the game care
They put us in lifelong dreams
Yet they dumb us when exhausted
Pushing us into dungeons to silence us
I’m done with being used-
Like I’m used to being used
Life has its way I guess I’ll die before I get a friend for me
A friend to hold onto my stupid self
Death come my way,
Show me how you choose your next victim
Or should I say visit ,
for you do it over and over,
Show me how you view life ,
As a friend or as an enemy,
Show me how you view this world,
Do you envy lovers,
Do you envy the successful,
Or is it space you create for others to grow,
Tell me why people fear you,
Tell me why you never warn,

Or maybe I should say why do you disturb most of the people I meet
Why do you have to disturb their minds,
Why knock at a young age,
Why look for fame,
While everyone knows how powerful you are,
Why take the beautiful while you can’t marry them,
Why take the productive while you can’t make them work,
Why take the loyal while you can’t make them loyal,

Why give them suicidal thoughts while you know we need them,
Why give them stressful mind while you we need them make us happy ,
Why give them evil thoughts while you know even no credit comes to you

Or I’m I asking the wrong person,
Or I’m I asking the wrong question,
Or I’m I asking for the wrong people,
Please leave my people alone,
Let them love me,
Let them be loyal to me,
Let them put their energy on me,
Let them think of a future with me,
Let them go
You feel it,
I feel it too,the sun is fading away,
The rains come down but never hit our foreheads,
The wind is the only one left ,but it’s more stronger than it was,
The learned say that the earth is moving more slowly,
The righteous say that the end is coming,
The old say that their time is coming,
But what about us? There is always tomorrow,more drinks,more fun,more blasphemy,
Those in their own worlds plan to build a new world on mars,
Those with power pass bills legalizing the illegal,
But here we are following them like loyal dogs,
Letting men be *** like bonobo monkeys,and still see themselves normal
I wasn’t speak of the women but it doesn’t mean they are right
They bleach to look like these people yet the babies tell it all
Children doing what the aged even can’t yet they say times do change ,
What about the blacks ?still trying to cling like an ant in a fast-flowing water to their principals but for how long,
Will I marry a woman or will I choose a man,
Will I be faithful or will I look for the virus,
Will I pray or will I go astray,
Will I work or will I worship to get money,
Will I .........………
Questions about what I will do,
I’m here for the true AFRICAN MAN
I’m here for the true AFRICAN WOMEN
We fight for our principal
That’s why am looking for a woman to love me without any western influences on money,
I’m here for an African job, principal for the western culture has failed to hide their vices
I feel like I should write today,
But I lack my confidence ,not that I’m shy,
But because you never believe in me,
Never even gave me a pen or a paper,
Never gave me a chance to pour my feelings,saying that poets are weak,

And I will write,
Of how sad it is to live as a poet,
Of how it is hard for a poet to express himself through his tongue,
Of how it is hard for a poet to relate with others through his mouth,
Of how a poet has to suffer in silence just because of his courage,
Of how a poet lacks the love of a spouse because no one loves to read,

Or maybe I should write
Of how HUMANS despise poets, saying that they are weak,
Of how HUMANS hate poets,saying that poets only see the dark side,
Of how HUMANS pessimistically criticize poets ,saying that poets lack emotion
Of how HUMANS dump poets,saying that poets carry bad omen
Of how HUMANS misuse poets,saying the world is for the strong

Or maybe I should write about me,
Of how being a poet can make you feel as an OUTCAST,
Of how being a poet can make you lack friends because you are a lone walker,
Of how being a poet can push you to die with loneliness inside,

Or maybe I should have never written

kell Sep 5
The train came to a halt
  I got off it was the final stop
no more room for me I was empty and useless and no good for society.
but when I got off others did too. They pleaded that I bring back what I once had i cannot i stepped off the train for some kind of acceptance I was on my knees for people who didn't know me
and yes I was begging for them to show affection
They are strangers, not friends not family but there criticism seemed more important to me. its what the people want
not me
To creators influencers and your everyday social out cast
Hello Daisies Aug 24
I wish I was normal
I wish I was in your world
Happy and hopeful
Free and beautiful

I'm such a freak
I wish I could change
It's not fun in anyway
I wish the kids asked me to play

Here I stay
Lost and astray
Afraid to misbehave
I'm just a nobody slave

I wish I was normal
I wish I was in your world
Happy and hopeful
Free and beautiful

God I'm such a loser
I cry every night
Look at me Ima fright
I got demons I can't fight

The sun doesn't give me light
I must run and hide
The kids all like to laugh
As I fall and hit the grass

I wasn't chosen last
I was never chosen at all
I wish I was ten feet tall
But I'm not interesting at all

I'm such a freak
      F r e a k

All I ever wish
Put it on Santa's list
I'm completely helpless
I can only reminisce
Other's lives

still  I wish I was normal
I wish I was in your world
Happy and hopeful
Free and beautiful

Maybe I'd be better
Maybe I'd be clever
Maybe I'd be at peace
And not such a freak
I don't really like this or vibe with what I wrote but I was tryna write song type lyrics ? Idk
Carl D'Souza Jul 31
I was an outcast
in school
nobody liked me
I had no friends
noone to talk to
noone to share my experiences with
noone to understand me
noone to learn from
noone to help me
I was alone
and lonely
and sad.

Now, reflecting on my memories
of my outcast loneliness
I am relieved from my trauma
by expressing to myself my lonely sadness
as I’m doing in this poem,
and reminding myself that my school-days are in the past
and re-focusing on being in the present-moment
and striving for my joy and happiness.
I’m the outcast of outcasts,
You May have heard my name,
awful people telling lies has been my claim to fame.
An outcast cast out to be away from all the rest,
Don’t they realize in friendship I always try my best?
I’m aware I’m not good at knowing what to say,
After all its always been this way.
I’m inexperienced with having friends I’ve never known what to do,
After a life of being alone you’d lose it too.
I’m sad and depressing I know it to be true,
But when you were sad I never left I wish I could say the same for you.
“You don’t try” they say maybe that’s how it seems,
But in the end being your friend has torn me at the seams.
You wonder why I act this way,
Why I never know what to say.
Maybe if I hadn’t been alone so long I’d act differently,
I want to act normally knowing how to be.
Do you think ignoring me and lying would ever help me grow, Obviously that’s untrue and a big fat no.
In the end I know I try and always put up with more than I can bare,
In the end I know you’re the one that doesn’t care.
Eloisa Jul 27
Yes, you are indeed right.
I’m weird and a bit strange
unconventional, odd, different.
But no,
I do not want to cut myself into pieces to suit
to your approval of what’s normal
and what’s needed.
I do not need to edit myself to fit in.
I do not need to apologize for what
and who I am.
I am strong enough to live my life in my own terms.
I dance to the beat of my own music.
It doesn’t matter if nobody understands me.
I am just being me.
I am real.
I am beautiful.
I am unique.
I am a proud misfit.
~ A co-worker asked me a week ago of what I usually do during my free time and I  answered that I read poetry and scribble some pieces most of the time. Shaking his head, my reply invited a chuckle and an eye roll  from the others as well.
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