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there’s a glass window between you and me
the kind so clean that sometimes
you think you’re on the same side
it’s just an illusion, a pathetic fantasy
so instead you tap at the glass and mock me
with your laughs, banter, and little secrets
there are quite a few people on the inside
i’ve noticed it’s getting crowded in there
but i’ve never seen the window open
so how do they manage to sneak their way in
you let in flies and snakes and spiders but you won’t let me in
maybe i should break this glass between you and me
and even though the shards will cut my fingers and knees
it’ll be worth all the pain if it finally means i’m in  

- alone
Circus Who Cares
arrives by night, places
fliers in torchlight.

Circus Some ****
riding train. Look
where graffiti is facing.

It's true, tracks can divide.
John Hughes marketed lies.
It's true, it's difficult --

But in this cult, none of us
wants to be you.
F < |< 666
Emily M Apr 1
Pretending to know,
Pretending to be one of them...

One of the group,
Belonging to a people,
Yet no matter what,
I end up on the outside...

Expected to know so much,
Yet knowing so little,
So naive, so foolish,
Feeling little connection,
Yet so strong.

Being on the outside all my life,
Wanting to find a place I belong,
Yet when I think I find it,
I am cast out,
Thrown from all I then know,
And tossed to yet another empty road,
Eventually picked up out of pity,
Or drifting to people after the loneliness is unbearable.

The bonds once so strong,
Yet faded so easily,
On one end;
Never mine...

So desperately I hold on,
Trying to come back,
Yet, they never want me back...

Once an outcast,
Always an outcast,
Once a reject of society,
Always a reject of society.

Never again will they talk to me;
Not unless it is to turn me away,
Never again will they see me over;
Not unless they are so desperate,
So needing for company,
And all else turn away but I...

So long I have tried to find my place,
Yet never have I truly fit anywhere...
Will I ever be at rest?
No, I suppose not,
Considering that none stay for long,
No matter how long I've known them,
No matter if I give them gifts,
No matter if I try to talk to them,
No matter if I try to be the person they want me to be...
Because no matter how much I try,
I can never be that person they want me to be,
Or even me...

- Emily M
April 1st, 2019
Friends...they want you for a bit, then they leave you and act like your friendship was nothing. You are a ghost. So warm to everyone else...what about me? I'm here too...
I always feel like I'm on the outside
Looking in
The world is my snow globe
That I shake now and then

I'm a window shopper
Watching others as they laugh and smile
Their world unknown to me
My presence without beguile

No matter how hard I try
The glass between my world
And theirs, never seems to break
Unless I put on my mask of fake

I study them closely
Like an explorer of life
Waiting to break through the barrier
Of awkwardness and strife

But try as I may
I know I'll never succeed
Because I am who I am
And who I am the world doesn't need
Thabang Moji Mar 3
I turn the music on  
And the lights off
I try to write a poem
My ink lights up on the wall  
Finally silence in my brain  
I take moments away  
To remove the ceiling and dive into the ocean above  
Wind replaces the fan  
Leaves fall on my bed  
Some flowing down in and out of streams of moonlight  
Before they finally hit the floor  
The dots in the sky then connect back into a cage
There's no longer laugh lines on my eyes    
Just wrinkles on my face  
The moonlight fades  
Silence turns back into screams  
Reality kicks in  
Hopefully the leaves are still on the floor.. at least.
Shake me up
Shake me up
But don’t open me
Shake me up
Shake me up
But don’t come near me

Watch the bubbles fizz inside
Building up preasure
Until I explode
Throwing glass far and wide.

Or open me
Gently take off my cap
A little spritz of air
And joy
From here to there

But often times
A bottle is used once
Or never at all
Boy, what a shame
Not to be drank
But thrown at a wall
Pandora Nov 2018
Rain falls, I cry
Finally I match the sky
I felt so out of place for so long
The dripping makes a calming song
Making me feel at home
When I'm far from people I never feel alone
Far away I run from fear
However I can’t help but shed a tear
The future is never something I could know
I shiver, the rain turns to snow
Kimman Nov 2018
She's all alone
On the stone cold boat
wondering if all life had brought
was worth her weary soul

She wanted it all..gone

What people her age called Y.o.l.o

So she took a deep breath,
Knowing that
with just a quick step
She'd sink her poor self
Into the river bed
with no hope of ever
Breathing again air.
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