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dessa Aug 26
caste to caste,
we are on a pyramidal paste.
less to none, the options to outclass
this is the cry of an outcast.
ShadowSpy Aug 17
We always think
Those who are alone
Deserve to be lonely
Yet everyday we witness
Sins above all
Everyday we witness
The world we have built
From the outcast
Trying to fit in
To the stray
Keeping their distance
We always think
They are the ones falling behind
But think again
Are they?
Depressed to the bone with oppressiveness?
The oppressive regime of this pandemonic depression.
Compressing our funds into negative equity,
The equivalent of modern day slavery.

Depressed to the hilts with the lack of loyalty,
Seems like royalty couldn’t give a ****.

We was born and raised here indigenous to these cold islands. Giving jobs to foreigns like we should just be silent
Broken Britain is all your doing and for it you’ll pay a price.
Pandemonic depression as the Russians creep up from the right.
Nice one House of Windsor really helped me out
Skyler Ruen Jul 1
i’m no outcast in these woods,
where the people who belong
are shunned,
permitted no entrance to what
is sacred
and preserved only to those
who understand what it
feels like to be
dismembered at the waist
TyeniWrites Jun 2
Different is what they call me
Addicted to isolation
I don't like crowds
I can't fit in with normality
And I'm not trying to be
I'm just being myself
Allesha Eman May 20
It’s the inimitable nature
Of a hand that is extended in love
To the one who walks with their thoughts  
As if an immeasurable weight rests on their shoulders

it’s the precise curvature of the smile
That an unfamiliar face gives
To the one whose heart pounds against their chest
After their voice projects into the open
When it's always just a whisper  

It’s the bed of relief that lies on the shoulder
Of a friend that offers it in goodness
To the one who never asks and always  listens

It is the heart of the outcast
That blooms into gardens
When they meet a soul
That takes them under their wing
So they too can fly
Without feeling the fall
I wish I was someone else
A girl who isn't ordinary
An outcast who's dealt
With real heartbreak
A dreamer who's felt
The love that exists
Only in fairy tales

This is why I act
To be someone I am not.
Carlo C Gomez Apr 25
Kids wear you
as a Halloween mask

The only thing you've ever
been invited to do is leave

You've known the term
'social distancing' all your life

Even Covid-19 crosses the street
when it sees you coming
Tara Apr 19
Little scorned outcast,
all grown now and strong
Finally found somewhere he could belong,
but little scorned outcast could not forget
the toil, the tears, the blood and the sweat.

First he came for father, old and weak,
took his shotgun and pointed at cheek
The trigger 'twas pulled, Daddy was no more
but there were more than he to come for.

Mother was next, humming in her chair,
when she saw him her eyes bulged in stare
The scarf she doth knit for beloved son
wrapped tight 'round her neck before she could run.

Brother was out, throwing hay in the field,
strong and broad, poor wretch would likely be killed
But nimble and quick, took rusted scythe in his hand
spilled brother's own blood on brother's own land.

Lastly was fair sister, slept by the fire,
a quaint pretty girl nonetheless fated for the pyre
Her innocent face free from her deserved guilt
the wretch took knife from the table and buried its hilt.

Finally free from burden of the past,
the poor, little outcast looked his last
at last complete in his vengeful plight
the wretch no longer; disappeared into the night.
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