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Elizabeth Jan 23
They haunt me,
The corridors of our school,
Yellow like sun,
But in me, darkness is all that they drew.
There, I met you,
There, I fell for you,
There, you made me cry,
There, I was torn apart inside.
I remember your voice,
Echoing through the air,
And your eyes staring into mine,
My soul they never spared.
I burned with love for you,
But you didn’t care,
That yellow corridor,
You just left me there.
I can barely walk through them,
With every step I take,
My stitches are coming undone,
I just wish to leave,
That burden I can no longer carry.
a M b 3 R Sep 2018
walking down the dark corridors
turning behind every few seconds
scared of what was going to be behind
fear that i go through while waiting
sitting alone in the classroom
dull dimly lit
seemed so eerie
the four walls of the classroom
that seemed to cave in
u have no idea
blasting music in my ears
hoping i won’t hear anything
any whispers
closing my eyes
hoping i won’t see anything
any shadows
hoping that u would come quickly
and keep me company
laying my head on the table
eyes closes
earpiece on
but every single small noise i hear
i awake
feeling scared
or hoping it was u at least...
Amanda Jan 2018
I don't know how I got to where I am,
Even worse, I don't know how to leave,
I feel like my emotions are a maze,
Throughout these tunnels I turn and weave.

All I can do is wander, lost,
Around and around I go about,
Trudging through these dark corridors,
Until the day I find my way out.
About having overwhelming emotions, which I always have!!!
Viseract Sep 2017
It's all just cause and effect,
Protect and reject
Detect and defect,
Discard and collect

Trust in the trash,
Liars mix and match
Selling you the shady ****
That destroys every pact

Getting luck from a draw
The Irish in me is called
As my number is pulled
Adrenaline is pulled forth

But here is my call,
The Misfortunate fall
Around me stands doors
And all lead to closed corridors....
opportunity hits dead ends sometimes. so does luck, and so too do my relationships
Arcassin B Oct 2016
by Arcassin Burnham

when you were young in a world full
of loss and a cup cherries,
the earth stood still,
learning all the secrets of your beauty,
intertwining with the rest of humanity,
circling in places that we have not seen,
going into the unknown and exploring the corners
of your mind
there's nothing I would not leave,

you were a...silver dollar on a gold mine,
planting seeds in brain I could feel at short
as long as your in my arms then everything
is fine,
telling all your loyal subjects to come to less
talk but more grime,
diminished all my feelings,
avoided all the blabbering,
I'm surprised you even put up with me,
unbearable mood swings,
sometimes I don't say a thing,
I'm surprised you even put up with me
until I saw you.


slipping into the corridors of time,
hoping that you'd stay,
planning out my pain in your diary,
the words feel as delicate as they should,
forgive me for breathing on this beautiful
Leal Knowone Nov 2015
going down this long lost road
traveling under the waning moon
thinking upon memories of old
I feel my impending doom
we are pilgrims in the age of fire
we are gods.. truth we aspire
voyaging deserted corridors
painted in cast iron blood
a great spectacle of gore
like nothing you could think of
elaborate scheme between hunter and pray
scrambling the mind and left in disarray
Angela Mary Pope Dec 2013
this mumbling fog lurks tonight

across pointed shadows,
living between triangles of manufactured light,
pivoting between and around one another accordingly,
shaping themselves how they are queued to.

this smoke reflects against unlit windows,
like these dogs that howl in chorus,
breathing a shift of movement into the air,
leaving the city under a bested silence.

a finely tuned design
that these empty streets
may speak without interruption

— The End —