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Descovia Jul 30
Choking on fears.
Fighting for oxygen.
Bringing my eyes
all in view once never seen.
My voice has no power
Questionable feelings, no power to scream.
The need to breathe
Nothing more than
product of a dream.
Scratches running down my arm
Numbing my body.
Silhhouette of the beast
Disturbing my peace
Trying to consume my soul
Unobtainable in solace
Reality repeats, all is lawless
I am motionless in
an unstable transition.
The world of the in between
The dead and the living.
Vulnerable in astral world
Connection to ancestors in deep sleep
The past or the future of possibilities.
My essence roams freely.
Disconnection from all of me.
I can't feel you there.
Where are you?!
Descovia Jul 29
The time will come
Where my words will
forever remain as unforbidden memories
Left by those that remember
me from our legacy in creation.
Wielding the pen is a concept
a complex human as myself
will never achieve the skill-set to master.
It's a calling for me to wield justice and harmony
My time to equip the sword, will be my destiny soon.
I'm not afraid of the battle ahead.
I have slayed demons stronger than my own
Fought against my alter ego and argued with my conscious for answers
Witnessed guardian angels endure tragic falls.

The pen is mightier than the sword
The sword completes the point and cuts down the objective differently
I am not afraid to die protecting the world I love
It's all a cost for new age peace & awakening on the other side
I will not continue a cycle of hatred!
_ I love every part of you and it's worth fighting for_
I appreciate all of you for pushing me.
Motivating me. Inspiring me. Completing me.
In every imaginable way to be the best of me.
A stronger father. Advanced writer. A healer amongst all souls.
Descovia Jul 20
I am going through a lot
Who even needs water?
I rather drown in fire.
Can't save me don't even bother
Words my to mother,
I rather it be me. better than any other
Give a ****  you know less, why would you provide any offer.
I give love and hate better than what you must suffer....
Know you miss me. I am watching the movie play over & over
on the parts, that delayed and buffered.  
I had enough of the *******
I am losing all myself to every bit of this.
Most of ya'll fake
friend and pretend
with given signs from wind
to be in the Blues but you CLUELESS,
what I even put myself through to just do this!
I'm trying to make this world, safe for my son.
Elijah was all that I had and I promise he's not my only number one!
Murderous vibes resonate within both minds.
My other ego spontaneously showing shifting signs.
It all goes on. I'm taking what's left of our time.
Might be my dark side before it's any time of mine
It's not pase, (*******)  wei (dude).
I'm going cold as snow, emotional tides through these lines.
RIP my brother Isaiah, Joseph, Raylin and Byron
Go off the page, I might sign off  with the
noise in my head, SCREAMING, sound off. There's no Sleeping With Sirens.
Hear me scream and roar, no part of me is dying. I'm a BEAST like Buttonz. (artist from Laredo, Texas)
Mightier than any lion.
Not lying. This **** is for the birds. Although, none of this is flying.
I am done losing blood and tears. In a frantic frenzy, frolic frequently for final fallen fantasy, fading by Furious Fears.
Looking into the crystal cause it's all that gave me clarity.
I could not get that, from looking into the mirror. Other side not clear. Parallel dimensional traveling, I have no choice to go with the flow. No matter if I break, brake, or even try to steer
I am done falling behind.
From the gutter, growing our way back to the grind.
Ya'll trying to keep up with these times and rhymes.
I am just trying to show the hate
in this world nothing will stop a peace-fighter I will fire. TAKE COVER. Before you shame me with hate as a fake lover.
Words fall on  false promises. In all love and honor. I am doing my damnest as a one of a kind father.
Wish they would place the blame on another
I believe in you, I believe him, I believe in her and his mother.
Motha-*****, don't need bad spells to cast hell.
Why you deserve heaven, if you will cross lines
to cross your own brother!?
****. I will do anything, to revive them all and unconditionally love all additionally, with an unstable mother!
Is it all enough? What the ****?
What the ******* mean?
You think all of this makes me a King?
I rather you have freedom
****. What I stand for in terms of a kingdom.
Kingdom come. Kingdom goes.
I know King-Kong won't try me unless
I feel bold enough
To get the biggest piece and try to eat him!
I rather deceive him.
Everyday's my energy's depleting, heart's broken and it keeps beating. I am still fighting. Sword's broken.
I'm still bleeding. Why the hell, am I still here?
I should be ******* leaving.....
My child's still here, I gotta keep breathing
Full of Shenanigans, we are randomness at fullest. Even Stevens.
I am ready to die for everyone I speak for and believe in!
Give a **** less, if you wish downfall on my success.
You cannot spellbound me to anything less.
Gonna push myself to go, Isaiah will always be my reason.
Ya witch.
The final installment of Ice Fire.
You will feel my fire to the point where it's cold.
You will understand, you should have not cross the lines.
I am not going to fail any child on earth.
Especially my own. Isaiah, I love you.
Descovia Jul 20
I am fighting feelings
that been confined.
There's no escape
from the prison
within my mind.
My thoughts
shaking and breaking
every single line,
I have to walk on...

Breaking the chains
Connected to the hands of time
Lost in story lines
Conversations in darkness
Talking to myself
speaking with shadows
I am losing my all
inside the confines of
my magically mystical messy mind
Who Will You Call Now?
Should I go after every bad soul alive?
Don't try it. It's not wise kid.
All for you. I'll make a way for me.
I'll give anything to save these lives.
To bring more endless possibilities.
Tapped into variations of magic
Normal eyes cannot see
Lyrical conjurer. Adjective assassin.
I'm simply following the creed
Compared to your favorites
I'm basically, taking the lead
Made promises in blood
I will maintain before
it all goes in vain. From now, til the day I leave!
"We are suppose to save the world!"
Never follow the sheep.
Don't buy into promises
you cannot afford to keep!
Live your dreams!
In the wake of any ray
from the light of life
I refuse to die in my sleep!

For it's known
It's not easy being me.
It's not what you see on tv
Trials and tribulations
Progress through poverty
I am living for peace.
No force alive can deprive me
of my desired liberty!
I am down on my last whim
I do this for them
I'm going for the GOAL
Please, get out of the way
If you barely reach the rim!

I rewind and enlighten minds.
I call upon the power of the great divine
Provide deities and entities
as a guide with clearer signs.
Nonsense aside, I'm all for the grind
Don't judge me unless you
know what my scars define!
I'll defy every impossibility
in a matter of time.

It's all a sign
Cannot allow the demons
conquer your mind
Whenever it's cloudy and dark outside
the sun will always be back to shine
You light is keeping every pat of me alive
I promise over all, you will shine
it's all just a matter of a time!

My light it burns
It does not shine unless
I am by my son.
I am the fire. Surrounded in smoke.
I am in a trans red eclipse.
Energy pounding in my heart and throat.
I feel the heat of the sun.
The light in me
has much more to become.
I am lost from all
but over all I still have hope!
I feel myself breaking.
Sorry, for every promise that I broke.
My heart goes to the beat
and it's pounding hard like a drum.
Careful how you tread in this lifetime
cause for right now, you only have one
Understand the walks of life
because you have to crawl before you run.
Your value is priceless, remember that
with anything else is said and done!

It's a slow processing on how one
must maintain the balance between his or her's light and darkness.
Both are needed in order to have a stable reality.
Pick your poisons but use in moderation.
Too much is good is bad for you.
Over indulgence in the bad is never
good enough for you.
Ali Harati Jun 17
On a lonely ride
on a silent night,
Going through a high
hitting deep inside,
With eyes open
and sensations wide,
Filling the mind
with questionable thoughts,
It took only a touch
to know what feels right,
What I had lost
through hate and disgust,
In the ******
of overflowing cries,
A door opened
and stepped out a fright,
I know longer knew
If I could feel right,
With another me
so deprived of life.
On a lonely night
in a lonely high,
I found the hidden woman inside.
Billie Marie Jan 23
Some moments a thought comes -
It’s so much easier just to give up.
So comfy a feeling to visualize
nothing but blank-nothing –
Not to be. Not to think
or feel or breathe. No pressure
to present a concocted identity
one can’t even see that’s not at all me.
No stress keeping abreast of every snippet
of someone else’s reality. No figuring
or wondering or worrying or plans.
Nothing to hope for or hate
or to signify or demand.
No side-eyes screaming "how weird".
No stink-eyes looking to strike.
No evil intentions peering behind
some ignoramus’s unbelievable disguise.
No more fake smiles
and rhetorical "how are you's".
No more seeing wrong numbers
and choosing them too. Absent
anxiety and anger and acrid, stone-cold fear.
Absent color. Absent pattern.
Without texture or taste. No feeling
a thing like the aching of pain.
Some moments a thought comes -
Just end this silly race sooner.
Why stick around any longer
perceiving the same old, unpolished,
frayed and slightly greyed images
on a disappearing, silky screen,
when there is glorious and
unending nothing awaiting
this little, tiny insignificant me.
The great beyond is greater unknown.
Descovia Jan 21
I can go Batman
Without a bat
Cut the snake’s head off
Like I am samurai jack
I got more tricks than
a cat in a hat
Fire my element
never chill or relax

Fire’s my element never chill or relax
They be doing **** for a react
Get my hands on you it’s OV
The way it’s gonna be straight facts
Push a brother to be on the attack
I am going full metal alchemist
Goblins, titans, pedos, all laying flat!
darkness  taking over, nothing new
Answer the phone,  your child is missing you!
Descovia or Matt which do you listen to?
Am I being too much? What am I to you?
If I left or died what would you do?
The mirror is a curse
I see a better me in my kids
Don’t be like your parents
“Be better and be you
I wouldn’t put anything
on paper not true
that’s word to the youth!
That as real as it gets, no excuse
Don’t give a **** about livin no lie
Cause at the end of the day I will die for these babies as Well as all of my truths!
Let’s finish this!!!

Always feelin, I am in the wrong place
At the wrong time!

Emotionally withdrawn falling far behind
Being torn apart from all that’s mine
All I wanted was love !! (Just love baby)
**** dolla signs!
never wanted your heart in piecesssss
Only wanted a peace of mind.
I know he’s hurting
While I am acting like ***** fine
You’re worth more than media
and live time
Pay attention to red flaaagggss but
All sides of me be crossing lines!
Pray for my recovery or downfall
A man is doing all he can
to stay alive!!!
My fight with my demons!
Duality. Me vs Me collaboration. Dark Arts Master. Caution profanity
Billie Marie Jan 18
how to "get" there?
to see you are "there" already
to know you are the "there"
you are the lush abundant joy
that grows in infinite expansive space
time cannot touch what you truly are because
you are also time
wisdom created time so that life
could be experienced as one and many
each is a role
each one plays its part

The life is written. It is you who is living life's words - acting the characters. The heart sees only God. Duality is our shadow trick of the mind.
YReem619 Jan 10
This isn't a poem, it's more like a burst of unorganised words and unfinished sentences about some sort of type of love. One moment that I managed to catch myself deeply indulged in an emotion that's best described as love. However love is often very unusual because the mask of it might make it seem like it is the one thing we all share.

I dare to disagree, love like most things in life is the perception of a moment captured and named love; a language many of us think we can speak and understand but in reality (the shared reality) we all have our own unique language of love.

Love though, unlike most things in life, we can find a shared social agreement upon the definition of what it could be. Such as the colour blue, and although there is no actual way of assessing that we all see the same blue, we can still agree.

Love has been spoken in as many languages as humans have been created; each human brings a different language or in other words each human brings a piece that contributes into the language of love.

The issue that faces love isn't that it is difficult to obtain nor is it a debate of its existence. Without a doubt love exists and it is as close as the core of everyone, love resides within all creation. Love is simply often just misunderstood.

We as humans, and of course not all humans, Rumi seemed to have an idea of what love could be, and although in my opinion Rumi and many more were very close to understanding what love may be, we as a creation still do have a distant degree of understanding about love.

You see I don't just say that, we just tend to assess love like many things in life that we also struggle to understand such as forgiveness, commitment and so on. (Once you know the colour of your hair I safely assume you don't check the mirror every time you are asked what is the colour of your hair?)

Once we understand love we stop assessing and yearning for either the same or the opposite experience as ours. Some feel safe with a company that is similar and some like something new and different to their own. But in both cases it is based upon the oneself and not solely the experience of love.

That is where we fail at understanding what love is. Love isn't supposed to be agreed upon, it only needs to be experienced. Love is beyond this duality of thought, it is simply the experience.

There are infinite possibilities of how love could be experienced and communicated. Once this is understood our appetite to find a certain planned for experience fades away into nonexistence and we begin to exist in a realm of unconditional love.  

It doesn't matter who, it doesn't matter where and it doesn't matter when. Love is and will always be the one thing that is found within you meanwhile everything else is often learnt.
Descovia Dec 2021
Life is a struggle but we gotta
work it out and I ain’t talking doubles da jungle
Be humble but like a deadly crossover
You might stumble!

I been doing my thing for a minute
Ain't no stopping my hustle (NOPE!)
Y’all fools play too much ( Get outta here!)
But who’s really ready to rumble? (Bet!)
It’s never a day off in my head (NEVER!)
Stay pushing that muscle! ( YA! YA!)
I go hard like a BEAST ( roars)
None of You
don’t want it in the jungle! (Let's get it!)

Put that on my momma, rip to all my tias, know I love ya, the sky the limit and I know one day again, I'll see you!

Put that on my loved ones, put that on my team, it’s more than chasing commas, I am gucci with mi amigos and mi amigas!  

My limits  won’t hold me back, you betta believe it! Aye!
You betta believe it aye.
You betta believe it aye!!
Forget whatever a hater say.
No n* got time to play-play-play-play-play
all day yea. (Yuh!)
I got kids to feed and bills to pay
Slay any **** that gets in my way (Ha!)
You better believe it aye!
Memphis & Descovia Collaboration
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