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I am the dying child of the fatal father internal,
I am the nourished child of the master and mother in me,
Once I was the starving child who was robbed of memories eternal,
But now I have found new life within the nectar of duality.

I am a dweller upon the wistful waves, uncertain,
I am estranged from the feeling of family,
My mind is but the dancing dust upon a wafting curtain,
This is mine, my naked bounty and nature's stark reality.
Daniel Sep 16
This was us, it was love, it slit my throat and made me choke.

It was me who you made bleed while I tied your noose and watched you swing.

All the same, you're to blame, you grabbed your gun and took your aim.

But it's my fault, it was my assault, you dig my grave I'll draw your chalk.

Now I still think of all our walks under darkest nights where devils stalk. I'd hold you down and watch you drown while you broke my bones with words like rocks.

I'll love you all my days, and you'll be mine always.
You hope I burn up in flames, I pray you go and do the same.

I never meant to be your chains, you never meant to cause me pain.
Never meant is all in vain, we will never be the same.
A poem I wrote about toxic love.
Two ships

Two passing ill lit ships
Passing in the night

You were looking at me
I was looking at you

Words left unspoken
We both know
It was a means to an end

The fire in our eyes
Now not even a spark
This is what was meant to be

Waves crashing against us
We had to hold onto what's dear
We tried to fly without wings

Leaving gravity behind
We finally found a way to breathe

Two ill lit ships
Passing with the light
This was a means to an end

You were staring at me
I was staring at you.

Not exactly sure what this was about.
Billie Marie Aug 24
All this for what?
Why do others like to see me fail?
I can’t seem to get this whole set of rules down.
It’s like, in order to have friends and family
one must also have ******* and abuse.
Why is this?
Why so much conflict?
None of it makes any sense.
Each one has the same goal. No?
All only tryin’ to get thru life -
Happy - Free -
Why’s that gotta be so hard?
It doesn’t feel good to behave like a trifflin’ *** *****.
Why so many do then?
This city is a sea of TABs. Ugh!
I just wanna be free!
I know who you are. And what?
That really you are me?
We are all so very silly. We are all so very the same.
I can only love when cannabis sings thru my veins.
Yet, this heart is bursting with love for the Self Divine;
for myself, and all who are destined to find
the truth of existence, the truth in real life -
That we are the ones we have only to find.
That we are the only that ever has been, and
we are the only arising within. And we,
all connected, one life and one love;
can we, each one realize, each one and the whole,
recognize and reveal what we already know?
But, refuse to see, or even to look,
with distractions and dreams
and plans of more futures.
Yet, if we quiet a little, and
listen a bit, we can see all the answers
we tried to forget. No confusion,
no doubt; only straight, direct looking.
Experience is evidence -
it’s the real and the true
and here and now seeing
that this one real life is. Only look.
Only listen. Only open the heart
just a little tiny inch.
dexter Aug 23
Reality is a beautiful, terrible, brutal, lonely, lovely, scary, marvelous place.
Its duality lives within me. My mind is unbearable and wonderful and sacred and terrifying. Disgusting in it's innocence. Filthy in it's purity. Reveling in rebellion. Drowning in wisdom. Thriving in suffering. Rapidly cycling through darkness and light. Sitting still as we pass through time. Caffeinated and tired, time and time again. Dreaming of some place I've never been; Some place I'm supposed to be, then hating it when I get there. Intrigued and bored. Everywhere and nowhere. Trapped in this transitory state. Enslaved by mystery and hatred.
emo kid
When no one notices
not even our own awareness
our branches
persist toward the sun

A rope swing dangles

Ready to hold Love,
to listen to Love,
to feel the embrace of Love,
to give Love a push
and to pull Love back
when it has wandered too far

The wind blows us left
the rain torrents right

Through our boughs
our leaves

letting go

down one
down all
It is astounding, despite circumstances, how strong humans can be.
Poetical Aug 3
I'm dark
and light,
a spark
at night.

The moth
and flame,
I'm both
the same.

I lust.
At most,
I'm dust
and ghost.
Harley Hucof Aug 1
I find myself naked
In front of a mirror
Giving my imaginative speech
To the people

Suddenly i'm in the middle of this river
And the Oracle is looking at me

"Smile child
We are here to feel
Life gets confused at times ,

It's allright
Separation is not real. "

Then why not only happy feelings ? I ask

"The duality of your emotions
generates the spinning required for the matter to manifest

Trust and accept life through your feelings "

Words Of Harfouchism
Cry in peace
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