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Megan Pasnik Aug 24
An eternal dance of creation.

One can not exist without the other.

Sun and Moon
Life and Death
Heaven and Hell
Man and Woman
Light and Dark

Creating something new
With each step

Birthing new worlds
With every embrace

Push, pull
In a trance

Weaving threads of time and space
The physical and invisible

This cosmic duality dances together
And from union
Comes creation.
Poem from my book "Call The Light"
Why is it
We write about what we need
What we’re missing

Instead of what we have
And what we have found

Always yearning
Always Craving
For something more
Than what’s given
Than what has been found.

Is there more to life out there
Or am i a hopeless dreamer
Making wishes on every shooting star
And every 11:11

Is there a point
Where we stop wanting
And start accepting
Life, for what it is
What our experience has become

I’m not sure which one
Is worse.

Maybe instead of counting how many tears
I’ve shed
I’ll start counting how many sun rises
I've seen

There is something to learn,
From nature itself
Like how the sun always falls..


She rises.
Over and over


Til she burns out.
Day after day,
Until she  takes her last breath.

She will shine so bright
Her whole life
Maybe never knowing
Her true worth.

We clearly see her light.
We figure she knows how valuable she is
How much we need her,

She has no clue.
Yet She continues to rise and fall,
Breathing life unto us all.
While maybe she..
Is falling apart;

Keep going
Keep burning
Even when you dont feel like it.
Someone out there needs you

Trojan Mar 19
I stared once at this box
With a golden pink sign
"Femininity" it said

And yet the box was black
A sealed and hidden front
Pry it open? T'was quite hard

I know that this Pandororos' box
Holds some treasure at the top
I dread however, all the rot below

I think often of this box
All the treasure near its top
Creativity, care and justice

Pandororos - all the gifts at the top
And I still dread, what hides just below that top
Blood and tears, bits of flesh
All the rot below the top
August, 2022
am i ee Feb 15
sitting alone

surprises appear

fun ensues

wonder ensues

life, lessons..

so much

I’m not ready
to have you leave me

you have so much more

to teach me

I know your heart hurts
i know you are tired

I know your barrel is almost empty
but just don’t leave me now

I need you

i  think you need me now
life is sweet pain and sweet bliss
don't give up. it is delicious pain and joy
live it to the fullest
it is too short .. go for it
in all its manifestations;
Alex McQuate Jan 19
Snow falling slowly,
Muffling everything in sight,
The flakes like cotton *****,
Softening this morning light.

The wind is calm,
Bringing peace on this lake of ice,
Where down below lies the cold cold depths,
Down below,
Where my demons lie.

Such a juxtaposition,
Heaven and Hell,
Separated by the frozen water of my mind,
Serenity and Perdition,
Eternal reward and punishment,
So close and yet so distantly defined.
Alex McQuate Jan 6
Lapping of water upon the shore,
Footprints left in the sand erode and fade,
Giving its mark back to the beach,
Temporary and forgotten.

Roaring of the waves a crescendo of sound,
The distant bellow of the great beast that is the sea,
An eternal cry of Neptune's beast,
A warning and challenge to the brave of heart.

The struggle of water and earth,
Gaining and losing ground,
Fighting for dominance since time immemorial,
Destined to battle forever more.
am i ee Dec 2022
got myself a new boyfriend
turned out to be my twin


never laughed so hard
cried so much

danced so long

moaned in ecstasy so many times
well there goes that vow of celibacy

re-entering this manifested existence
a little quiz from the absolute

7 years of silence and stillness and solitude
turned on its head

Oh the joy
the delicious pain of

isn't it a hoot?

and now he is gone

where will this roller coaster end
this time?

will he ever reappear again?
Melody Mann Dec 2022
Living in contrasting hues their duality clashes,
Oppositions transcend logic and bare pains of confusion,
Words take form and pierce the fabric of union,
Timeless ventures into the abyss,
A departure premature.
Descovia Jul 2022
Choking on fears.
Fighting for oxygen.
Bringing my eyes
all in view once never seen.
My voice has no power
Questionable feelings, no power to scream.
The need to breathe
Nothing more than
product of a dream.
Scratches running down my arm
Numbing my body.
Silhhouette of the beast
Disturbing my peace
Trying to consume my soul
Unobtainable in solace
Reality repeats, all is lawless
I am motionless in
an unstable transition.
The world of the in between
The dead and the living.
Vulnerable in astral world
Connection to ancestors in deep sleep
The past or the future of possibilities.
My essence roams freely.
Disconnection from all of me.
I can't feel you there.
Where are you?!
Descovia Jul 2022
The time will come
Where my words will
forever remain as unforbidden memories
Left by those that remember
me from our legacy in creation.
Wielding the pen is a concept
a complex human as myself
will never achieve the skill-set to master.
It's a calling for me to wield justice and harmony
My time to equip the sword, will be my destiny soon.
I'm not afraid of the battle ahead.
I have slayed demons stronger than my own
Fought against my alter ego and argued with my conscious for answers
Witnessed guardian angels endure tragic falls.

The pen is mightier than the sword
The sword completes the point and cuts down the objective differently
I am not afraid to die protecting the world I love
It's all a cost for new age peace & awakening on the other side
I will not continue a cycle of hatred!
_ I love every part of you and it's worth fighting for_
I appreciate all of you for pushing me.
Motivating me. Inspiring me. Completing me.
In every imaginable way to be the best of me.
A stronger father. Advanced writer. A healer amongst all souls.
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