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Pr nandni Jun 23
I forgot to be happy
On something I should
I was eager,
I forgot to smile! in order to chase something bigger....

Today when I can't decide whether
I lost or I won
Hard to gather my self....
To keep fighting!
For every step,
For your next move, when no one is around you!
I ignored to be happy!

Suddenly you are awake, by reality of your situation.
When you konw, its really different to hold.
Hard to breathe, heavy heart, blurry vision
Then that things which you ignored initially,
Is the only reason for happiness
Today you are left with!
Rosie Toes May 27
You fell asleep first tonight
Now here I am

You must know
Melatonin can't even touch you
Suddenly it's 4am
hxzin May 24
your greatest attributes were in fact
just me!
capable of love! capable of loving myself!!!
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
Awake at night
Despite the early hours

I watch the sun rise
Before I climb into my tomb

Or is just my room?
Early morning thoughts
it's in  the mind
of billions of stars
some make it till the end
some lose its way
be that as it may
it forges them eyes awake
I lay still, staring at the ceiling
It was all dark; no colours, no feeling
A constant thumping in my chest, the spirit wasn't leaving
Moonlight shone through the window, soothing quiet screaming
Body contorted, agony was unveiling
Put me to sleep: I closed my eyes, pleading.
just one of those nights where I desperately wished to be put to sleep
evolove Sep 2021
Turn the "M" sideways.

Marshal Mathers
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Manson
Matthew McConaughey
Meghan Markle
Mac Miller
Melissa McCarthy
Mads Mikkelsen
Mandy Moore
Max Minghella
Malcom McDowell
M.J                 (M) 13+(J) 10 = 23 (two threes) 33

Michael Jordan
Michael Jackson
Michael Johnson
Magic Johnson
**** Jagger
Marc Jacobs
Milla Jovovich
Montel Jordan

C.C               (C) 3+(C) 3 =  (Two Threes)

Chevy Chase
Cindy Crawford
Chelsea Clinton
Courtney ***
Chris Cornel
Christopher Columbus
Charlie Chaplin
Camila Cabello
Chris Cuomo
Chuck Connors

B.C or C.B               (B) 2+(C) 3 = (Two Threes)

Bill Clinton
Bill Cosby
Bradley Cooper
Benedict Cumberbatch
Billy Crystal
Ben Carson
Chadwick Boseman
Christian Bale
Chris Brown
Charles Bronson
Chris Benoit

                           Companies Hiding Evil Numbers

BBC=223   Skull and bones 322 (biblical)  just Google 322 bible. They are trying to become God's.  Eat from the tree of life and live forever.  What do you think that means?
WWE Flip the letters around and you get 333. For 33.3
CNN logo is CW for 33 (C)3 + (W) flipped is a 3
F.O.X in the hebrew alphabet is 666
Hopefully you get what I'm saying...



Good~things then,

under the sun!
evolove Sep 2021
When a rainbow appears in the sky it appears as a rainbow. Never will you see it broken up into individual colors.  It is all the colors. Not one individual Color. Therefore it is all or nothing.
We humans are EXACTLY the same. The only way you can see another person of a different color is when they are standing in front of you. (Besides the unatural way of a screen)
Therefore the only time you have the ability to see people of different colors is when you come together. We are the RAINBOW. We need every color in order to be complete.

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