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Sam 4h
It was a waiting room for the dying
A home for agony and fluorescent lights
Nurses dashing from bed to bed

I sat by your side
Wishing my soul he would instead take
I sat by your side
Wishing your eyes would finally awake

Fighting off each urge to sleep
As the clock crept deeper into the early-morning hours
I watched your face slowly come alive
For once that fateful night
I knew things would be alright
Z 15h
Migraine brain and thunderstorm
Knocked out like it chloroform
You ain’t gotta hide it cuz we all know where that bottle from
But whatcha tryna find in it
Want to turn back time with it
Sayin chemistry so heavenly, you’re lying awake
When your memory so feathery it’s flying away
You gotta grow wings too, just to keep up, it’s not enough,
60 cents Monday’s through Tuesday’s stop at Wingstop to get some more
But i don’t know what day is today
and i don’t care anymore

So we get high, so we go and we lie
say it’s a phase, ignore this haze
all around us it surrounds us
but that’s just for now
just to drown out the sounds
as time goes and it drowns us
Been too long since I have created,
Since i've drawn or wrote owt celebrated.
Having a breakdown to reality,
Working out how life is meant to be,
Unshakled mind but still not free,
I now make sense of the things I see.
Open mind does lead to free thought,
Free from the sick indoctrined fort.
Free thought leads to controversy,
When spoke folk try belittling me.
Words are the most dangerous tool,
To brainwash those who learn at school,
Make us obey each fascist rule.
Why can't we all open our eyes
To all the enslavement and lies?
Why get angry at those awake,
Who care for you for goodness sake.
Instead of cussing those in power,
You insult those while in moods sour.
Laughing, oppressing piece of mind,
With tyrannical words far from kind.
Outrage seething from closed brains,
Not folks faulght, we have been trained.
To regurgitate the lie and do not think,
And let them mould our mind to shrink.
Dissmiss the real with a curse and wink,
Is this what you really want in life?
To let greed and hate and fear run rife?
To stop humans thinking for self,
To keep the ***** masters in wealth,
Staying downtrod for there good health?
All roads lead to Rome it's said,
And we're walking roads that they tred.
His story not history,
No truth wrote, why can't you see?
No Darwinism or big bang
No cells turned fish who did evolve
No axles for us to spin,
The puzzles there for us to solve
We can't let the demons win.

Kate Longshaw
I fly my dreams through time and space carry
them with me to a faraway place deep within

A place untouched by anyone else but my wife and me to where we live our lives again within my dreams

I dream at night to where we are together again
Until such time when I don't awaken from my dream upon the morning light for It's then, I know for sure I'll be free at
If should not awaken from a dream its then I'll will be finally free to with my wife again
You texted me:
How did you sleep?

I couldn't sleep.
I counted sheeps.

I was up all night
Stared at the moonlight.

I didn't want to,
But I thought of you.

What can I do?
My answer: good.
I lay in bed trying to distract myself

my distractions aren't helping

I feel lonely

I get frustrated because I cant sleep

I feel like the only person in the world

I wonder how many people are awake
thinking the same thoughts
amber Feb 8
i lay awake,
trying to dream:
perhaps of you,
perhaps of something,
more important.
Carl Miller Feb 6
My bedroom ceiling, I've noticed, is not perfectly smooth
A vast little land with little bumps, bruises, stains, and holes
I like to lie and think of the little battles that took place there
Just above My restless head while the nightlights sway and soothe

My brother sleeps across the room, loud, roaring, and snoring
Enough to keep Me up past midnight, enough to make Me scream
Every hiccup, belch or restless motion, tosses him up like an upset ocean
And as I lie there, growing tired, I begin to find his noises boring

My canine ears enjoy eavesdropping
On animals, cars, people and things
An airplane soaring, a gondolier oaring
The neighborhood dog growling and barking, or My sister's movie night popcorn popping

My stuffed pets lie, awake with Me too
They won't drift off to sleep until I do
I hold My stuffed dog, Rover, to My chest
Trying to sleep, at My father's behest

There will be evenings, just like this one, where I climb into bed, and lie awake at night
Where sleep will cleverly evade Me, and dreams will ignore My every plea
But blessed am I, to be safe in My bed, safe in My home, safe with My family
There's always a chance, that You can drift off to sleep, as soon as You turn out the ceiling's light
Written 02/06/19

Everyone has nights where they can't fall asleep. I wrote this late one of those nights. And this poem transcends My every thought when I think of drifting off to sleep. Feel free to give this one a read if You're feeling sleepless. God Bless.

Poetic Eagle Feb 3
I wont lie and say cant live without you
But what's the purpose of life with no inspiration
Just having negative vibes lately
The wind caresses my skin, making me shiver
I boil a *** of water to become soothing, warm, cinnamon tea
The fresh taste sparks my senses
All is quiet aside from the singing of birds
And the scurrying of squirrels
A thick, black blanket masks the sky
Scattering drops of gray
The evening gave birth to a new morning
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