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vibrancy emits amongst the echoes of the night
as slumber casts itself on most these hours, absent light
while some lack productivity, with efforts turned to ruin
my product of activities proves grand by starry lumen
ideas are born, regrets are mourned, and midnight snacks consumed
to moonlit ante meridiem: my fondness, ever true.
Nylee Oct 10
The night is here
Sleep is away.
I count the bats
Fly away.
Constant over-stimulation,
no thoughts of what’s to be,
numbs us from the inside,
separates mind from body.

But why change for anything
and take all this away?
Every pixel, every wire,
everything that brings us

further from the nature of things,
further from me to you,
further away from what’s real,
further from the truth.

Stay awake, remember
let your body tell you,
let your own mind tell you.
Feel it from the inside.

Blend pleasure and pain.
Embrace each moment willingly.
Let intuition lead you.
Seek authenticity.
This is all me in my head-
the shaking hands and the
emptiness that I feel
but is it just that I don't feel enough
or so much
that I'm shutting down-
sleeping away my days
going into nights where I stare up
at the sky and wonder why
my life is the way that it is.

I can't tell why I'm crying- because
I feel nothing
complete loss of anything-
but I know that things will not alway be this way because
I remember times when I did feel-
so hard
so fast
so intense
that this all must just be my body
trying to react to something
that it does not know what it is reacting to

What is going on
why am I so numb?
This is all in my head-
this is on me-
it will be okay-
the feeling will come back-
but for now I'll sit.
Zane Smith Sep 10
6:15am, early start
full with lots of love in my heart,
a cup of coffee with a swirl of whipped cream
a book about compassion and generosity.
step out on the balcony
brisk beautiful air
messy tangled hair,
sun beaming
skin gleaming
peace and quiet.
birds waking up to make their music
where's my bookmark, try not to lose it.
sitting and sipping
take in the new day
new start
new beginning.
reminder : you are growing and flourishing everyday whether you recognize it or not :)
Allesha Eman Aug 29
In the hours of the night
I'm thinking about you.
I'm restless, feeling vulnerable.
the stars are too far,
as they fade in the day.
The sun is awake,
and you're floating away.
I watch as you depart
but I lay here,
wondering when the night
will once again reappear,
but I keep dreaming
with my eyes wide open,
I dream of the future
and I hope you're listening,
to every wish I senselessly make,
because when I dream of you,
i'm finally awake.
Number 4 out of 26 letters to time.
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