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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, find peace but don't forget your journey to that---old draft :-:

being no one is embarrassing
everyone becomes null in everything
put the mean
in a meaning to steam
but nothingness is a two edged sword
when levitating a meaningless world

adopting the faces into my timeline for glasses to erupt in aware
speak for themselves my thoughts of clears and fair
notice my dares and hesitates
when it comes to the memories of them fades and unfades
want the roses to bloom
for the awake of the kills and dooms

take a breath
shake life's hand against death
tongues speak
although aimless word disguise is chic
an invisible devotion
about surviving chaotic commotion

                                                      ­                                  -----ravenfeels
My ceiling is
an off white.

I do not dare
go back to sleep.

I am awake
and in the realm
where you are real.
misha 6d
my body sleeps
for hours and hours

but my mind never sleeps,
not even for a lone minute

it's so hard to escape
the captivity of your own mind.
They say I'm free
They say fear no man
They say its divinity an prosperity

I'm not free
I beckon in fear
Gods words dead

If I be myself they say it's bad
I just want to be me
Awaking enlightenment

That taste you get thinking about your country family and friends

Right now it's all death an dishonor
Theres no loyalty
God cant save us

It's not just me
Since covid it ain been the same
The care comfort an reapect left
They say no mask no purchase
I'm hungry
I'm tired
**** a oven an microwave
**** a snack
Tired of people *******
They moan groan an cry
A leader with my belief is needed
We have no voice and need 1

They erased and denied me
Outed my natural rights
That's mine to take
No agency will prosper
Gods kingdom prevails
I think I believe
This darkness wont last
We are stepping stones
2 soon 2 be heard
I know history will change

A change for the bigger brighter safer an more positive future .
Melody Mann Jul 18
Awakened she stumbles upon the remains of her conscious,
Forever being a fantasy she held onto solemnly,
Fragments of realization pieced with passion left astray,
Broken hearted prayers uplift and revive,
A warrior goddess prevailing.
Raven Feels Jul 12

to be rich is to notice the fair from the unfair
give no judge to wisdom from the first stare
but not on the Earth thing
the brutality royal flushes and stings

now I fear
that someday that wheel is put to gear
put the cursed paper
on a thorny throne later

afraid my nose would sniff the skies
afraid my hopes would tear my early rise
afraid my greed would bury my shame
afraid my humor would be trashed in lame

not for me
a jeopardizing frisbee
my tarnished house warmer than a fancy chimney
promise my dreams in purple
faithful to myself would never be a hurdle

I go to bed
I can't sleep
The same thing night after night
I stare at the ceiling while shadows creep
Ghosts dance in the moonlight
I must be trippin
Brett Jun 6
Asleep at the pen
The world outside is a chorus of muffled voices
Throwing pebbles at my window
Unconscious mind swerving in and out of lines
Awake dream detective scribbles drunken ink confessions
Sleep deprived glutton for depression
A caution tape commotion for,
My broken heart bravado
Pill, Water,
Swish, Swallow
Simple sorrows warp me back to all my past tomorrows
Humans replaced by hollowed husks
Staring and sipping emptiness from a chalice
Delusional desperado, mounted on malice
His six-gun guitar strums,
Self-inflicted bullet wounds
Thoughts of a wandering mind
lua May 24
Crashing waves against the crunch of sand
Touches my feet
Sinking into the softness beneath me
As the water stains my toes blue
And paints goosebumps
Paints chills
Across my legs
Up to my stomach
Full of the same crashing waves
Those which curl
And spin in whirlpools
Up to my chest
Into my lungs full of seasalt
And the bitterness of the morning sun
Down every branching vein
That reminds me of mangrove roots
Yet pale and blue
So small and delicate
It reaches my own shaking fingers
And to the rosiness of my cheeks
All I hear is the soft ringing of windchimes in my ears
And the splash that dissipates into nothing but tiny droplets
Maybe that’s what keeps me awake at night.
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