toots Aug 2016

The world was big.
Big enough to swallow her whole.

She kept telling herself
To always be aware,
So she don't become
a gone elf.

She used to roam on her tippy-toes.
Too careful,
So she don't break the thin ice.

Afraid to fall, she was.

One day,
A guy stepped into her world,
Holding a lantern in his hand,
And a smile on his face.

He said
It's okay to fall,
I'll catch you.

How, then, she wondered.

He showed something to her,
Something peculiar,
Something strange;
Something so alien to her -

A grin.
A warm grin.

I'll be your polar bear.
I'll stay under the ice, if that means saving you.

Now the world is still big.
But not too big as then,
Because they both know
what they have is bigger.

He made her smile
and made her laugh, too.

One day, she said,
Dude, I like you.

**THE END.**

And no, it's not about two "elves"

*it's about two penguins*  

lol nope ..I mean, I don't even know anymore - probably it's about two people?

Although a lantern-holding penguin might be cool yah?

okay I'll stop .
Tranquil Dawn Jul 2016

The calming presence of a Shawnee moon
evokes awe and winnowed promises.

Shadows fling their blackened wings.
Kohl lids define the stark and stardust.

A soul peers, whole, at the slivered orb
that beckons dreams to boldly stand in fractured hope
held captive by a wizened man's concave grin.

practicing with assonance

a friend I know.
She seems like
nothing could break
her spirit!
but then I learned'
how people in her town are
She never talked to anyone
until two years ago.
Then , she opened up.
I met her so soon,
to bad
it wasn't earlier.
She makes me feel,
like i could fly.
I wish I could spend just one day,
to tell her,
how soon yet,
how much I appreciate
someone like her.
How I wish more people in the world
were like her.
I told her from the start,
I'm glad she's here.
I hope she'll remember,
I'll always be here.

To Rachel.

I told you I would
Rockie Apr 2016

He paints a pretty smile
On his face,
A smooth, unworthy facade
Of what he feels.
He plasters a sickly grin
On his cracked skin,
To make sure everybody else
Has gotten their fair share of happiness
Before he starts on his own.
He plucks at the corners of his drooping mouth
Trying to resemble a crescent moon with his teeth;
He wishes desperately for someone to rip away his mask,
Expose the bare naked feelings of his pure, raw skin.
Oh, how he wishes for that day to come
For a pretty porcelain girl
To make him smile oh so sincerely,
Like how he did for so many before her.

Pauline Russell Apr 2016

Little pills bring relief
Little spoon make it brife
Rush it along
Soothe my song
Pack the bowl and pass it here
Please bring me another beer
Self medicate is the only way
To kill this agony I feel today
Tomorrow I'll be fine again
I'll plaster on my biggest grin
No one will know the pain within

oui Mar 2016

you used to write when drunk
and edit when you're sober
but leaf subsides to leaf
since every things been over
you only see her face
you only write her love
her dancing grin she'd flash you
and all of the above

Tranquil Dawn Mar 2016

I saw a sunset linger, stay
mid shadowed folds the cloudy grey
while peeking through with teasing grin
its colors spread despite the din.
And stormy clouds could not refrain
the crimson shroud or violet stain.

an attempt at an iambic tetrameter
Almiel Feb 2016

What hides on the verge of the madness
And why does it luring me in
Faster and faster
Head spinning and spinning
I stand at the edge of the darkness
And staring at it with a grin

How close, for how long can I linger
Caressing it gently with finger tips
Forbidden, forbidden
The conscience is screaming
The darkness grows bigger
And inside me creeps

hannah andersen Feb 2016

this is what i love about you
this is what makes me grin
this is what gets my heart beating
this is why i let you in.

your sense of humor is magical,
i can be myself around you.
our love is never tragic and
i can always try something new.

your smile can light up the whole town
your laugh can turn a head
you lift me up when i am down
you get me out of bed.

i trust you with my everything
i know you won’t talk trash
we don’t even need a promise ring
i know that we’ll surely last.

the hugs and kisses feel so right
the cuddles feel so safe
and when you hold my hand real tight
you give me so much faith.

just know that you’re my baby boy
and i’m your baby girl
you always give me so much joy
you make my heart wanna twirl.

i love you more than anything
and that will always be
i’m your queen and you’re my king,
and that’s why i love you, you see.

Xan Abyss Jan 2016

I want to be Paganini
I want to be Alexander the Great
But I'm only Pagliacci
A Faustian soul in sorrow and hate
And this is not a surrender
I will never stop fighting this war til I die
But passion is burning my heart to embers
Smiling wide hides the chaos inside

Aimed for the stars
Just to crash upon the moon
And reconstruct my broken pieces
From the ashes of my doom
I am reborn through death and madness
Scion of Nihilistic Sin
In my wake, I leave a trail of sadness
Soon all will hide inside THE GRIN

Choirs of Damnation!
Your Maestro has arrived at last!
Majestic orchestration,
Barking dogs and shotgun blasts
The sound of frenzied feet as they pound the city streets
It's a symphony of victory against the riot police

Fear me, heroes
For I am near thee
Come one, come all
Hear ye, hear ye
The Jester dances on your Graves
the Joker wears the crown
And the man who has the final laugh
At last will be the Clown

Character poem.
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