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Erian 5d
Fields flood high of corn stalks
As we drove along with the country roads
Leaves splattered pathways in a vibrant tint
Electrifying the crisp air around us
Pumpkins grinned softly
Nesting in beds of acorn heads

Fall couldn't be any better
Than watching out the window
And laying my eyes upon the setting sun
While apple cider and spice linger in the ether
Protected in your sweater
The geese are a honking loose thread across the sky. I can hear them in my wicker chair like they're sitting right next to me and I think their voices carry at least as far above as down below. So loud. The sound of changing seasons on the wing. You'd think a goose-whisper would be enough to keep their conversation going, but no. I need to hear them in my wicker chair too, apparently. I kinda like that. Maybe they are talking to me. Maybe their sounds are like street-songs for strangers, or God-praise, or apple pie cooling on a neighbor's window. Maybe they made something really pretty in their hearts, and it's so big they can't keep it down their noodle-necks anymore. And so they're singing it out, for the whole world to see, like a big grin, and it's just perfect that I hear it in my wicker chair, it makes it even better, and that's why they're so loud. It could be.
Mickey Jul 25
And I look at you and I just smile.
I grin from ear to ear.
But my heart.
My heart is crying rivers.
I trained my eyes.
So that they won't shed a tear.
This way you can't notice my pain, my sorrow and my doubts.
This way I can keep it to myself.
Keep it all close in my chest.
So that you.
You will see me,
And you will look at me and I will just smile.
I will grin from ear to ear.
Hello my dreamers. Thank you for reading! I just wanted to say that this is a heavy weight one. I feel this one through my entire body. In all my poetry I try to put in all my emotions and feelings. But this one kinda feels heavier for me than the rest. I think because I am the "smile away all your problems" kind of person. And this one hits that spot. Remember and also a note to self : smiling away your problems is not the solution. Talk it out. - Mickey
The uniVerse Jun 2016
I could tell you I loved you a hundred times a day
but you would never know for sure
so once again you would ask me to say
how much I loved you more.

Can you ever accept these words as a promise?
- that if you left my heart would miss
it missed a beat when our hearts collided
and hasn't yet subsided
time stood still when our eyes first met
and to this day it hasn't reset
the stupid grin across my face
has not once lost its place.

But like I say these are only words
held together by a piece of paper
but the very idea seems absurd
that I could ever hate her.
Anastasia Jun 25
Dragging bodies
Against the concrete ground
Is not nearly as much fun
Without you
To lick the blood
From your fingers
And smile
Your crooked grin
s v e n Jun 5
I'm overthinking this again.
I can't help it though.
You make me this way.
My thoughts are only you.
Your voice,
Your grin, and
Your laugh.
All blissful memories
String together to make me
Remember your everything.
Maybe I'm not overthinking it all.
I just can't help it though.
You make me feel this way.
All my thoughts are you
And I love it.
Bhill Mar 26
There’s a little voice inside your head
Have you wondered what it just said?

Did it tell you to do it or look the other way?
Did it have you thinking it would be a good day?

Sometimes it's quiet and you think you're alone.
When all of a sudden you let out a huge grown.

I've got an idea and it just popped in.
Where did that come from, you say with a grin.

You sing a crazy song, that was long ago forgot.
You remember a story with a, ”did I do that” plot?

We all have this voice, its not just me.
I love that my voice is great company.

Brian Hill - 2019-March
All of a sudden you remember a song from your childhood and bang, out it comes...
danna22081 Feb 16
It might be said:

Tumbling down my treacherous, traitorous tower,
Of hope I thought was the greatest petal of my flower.
Reflecting, refracting,
Revisioning my thoughts
For the hour of my death was a second from naught.

The flower of petals,
Of dazzling, daunting life,
Of elegant, empathetic love…
I never realised all of such would be tough
To truly clench,
Hold in my eyes,
When every other petal was crowded with lies
Which confidently smiled and smirked in my face,
Convinced me,
To irrevocably love this life with haste,
To grin at the tower, smoothened with glace.

The flower of formidable life,
Of practical love,
Of transposing colour.
Vibrancy spread by its central, salient stigma.
Of secrets,
Confessions of my imperfection,
My disinterest in life,
In simulated lovers,
In sensual, plastic, flexible hardcovers.

And so I glanced at
The departing turret,
The surreal, realistic, reality of life,
Of people who live,
But do not really live,
For the petal which fell,
Decided never decide to give
Its distinctive love to anybody other
Than the traitorous hand which pulled,
Tore, and Crushed its heart,
And left it to stumble upon its death.

He once asked me, "What is love?"
Sara Svensson Dec 2018
You lingered, I think
When you were saying goodbye to me.

My grin grew wider for each hug and when you rested your head on my shoulder

My cheeks, they turned pink

When you walked away the world was again colder.
an0nym0us Dec 2018
My skull is breaking...
Must Control, don't loose
My sanity, I can't loose
My skull is breaking...

I'm ill...
My eyes are darkening
My reasoning is fading
I'm ill...

My hands are itchy...
I can feel it, bloodlust
I want to ****, absolute lust
My hands are itchy...

If I ****, forgive me...
It wasn't my doing
It was her, I'm vanishing
If I ****, forgive me...
Another day of my life with Hyperacusis
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