Bee 7d
It was 9 a.m. and already 95 degrees.
I wished for a pool of ice but
instead I swam in a shirt drenched with sweat.
This was my first summer here.

At 10 a.m. I realized this drought,
this cracking, dry, unwarrantable heat,
might burn away the doorway hiding
away any signs of forgiveness.

11 a.m. lulled by,
heart beating dizzily in sync with the
fan spraying my skin with sickly sweet stale air,
habitually smothering my body’s hasty pulse.

At noon
I knew I couldn’t linger any longer.
Detrimental integrity leading a rope to
the next state over.

One o’clock came and
for just a second, there was fresh air,
or so I thought. Maybe You are what
made up that canopy’s cover.

I couldn’t wait until two, there’s always
some reason to stay.  Time to make due
and evaporate like sugar dissolving in the cracks
of the asphalt burning our toes.
from the neck
to your collarbones
the sweat on your skin
meets your musky perfume
and leaves a scent
which makes my heart
run like a mad man.
jess Feb 12
i promised him i'd write him something
not for him
more for me

i dont wish to have all my thoughts be about another
i want more positivity

i want to write about him
i need to

i want to try and put into words all the emotions that are being pushed towards me


you make me feel a way no other has made me feel before
i feel enlightened that you love me as much as i do you


i trust you with everything
no moment is dull and no second is anxious


your hands running along my body feel like silk gliding past me
you don't leave one inch un touched


i love him, he has my heart and he's put it on a pedestal
he sees my flaws and kisses the scars


he fills my head with thoughts of bliss
i feel at home inside his arms


i cannot tell if we will last but lord knows i hope we will
hes changed my life

im writing this about him

he is mine and i feel a sense of accomplishment because of this
he is mine and i cannot see it being any other way

yes we write songs, say sweet nothings and make gestures
yes we make mistakes,
but we are human

i believe we will make it.

i love him.
-for my love, my rock, my world. james.
Jake B Feb 10
I'm an idiot.
At least i'm smart enough to know so.
Jake B Feb 9
If I had created the universe I would make sure no one knew it was me.
Jake B Feb 9
My heart is full of blood
nothing less
nothing more.
Jake B Feb 9
Roses aren't always red y'know.
it is when
I didn't try
that I failed,

for in trying
is emerald

a rich coat
of lavish
paint on

life canvas,
those who

out of iron
habit and

made the run,
breathing each
step as a drop,

and in keen
gently match

the heart's
beat to earth's
vigour, to feel

blood throbbing
within, to find
oneself is enough,

to try is to be
one with the
invincible gods...
Poetic T Jan 13
What can I say she liked it hot,
she called it her pepper of lust...
         Every so often
             she swallowed the seeds.
I've never known anyone sweat
           so much without chewing.

What can I say she was a woman
of adventure, never turning away
from he heat of the moment..
    She drank milk
                      to cool herself down.
I've never known a woman to
swallow so much, drinking from
the source asking for more...

"You can only milk for so long..

Time had passed,
and she needed to take this
              Jalo-penis deep,
to feel the heat within herself.
She was never shy of her skills,
              taking the seeds deeply within.

Well she had tasted it, sweated when
it lingered for a time within....
               But after a time peppers wilt,
not of there own accord, but over use.
           She was a woman of fiery lust...
But never fear, there is always tomorrow,
             My seeds grow fast..
She'll get her sweaty fill,
                   she'll just have to wait,
letting these hot seeds grow once more.
Weird posted but vanished?? wrote today 13/01/180
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