Phi Jul 30
I don’t always like being naked
even in my own home
but in this heat
it’s either strip or die

There are those with A/C
acting so civilized
as they turn back temperatures
concerned for their sweat

I’m wet with jealousy
but the humility grew on me
moss in a steamy environment
condensation in the same

Now the only difference
is switching two letters
Walkin' 'round in m'skivvies
Steve Page Jul 25
I've been ceaselessly sweating since June
And without fail every day around noon
My arm pits are sopping
My undies are sodden
I feel about ready to swoon

It’s been glorious weather since June
I’m not sure if you’d think it too soon
But top up the icebox
For Pimm’s on the rocks
And celebrate all afternoon
Ron Gavalik Jul 16
When a drop of sweat
from your chin lands between
a lover's breasts, some women
will recoil in disgust.
Others will moan and get off
on your labor to deliver pleasure.
The dame who digs a little sweat
during the younger years
will mop it from your forehead
in the nursing home.

-Ron Gavalik
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my eyes are wet
my forehead drips
with sweat and yet
I've no regret.
Aryeh Levine Jul 10
Did you know
you can dance
even when you're sad?

It may seem inappropriate
to shake your hips
while your heart is exploding
But I swear-
some of my best dances
I did with my heart in a sling
and my soul in a cast.

Draw an invisible circle on any surface,
turn up music that flies in the face of your sorrow
and give it up to the sky

The worst that will happen?
you'll break a sweat
The best?
try it for yourself
moonwalk through your despair
and get back to me.

Even when you're sad.
wrote this back in 2016
Wass Jun 26
Hot, quiet and still days of June.
The air hangs and lingers,
Heat swirling creating bright
Beads of dew, popping up from your
Skin like little flowers or the
Tall grasses that curl towards the sun.
Özcan Sh Jun 21
He was a little fighter
Blood flowed down from his head
Sweat keeps his whole body warm
But after every hard fight
His heart starts to cry.
Hot weather
Produces cranky attitudes.
Contracting railroads
Make for slow progress.
Slowed time
Cannot go any faster.
Not that I'm against summer; I think it's the break in the seasons that all of us need, but there are things that I tend to notice and themes that recur...
rob kistner Jun 11
A hot little poem about one of my "first"

I will not forget you
my memory still burns
with tearful recollection

remembrance of the first time
my eyes fell upon
your luscious curves

skin smooth as satin
aglow in golden sheen
as you lay before me
seductive in the summer sunset

you torched my imagination
ignited my spirit
fired my soul

I wanted you so badly
to fondle you with fingertips
caress you with trembling lips

you promised such sweetness

but I'd been warned
by others who had dared partake
of your fiery charms
that it would end in tears

but I did not heed the counsel

in the heat of seduction
I fell upon you hungrily
taking you so passionately

the moment of our union flared
hot as lava
scorching as an August sun

I was swept away
as I consumed your charms
aflame with wild desire

tasting your forbidden fruit
in a wanton blaze
I took my fill

but just as quick
it ended

I should have listened
they knew you all too well

alas, you burned me badly
and only left me crying

but I never will forget you

-- habanero... or your fiery soul


rob kistner © 2007
NOTE: The habanero is reputed to be one of the hottest chili's on the planet
N E Waters May 18
I am spread,

I am cracked

I am arrested,

Snapped forever back
and forth.

A split-moment frozen
expanded to create
the illusion of

So we can tell ourselves the story
of how we fell in love,
savor the format,
and attempt to sort
the hurtling chaos
The galvanizing understanding
that the lines and boxes we draw
are for fun

because you and I have always been one
for milllenium we are mycelium.

You and I, are
ooze and
rabbits and
molten lava and
sweat cascading
from bodies in earnest
singing through
the single downbeat
of everything happening all at once.

Existence is a period.
but the story slipped between the lines will still be sung.
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