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juliet 1d
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
these are the rules
i don’t make them
somebody is always going to be better than me
should i look up or down?
to the glowing sun
or the deep blue sea?
this is the blood, sweat, tears
of thirteen years
of hate and love for myself
this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the faking of my feelings
against who i am inside
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
in their ocean eyes i see the
future and in mine i see the past
in their hands i see pure bravery and
in mine i see brute strength and no control
and on their face i see and angel
on mine i see a spectre in
a twisted mask
that chips off
with every single one
of my tears
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
from this side of paradise
all you see is my broken heart
and your hands quickly sew it back
as another stitch rips.
the grass is always greener
when you are on the other side
because no flowers would ever grow
if never washed with rain
the moon is always brighter
when the sun is there to shine
on its beautiful, silver face
that would be hidden by our
shadows till it melted into
space. this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the alpha
this is the omega
this is the end.
Kelli Oct 29
but you don't know the feeling
of no longer being able to find the memory
of the way your lips tasted against mine
no matter how hard you concentrate
and beg your mind to remember
if only just for a moment.

and you don't know the feeling
of when you finally come to terms with that fact
only to wake up
soaked in sweat and tears,
shocked and shattered in the deepest part of your soul
by a dream that brought your lips back to mine.

-Even when I forget every last piece of you, my dreams never will
Isaac Oct 19
Sweat will forever be sweet when sweetness becomes your sweat.
Written 20 October 2018
Kristaps Sep 26
Frigid curly
Black and long
Tentacles from the scalp

Frantic, we dance
And our unbraided ropes
Drench in salted sweat

For now
I shake and yet
The tremble in me is fake

Finally silent
I crouch away since
When was having fun such a task
Anya Sep 14
The acrid, rather salty aroma surrounds
me, cloud of it invading my nostrils and tongue as the salty
liquid drips past my parched, cracked, lightly parted
lips as my throat is made hoarse by screaming
with all my might as we score the winning
Phi Kenzie Jul 30
I don’t always like being *****
even in my own home
but in this heat
it’s either ***** or die

There are those with A/C
acting so civilized
as they turn back temperatures
concerned for their sweat

I’m wet with jealousy
but the humility grew on me
moss in a steamy environment
condensation in the same

Now the only difference
is switching two letters
Walkin' 'round in m'skivvies
Steve Page Jul 25
I've been ceaselessly sweating since June
And without fail every day around noon
My arm pits are sopping
My ****** are sodden
I feel about ready to swoon

It’s been glorious weather since June
I’m not sure if you’d think it too soon
But top up the icebox
For Pimm’s on the rocks
And celebrate all afternoon
Ron Gavalik Jul 16
When a drop of sweat
from your chin lands between
a lover's *******, some women
will recoil in disgust.
Others will moan and get off
on your labor to deliver pleasure.
The dame who digs a little sweat
during the younger years
will mop it from your forehead
in the nursing home.

-Ron Gavalik
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my eyes are wet
my forehead drips
with sweat and yet
I've no regret.
Aryeh Levine Jul 10
Did you know
you can dance
even when you're sad?

It may seem inappropriate
to shake your hips
while your heart is exploding
But I swear-
some of my best dances
I did with my heart in a sling
and my soul in a cast.

Draw an invisible circle on any surface,
turn up music that flies in the face of your sorrow
and give it up to the sky

The worst that will happen?
you'll break a sweat
The best?
try it for yourself
moonwalk through your despair
and get back to me.

Even when you're sad.
wrote this back in 2016
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