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I slipped

I slipped and fell so fast,
It was embarrassing.
You laughed asking if I was okay,
But no I just fall over things.

My biggest fall was for you.

It didn't hurt at first,
I didn't realise it quick,
Until your smile was my world,
Without it, it was sick.

There was a drop.

So fast and low,
My love for you found no bounds,
I didn't think to let you go.

I fell

I fell so fast and deep,
Your eyes suffocating me,
Now I must give what I keep,
Ending love what needed to be free.
I'm not a lazy tower.
I'm a t-shirt worn.
I crank up the power.
I feel hell being born.
Me and my father were cleaning pools. I was getting worn out. I kept repeating these words in my head until I wrote them down.
Drunk on honey and milk.
In this dim lit room,
We lay under thin sheets that cling to our bodies with sweat.
The air hangs heavy here,
And it smells of you and I.

We whisper in hushed tones,
We giggle,
We kiss.
Nothing has ever felt as good as this.

Drunk on every touch of skin.
Drunk on every word of sin.
We melt into each other.
We melt into another.

This is what we live for.
This is the moment we die for.

The rest of the world melts away.
It’s just us two.
You look into me,
And I look into you.

Our hearts dance to their new found rhythm.
Our lungs share the same breath of air,
And with our final sigh.
Our mouths say, “Fulfilled”--
And then we die.
Dream away,
You’ll be happier,
Live healthier,
Feel empowered,
Yearn for a better tomorrow!

Choose your dream,
Ignite your inner light,
Embrace your purpose,
Be a beacon of inspiration!

Live out your dream,
Set your goals,
Make those great accomplishments,
Reach a sense of fulfillment!

Water your dream with your thoughts,
Nurture it with your smart planning!
Guard its growth with your sweat and tears,
Give it a humane touch with your caring heart!

Hussein Dekmak

Poetress2 Apr 29
"Come to me,
my little one;
We're going to have,
alot of fun.
I'll make this playtime,
a pleasure for you;
So come on in,
take off your shoes."
Just what they meant,
I did not know;
As I entered my bedroom,
of pink and gold.
My little hands,
began to sweat;
Down my back,
shivers were sent.
They laid me on,
my Minny Mouse sheets;
I was not happy,
I was not pleased.
They tortured me,
that's how it felt;
And then they told me,
not to tell.
They walked away,
bearing a smile;
They left behind,
a tortured child.
Poetress2 Mar 30
The hot, sticky air,
looms heavily in the night,
causing me to sweat.
Tiara I S Mar 7
I have dreams involving ****** lately
Breathing heavy- blankets twisted- mind shaken

Forced to **** in a hyper-reality

Every fear I've ever had vividly reincarnated
All whom I love in these cotton clouds are attacked

It's my consciousness that has me fighting back

Is there something looming in the future?
That's got me- after weeks- aiming loaded guns

In the beginning I would wake up in a sweat
My eyes dripping wet- I'd run my heart beat till I'd awaken to have escaped
Now I kick in glass and chase shadows looming corners

I dont wait and actively search for the disorder

Sweet children snatched from my heavy arms- I push through
Till I'm nearly awake just to break the sleep chains

I dont wanna **** unless I'm asleep

For there reality can easily be just my nightmares
I've been less stressed while conscious- funny cuz unconscious me has stressful decisions to make as a result
And it all seems all too real
Aaditya Feb 25
Daylight shines like the lustre on a gold bar
Temperature slowly increasing with time
Dawn occurs early now, the birds, they sing soon
"I get less time to be admired", cries the moon.

O Apollo, you rise and shine brilliantly ever so now,
From orange to yellow and slowly to white-ish
Spreading light all over the world to see
I admire the way you burn so brightly.

This time of the year, it is still not my favourite though,
The heat is unbearable and so is profuse sweating.
Now all that's left is to avoid getting tanned badly,
So it's either put sunscreen on or the Sun screen on me.

O dear lord of the Sun, please be merciful this time,
Show that you can still be a charm.
Bring your party of clouds always with you,
I have always loved Winters, I might love Summer too.
nja Feb 21
Describe him.
- He was dripping with sweat.
- Was it sweet?
- What?
  Oh, um I dunno.
- sigh
- But I know this much.
  He sweated under my weight.
  The nocturnal wind would then dry his sweat stiff.
  And he, perserverant as ever, would just sweat some more.
- Ok, so who collapsed first?
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