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Nigdaw 5d
I have stretched my skin
Around an appetite I cannot quench.
A hunger to blot out the pain
With calorific gain;
Soon the life I was running from
Caught up with me,
I became consumed
By the size of my own sorrow
My unhappiness evident
By my bulging torso.

I can no longer run from the agony
I have become it.
Tabitha Lee Oct 5
A Profane word
Crude it is, too

Is what it causes
From lower self-esteem to suicide

Our inaccurate fact calculator
****** numbers that don't mean anything

The new F-word
Let it not be used
Maybe you can be a good friend too
Belle Oct 5
They say looking down their noses.
She used to be so skinny.
Pretty even, all those moons ago.
Fat, lonely, and ashamed of herself.
Her humanity disappearing with every bite.
No one could love her... not a pig like her.
slr Sep 26
i finally lost [some of] it
but 15 isn't enough
i want 115
i want to shrink away
into nothingness
i want to stop feeling
all of this pain
i don't want to keep doing this
and losing it is the easiest way
i've struggled with eating disorders for a while now. and i can feel myself going back to old, toxic habits. but, i don't want to stop it. because maybe if i plunge in headfirst, he will come back to me.
Zoie Marie Sep 22
On repeat

I'm over it
I don't care what state it take me to
maybe i'll run into you

I'll probably be to fat
for you you to take a second look

"i won't be a skinny guy with a fat girl"
Those words still taunt me

Don't eat
You're to fat

195 the scale hits me
I'll never be what you want

I'm worth it right?
All my effort
It isn't in spite?

I just wanna be beautiful
I'll never be beautiful
to you
Laura Jul 28
I'd love to eat
I don't know why
I struggle
To put food
In my belly
I don't know why
I cringe
Just writing the word:
That's a fat word
And I want
to be skinny
I shouldn't have
a belly
Full of stretch marks
that hangs
just a little bit
I shouldn't
Have to lift
it up
or lean forward
in order to see
My feet
Whoever gave me
this belly
made a mistake
a huge mistake
because I never
never ever asked
for one

I never
never ever asked
to be fat
Ash Jul 27
I was told I was fat.
Shamed for my body, called names and all that.
I learnt to hate myself by them at that time.
They made me feel like being a little curvy was a crime.
So I started working on getting thinner, not for health or fitness though.
But because I thought that way I would be loved and accepted more.
I finally did become slimmer and i was happy.
I slowly started to regain the confidence that they had mercilessly stolen from me.
And just as it started getting a tad bit better, I was shamed for being short.
Couldn't they just let me live my life in peace or what?!
They crushed the little confidence i had gotten back.
Again in their stupid circle of high expectations and "physical beauty is true beauty" I was trapped.
I worked on getting taller everyday.
Crying myself to sleep when nothing worked at the end of the day.
And so they taught me time and time again to hate my body.
And I know I did, I am so sorry.
They said my acne was **** and it needed to be hidden.
Going anywhere without makeup or not dressing girly enough was forbidden.
"No do not sit like that, talk like this, wear this not that, always smile."
They said these horrible things and silly me, I actually listened for a while.
But one day I decided I did not care.
So what if I didn't have what they called the "perfect figure" or the nicest hair?
I loved myself and that was it.
I was beautiful whether or not they believed it.
It was not an easy fight.
But I think I did alright.
They still say things all the time.
But I've grown to listen to just one voice, mine.
If you've ever felt this way, or been shamed and feel insecure, or told you're not good or pretty enough just know you're not alone. But you are beautiful and deserve all the happiness and love. On the bad days remember you are enough and absolute and it will all pass. You don't deserve to be made to feel bad about your body ever. Love yourself and be yourself always.
“Why do you love me?” she said loathing her soft-squeaky voice while she stared at the reflection that lay before her. Saddening with every inch of fat she noticed that left her feeling husky and plumb in comparative to all the other girls in her class that walked around confidently in their curvy and slender body. She stood there trying to **** back her flabby stomach and stoke her jaws with her thumbs harshly so that the underlying fat would just go away.

She ran her fingers along the dark curls of hers twisting them and despising them. Staring abhorrently at her honey-colored face that wasn’t fair as milk and therefore considered not beautiful. Pimples cracked upon her skin, making her despise every intracity of her body.

Her vision blurred as she would see her reflection, tears streaming down her heated pink cheeks as she stood upon the machine which defined her by a number; just like her grades that would define her mind.

“Why do you love me?” It was the question she would ask every person that would walk into her life and say the three words she was never able to tell herself. She wanted to know the details, when and how for the three words would leave her curious as to why they loved her because she never believed there was something likable about her. She never believed she was noticeable because she was invisible. She wanted to know because she was a soul longing to love herself.
amme Jul 12
Do I look fat in this?
Only if your perspective is curved.

Do you really like to kiss my thin lips?
More than anything on this earth.

Do my wrinkles bother you?
That's something I never even observed.
Besides, the mark of a face lift would be something you don't deserve.

Understand that
I wouldn't trade one of your fingertips for the whole wide world.
A small fat child,
in a big fat house.
You have nothing left to dream about.
Life was just handed to you.
Now look at you.
You have nothing else,
To look forward to.

The poor are rich,
and the rich are poor.
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