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RatQueen Aug 9
My doctor says that I'm too fat
He never stops his barking
He may be right at the end of the day
But despite it all I'm starving

I have a hole inside me
I used to quell with spirits
I stopped but they still haunt me
They'll **** me, so I fear it

******* used to cure this all
but no one could keep up
then one day I felt all yucky
abandoned all pursuits of "love"

I had a year way back when
Where all I did was party
I stuck weird things up my nose
But I ran out of money

When I was a teenager
my dad called me a *****
I got upset and cut myself
but quickly I grew bored

I drove fast around tight corners
to feel the breeze on warm damp nights
but today behind a wheel
I feel paralyzed

My doctor says to stab myself
so I don't eat too much
maybe if I'm smaller
I won't cringe when I am touched

But even as I sit here
and to food I feel averse
I know deep down inside myself
I'll always have this curse

I wonder what I'll crave now
these meds they make me sick
maybe just attention
will be how I get my kicks

I was once the right shape
it wasn't long ago
and even then I noticed
how people come and go

Will I ever feel full
to the wind I'm *******
I take up all this space
and still there's something missing
Trapped in a body
I don't recognize

The clothes that I'm wearing
Are not my size

I'm thinner than this
I know I am

What the mirror reflects
is just a scam

The food I consume
Doesn't all come out

Some turns to fat
And just layers about

It does keep me warm
On a cold winters night

No need for a belt
Now my pants are so tight

The solution is clear
I need exercise

Choose the small plates I know
Not the super size

It's the commitment and work
That I truly dread

To hell with it all
I'll be thin when I'm dead
Evie G Aug 2022
When he says I’m not fat ,
but a bit overweight.
When I’m hot enough to ****,
but never to date.

When I am called brave for just wearing a dress,
But they say I’ll lose weight just after that stress.

Because I am called brave cause I dare to exist.
Because my fat hand can’t fit right around my fat wrist.

No matter what’s won
Theres just more to lose.
Never cry love, only sing blues
Cause fat, when in love, is the funniest sight
Reserved for comedians on a dark and late night.

Because I am a journey waiting to happen
Because I am not a person,
just a fat one.

When I’ve drawn out in sharpie where I’d take the scissors.
When In social settings I start to wither,

When somebody thin starts to talk about weight
My heart starts to race,
And reddens my face,
What if I am called out and called a disgrace.

Because if they are disgusting when they are size 8
Then what am I?

So Please,
allow me a moment to breathe,
Reset, internally scream.

Then smile back, polite as can be.
Because you refuse to understand what it’s like to be me.
Renée C Jul 2022
I am soft
I am curve and lush flesh
I am smooth and round
I am sensuous comfort

and that is never a bad thing.
Steve Page Apr 2022
How much do you value
weight loss on a scale
of 1 to 20?

Apparently we should aim to have a waist measurement half our height.  That makes me 7' 6".
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
The fat, the grease,
of these in between days
stills my pen a little

So even if I wrestle
with another monumental year tick,
like the crack of doom

I look at the stuff in the fridge
and shrug

The existential crisis can wait
til the brie is done
and the crackers
have gone soft
T Apr 2021
They could never hurt,
They could never cut,
They could never make you bleed,

A manifestation of self-hate,
Written in bold,
Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression,
I was sold.

The last,
Written on a bloodstained note,
"I can't stay afloat"
Jaicob Apr 2021
The cursed number
In bone and blubber
The taste inescapable
My thoughts are nonsensical
Shrink it further
To be skinny I'd ******
The burden of weight
All myself I hate.
stephanie Mar 2021
"No offense but you're like really fat."
this was said to me in second grade by another kid
to be fair, yes i was an obese little second grader but i had been growing about three inches every year since i had turned three
i don't believe this person was being inherently malicious
but i will never forget their words and the way they made me feel
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