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Mirrors always show the truth, sometimes they are so mean
it tell me things I hate to know and sometimes things I need to know
but sometimes when I’m feeling great and ready for a date
that mirror tells me don’t be late, your date he may not wait.

But sometimes when my diet fails and all my efforts lost
that mirror tells me 'don’t be sad, just think of all that food you had'
then I think of all that cake, the pies, the fries and juicy steak
that mirror stands in front of me, I sigh at what I see
I see a figure round and free, I see the truth, I see me
so mirror mirror don’t be mean, let me be...let me be me
Alam ko sa sarili ko.
Sobrang taba ko.
Ayoko na malaki ang hinaharap ko,
Kasi nahihirapan na ako.
Gusto kong tumakbo at sumayaw kaso mahirap kasi ang laki ng hinaharap ko.
Hindi sa proud ako pero tanggap ko na.
Masarap kasi magluto ang buong pamilya ko.
Pero atleast balang araw papayat din ako.
Gaganda din ako.
Di tulad ng maliit ang height.
Pagdumating na ang panahon na pumayat ako.
Who you ka saken.
Bagong buhay na charott
Pep Sep 11
The hurt will never go away,
At least that's what it feels like.
Not until she actually thinks she looks presentable.
She doesn't know what's wrong,
She just wants people to look at her and call her pretty for once.
But that just makes it worse.
She just wants to leave and not come back.
Gone like the pills down her throat,
Being swallowed and digested into nothingness,
Putting her into a deep sleep.
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Pep Sep 11
I thought I saw a double chin.
Well I do have one, but I also saw a **** chin.
You know what I'm talking about, those **** kind of chins.
Lose the weight quickly,
Lose until I can feel all of my bones.
Until I'm ******* satisfied.
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Pep Sep 11
You said that word to me again,
Told me that my face was fat.
Fat. Words that came out cold.
I used that bronzer,
To bring out my cheekbones,
It failed.
My cheeks stayed still,
Like ice, it's frozen.
You can purchase my book CONTROVERSY @ Books2Read https://books2read.com/u/4DAAeQ
writingsolo Sep 5
It's hard not to
feel fat,
not that I
or that I am
It's just so
to not feel
when the world
tells me -

I can't wear clothes
society deems
they're unfit
for a
like mine.

Because are curves
(fatty rolls)
really seen
as something
dream Aug 24
Dear Fat Girl,
Hello, it’s me, you,
I’m calling just to talk things through.
You’ve been hurt by the world, and **** on without ****,
Your time is coming, and shine you must.
It’ll take a while, but the alignment is right,
Your baggy-clothing mentality, now wearing jeans a-tight,
Don’t hold back.
There’s nothing to lose.
Your confidence is one you chose.
Don’t pick out in the mirror, things that you hate,
You’re a fat girl,
You’re a big girl,
Your world, your fate.
dream Aug 24
Fat girl can,
And boy, she will.
Eat what she wants,
Sleep around just for thrills.
Fat girl should,
Exercise more
Inside her skin,
She’s healthy, she’s sure.
Fat girl might.
Beat an internal fight,
Your words fuel her fire,
And boy, she’s alight
For many years I have been on diets. lost weight and gained it all back. The biggest mistake was when I ignore unhealthy choices. Long term had significant consequence's -for example various health problems. Time and time again I have been caught up in the same rut. I have neglected my health.  It has taken a lot of thought as to why I couldn't control these   food binges . firstly I had to dig deep find out the root cause of my problem. after many years of pain of over eating I learned that I was only hurting myself more.   often my anger was passive and that would affect my diet.  Fear seemed to be another emotion that would make me turn to snacking. anything from cream crackers cheese and biscuit's.
that's the only way I could suppress my emotions. other words I relie on food to comfort my emotions.

the battle to stay from bad choices was unbearable while everyone else seemed to be enjoying sweet things, I new I shouldn't  but I just gave into it. Soon it became a very bad habit leading to a huge amount of weight gain. I soon realised my clothes were becoming tighter uncomfortable  to wear. Only I could be the one to change things  what I needed was inspiration, motivation,  from somewhere but were.?  

Day after day I struggled to get motived until one day while eating a big hunk of bread my crown tooth fell out. That's when I said enough  was enough. Today my journey begins
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