Rick 2h
There is a cat in my home, and slowly it has grown fatter from feasting on food that I own.
I go to work every day, so theres no possible way that this cat could look for pray.
Yet still, somehow, when I return, he's stuffed.
Belly filled with pizza crust he looks as if he'll bust.
Somehow he finds a way outside, where he roams to neighbors homes to fill up on old turkey bones.
Second breakfast and for lunch this hungry cat would munch, till diner came, then the game would change and just like that this cat would be back.

In the morning when I leave, this cat would beg that I come home with fishes. The begging grew bad, so I'de do exactly as she wishes. Heres the trouble: I feed her once, shes still hungry, so i feed her double. Hours of  her mighty meow. Her, just sitting there constantly, bellowing just like a cow, until I provide her with her chow. Now, I tried feeding her less and getting her to run but Im just competing with my stress when that cats not having fun. She would sit and moan, Oh the noises she'd groan as Ide remove her from the cushion she had claimed as her thrown.

After this cat had Disowned me, I had learned just like that, that infact it was actualy the cat who had owned me. See cats are a beast of nature, there a creature that can not be tampered. So when theyve been pampered and foods been delivered, you can bet a strong bet that this cat will expect to be treated with the  best packaged liver from a duck that Wal-Mart can deliver.
50 Precent Feb 9
Heavy boy
limping down
Broken ankles
shattered frown
wants a house
wants a wife
even if
she ruins his life
he chuckles then
realizing that
nothing was worse
then his bulging fat
fat from hate
fat from sins
fat from hating
the things he was given
nothing was worse
then what he was he thought
till one day he met her,
that one ungrateful thot
she really hated him
she hated him a lot
not 'cus he was ugly
not 'cus he was soft
she really hated him
'cus his skin was falling off
lala de, sitting on a dock
along came a bumble bee and stung him in the
Reminding me of death, or a closed door
Sounding like obsolete
That word breaks glass, up against my heart
Hurt knees
Dirty stares
Pretty hot and tempting
Covered in heavy protection and vulnerable as fuck
It could never be obsidian, a word of power beauty and strength
I choke on the word
Madolyn Feb 8
scrub scrub
brush brush
you’ll never be perfect
you’re not good enough
no use in wearing makeup
it can’t work miracles
you can barely get out of bed anyway

slip on that sweatshirt
baggy to cover your fat
look at those fat thighs
the flab on those arms
no wonder everyone who loved you has left

cover yourself up
shorts are a battle
bikinis an impossibility
might as well just give up

body positivity only works for pretty girls
and trust me
you’re not one of them
I don’t like my body
James Court Feb 3
On his unmade bed
he lies betwixt pizza box
and dirty laundry.

He spends too much on
cannabis and calories,
clogging arteries,

can't afford his rent,
writes songs to the universe
in distress and pain

asking what he did
to deserve a life of such
pure heartbreaking bliss
Lightheart Jan 20
I wish you’d defend your own body
Like you do those of animals
I wish you’d love your own special quirks
Like you do those of animals
For if seals can be fat and zebras can have marks
Why can’t you?

And if that animal isn’t ugly despite its oddness
If those things make it beautiful and fun and amazing
Why doesn’t the same apply to you?
Why do you insist such mean things about yourself
When animals are exactly the same?

My love I believe
beauty applies to you too
and I’m hoping that you’ll start to see that
you’re just as beautiful as the animal kingdom

So stop shaming yourself
with thoughts that you aren’t
We’re so quick to defend animals called ugly I wish we’d do the same for ourselves
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