Better off alone
Without  fake  friendships
They not reliable
drag you down.
in the gutter
Do a spring clean with old relationships
Do yourself a big favour,
move on
let go of the past

Ian Woods Mar 2016

there was no need for a psychics
when the dead rose from their grave
because people tend to like it
if there's money they can save

they threw away their Ouija boards
and they put their tarot down
and nether realms went unexplored
once the zombies came to town

knock once for yes, twice for no
was consigned to the past
with corpses up and on the go
they went out of business fast

as seance bookings went due south
and no use for psychic writing
you got it from the zombie's mouth
if you could stand the biting

the mediums lost their livelihood
and any chance of wealth
no middle men was understood
speak to the dead yourself

with cadavers up and running
the psychics welcome was out-stayed
well, they should have seen it coming
and took up another trade

out of luck and had their chips
they said it wasn't fair
but in a zombie apocalypse
psychics end up Medium Rare

Medium rare or half-baked

I make no apology
for  being out spoken.
Especially when adults
Leave their litter on the curb.
Either dispose of  rubbish in the bin.
Or put it into a carrier bag until home time.

Edna Sweetlove Sep 2015

Nobody loves a fairy when's he's fifty
Nobody likes a fairy, old and grey;
And no one loves a bumboy when he's sixty
Wanking in a toilet, fat and gay.

And when a fairy gets as old as seventy
He can't get rough trade any more
And if he finally makes it through to eighty
His dilated anus will be very sore.

Feel so strong  about
These TV soaps
Especially Emmerdale showing a brutal kicking on tonight's episode.
7pm. Even though it warned you.
That's not the point.
TV is a shocking bad influence.
On TV s generation.
Bang all soaps
And any TV violence.
In programmes ..
Eliminate the lot ..

Cha00z Jul 2015

I know I'm rubbish at poetry
But I don't care
I just writes what I can
No matter where

I'm no good with words
Nor I am with the mop
But if it makes me feel better
Then why should I stop

It takes my mind off
Once I write what I want
Then once I finish
I can just change the font

This makes me happy
So just let me be
You can think what you like
I'll still be me

Oh Jesus loves you?
Bet he can't make you scream

PrttyBrd May 2015

In this world of refuse
Disposable items outweigh disposable income


The trouble  with *some people
They don't really
They'd rather speak *continually

Porto Feb 2015

Can you laugh at jokes about sex?
Good, you pass the test.
Can you sit and not grow sore?
Good, you're perfect.

Can you be pumped full of rubbish
And not choke?
You're our kind of superhuman.

Don't look outside.
You're with me now,
And with me
You never have to think.

We're behind the box
Putting no effort in
And leading your lives
With jokes and yokes.

I'm one of those people who hate television.
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