Abraham Oct 2017

I compose
as right cheek on pillow
and cool eye towards the morning
the greatest poem
then the words vanish
and I cannot not bring them back
I pick up my phone
and TAP TAP the vilest thing I can
and send it out into the world
so many
throw their
against it.

alan Oct 2017

Faucets made of plastic
overflowing with rubbish
this world, what has it come to?
Is this the way we end?
It's raining with acid in your plastic world
the ocean is polluted with the packaging of death
your eyes cannot see anymore
you shield yourself with this a rose shade on stage
is that really you?
You sing your story for the world,
but is your story true?
Everything is plastic
everything is fake.

Lure Pot Sep 2017

Sigh, I'm really not good
I feel rubbish really bad headache and tired
I'm look like a messy
I am feeling poorly today

I get quite depressed about my situation
at home with my love
I try to be positive and honest,
calm and supportive to everyone

I like musical theatre and listening to songs
I wish I was slimmer and fitter
But I still think I’m a bit attractive
I love to laugh and to learn

There is something that bugs me about love
I’m going to go have a rest now.

Vyscern Sep 2017

It's all just cause and effect,
Protect and reject
Detect and defect,
Discard and collect

Trust in the trash,
Liars mix and match
Selling you the shady shit
That destroys every pact

Getting luck from a draw
The Irish in me is called
As my number is pulled
Adrenaline is pulled forth

But here is my call,
The Misfortunate fall
Around me stands doors
And all lead to closed corridors....

opportunity hits dead ends sometimes. so does luck, and so too do my relationships
Poetic T Sep 2017

Our moments of silence
                  meant more than
vocal outbursts...

We lingered heads gently
                  leaning on the others.
Thoughts, just smiling ..

Were a mess, tidily wrapped within
                    each others eyes...

alan Jul 2017

A beach of plastic, sky blue
illuminating the waters like they do.
A blue haired boy and green skinned man,
a missing young one from Japan.
Headed out 'cross oceans wide
with Russel by her side.
The dimmer days blotched out with sun,
a kitten face and hunting gun.
All alone in need of help
on that beach washed over with kelp.

Damon is the best person ever

Better off alone
Without  fake  friendships
They not reliable
drag you down.
in the gutter
Do a spring clean with old relationships
Do yourself a big favour,
move on
let go of the past

Ian Woods Mar 2016

there was no need for a psychics
when the dead rose from their grave
because people tend to like it
if there's money they can save

they threw away their Ouija boards
and they put their tarot down
and nether realms went unexplored
once the zombies came to town

knock once for yes, twice for no
was consigned to the past
with corpses up and on the go
they went out of business fast

as seance bookings went due south
and no use for psychic writing
you got it from the zombie's mouth
if you could stand the biting

the mediums lost their livelihood
and any chance of wealth
no middle men was understood
speak to the dead yourself

with cadavers up and running
the psychics welcome was out-stayed
well, they should have seen it coming
and took up another trade

out of luck and had their chips
they said it wasn't fair
but in a zombie apocalypse
psychics end up Medium Rare

Medium rare or half-baked

I make no apology
for  being out spoken.
Especially when adults
Leave their litter on the curb.
Either dispose of  rubbish in the bin.
Or put it into a carrier bag until home time.

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