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Joshua Jackson Aug 2023
Eyes fall back
  Upward, cardiac spasm
While their jaws clench

To sketch a parodic caricature of a kiss

Breathe in -- breathe out

2's til the last draw,
Inhaling tattooed
Namesake to add
A bit of taste;

As if you were unaware
Of my fate before
We got acquainted, know 1
Thing and that's that

U know nothing til ur
Too deep into the situation
To claw yourself back out
Regardless- best act like

U want this to maintain
The feeling of being wanted-

Cherish every second
And perish the thought of
Anything better
                      coming along

Ur on ur own but u knew that
already anyway--
Can't smoke a pall mall to it's label so you know times were rough
amid the dross treasures
can be
whereby they are repurposed
just think of those many
items you've tossed in the
not giving a thought as
to how they could

gems are discovered neath
the piles of
and collectors bring them
back to life with a
A poem written in response to BTW's challenge.
Luisa Mar 2021
Maybe I grasped the wrong notion
A site meant for poetry in motion
Random musings are easy to find
One sentence isn’t a poem in my mind!

Not all poems have to rhyme
But some of your writings are a crime
A felony against art and words that wield power
These low effort attempts, hundreds each hour

I bet Sylvia Plath turns in her grave
At these pathetic bids some of you gave
Where is the rhapsody, where is the verse?
Your words should be in the back of a hearse

Where is the structure or composition?
Posting your crap was a poor decision
You might hate my words, though they are true
In my opinion, you have some work to do!
Who else is fed up of a single sentence being coined as a poem? Or something akin to a motivational quote being passed off as one?
Get rid of the low grade efforts! Post your **** on a blog instead!
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
Why did you toss me out the back door like yesterday's trash?

Sweet moments swiftly kicked far from your life without a second look or thought

Something innocent at first grew to be such a ****** excuse for a relationship

You cannot ever undo your mistake

I will never let anybody else throw my love away ever again
Some things cant be fixed
Man Nov 2020
these lungs, i breathe
like these legs that i may move
arms to wave with & ****
and a mouth to make sounds
soon shall all rot
my body dissipate
when maggots feed from my flesh
and the soft tissue break down

but do i go on?
Niel Nov 2020
The heart of people
   It’s not an ideal
  No single concept can encompass it
  Reflecting patterns
   Yet defying yr notion of a set rhythm
    Lifting spirits, shattering planets
It will destroy yr life
         -How it’s perceived at least
      Our perceive, can’t be made to believe
         In fully
              Or bully serendipity
Flashing clips to form into structure
       Basic survivals
         Adverse to that can be Her Glory
     Because the strive can equate to
          Be alive, not think it
Homunculus Mar 2020
There once was a man from Peru
he tried ******* with his shoe
but at the wrong angle, the laces got tangled
and now his junk's mangled and blue
After reading Gravity's Rainbow and all the stupid songs and ***** limericks Mr. Pynchon managed to weave into that magnificent monumental monstrosity of text, this poet just can't help but feel inspired to try the form.
annh Nov 2019
Did you decide who I was before or after you spoke to me?

Did you decide to speak to me - or not - because of how I was dressed, what I looked like, my job, my education, my choice of beverage, my height, my accent, or my scintillating conversation with your plus one about the benefits of suburban parking spaces?

And who are you? Do you know? Are you sure? Did you dress yourself or did your date choose that sweater for you? Did you grow that ironic beard for her? Are you happy in your work, or just pretend to be to keep the peace? Did you miss taking up that scholarship because your family moved out of state?
Did someone ask you to hold their glass while they whipped to the loo? Do you slouch to compensate for those years of dance lessons which make you look too...straight? Are you trying to hide that southern twang? Do you talk ******* when conversing with strangers and tend to come across as a complete *****?

I thought so, go figure!

The more I think about it, it becomes clear to me - ironically enough - that who we are and how we communicate, interact, love and live is based on a pancake stack of impressions and fragmented contexts; a continuum of sliced-and-diced perspectives, learnt behaviours, and erroneous assumptions. Life is a veritable rabbit hole, thank goodness for poetry! :)

‘Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.’
- Isaac Asimov
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