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Umi 1d
One check of my accomplishments,
But furthermore a verification for skills,
The art of conversation shall be my judge,
And my experience so far my partner in crime,
As the master of this angelic pen I'll suffice,
Even if they find me underwhelmed,
Or leave with disappointment without another word,
It is only proof, I have too much to improve to give up!
One way or the other, I find my hand guide the way,
With gentle movements, a delicate caligraphy has been created,
Thus, a deep breath, calming my tired nerves, helps me relax,
A clear mind is required for a difficult task after all,
And so, my hand gently, softly calls for the cover of this pen,
Time flew past without distraction, confidently,
Handing away this work I wait for the results,
Starting to become nervous down to my very core,
What if it wasn't good enough?

~ Umi
I wonder what it must feel like to be one of the greats
to be fully loved and validated
I doubt if anyone really knows
keep me awake
i keep falling asleep

i keep forgetting 
that i have
fearfully crawled
into places filled
to the brim with
heartbeats and
suffocating heat
just to find myself
with dry palms
and a soft jaw
minutes later

i hold my tongue
only to cut it off
when i hate
the feeling of it
inside my mouth
and leave it for
him to hold
all pink and slimy
and frantic and cruel
and wonder
why it’s hard for him
to read my poetry

and every night
i lie my head
against the chest
of indifference
and swear that
i can hear the
lazy thump of
his affection
resting shallowly
below thin ribs

i am kept awake
through the
loneliness hours
my own
instead of dressing
the deep cut
we both share
jsb 2d
I know I'm in love because I'm filled with pain
And my mind is telling me to play twisted games
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3,
When I am away, do you miss me?
Or do you wish you were free?
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3,
When I leave, are you filled with relief?
Or are we on the same page?
Torn by insecurities
You told me I deserve to be loved
But this doubt will only die with me
So, maybe the best option is to set you free
Even if I'm wrong
love hurts. a lot. but it's also wonderful. i'll try harder to accept it.
were you the one who hadn't recognized,
expecting some worse revenge?
I might be
the worst of your worst thought of us.
this poem is initially for someone's doubtful think about his/her partner had thought about someone was not doing good. her/his dreadful thought can be harmful to our relationship. to reveal that the bad past shouldn't have existed and what for that happen until the future of our existence, love?
laura 3d
When you are in doubt,
you have to never forget,
there is always hope
Gina Mosxa Jul 2014
You're beautiful, you know
Though lately, you're never told.
One day I hope you see
Just how bright you shine to me

You're so strong,
Yet so weak..
Oh, to live in such irony
Always hiding,
Still I can see you right here in front of me

One day, things will be okay
Though I can't assure, much of anything..
I feel as long as we look
Toward the greater future
Maybe you can see, how wonderful you will be

Though you're already
Perfectly wonderful
To me..

Hopefully someday
You'll look into the mirror
And you'll see your sweet demeanor

I know today is hard
And tomorrow may be just as bad
But someday we'll look back
Together and we'll smile
"We made it, look at that"

This poem is a jumbled mess
I hope you can forgive me
For writing this, caused a bit of stress
As nothing I can put into words
Seems to fit you in a verse..

This world is full of beauty
That's something you helped for me to see
I hope that you never ever give up
Because if you have No one,
You have me..
To my best friend, I love you so much, and no matter what the world says to you, you will always mean the world to me, Ali. <3
I wanna see you fly.
Not because you have wings
but rather,
all the ones who said
you'd never do such a thing.
<3 prove 'em wrong
Bella R Feb 10
The distance between us
On some days
Was nose to nose--
So close
I could hardly breathe,
Terrified of shattering
This miraculous moment.
On some nights
Galaxies away.

I thought
Chasing after you
I could close the gap
Between us
But some nights
Like tonight
Are a bright speck
Glowing in the night sky
Millions of miles from
Katherine Mar 2018
Find a love so deep,
Find a life so neat,
Find the challenge and the heat.
Feel the cold and the warm,
Feel the quite and the storm.
And fall apart with the pressure and the noise,
Fall apart with every second that it toys.
Fall apart with the struggles of the beat,
Fall apart with the tunnel vision and the seat.
But know your soul feel the fire burning cold,
Know your soul be loving and be bold.
Know your soul be the love you know you have,
Know your soul dont be a mother who is sad.
Fix yourself bring the energy back,
Fix yourself stop going so black.
Fix yourself take the anger out,
Fix yourself stop carrying doubt.
But most of all its ok to fall,
But most of all carry your family tall,
But most of all love with it all.
Then give it back with a love more deep,
Then give it back with a life of more heat.
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