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looking at you leaves me petrified
too close for comfort
invigorate me
give me your pain
like you take mine
feel this love
of all this
i now know how it feels to free fall
i just need to learn
learn how to create something worth while out of it
hours in ecstasy
burning against the pavement
just to call you mine
let’s make sure i don’t ruin it with my mind
Nikki 7d
How do I silence
that suffocating voice
endlessly critiquing
sewing seeds of doubts
terrorising my mind
pushing all my buttons
and without remorse
how do I silence that
when it might just be
my own voice
Here I am suffering in silence
Thoughts are attacking me in my head
People ask me how I am and I lie and say I’m fine
I hate myself for crying all the time
Hate myself for seeing the lines on my skin
They call me antisocial
But they don’t see my struggles
They don’t see my thoughts
They don’t see the pain inside
It’s been years and I’m still depressed
They say we’re just antisocial teenagers
That we only care for ourselves
But we’re ******* up
Anxiety got us in chains
Doubts got us in a trap
Fear has us in a cage
Depression got us by the throat
But there is still hope we just got to take our life’s back
Fear takes a hold of the steering wheel and drives me places
Takes me places I don’t want go to
places that make me want to just give up
Sometimes I let doubt take over me and drives me places
I hate myself for letting it take over my life
Haueru Oct 9
Your hate
I need that
Your emasculation
Fulfils me
Your unaccountabilty
Don't worry I'm responsible
That ***
I'm going to kiss that
That knife in my back
It's all good I can heal
Your pain and struggles
Blame it all on me
MK Ulton Oct 8
It’s hard for me to grasp that I live in a world that is indifferent to my existence and there is no absolute truth.

It’s hard to navigate it.

There are things that I simply cannot control and every decision I make is plagued with uncertainty; there is no right answer, just consequences.

Sometimes, the consequences are clear. Other times, they’re not, and manifest much later.

You think you want something, but you don’t. And the only way to find out, is to do it.

You do it. You decide to give it a proper chance.

It’s not going as you hope.

But, you invested so much time and energy into it, it might not be worth throwing it all away.

But then again, maybe it might.

And by the time you do, you’re thinking you should’ve done it months ago.

So much time wasted.

Now, it’s time to try something new. But what?

You don’t trust yourself very much, because what you thought you liked, you didn’t actually end up liking. Or finishing, even.

You wasted too much time and you’re not getting it back.

If you’re going to invest time and energy into something, shouldn’t you know if it’ll be worth it?

But you don’t know.

So then, you don’t try it.

But then you realize, you should have.

And you wasted all this time doing nothing.

Back to square one.

You can’t have reward without risk.

But how do you know which risk to take?

I guess that’s why it’s called a risk, right?

But, not every risk yields a reward.

Sometimes, your best isn’t enough, right?

I mean, not everyone can be rewarded, right?

Some people are rewarded with wisdom.

But wisdom doesn’t get you very far in this world.

Sometimes, knowing too much does more harm than good.

Some people were ****** from the beginning.

You may not have been ****** from the beginning. But you haven’t left your comfort bubble.

Because you don’t trust your decisions.

Your battle is metnal.

You never feel ready.

You never feel good enough.

But you know you have to do something.

But you don’t know what.

So, you prepare yourself for something you think you might want.

But you prepare too much, to where you don’t end up doing it.

But if you under prepare, you’ll kick yourself for not preparing enough.

You should’ve waited a little longer.

Why didn’t you wait one more month?

You should’ve read that book.

Back to square one.

You’re not really religious, but you pray.

You know no one has the answers, but you ask other people that have been in your shoes.

You visit psychics.

None the wiser.

You have the answer.

But you’re festering in your own confusion.

Back to square one.
Bhill Oct 7
jack and the bat went on a hike
they walked and walked till the nuisance spiked
it’s seemed kinda strange to see a bat walking
it doesn't really matter, as they both were just talking
what in the world could they be talking about
I'm sure it doesn't matter, at least I have doubt
as long as they talk, and talk while they walk
and don't cause trouble as everyone else squawks
there is too much squawking, in the steps of today's life
we are all very different, so put away that old knife
jack and the bat exist only in my mind
if you see something here we must be aligned....

Brian Hill- 2020 # 276
Zoe Grace Oct 5
What a feeling it is
To see your friends talk without you
And believe that they don't want you
But to be told that they do
I love my friends, i really do, but sometimes i think they dont really want me around
Moth Oct 5
those slender fingers ache
with frost touched tips
when hands join not
and severance of limb
not of your own body
comes away like snow
falling from the sky
so naturally but so coldly
No one question
It just is

Still unsure?
It's not
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Intuition
Sherenna Sep 24
A dreamer dreams,
A man sees.
But the dreamer was never a man,
The dreamer is the greatest voice of all mind.

A dreamer dreams,
A  man sees.
But the dreamer was never man.

Now the world has become so dull.
The dreamer is lost in a sight of darkness,
The dreamer is lost in a night of a thousand storms.

Were you ever a man?
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