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Wyatt 5d
Today is a good day,
the sun is shining bright.
Maybe you'll meet someone fun
and you'll both hit it off quickly.
Today is the day you change,
all it starts with is a moment.
This is the time to shed
your shell you live inside
and finally be happy.
The sun is shining bright
and their smiles are brighter,
maybe you should join them.

You're wrong,
today is the same
as any other day.
Those people you know,
they don't like you at all.
You're annoying them,
stop pretending you're
apart of their group,
apart of their smiles,
apart of their world.
You're only an alien
and you will remain that way.
Get used to it,
there's a reason
that you listen to me.
That shell is where you belong,
showered in these rain clouds.
The sun will never shine here,
you will never fit in with them.
Give up already.
The battle I have with my brain every day. I'm always alone because of this back and forth. Will I ever be able to join them? I don't think so.
Nolan Willett Jun 15
With the taxing Heat,
The cold-blooded sun,
In my mind’s eye I see our last meet,
Right before it all was done

You had a high potential,
Was unsure of its worth,
Now connection is tangential,
Along with all on earth.

Persistent follies, teachless,
Sense & sensibility, notional commodities,
Consistently speechless:
Can’t explain your own philosophies.

And what’s more,
In that wild imagination-
What do you think you’re looking for?
Positive disintegration?

You said you want to travel,
You’ll never leave anyway.
You’ll let yourself unravel,
And live from day to day.
It’s so plain to see,
Just how you will regress,
How else could it be?
Living in that excess.
And in the scorching heat
You’ll be left dried out,
I bet you’ll overheat,
Consumed by all your doubt.
Zywa Jun 10

I see them, remember them --

in my doubtful head.
"Komijnsplinters" ("Cumin-splinters", 2022, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld)

Collection "Moist glow"
Steve Page May 26
I felt my self mix and fold
equal portions of opposing selves,
a mix and fold of savoury and sweet
dark and light, crunchy and smooth
intrigue and delight
until the sweet hit of my self doubt
eventually cloaked the savoury of self knowledge
creating a disturbing after taste, which blurted out:
"Surely not me, Lord?"
And he handed the bread and the wine to me.
Mark 14.19  Surely not me, LORD?
there may
   or may not
certain colours
that the human eye
is unable
to see
an insipid
an unpalatable
each said
to be impossible
for our eyes
to process;
if seen
it could appear
in all manner
of forms
but would remain

they say that
butterflies can see
the ultraviolet spectrum
and that
the honey bee
sees in infrared;
and so
it would not
be too absurd
for a person
to dismiss
the "impossible"
to believe
in the possibility
of the as-yet

the only way
to perceive
these "forbidden" hues
is through trickery
and constraint
by forcing the brain
into seeing both
antagonistic colours
without reprieve
until the border
the opposing shades
finally dissolves

there may be
a truth
but it is hidden
somewhere between
the plausible
   yet impalpable
and the proven
   yet proselytised
the sunlight gazes down upon your skin
highlighting the speckles in your eyes
you embrace them with a caring grin
while staring with the ocean tides

you shine like the sun on a stormy night
nonsensical yet charming
and when your eyes gaze so bright
the warning bells scream, alarming

your heat is a soothing fear
drawing me close
blinded by your debut premier
i could only throw a single rose

my light may not shine like yours
and my heat be as striking
but love, this warmth has been through wars
waiting for you, hiding

you are the beauty of my doubt
and the rose to my thorn
to you, i am devout
and by love, i am sworn
Jordan Ray Mar 9
When the big bad cloud comes covering up your sky
And the rain falls down to make you drown and I'm
Nowhere to be seen, just a sunken dream in your eyes
Have a little patience if you don't believe

'Cause you can say that stars aren't made of fire
And you can stand up and call me a liar
But don't you ever doubt my love
You can say there ain't no water in the sea
You can say that you just don't believe
But don't you ever doubt my love
Ali Harati Mar 5
The ride of the seas
in the mouth of the beast,
The joy and release
of beginnings with ease.

You set off on a path,
with the light in your eye,
But when it’s setting in
you’re attacked by a mist.

You keep sailing away,
with your hopes and your dreams,
But the mist gets thicker
and resolve suffers with.

You question your depth,
and the things you can reach,
The path that you chose
and the means that you bring.

If you can persevere
isolated in the mist,
You’re reborn once again
and the light is released.

Now you set sail again
with new ways and means,
On the way to the way
to the life, you have dreamed.

But beware of the mist
cause it’s lurking ahead,
Once again, you’ll be gripped
Once again, you’ll be ripped.

It’s the cycle for who
enjoy experience,
But when doubt leers in,
you’ll be missed
in the mist.
This poem signifies the never-ending battle between our need to rest and our drive to better ourselves.
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