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I think I've been forgotten
nobody knows
how long I've been away
however, in the details
the uncertainty shows.

There is no grave,
no marker
no way to pay respects
so please just move along
and just continue to forget.
Maria Mitea Jun 2
I get stuck too,
I wonder
what to say
when I
myself have not finished my waiting,
my obsessions, my doubt, ...
and when I finish it,
how will I be able to advise you?

How I can be sure?

When, still, all my obsessions
and commitments
go hand in hand.

I don't know,



If these words are not superfluous,
Forgive me for announcing you
That you have your own life,
Wait for it!
As she waited for you …
”No shortcuts to the top”
George Krokos May 24
You say you love me but I don't know
for your love is like the winter's snow.
Though I see you now just as you are
your presence is like the morning star.
I'll try and grasp what this could mean
when a heart close to a mind has been.

Our feelings shared before made sense
but now all fall back on the past tense.
It seems as if we've been drifting apart
and love's seeking to make a new start.
We're both grateful we've had a chance
to experience in our life love's romance.
Written in Feb 2021.
These hands art weary from
Juggling heavy tribulations
Thrown towards Me at supersonic
By life and humanity, working
In harmony, snatching away
Whatsoever joy comes my way
At any given moment
Of course.

Today is but a twin of yesterday,
Bearing the same cruel whip
My back has tasted far too
Many times.

Each chapter thus far, chronicling
My accounts I narrowly endure is
Penned by Yahweh,
The author behind my hardships.

Whilst optimism screams Into
My stubborn ears, logic persuades
Me my final chapter will be much
The same.
So Let me burn my partial
Story, Prematurely.
Laokos May 22
the genius
of his spirit isn't
allowed to be

the muses around
his works
laugh at his
shy hubris

his connections
to the creative are
buried under a

his voice
is full
of charisma
and doubt

there's something
in the way
of love

his heart is
alone in hell

in his father's
searching for the

his life is a
as bright as
it is empty

just like his
Achick May 17
I’m trying find the words to say
I’m trying to figure out the words to write
I need to say something
I feel it in my chest
It’s a pressure that’s weighing me down
It’s a rag in my mouth
Silencing me
Something is bothering me
Something is making me uneasy
Something is affecting me
Something is changing me
Is it for the better?
I don’t know yet
Growth happens when your uncomfortable
Is that why I’m so anxious?
Is that why my mind is racing
Is that why I’m shaking
Something triggered me
I’m thinking back through my routine
I went to work
I was listening to loud music
Now I remember
The protesters triggered me
Looking at each one of their faces as they called me a murderer
Lined up one by one
Condemning me to hell
Screaming blood is on my hands
I work at a women’s clinic
I’m helping women
I’m helping
Dark Dream May 9
Why do I guess?
Trying to assume

This is not, not, not,
Not! how I do things

Those nuggets
You know the ones


of self and
people and
situations or

Slippery Suckers of
Sanctimonious Sacrilege


See the pattern or
Be the pattern

  Maybe just...

Will my best ever be enough?

Will I ever heal?

Do I have to live the rest of my life like this?

Do I have to keep feeling like this?

How will I ever love again?

How can I ever trust anyone after what you've done?

Where did I go wrong?

Where is the happiness I so want to feel?

When did it start falling apart?

When will I finally leave this all behind?

Why do I feel nothing?

Why do I feel everything all at once?

What am I doing here still?

What did I do to deserve this?

Can I ever feel normal again?

Can I actually live my life, like this?

Who is at fault for this?

Who is there to blame other than myself?

Am I ok?

Am I perfect enough?

Will I ever be satisfied

Will I ever be happy again?

The questions only keep growing in the cell of disarray that is my mind.

Every single one fall on deaf ears.

Spain without the s
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