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Wenwenchi May 4
If there's the sun,
What am I

If there's whole,
Why am I still breathing

If there's everything, unfolding
What should I do

Being less

If there's you
There isn't me
Smara May 3
Glared me once and stared me twice
The look was real; undeniably true.

Standing, front of the mirror
An image appears, someone who looks like me.

The round of questions began
Who is worthy?...; finally asked!

Proposals are sent from time to time
Rejected!?...:Yes several times.
This poem is based on Rejection, from which each person go through multiple times and find themselves questioning over and over again about their worth.
CMXIClement Apr 28
One click, two clicks as they are locked within the chamber.
Trapped within themselves, stoking coals red hot with anger.


Kindness is a trinket, and people value it as much.
An ornament worth a look, but seldom worth a touch.

And now...

Sitting in this chamber, who I am remains unseen.
I could not cut enough to show what lies beneath.

And still...

I am who I am, and this world will not change me.
I will be who I am, this pain will not derange me.

And I wish...

I wish that all they saw was the color of my soul.
I wish my story mattered to them a bit more.

But now...

One click, two clicks with a hollow point in the chamber.
Freedom from myself, soaking walls blood red with anger.
To anyone that may read this, it's not a suicide note, just an "expressive" moment.
Sa Weol May Apr 28
In the dark,
In pain,
In sorrow,
I see you walking beside me,
Catching all my tears away,
Turning it into pearls,
Telling me my worth,
But having you is more worth than this.

In the rays of light,
In healing,
In happiness,
I can't see your sadness anymore,
As I look into your eyes,
I see brighter days with you,
Rainy weather may intrude,
But we will just dance in the midst of it.

Some of us feel worthless,
hard to breathe living on the surface.
No matter what hurts us,
never forget what is your purpose.

And you're always worth it.
Kirsty Taylor Apr 17
Turning twenty two,
A girl can forget everything she once knew,
A birthday comes just once a year
Some people revel in it,
Whilst others hide it.

The day you celebrate
You also mourn for the girl you once were
As you realise you are not her anymore
You may shed a tear
As you say goodbye to yet another year

A year filled with heartbreak, love, friendship
Life changing lessons
Perhaps it was a year
Where something truly amazing happened
After twenty one years
You realised your worth on this earth and put it into action

So take a second to shed a tear                                    
To raise a glass
Because twenty one was really quite class
Then look ahead because you never know twenty two could be your year.
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for
The goodness in my life and
I cherish him in my heart
And I smile so bright
Praying to him every night
And he guide's me home
Safe and warm sheltered
From the evil coronavirus storm
And the lord Jesus Christ
Is my beautiful gift to our life
And all the blessings in my life
And his peace and love every day
And I am so very grateful today
To have the Lord Jesus Christ
In my heart every day.
Prayer 🙏🙏🌷🌷❣️
Thank You Fr Bill For Using My Prayer at church mass
MG Mar 24
I am humiliated
that I have ever let worthless men,
determine my self worth.
I am like the ocean.
Soft, breaking, blue.
But vengeful, strong, and powerful.
Oldie from 06/19
deadhead Mar 23
I'll listen to your song
until the words lose their worth
and your face becomes blurry.
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