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The consequences of your actions
Are a burden I suppose I asked for
When I agreed to belong to you
When I offered you sanctuary in my arms

Yet tonight they are so heavy
And I no longer wish to carry them
My legs are so tired darling
Please just admit that you were wrong

My legs are so tired darling
Break the generational chain that binds us to this nonsense.
Hold my heart,
Dear love of mine,
Open yours,
and let love shine.
In you I see,
a love with worth,
meant for me
from God at birth.
Hear me now,
oh love of mine,
place me in,
that heart of thine.
If I find,
a love so pure,
I will leave,
of that I'm sure.
I won't be pulled
from you.. I know.
For that pure love,
is what you hold.
Poetic T Sep 28
I wasn't raised like you,
           I wasn't a full loaf of bread..

You were cut with the decency
        of a raised moment worth
                      a cut a slice pride.

Me, I wasn't like you,

      raised morality..
                      you were perfection.

I was an uneven rising.

               Never to be cut like

I was cut and never sliced in

a  correct line..

More like an uneven episode of
burnt on some

not realising the potential of the other..
               I was just ill positioned in life.

I'm never going to respect you,
                       I'll just walk on the cracks.

And you'll avoid me, but I'm more pure than

               your morality, as I'm never plastic...

You faker than I'll ever be...
                               I'll die before you, but at least i died realistic..
Nina Sep 28
I am afraid of never being
More than a body to someone
To keep being noone
For nobody
In the end
Poetic T Sep 27
The  dormancy of my linguistics,
          doesn't mean  I'm ignorant.

But I jest at the wastefulness
                                  of breath.

To expel the fortitude of such.

    Anger is to give me weakness
           of character, and you undue

I may seem like the sheep,
                   but do not take my

muteness, as a respite of no validation.

For one is most aware when all is smothered
                      in contemplation.

And then you are like a crumpled leaf,
                    silent and calm....

I didn't utter a word, I just walked away.
            letting you take in the view
of me not caring that you were in my shadow.

Not uttering  your worth, but I showed you
                that silence can knock down the
                                              strongest word.
Keerthi Sep 27
Past mocks me
future ridicules me
today doubts me
now I can only turn
to true moments
a glimpse of recognition
that never surpasses as success
but sustains me
to try to find my worth.
Ken Pepiton Sep 26
A private memory shared with one close
closed bubble within my bubble,
on a San Diego winter day,
it came to pass
cacophony's child, noise,

beginner guitar and vocal solo loud as lungs allow,
making dischords and missed beats feel
like, demons
sc'reaching into fretful, jobless Dad's brain

Stop, please! Tic, that was it- the point-end
track switch…

he was cut to the core, a full on ogre
as father
wound, through the heart

in tears of rage, he said,
I was worshipping…

said the child, and
he had been

worth, with his whole little fist sized heart,

Dad had been working, in service of some other god,
slowly going mad.
The forms of ideas seem to simmer when I share them here. I learned forms and ideas were one, in the head on Plato's broad shoulders.

Needs to have
That much time
To close
Their eyes
Just for a while

To know their
Own inner beauty

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Virtue || Essence
Poetic T Sep 22
Collect my words,

     There worth is useless.

But your smile

         Is priceless..

Words have value

     As long as they make
                         Someone smile.
And when I see you

Everything aligns
The mood
The hope
The spirit
The energy
And many more
That can't be explained

That you are

And that is beautiful
Single reason
To believe

What you are
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Your Worth || You Are Enough
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