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Kellin Apr 7
I wish I could learn to forgive myself for viewing someone's lack of reciprocation as a challenge to convince them of my worth
George Krokos Mar 19
Time, as we have come to know it, is only relevant to our planet Earth;
because out in deep space it would lose most of its meaning and worth.
There's a graphic piece that accompanies this couplet titled: 'Earth, Space and The Foundation of Time' which can be viewed elsewhere on the web. Please check it out.  From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
xavier thomas Sep 2021
I’m grateful.
But I don’t owe you sht

You have options, but wasting my time isn’t one.
Honey, I don’t owe you sh

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries is what I praise.
I don’t owe you sht

You’re entitled to your opinions & feelings.
However love, come back to reality cause
I don’t owe you sh

I make efforts, easily
and yet again I say, I just don’t owe you sht

You want explanations for everything but remember,
I don’t owe you sh

You can’t even be accountable
yet you want a relationship - relationship?…
No baby,  I don’t owe you sh*t
Modern day woman: stop playing games as if I don’t know my worth.
xavier thomas Jan 12
Missing you more
than you can imagine ok.
It’s been hard trying
to avoid these feelings
these past few days.
I don’t know if you
feel the same or even moved
on with someone else
but I just want you back,
fight for you.
You matter so much to me.
Im not asking to start
where we left off, just
continue to build this relationship.
You felt hurt & triggered
I honestly had no idea
So I take accountability for that.
I been trying to get this off my chest
for awhile now, because I really like you.
I don’t wanna wait
for another day to go by
without talking & trying.
When she text me-
“Ease my mind & come over to talk”
carolina Feb 2
He says he’s the moon;
doesn’t have a light of his own.

i agree,
he is the moon.

but not for the reasons you presume:

he is the moon.
in the midst of a black sea;
a blazing of silver,
a flash of hope
in the vast darkness of this world.
this poem is about a person who doesn’t see how much they are worth, who I very pure and kind, and how much you wish they could see themselves the way you see them.
And value was the ink with which their names were written
The moon forgets the power she holds with or without the sun.

The storms she brings with the tides always in her favor.

Shifting and going as she fades into her many faces.

The power she lends to every miserable woman.

Trying to start a new, Learning their worth.

She keeps forgetting that she doesn't need the sun to shine.

That she is all that she needs to become divine.

She always forgets.
she forgets
Ingram Nov 2021
Take the tear soaked dirt from around your knees
And mark your face to prepare for war
Because the battle for your life
is about to charge you like never before.

You will stand face to face with the darkest of demons
as they screech in your ears that you’re worth is zero
Your feelings are inadmissible and
No one loves you enough to be your hero.

These evil belligerents will be the effects of
the most damaging kind of rejection
the most destructive criticism of your reflection
the most vile act of a man’s unwanted *******

Yet your future is proof that
even with a trembling body and labored breath
even with a soul draped with trauma
you are more fierce than the call for death.

You will make it through every battle
You will end the raging war within
You will experience the sweetest kind of love
and you will rediscover an authentic grin.

Just because you made it through
doesn’t mean all fights are over
But, you will think back to this time
and know how to allow your strength to takeover.

You can do hard things.
If I could have spoken to my past self.
Kassan Jahmal Nov 2021
And I have your beauty;
Hanging on my neck'
As everytime you kiss it,
A piece of you is always left.

Now as everybody' love;
Feels a little bit complicated:
It seems pleasantly different;
When you love someone,
They all thought was so basic.
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