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Bea Rae Jun 25
While on borrowed time,
We wasted our minutes 
For the things that did not matter.
Bea Rae Jun 23
He stated to me

I want to do better but

You will not let me
Bea Rae Jun 20
I miss the man I met on happenstance.
Not the unmasked version of you.
Bea Rae Jun 15
You taught me that loving someone with your whole heart is not worth the pain.
Bea Rae Jun 14
I envy the people

That get to spend their life with the

Other half of their soul
foul weather friends creep in with the clouds
misery keeps company on the inside looking out
    “i’d pull all the teeth from your open mouth
before i’d ever let you frown”
it's all gore from here on out
heavensent friends descend from the clouds
hiding fangs behind kind hands
you can hardly hide your smiles
    “i’d rather see the frown torn from your mouth,
than ever think i’d let you down”
friends from above, keeping me from looking up
i can’t ever be like them if i don’t learn to stomach blood
    “you could be happy, smiling with all your teeth -
but then why would you need me?”
It’s all the same
It all the same
I tell myself over and over
A different night, a different light
Yet I look in the mirror sober
But who’s to blame
Who’s to blame
Bea Rae Apr 19
With her upbringing

She could have been a villian

Instead she chose righteousness
Bea Rae Apr 15
I cannot bring myself

To say goodbye because that

Means losing you forever
Bea Rae Apr 15
Tell me, which is harder.
Waiting for something you know will never be in your cards,
or having to come with the terms that it will never happen.
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