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I am born
With tragedy written on my blood
Everyday I mourn
With these thoughts in my head

Crying with a rue
Smiling so phony
I am dying
Do you have a clue?

My demons, telling me that I'm lonely
That I shouldn't exist in this world
For I am useless and worthless
I am not happy for I am numb

Do you notice it?
Or you just see this worn out mask.
OpenWorldView Sep 25
You took my hope
to find the right path.

You tormented me
denied me a look at life
to entertain Thanatos.

**** you and your gods
who feed on misery.

You took my life
even before I woke.
(I hope a modern poem.  But I don't know.  First attempt.)

There is a beautiful breeze by the sea,
but the wind will not connect you to the
Wi-Fi you so desperately seek,  holding
the latest phone up in the air,  as though
the sun will connect you to that guy you ****.

Nah. Just salt,  sea, and seasonal beauty...
A canape load of sea crustaceans too, waltzing around your stilllettos, like
lost PTSD veterans. Walking must be difficult.

The grains of sand pilfer your balance,
and you tumble to the wet **** of the
ocean,  which has been piling up for days
waiting for such a person to show up.

The calm of the ocean. The chuckling rage
of the mighty gulls. The clattering of those
**** ***** again. One has just clipped onto
your long heel.

Frustration. Anxiety. Regret. Maybe you should
not drink that home made **** your brother
made. Especially not on the beach... At night.
Alone. And where the **** were your friends?

The wind is whistling now. Spelling a
rhythm in the air which your deaf ears
will never hear. A music which has been
around long before you were a *****
floating around in misery, and will be here
long after your grave has disappeared
into the ages.

A song of the sea.

But all you hear are clattering noises,
disrupting your lesser IQ thoughts,
and that main concern that hopefully
after last night,  you are not pregnant.
sushii Dec 6
when my eyelids close
you flit away
again today

when the sky darkens
the devil unburdens
giving all his sorrow to me behind the curtains

when the night is deep
the angels sleep
and with their consciousness goes the secrets they keep

when it begins to rain
it marks the return of the pain
eating away at my brain

when you hear the start of the etude
on comes the solitude
and you find it awfully rude

and when i'm done writing this poem
the colors will fade away
all of the hope sinking into the gray
for when it's typed and i can lock the box and put it away
i will have to return to a day of dismay
Casper Dec 3
The days,
My mine did break,
I was imprisoned,
Swept out of existence.
A boy lonely,
A sad one.
Craving to look once more,
I was hopeless,
Feast soon my misery.
Divert me,
From this morbidity.
Last I could resist,
No longer,
I will confess,
With tears I went.
Johnny walker Nov 22
Whilst driving home today following another car noticed a slogan In the rear window, one of the best I've seen, and probably the most appropriate of the state of how our country Is run
I quote, Don't Need *** Any More The Government F** Me Every Day I how very true this to be In country that's has food banks, homeless on the street some poeple already died and  It's not even
full winter yet, kids homeless at Christmas It's makes me ashamed of the country I now live In, where wasn't I was so proud to live, but sadly no
People dying on the streets families  and children homeless at Christmas
There seems to be no compassion any more
I know first-hand life on the streets, for those who have never experienced this the feeling of loss wondering endlessly, walking cold damp
Streets, just to try to keep a warm, sense of not belonging a social outcast not wanted people stepping aside to avoid you, pretending you're not there
but at the end our days a lot of people who have caused all this misery will pay the price for there lack compassion and their disrespect for human
Missing Aug 25
I love you more than I could ever tell
The way you support us endlessly
And bring light as if from ****?
As long as you exist I cease to be free
As it pains me that you are so near
Yet so far. And with it comes fear.
Life is short, and my time with you shorter
Every day passed is a failed attempt
For finally confessing but no, not here.
I love you, I love you, I love you
There’s not a day I don’t think of you
And smile
Even though soon enough you’ll be gone
It’s always worth my while
To tell? Or not to tell? It does not matter
What matters is that you
Are happier even if I have to take the latter
It’s cruel, what you do, you red devil.
It’s not true, it’s not your fault
For you, are simply at a much higher level.
I love you, I love you, I love you
Why must it be so difficult to love?!
You are so high above
Me it’s seemingly impossible to have you
It’s not fair.  You are fair and true,
But what am I, compared to you?
A piece of grass perhaps,
Struggling to survive under your step
Gasping and fighting to make you see
I love you, why can’t you love me?
Asante' Nov 24
Treating happiness
like it's a
r a c e
is the fastest way to
c r a s h
into misery.
Your lips they seam
Against the hair
She once caressed

Your hand in mine
I squeeze you tight
To end my plight
Efa Nuryani Nov 19
Part 2.

The cracking smile on her face, faded as he lifted her hands away. Propagating a gap between them, granting the cold air a territory,
to crawl among the spaces.
There was an interval silence before she broke it.
"Would it hurt you if I choose something beautiful?".
Deep down, she truly wished that it wouldn't.
She then profoundly started studying him  who was strenuously absorbed into fathomless thoughts.
Another deadly silence filled in the room.
To her great misery, he murmured, "I don't know."
She put a forced smile on her face, "Tell me the truth then, will you?"
He raised his eyebrows, "should I?"
She nodded, as she barely knew that he was slightly nervous,
"This," he paused, "thing between us, I don't want it anymore."
She was in a dazed, having a hard time to conceive his sentence and approbate the bitter fact that he quit loving her.

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