sushii 19h
I said it was okay.
I said it was just another stupid delay.

I didn’t tell you

How much I cried that day.
Light 1d
Angels used to fly

Way up high

But now they die

Fall from the sky

Onto the ground

With pain in their eyes

They realize

Their wings burned down

The reason for their misery

Lies within our philosophy

Humanity has lost its faith

Despair made us accept our fate

Faking a smile while dying inside

While the angels are slowly losing their light

The end is near…

Everything’s wrong

No one can save us… god is gone…
sushii 2d
there’s a knock at your door.
care to answer it?
oh, you didn’t hear it, did you?
oh, that’s okay.

she’s saying hi,
don’t you hear it?
oh, you have headphones on?
that’s fine.

she’s giving you a gift—
do you want to open it?
you didn’t receive it?
ah, i see. that’s fine.

wait, you noticed this whole time?

you opened the door, but she just didn’t say anything?

she said hi, and you waved back, but she just walked away?

you opened the gift, but there were only tears in it?

oh, so you do care about her wellbeing?

oh, so it’s all in her head?
This is a song of humanity
It sing for us
Through history
As it gathers dust

For all the misery
It awaits for death
And all the victory
It takes a breath

Through the love
And the hate
It flies like a dove
Not knowing it's own fate

It doesn't learn
So it repeat
It gives nothing in return
And always finds away to cheat

But don't lose faith
Of that curse
It is no wraith
But always ends with a hearse
"How are you?"
I never thought you'd ask
And honestly
I was kind of hoping you wouldn't
Because I feel like a thunderstorm
Miserable, depressed and in a bad mood
And if you get in my way
You will feel my lighting glazed rage
Maya 4d
i feel like i am going to throw up.
vomit anxiety
through the holes
moths made in my stomach.
we are going to die.
you can either
ignore it
or fear the day it happens.
no matter what,
it keeps coming.
death is an ocean
death is a desert
death is a city you can't
death is lack of change.
maybe if i try
running around
like a chicken
ill be able to avoid it.
or at the least
stop thinking about it
or anything really
for a while.

probably not.
Hello! ... It's me! How are you? How are you doing?
Do you think about me at night, when you sleep?
Are you listening to our favorite music while pursuing
To remember our sweet moments you want to keep?

I remember your dovelike face when you slept,
How I watched over you... you didn't even know...
How much I wanted to feel your protective wings, except
That they made my heart feel like floating feather in the snow.

I wonder if I disappeared from the nest of sorrow...
Would you find me in your soul, somewhere in a tiny corner?
Would you call me, or look for me in the coffee steam tomorrow?
At dawn or late at night, would you call me like a foreigner?

I wrote and rewrote a dozen letters to you in my mind
Surfing through my thoughts, causing me creeps...
Hoping for a peaceful and calm existence, as a blind
I looked in the mirror and it slapped my cheeks.

Then I woke up from dreaming with wide open eyes,
I was hoping in vain that fate would declare us admitted,
I knew I had a privileged place in the world's misery, full of lies,
Now I know... Life has something else destined for us. So, I submitted.
sushii 7d
And I see it.

I see it now.

I was right
I was right
I was right
I was right.

All my love

Was a lie.
sushii Aug 11
Thousands of miles away
Is the one who thinks of you everyday.

Day after day,
I am the one that causes her dismay.

“Goodnight, I love you.”
Is the thing I always say
But I don’t fall asleep,
Nor do I dream.

But I lay there
Lucky to love you
Without a care.

And what’s stopping you
From loving her
When she comes back?

When she dresses up nice and looks you in the eyes and says
“Can you be mine?”

What’s stopping you
From loving her
The way you did before?

What’s stopping you from leaving me

                       when she smiles beautifully?
sushii Aug 11
The glistening tile—
The shiny mirror.

The clear shower curtain—
The silver faucets.

The box of tissues—
The marble counter.

The bright lights—
The green rug.

The green rug
That my knees collapse onto.

The silver faucet
That releases the water
I splash my face with.

The box of tissues—
My only reliable friend.

The marble counter
That I slam my fists on top of.

The door that I lock—
The handle that remains unturned.

Please leave me here

In my place of eternal concern.
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