It may feel dark and eternal
The longing for a dawn that never came
It may feel cold and ethereal
To burn in the fire of a heatless flame

Black eyes, as a prophet of things of evil
Beating it's wings as a whisper of devil

The eternity of a night of misery
As dark as black might be
As the raven observes the war
And calmly quotes ''nevermore!''

It has been days drowned into night
It has been months of dreads and harms
It has been summers and still no warmth
It has been decades and still no light
I appear to be pushing back tears,
And I'm trying to stay strong.
Why have I been seeking forgiveness for all these years?,
Why did I romanticise my Demons in song?

I feel like the stem of a Rose,
A quaint mind of beautiful words to take away others hurt.
But I pierce the skin of those who comes close,
As I stamp on the acquaintances I left in the dirt.

Spawn of a Speed fiend and the bastard of an Opium freak,
A walking disease.
Ever so volatile and damned to Hell like a Sinners smile,
Walking for miles in my own head,
Only to fall to my knees at Satan craving;
Mr. and Mrs. Misery

Mrs. Misery, I’m hating this.
Mr. Misery, I’m faking it.
Mrs. Misery, for the sake of the kids,
Can we just not put an end to this?

Mrs. Misery, you’re just like me; admit it.
Can we just end our misery and escape from this pit?
Just for the sake of a little bliss,
Can we not just put an end to this world of misery?

Tear the baby from the Devil’s grip,
Save yourself before you get used to it.
You don’t want to live your life like this,
Wallowing alone in your own self-pity.

Speak the truth to someone else
And you will begin to see.
They are not all bad, it is true;
They are just a little crazy.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I will always be a monster.

Life sentences you harshly of an existence without clarity,
Without rarity, and with an all-encompassing scrutiny.

What becomes of a man who was blessed by the light,
Only to learn that his shadow grew far bigger?

What becomes of a beast that was tamed, a bird of hermes,
What of the heart that was shattered on its day?

Defeated, unbecoming and undeserving of love,
That is what a monster eventually becomes,

If I were to shout about the calamities,
Empires would line up to deny the atrocities,
Proving once and for all that it all fell under liabilities,

For when a monster begets a conscious,
It tears his soul apart,
Yet only those who revel in darkness,
Can truly cast it aside,

And when I shout from the mountain tops:
Do you not see what I've done?
Do you not see that it is I who suffers?

The light whispers: what of me and my tale?
Why is it that I see you moving like a snail?

To which the darkness responds: I cannot change after all,
If after moving mountains and worlds you believe so,
If after all that I've endured and sacrificed,
If after all this time, it was you I hurt the most,

Then it is true. I will always be a monster.
To anyone who feels combated and wronged, to all who are trapped within a sorry past and hoping for a light to come.
The end of love is a butterfly destroyed

My lust is in the bottle,
It’s sat there on the shelf.
My lust is too much for you,
So I must be by myself.

I need something amazing, to change my empty life;
I need to find a woman.  No; I need to find a wife.
I need something new, to replace the old;
I need someone blue, whose heart is cold.

I need what I know, pain and suffering;
Hurt me and lie you love me and I will give you a ring.
Keep happiness away from me please,
I don’t understand it, I don’t get it;
Please give me back my misery.

Loneliness; a lack of witnesses,
To the fading memory of this boys existence.
Suicide, is on my mind,
From nine to five and through unto nine.

I still wish I had your tender loving care,
But now I realize, that was never really there.
It was a lie you told me, to get what you needed,
So take everything from me; go ahead, be greedy.

I want to shoot you up, before you shoot me down in flames,
I see you with him and I feel my pain.
My rage burns inside me, I hate you so much!
I want to kill you, I can’t stand you; oh my God I’m still in love.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Faa 7d
Suffocating between houses so distant
Where oceans tempest in between
An opaque clutch on her throat consistent  
Tears wetting her façade, blatantly unseen  
The further the households grew apart
A greater despair pierced at her heart

Realisation non-emergent in her psyche
Convincing herself that just maybe
She can squeeze in amongst the houses
Within the distance vast yet she browses
To experience being cherished
On what it feels like to belong
Alas, that cannot be accomplished
Bonds hath severed for far long
Just makayla Jun 14
They took me from school
They put me in an ambulance
My favorite teacher came with
Next thing I know
I have a hospital wristband on
It has my name printed on it
I have an uncomfortable gown on
Weird socks on with grip on the bottom
Walking the cold hospital halls
Personally escorted
I remember thinking to myself
"I'm officially crazy"
They use their keycard to unlock the doors
I carefully step into a psych ward
It felt so isolated, cold, and sad
They took me to what they called "my room"
Bathroom was locked
Walls were blank
Shelf's were empty
They left my room
It was about 12;00 a.m
There was a bright green clock light in the wall
I turned down the lights
I tried to make my thoughts go to sleep
But it was my soul that was more awake than ever
I just laid there
I asked myself why I was here
Suicide, misery, depression, self-hate
And cuts on my wrist is what came to mind
"Oh" I said to myself with a tear sliding down the side of my face
That's why I'm here
©makayla bailey
To write true
You must bleed,
but to bleed
leaves you empty.
It is a risk.
For if you
truly bleed,
you will die.
but your fame
will live on.
Why? you ask
because only the miserable
are remembered.
Aa Harvey Jun 13
Just holding on

I’ve been spinning around;
I’m so lost in this town.
Still trying to find perfection;
Looking for direction.
I need a guiding hand to push me like you mean it!
I want you to help me, to tell me exactly what I need to be!

Still searching, still searching; why can I not have love?
I am forever failing in my endless searching,
For that thing that everybody else does.
Fading in and out of life as today’s people just pass me by on their way,
Without a ‘Howdy do’; I never hear a word that they say.

Words of wisdom mean nothing to an amoeba who cannot hear.
All your helpful secrets you keep inside, while pushing me so far away.
When all I need is for you to pull me near,
I see you successfully running your life into the ground
And leaving me to my own pain.

I cannot speak about thoughts that I can never let myself speak out.
I keep my tongue in a lock-box when all I want to do is shout!
All of this it eats away at all of my love, but never my pain.
I feel the same old sting of insecurity every single day.
So scared of falling to pieces; no faith left in my brain.

All I keep inside just leaves me to cry.
The agony of being me!
This loser, freak, shall forever be nobody.
Holding on by only fingertips;
Just holding on to shattered reality pieces.
Holding on by fingertips…
One day soon I will surely slip.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sara Javed Jun 12
[Italian]; the attempt to revive a long-finished love affair.

I’m in the mountains,
And they haunt me.
They haunt me, as they
Touch the skies with
Their worn down fingers,
Dark and brown and barren.
Crested with green jewels,
Called pines and ciders,
They tell me to march on forward.
The skies are coloured like
My technicoloured dreams,
Written and wrought in iron,
Bursting open and gazing out,
Swallowed whole by the city suburbs.
They haunt me,
Oh, they haunt me.
A section fro  my book, Meraki
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