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Crow Apr 20
the bells peal
in the hollow place
of the night

and the moon is
the cold light
of tenuous dreams
seen through
the strained fabric of
a threadbare sky

shadows of midnight words
pulled long and thin
by the weight
of expectation
sit by the road
waiting for redemption
that never comes

pallid night flowers bloom
in hidden places
adorned by a feeble glow
without scent
in their ragged flesh

words whispered by
constrained throats
are consumed

devoured by the ravening silence
blasting down
from oblivion
Achromic - Having no color
A fat man is walking,
with no boots on,
there he goes that *****,
on his great journey around.

He is staring at the reality,
from which he is away,
misery surrounds him,
and he laughs now at them.

The pain of all is a mockery,
to the fat man,
who has no boots on,
this is just typical humanity.

He has no dealing with it,
why would he be bothered,
decided just to strut,
and walk all over their dread.

Mocks them, they will not,
never ever understand,
pain of never being happy,
they only know sadness with happy.

He cherishes the mad walk,
and keeps going,
with his bare legs,
on the mud-filled path.

Women nursing children,
shouts at him,
he laughs cause he only sees,
the pain and misery awaiting.

The fat man laughs at the worker,
the toiler, a man with blisters,
what is there to bleed from,
their grit makes him hysterical.

All this noise chases him,
and he still laughs,
running on a land dry,
runs with that maniacal grin.

His feet take him to,
child with broken dreams,
men with hollow eyes,
woman with dried soul.

Did he ever see,
what he wanted,
can the fat man understand,
the true meaning of being happy.

The pain he seeks is all he sees,
he sees the horror and sorrow,
he grins and then,
goes in hysterics.

For he is the fat man,
with no boots,
he just wishes pain,
cause he loves to hate.

Oh, he just loves to hate,
all the joy in the world,
he wishes on their soul,
who has ever seen the good days.

The never-ending grief,
he wants to see, but he knows,
that this pain will also end,
and he walks away before it be.

These men, women, and children,
will get the fruits,
of their toil and care,
as they will see it to the end.

The end where is the light,
which forever shall allude this man,
this fat man who runs,
mocking and hating everything.

He never stays, he is scared,
those hopes will get hold of him,
touch his darkened soul,
and he would stop, try and see.

He just wants all to become him,
to loathe in regret, shame and greed,
await the ever-increasing sadness,
all be a part of black hole misery.
Irem Oct 2022
tears, flowing again
fueled by almost
almost everything again
i try to see further, but
the only thing i gain
is pain again.

20 won't be hard, they said
shouldn't have believed them
when they
got everything ruined and bad

same things were said again and again
when i was way younger and naive
younger, i mean
when the world was young like me

not the current sink that we're both in
my generation takes all the pain
thinking about how we've almost seen everything
saying this, and at the same time can already feel
the taste of my words in my brain.
i'm back like i never left.
Vilakshan Gaur Sep 2022
What do you do when walking through
the think and blinding mist?
And what if the last missing piece of the puzzle
doesn't even exist?
Say, how will you then escape the ever-spiralling maze?
And how will you rise above the darkness
hidden in all the days?
Where will you be when demons come and rip you off to shreds?
And what will then your mother say, who
Fed you from her breast?
A million words will take your place, out
of the mouths of friends
And you will not be there, my friend
When all your misery ends
It's tough, man. There is a certain darkness you must crawl out of. A certain hell. It all gets to be a bit too much sometimes. Way too much.
Terry Aug 2022
I love pretty little things.

And she was a beauty.

Her smile could light my darkness and  Her love drove my demons away.

I promised her the world even though I had none of it to give.

I took and took from her and in return I gave her all the love I had which wasn’t enough.

Her love was devoured by my appetite and my demons began to returned. Eventually her smile grew dim.

In time the darkness returned and she no longer had the strength to stay. I had no strength to keep her.

Now I am haunted by her memory and alone. My demons keep me company as they gleefully dance with my misery.  

I keep watch of her from afar. She has met another and began to blossom as her beauty and smile has returned. She is happy now.

As I watch her it torments me now as she is a beautiful star dazzling in the sky so close yet so far from my reach.

I love pretty little things……
Rohit Goyal Aug 2022
Decades of lifeless cold
follow a brief summer
The stage at the end,
practically a walk of shame
Many eyes turn away,
a few painfully blank
A mere shell of a former person,
Deformed by sins and their blame

It's such a miserable thing,
he can't be saved anymore.
He's been swallowed heart and mind
Into the valley of hurt and despair
Alas, just numbing the pain
doesn't make a person whole
He might as well be a sinner now
How do you even wash away stains from a soul?
The boy I loved before you was so beautiful- but only on the outside,

A handsome face that hid a wicked grin,
He was a master of disguise,

The boy I loved before you swept me off my feet- but only for a little while,

He built me up and then he knocked me down,
And he did it with a smile,

The boy I loved before you destroyed me- but only for a little while,

He left my pieces broken, scattered,

But you fixed them,
And you did it with a smile.
Blissful Nobody Jul 2022
I will begin at my life's end,
Since, I would like to arrive faster.
Correction universe! Depart sooner.
You heard me now, at the times end,
I feel, I have experienced everything,
From then, now and after.
For a decade or more, I felt like going,
Away from life's simplicity ,
Till I got on the fast lane,
Drove myself to madness,
To the worlds end, much sooner.
Complicated and confused,
Disillusioned and petrified,
I have managed to complicate ,
The movement of time to faster.
My cosmic reality from freedom,
Got switched on to *******,
At lightspeed, in a place much darker!
Freedom from this physical self,
An escape from life is what I seek.
I know this is not the right way ,
But to end this pain, it's faster !

(not so blissed out:)
Off my usual beat
AE May 2022
We, birds in pain,
Put our trust in branches
Too weak to hold the weight of these dreams
This saffron grief is too fragrant
For our evergreen pine noses.
The everyday calamity
The everyman dream
Burns through the soil in our lungs,  
Memories of summer are now lost in September rain.
I am here dreaming of mending hearts
That have braved more than they can bear
But these drooping eyelids
Are stuck in endless night cycles
Of listening to the sounds of misery
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