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I don't understand it
the misery
we sacrifice
the pain
we live through
in life
just to be left
with the emptiness of death
Diction 2d
I see you sitting there face still
Stress peeking out from behind those grey eyes their suffering ever so real
I wish I could tell you it gets better but I wouldn't want you to call me a liar
Despair drowns out all hope as frustration takes away your ability to cope
It hurts to see you there asking to know why asking if someone's there as your ready to cry
Pleading with the demons inside your mind that keep telling you your fine
That you still have plenty of time
Their lies holding you blind taking away all that kept you tied
Trapped inside this place
Still your sitting there straight face
Heart seemingly broken when your feeling love is missing fighting depressive thinking
Wishing and dreaming of something other then this thing the keeps on breaking
Apart from those who are suppose to love you unconditionally saving you from the misery that's desperately angry and constantly feeding into every lie deliberately
All to have you despite the lines it might cross
Maybe the reason you believe to be alone and lost
The cost of using this pens point to describe the shattered mirror sought
This was written for a girl I know pleading for suicide believing shes better off dead cut off from her family lost in the comfort of a drug as she's cries wanting to leave it's embrace at the same time.... I see you and I know where your at cause I'm here and I've been there so your not alone... I'm happy to be your friend and happy your here
Amanda 4d
Awakens to a new day like thousands before
Gone from sight, searches for hope
On the cold dirt she solemnly walks
No trace of possibility in her scope.

"Are you okay?" I long to ask her
Easily seeing she is everything but
Each inch of her body quivers
Lights are off, her heart is shut.

A complex cavern of misunderstanding
Sensory overload dreaded routine
Treacherous image none bothered to question
Screaming child stuck in an eternal daydream.

Starlight mimicking a faint compass
Guiding through the map surrounding
The world gives conflicting directions
Lost in the atlas, heartbeat starts pounding.

Putting trust in uneven difficult terrain
She drags her broken spirit along
A replica of the beauty she once captured
Her touch gentle, bravery strong.

Tossed by foamy waves
In the streets, out at sea
Tired and hungry, long ago spit out
After being chewed by cruel society.

Down and out, no longer expecting
The universe to show any remorse
Bearing her misery alone in the chaos
Oblivion the destination marking the end of her course.
This isn't about anyone in particular although I am the inspiration behind it. This is one of the more vague non-personal pieces I've written.
mathea Oct 5
I used to be one of the brightest reds
but now I've turned grey
forced to be numb
grown familiar with the pain
"Is this right or is it wrong?"
I ask myself everyday
while you are unaware of these conversations in my head
that I am caught up in this fray

if you could only see the way the way
you tell me endless stories about her
like the gleam in your eyes and
how your smile grows wider
every time you mention her name
inimical to your happiness
there is an ache in my chest
yet I do not blame you for my heart’s distress

how could you be so oblivious?
why can’t you realize? why can’t you see?
why won’t you pay me enough attention
and look at me properly?
you leave me with no choice
but to stop myself from jumping off the cliff
only to fall into nothing but misery

as I fill this paper with the
breathings of my heart
tears blur my vision and they fall drop by drop
I’m all by myself again, nothing new
with a question left in my mind:
am I in love with you?
Wyatt Oct 3
Misery is a drug
and I’m overdue
for my next fix.
Unknown Oct 1
recently i have been feeling lost,
as if i dont belong anywhere,
that i dont have a home,
or a family,
or friends.

with this, i feel lonely that even when
i look up at the stars that once bought me comfort and joy,
now bring my misery and sorrow.

it feels as though i have a void in my chest,
that pains at the thought of the life i am living
and i just want to be left alone.
no one around,
just me
the sound of rain beating against my window.
something i have been feeling for quite some time.
Ali Ashraf Oct 1
Hurt me honey, hurt me.
Break me and then cut me
Cut me into cubes of misery
Pour spices and then burn me.

© Ali Ashraf
I kind of like writing masochist poems so here's one.
I try to forget her
But she never leaves
It's to much to bear
Just let me breathe

She feeds on my misery
She drinks my emotions
Just let this be history
Please stop this commotion
WorldWalker Sep 30
We are skin and bone and tragedy
Souls stitched together with sorrow

Born to die
To never see the fruits of our labors

Forgotten children of forgotten gods
Our misery our only weapon
InfranGilis Sep 22
Hello Rose, I longed to feel you,
Love is a curious thing,

He says he loves the flower,
but he plucks it, out of its roots he takes it,
Then he places it in an empty vase,
Pouring the waters of life on a day to day base,

But they say the wildest flowers have the most thorns,
I felt the bites and the things, into my skin morph,

I paused, and cried with my face beneath the sands,
"If that is the price I have to pay,
Then as God as my witness, I have no qualms"
This is all I'll ever be, a sacrificial lamb,

They say plants don't scream when they die,
Your tears glistened deep where they were,
But the sound I heard wasn't that,

It was the fact that perhaps the moment in fact,
That there our love died and didn't remain intact,
Where doubt filled me, and you, I couldn't outlast,

I broke the walls, I tried to,
But in the end, the higher the climb,
The harder I fell,

I don't blame you for what you did to me honey,
Because even now, I cherish every one of your thorns,
Life isn't a fairytale, I've had ones of my own,

So let me be the one to say this:
If you leave, be wild and free,
And if you again choose me,
then I kiss the hands that killed me,
And may from the ashes it resurrects me.

Because Rose, you don't deserve a second glance,
You are a treasure, around you I felt I wanted to dance.
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