Mike D 29m


I do not seek out a brighter day
A wish of happiness, no more
Vaulted hope; Cracked safe opened and released
Laughter and cheer walked out the door

Position every window blind shut
Draw the shades so none shall see
Must keep sunshine’s heavenly rays locked out
And preserve this perfect misery


Written: March 16, 2018

All Rights Reserved
You're gone,
but I am still comforted
by your warmth.

You're gone,
but I am still safe;
for you have taught me,
how to find refuge
                                 in myself.
People die, love doesnt. In loving memory of Dad
My heart,
I protected
with stones and bricks.

brought the hammer,    
broke my walls;
Ah, the joys of feeling again.

And then you left.

Found concrete in your tool shed
& now
I am building a wall again;
                                               this time stronger!

I sit in here, safe.
Then I realize,
you weren't in my walls;
                           you lived under my skin
                           in my veins &
                           I am you,
                           for I am your daughter.

And as long as I live,
I can't run away --
For even my blood
                                 is yours.
In loving memory of my father.
Umi 1d
Gather in a dark night, impurities of the mind caused by poisonous emotions from loss and envy, of spite or jealousy, forming misery.
Love fades, ahh once so innocently precious, yet fragile in structure,
Leaving the servants of it in great despair and even darker hate,
Where affection ruled supreme once the scars of misery are causing a heartache from leftover rampage, a riot now presented. Ah, phantoms
Swaying back and forth between sadness and anger one gets lost in his own blindness, destroying and bringing himself into ruins,
This lingering sadness seems eternal as time passes painfully slower,
An enlighting realisation should do the task and let the soul lost inanihilating, irritational despair grow once again strong and happy,
A spark illuminating the dark, with patience and hope for the future,
But until this event is taking place, a personal hell is what has to be crossed alike a bridge made of anxiety, depression and self doubt.
But worry not all you lost souls who are waiting for light!
After all, every winter and every night find their end and ensure the dawn of a blooming spring dream.

~ Umi
I don't understand myself, nor love myself.
I'm stuck, trapped with a person I can't stand.
I guess that's adult life,
accepting your own misery,
citizens of this wasteland.
K Paige 7d
these synthetic lights are too loud
the microphone keeps
threatening to take off my head

i don’t want to be a part of this cast anymore
the script is grim, defected
infecting my nights as i fixate on the plot,
with its steady flow of crisis

the director keeps demanding dramatic theatricals from me
we rehearsed this particular scene a few dozen times
i’m in an airport terminal
a woman bears to me grave news of a man
who has drowned himself
screeches erupt from the mouth of a child

end scene

now the final production has been released
i’m sitting in the audience
my life is happening on the screen
there are
                                       in my veins

i am the director of this film

roll the credits
but don’t give me credit for this

Hello man
With the sullen face
Sunken eyes
And matted hair
Please don't frown so much
You might iron permanent lines into your brow
And that would be a terrible shame.
I wonder what has troubled you
Or what troubles you still
Maybe it's people like me
Trying to coax you out of your misery
I promise you, Stranger
I always mean well
But intentions can be misconstrued.
I must admit, I find it mildly discomforting
That your solemn mood is affecting my own
So come on, Stranger
Do I not deserve a smile?
Panda 5d
A Fever likes to dally
Inside the village, Brain
Dancing with a Migraine
Singing out to Pain

A Fever will refuse to leave
Inside of Body, to stay
Bringing Chaos alongside Ache
With Misery it chooses to play
Life was quiet before you came along.
Just a mother and her two kids, living.
You came in like the perfect man to fit the little family.
You settled in quickly and took a place in our home.
It was perfect.
There we all were, living.

As the years went by your true colors started to show more and more.
Mr. Perfect’s mask began to slip.
No more fun and games, “no more Mr. Nice Guy.”
Abuse in all forms took over our lives, all because of you.
You wedged your way between mother and son.
Turned us all into enemies.
Moved our little family out to the middle of nowhere.
That’s where you gained your newest title amongst the others.

(Lucky) 17

“Happy birthday, kid, unwrap your gift. But your dismissal wasn’t on my list.”

It’s that time of year again.
Your birthday is coming up fast.
You would have been seventeen.
Look who’s getting old now.
Isn’t that what you used to say to me?

Six years have gone by but your absence is hitting hard this time around.
I was the same age when we lost you for good.
‘Lucky number 17’ is it?
Doesn’t seem so goddamn lucky to me.

Is it strange that I always knew something tragic was going to happen in my life?
Why did it have to be you losing yours?

“Separate me from pain, I can’t live like this. Take it away.”
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